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The grandaddy of 'em all wears crimson 'n' cream

OU wins the 2003 Rose Bowl!

How many times did the Sooners have to hear, "You don't deserve to be here." Or, "But you're not a Pac 10 or Big 10 team..." Everything from piss and vinegar out of the likes of Keith Jackson, to smug superiority from coaches, players and reporters. Like the Big XII just isn't good enough to take the field with the other conferences. Very reminiscent of the press coverage before the 2000 title game with FSU. Hell, the Washington State coaching staff even tried to block our Schooner mascot from making the trip to Pasadena.

Well guess what? Not only did the Sooners prove they deserved to be in the Rose Bowl today, they did it with an exclamation point. Do you think OU's players and coaching staff took it personally? Hell yeah they did. Final score? OU - 34. Washington State - 14. OU's first-ever Rose Bowl trophy (from our first-ever Rose Bowl appearance) will be making it's trip home to the Switzer Center in Norman, Oklahoma.

Is our 2002-03 football season really over? Congrats to the 2002-03 Sooner squad, all of the exiting seniors, and Rose Bowl MVP Nate Hybl. It's time to fire up the basketball calendar. March Madness will be here before ya' know it!

P.S. Hey Keith Jackson... Got seven?

(To comment on this entry, please visit the new 2003 Sooners entries at "Ain't too proud to blog".)
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Crimson and cream roses
Heads-up to the Sooner crowd out there. The Sooner football team should be appearing briefly on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno this evening.
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Let's talk about balls
How on earth does a BCS-Bowl-bound university allow their only (real) remaining QB to sleep through a final exam in Religion and become ineligible to play? How does an NFL coach go 15-31 and still have a shot at keeping his job with "America's team"? And in other news...OU gets Coach Price twice in two years. He's leaving Washington State (who we play in the Rose Bowl) for Bama (who we play in Tuscaloosa next year). And the Bucs get the Steelers on Monday Night. It just. Got. Interesting.
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War of the Roses

With all the hubub of the weekend, I never even got the chance to congratulate my Sooners for being invited to the Grandaddy of 'em All! That's right. The University of Oklahoma is Rose Bowl bound -- they'll be in Pasadena!

With 35 previous bowl games, Oklahoma ranks among the nation's elite football programs. But don't try selling the current Sooners on the fact that post-season play is in anyway old hat.

In fact, with a first-ever ticket to the Rose Bowl now officially stamped, OU administrators, coaches and players are downright giddy.

"This is an extraordinary and very rare opportunity for the University of Oklahoma," said athletics director Joe Castiglione. "Other than in last year's national championship scenario, this is the first time since 1941 that a team from a conference other than the Big Ten or Pacific Ten has been invited to play in the Rose Bowl. We are extremely honored to be in this position.
(Read more...)
I can't believe the regular college football season is already at an end though. I'm seriously about to haul out the black and go into mourning. It just never lasts long enough. And I'm sorry folks (not that there's anything wrong with that) but golf and NASCAR just do NOT cut it. Sigh. Boomer Sooner!
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This is (not) why we watch
Ok, so he can trash all of my little idiosyncrasies in his blog all the time...so now I can pass along one of his... If he even thinks he's going to say, "It's a beaut Clark!" after every good play OU makes tonight, wet willies are the least of his worry.
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Poke-ing my eyes out
Yes, I am watching the OU-OSU game. And yes, you can talk to the hand. It's just what the hangover ordered... Where'd I put my drink? Heh. I think?
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How 'bout them apples?
Just take a second to think about the name of the city where Washington State just went down. That's right baby! Now go Orangemen!
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Two safeties in one game!
Can you see me smiling? It's not just the alcohol!

UPDATE: After a final score of 60-15, the Sooners have captured the Big XII South and will play Colorodo on December 7th in Houston for the Big XII Championship. BOOMER SOONER!
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I guess you turn yellow and blue when you CHOKE

At least the Sooners beat our big rival this season and last...

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Can I cash my karma points in now please?
Man do I fear this kid! All I have to say is thank God they're coming into OUr house next week... This has just been one of those football seasons where you throw your hands up and accept to expect the unexpected.

Now this week, I'd like to give my props to Ohio State. They've made a believer out of me. I had my doubts this season, but I really think they're for real after watching that game against Illinois. (See here and here for more on this tongue-in-cheek analysis.) This is the only time of the year you will hear me say this, but go Wolverines!

Still hoping against hope we'll be eating nachos for New Year's...
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I play some bas-ket-ball
In other Sooner news...if you'll flip to ESPN2 right now, you'll see our boys takin' on the 'Bama boys in the Garden. It's awesome, baby! ESPN.com currently has the Sooner squad ranked #1 in the nation.

And OU has announced the 2003 Football Schedule. I don't want none-a ya'll bitchin' and whinin' (this means you) about our weak-ass schedule next year. Not like this year's has been easy (currently #10 SOS in the nation) -- but next year we'll be playing Bama at Bama, followed the next week by Fresno State, and as if that wasn't enough UCLA the next week. Don't tell me the Tide isn't gonna be out for blood when it's in their hizzouse. The Big XII. It's not just for breakfast anymore.
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Saturday warriors
Well the new BCS rankings came out today, and OU only slipped to fourth after the loss to A&M. Not bad at'all! We're almost a full point and a half ahead of texas. We're also tied with texas for fourth in the AP. Considering they lost to us (a ranked team), and A&M, well, wasn't...I'm sure that's causing a few nails to be spit in Austin.

I know certain people seemed to think that I would be distraught or angry after the outcome Saturday. Just wasn't gonna happen. If that's how you plan to get a rise out of me, well you're going to have to try a bit harder. I say, and mean, it every year -- as long as OU beats texas* I am a very happy woman, and we could lose every other game that season. There are literally two potential games every season that I will/would be pissed off about losing.

1. The Red River shoot-out
2. The one for all the marbles

Todd pulled out the Book of Sooner this evening after I quoted a few statistics, and was reminded that during Barry Switzer's tenure he had exactly two unbeaten seasons. One of those seasons involved a "tie" game where no one won or lost. The other was a complete-winning season. Switzer also won the National Championship in a year where the Sooners lost a regular-season game.

Bob Stoops has already had one unbeaten season in four years time. We have won a Big XII Championship in this decade. We have won the National Title in this decade. And we are currently sitting in fourth place, in full BCS Bowl contention. There is absolutely NO dishonor or shame in a one-loss season. It is virtually impossible to have a perfect season, and if I remember correctly, OU and Miami set all kinds of records for doing it back-to-back in 2000 and 2001. That's not to say OU will win out. Who knows. If the secondary covers the field like they did in College Station it's going to be a very long November.

But it is to say I would be a pathetic excuse of a fan if I suddenly got pissed at my team and ceased to be a fan -- or care -- because they walked out of Kyle Field, Home of the 12th Man, with a loss. Was I disappointed? Sure. For like five minutes during (not after) the game. Who wouldn't be when you literally live and breathe Sooner football each and every Saturday and watch the "W" slip away before your very eyes. But you know what? I put on my OU gear, hung my OU flag, and cheered my Sooners on via 'netcasts in the dark days of the Schnelly and Blake eras. To suddenly expect me to hang my head and feel defeated or ashamed because my team is in the top five (ahead of texas) -- well I don't think so. Thank you. Drive thru. If we lose every other game this season, we still beat texas, and I'm still Sooner born and Sooner bred. Boomer Fucking Sooner.

*Unless of course, we go on to win the Sears trophy that year, as opposed to Mack Brown winning yet another recruiting national championship.
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Congratulations to Christine and her Texas A&M team. We were dominated, and there was no escaping the loss. I could sit here bitching and moaning about bad officiating -- but the truth is, our defense didn't play to win and our offensive play calls were mostly laughable at best. We didn't deserve to walk out of College Station the victors today. It's funny. Three years ago, a one-loss season would have been something Sooner fans begged for. Today, we're just left shaking our heads at another "what if" season.

I fully expect all of you to give, give, and give some more to make me feel better tonight. Captain Morgan can only be just so comforting...

But don't expect me to be ashamed of my team. I am an Oklahoma Sooner. And I will always be damn proud of that.
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How many people wanna kick some ass? I do! I do!
Refs, you suck. And AP pollsters, you're damn right.
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It's not easy bein' green
Hey, what dumbass decided to suit up the Irish in green today? Do they know nothing about karma and superstition (since the last time the Irish wore green, in a '99 bowl game, they also lost)? So this week I'd like to say that Miami has made a believer out of me. I've had doubts all season, but that comeback against Rutgers this afternoon has shown me they're for real. (Hey, you can't fault a girl for tryin'! I stick with what works.)

Hybl had another lackluster day for the Sooners, but once again our Defense showed they were the best in the nation. I'm still chuckling at the ABC breakdown for Nate though. I shit you not, they said he was the four "O's", and two of them were obedient and oral. Oral. Who writes this stuff? That's almost t-shirt worthy right there... Oral. Oh baby!

We were supposed to meet Stacy and Dan down in Clearwater tonight after the game, but ended up coming straight home. I'm not feelin' so hot and have a date with the couch and my b'ankie. Sorry guys! Hope everyone's having a great weekend! And Boomer frickin' Sooner, mmmk?
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Anyone up for bar-b-chewed Buffalo?

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The Sooners Prayer
Our Bob in Norman hallowed be your name. Bud and Barry's kingdom come; your will will be done on the field as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily texas thumping and forgive us for the 90s, as we have also forgiven the NCAA. Lead us not out of the BCS but deliver us to Tempe. For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are OU's now and forever. Amen.

I just wrote the above to Todd in an e-mail. Can you tell we're just a wee bit excited that ABC will be televising the OU/Colorado game and the OU/Texas A&M game nationally? We're finally coming out of the 90s no-coverage darkness and into the light!
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And this one time...at band camp...
OU is enjoying a bye week this weekend, so we're stuck watching other games around the country. The remote has landed on the PSU/OSU game for the moment, so I thought it would be fun to play "pick the worst school band uniform". In today's head-to-head competition we're pitting the Ohio State University Marching Band against the University of Texas Longhorn Band. It's a tough call when you compare OSU's "I wanna be a Canadian, eh" berets and "Are you a pothead Fauker" arm patches -- to the cheap, burnt orange homemade Halloween costume-esque UT uniforms, complete with fringe and rick-rack. You make the call -- which is worse:

And yes, I do get reeeeeeally bored when I'm not feeling well.

UPDATE: After reading VASpider's comment, I thought I'd throw the PRIDE OF OKLAHOMA uniforms into the mix. Although they are in desperate need of a university logo overhaul, side-by-side with the 'whorns, I think we all know which band wins (OU vs. texas - bands, OU vs. texas - majors, OU vs. texas - twirlers). Boomer Sooner!
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Red hooded sweatshirt
Nothing like getting a little pick-me-up straight from the University of Oklahoma when you're sick -- this showed up today! Dip dip dip.

I love you sweeeeatshirt
red hooded sweeeeatshirt
dip dip dip
shama lama ding dong

I like to rest my hands in your kangaroo pouch,
it makes them feel comfy like a big soft couch.
And I don't care if the weather's no good,
I say "See you later rain" as I pull up my hood.
Remember that long bus trip when I needed a nap?
I used you as a pillow on that Spanish lady's lap.

I love you sweeeeaatshirt
red hooded sweeeeatshirt
dip dip dip
shama lama ding dong

Oh what is it about you that makes me so jolly?
Is it your fifty cotton or your fifty poly?

I don't knoooooooww
ohh ohh hoo hoo hoo.

Oh red hooded sweatshirt we been through a lot together like that time I played in that shirts and skins basketball game and I had to take you off and throw you in the corner of the gym. I was midway through the game and then I saw you looking at me. You were staring as if to say, "Adam, you suck at basketball, you dribble like a damn woman." I was so mad I challenged you to a game of one on one and you know sweatshirt, even though I beat you 11 to 9, deep in my soul I know you missed those lay-ups on purpose. You let me win and that why...

I love you sweeeeaatshirt
red hooded sweeeeaatshirt
dip dip dip
shama lama ding dong

I love you sweeeeaatshirt
red hooded sweeeeaatshirt
dip dip dip
shama lama ding dong

I love you sooooooooooo.
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My love she throws me like a rubber ball
Todd just found this off the main page of CNNSI.com, and I loved the title -- "Don't make OU angry". It looks like the Sooners will sit atop the BCS rankings when they're released for the first time tomorrow.

We just finished watching Game 2 of the World Series since there wasn't an NFL game on tonight. I have to say the noise from the rally sticks was quite annoying. It could be just because I'm oozing pain from every pore, but I felt like I was trapped under a tin roof during a hail storm. That said, I have no allegiances to either team really. Baseball as a sport has been dead to me for quite a long time. I guess by default we've picked the red and white team with the monkey though. Orange. Sucks.

But orange doesn't suck quite as much as this movie did. We ordered it from Netflix, and it was so bad. So very, very bad. I wanted to like it. Really I did. It just wasn't funny. Or cute. Or amusing. And for crimeny's sake, please put it in Cameron Diaz's next contract that isn't allowed to dance in the film.
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Did anyone get the number...
...of the Mack truck that leveled my ass? I woke up feeling awful yesterday, but forced myself to go to the OU watch party. It was (supposed to be) a huge game, and I was too superstitious to stay home. From the second we walked in, people asked if I was dying. Guess I looked the part. And by the second half, I could barely move -- but didn't care looking at the score.

Did you happen to catch the results of yesterday's game? OU destroyed Heisman hopeful Seneca Wallace and the Cyclones. The only real shot ISU had a touchdown came on an OU fumble during a return (the game was a monsoon at times), and Iowa State recovered at the 1-yard line. On FOUR tries, they got knocked backwards instead of forwards. And the Sooners never looked back. From ESPN: "Wallace nearly threw more interceptions (3) than completions (4 of 22), as Iowa State cobbled together just 60 total yards of offense on 45 plays, the fourth worst total in school history."

OU is ranked first in several of the computer polls now, and second in the AP and Coaches Polls. The BCS rankings will be released for the first time tomorrow.

Up next is the Bucs vs. Eagles on FOX. There is no love lost between the teams, and the Eagles have had our number in years past. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go back to the couch and die while wrapped up in these.
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A little story
Ten years ago tomorrow, this boy met this girl at a party while going to this school . They were each wearing a J. Crew flannel shirt , and admired the other's. They dated , then broke up a few weeks later, but the girl told the boy that he would still marry her one day.

They stayed friends while at school , but after the girl graduated she moved off to Philadelphia to conquer the world . She also conquered the boy's heart by leaving, because he flew up to propose weeks later, seven years ago tomorrow.

And if the boy and girl hadn't been impatient, tomorrow would have also been their wedding day . But they ran off to get married instead, and lived happily ever after .

The end.

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Sooner Magic
Ahhhhh......nothing like kicking off the start to a brand new week with this! Now the celebrations must come to an end unfortunately. We've got #9 Iowa State (at home) this weekend. Eeeep!
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The day after the night before
We got to bed so late last night. We just couldn't quit reading stories about the game and looking at photos. Considering I barely slept on Friday night, and woke up before the alarm even went off so we could watch GameDay, I am just wiped now. I didn't even catch kickoff in the Bucs game today (which we currently lead 10-0). I realize they're paying tribute to their roots and all, but could Cleveland have uglier uniforms? Shit brown AND orange. What a lovely combo... Reminds me of a late 70s kitchen gone bad.

I was too hyped up to really discuss my feelings surrounding the game last night, but a post on SoonerFans.com finally made the emotion pour out. So if you'll please indulge me this one last entry about the OU/tx series.

As expected, a lot of the 'whorn fans are in denial today -- it ain't just a river in Egypt. On one of their message boards it reads:

"We are a much better football team than OU. We have the best set of wide receivers in the nation...If Chris just throws it away from the defensive back, it was a sure 6, instead we have to listen to the announcers on how great of a play the defensive back made...So many 3 and outs in the second half killed us. They got the lucky bounce at the goal line and we were done. I really wish Chris would have taken this team on his shoulders and drove them down the field, so once and for all he could have proved his greatness to his naysayers...We win next week, and I think we still win the Big XII South, and still have a chance to play for an National Championship. OU is not that great of a team and they will lose before it is all over. Hopefully twice."

Well I've got news for you texass. We beat you 63-14 in 2000 with a bunch of scrappers left over from the John Blake era. That was "a fluke". Couldn't happen again. Then we beat you 14-3 in 2001. The wind was tricky. You ran out of time. It was another fluke. So yesterday, on a day when our QB played like shit, threw four picks (when he hadn't thrown a single one all season long), and by his own admission "our team won in spite of my performance" -- did your pretty boy QB suck it up and play his best game on the day that was heralded as his chance to finally prove himself in just about every print and television media outlet in the nation? No. He also threw three picks and not a single touchdown. Not a single touchdown against top 10 teams in his entire career I might add -- but also threw for something like thirteen picks total in those same games. If your players are always so much better, then why is it that our players always seem to beat you these days?

There will never be a fucking year when you give OU credit. Ever. It's never about why we won, but instead why you lost. You want to live in your own little dream world that you are sooooo much better than we are by clinging to stats from the early 1900s. Well you know what? You go right ahead and live in glorious black and white. I'll take our seven national championships to your two (both of which were earned before I was even born). I'll take the colorful images of Bob Stoops holding up the Sears trophy in Miami in 2000, and the feeling of walking on air as we exited the Orange Bowl. And I'll take the image of the fake Roy Williams crying on the sidelines after the Big XII Championship last year when we literally handed you a ticket to Pasadena as an early Christmas gift, and you couldn't even unwrap it. No team is EVER "that good" to you. Did you ever stop to think that once, just maybe, YOU are the ones that suck? Because if you'll drain that piss and vinegar out of your eardrums you might just hear the sound of the rest of the country laughing at you.

You know what? OU just might lose this season. There are a couple of games already where I had just about given up on getting the "W". And we've got Iowa State in six more days. But at least our coach has the CLASS to admit, "We were outplayed and I was outcoached," after our losses. This year yours blames the wind (once again) in the third quarter, and receivers running the wrong routes. Well you know what? Our players were in that VERY SAME wind in the fourth quarter when we scored the majority of our points. Our QB's performance left little to be desired, and we had several dropped balls in the first half. But...oh yeah...we don't have to make excuses. We...won. Enjoy your back-to-back recruiting national championships. And that series record. I'll take my dominance in the here and now, thankyouverymuch.

The above entry was written by a girl -- who seems to have more fire in her belly than the entire 'whorn O-line and coaching staff combined.
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364 more days of bragging rights

I'd like to take a second to point out that OU has not lost to the 'whorns since the '90s. Bob Stoops truly has Mack's number, and three years of play against the big boys and Chrissy Simms still hasn't got his pubes. Ahhhh...it's great to be a Sooner!

I promise, the OU/tx discussion is just about over. But here are a couple of pics from tonight's watch party before I sign off. Enjoy!

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Open wound, insert salt
I do one of these a year...and I don't remember one ever being so sweet. I give to you the "Mack Brown Excuse-o-Meter"!
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Six and oh, oh, oh - you know what I'm talkin' 'bout

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The definition of life

NOUN: Sooner. The Oklahoma Territory opened with the Land Run of 1889. Settlers from across the country, seeking free land, made their way to the Plains to stake their claim to a new life. One of the few rules to claiming a parcel of land was that all participants were to start at the same time, on the boom of a cannon. All settlers who started then were labeled as Boomers and those who went too soon were called Sooners.
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Boomer Sooner - go OU!

[Todd and Robyn have a special message for the whorns]

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray tomorrow the longhorns will weep
If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord will still beat the hell outta texas.

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Just e-mailed to Todd
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What a long, strange trip it's been
This week has just been, well, odd. On Sunday night I was near-completion on a big project and was rarin' to go. Todd loved it, and he honestly doesn't say that often since most of the sites I design are for "conservative" blogs these days. But on Monday when I sent along a first-draft, half of the team loved it -- and the other half, well their comments would have made me cry on a PMS-day. Thankfully it came in at just the right time, and I pretty much laughed it off. But then after seeing someone so unhappy with a part of my "soul", well my heart just wasn't in it anymore. I couldn't get excited about finishing that particular design and every time I'd open Photoshop I'd just sit there giving it a blank stare, with my mind anywhere but.

I think part of it is Red River Rivalitis. OU doesn't really enforce an attendance policy this week. No one's mind is on anything but the game. Todd's feeling it, too, and I've seen it mentioned several times on message boards now. It's kind of like waiting for Santa to come -- only this time he drives a schooner. I don't think any OU fan will sleep well Friday night.

I've went back to the drawing board on the above-mentioned site's design. I'm doing my best to start over and make sure everyone is happy -- I just feel too dead thinking about the old one. I need fresh blood to paint with. And an OU win. That wouldn't hurt either, Santa baby... A happy Robyn is a productive Robyn.
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And this concludes our broadcast

Well ladies and gents, "hell week" is coming to a close. All the jokes and taunts in fun are being put away 'til next year. I want to wish JE and the rest of the 'whorn crowd out there a good game. It's going to be a dogfight, and nothing is going to be handed to either team. Unless you've attended either school, it's impossible to understand the scope and magnitude of this rivalry and how it just gets in your blood. There's a reason ESPN Classic says, "For the last 72 [now 73] years, the OU-texas game in Dallas has been part Mardi Gras and part Super Bowl.....With apologies to Army-Navy, Alabama-Auburn, Ohio State-Michigan, Florida-Georgia, Florida State-Miami, USC-UCLA and USC-Notre Dame, the season's most compelling game and the game's greatest rivalry, still belongs to Dallas."

I want to wish everyone who's making the pilgrimage to the Cotton Bowl a safe trip to and from, be it from Norman or Austin. I'm praying the players from both sides will leave the field without serious injury. And I hope that for just one more year, we can beat the helloutta texas. If so, I'm buying the first round of shots. And if not, we'll I'm still buyin' them. After all, that's what the Red River Rivalry is all about. Boomer Sooner!
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Merchandise - we got'cher merchandise!
For everyone that keeps hitting my blog looking for "beat texas" baseball caps, hats and visors -- check eBay. You can get great ones like these over there. I don't have anything myself. Sorry.
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Let's get it on...
I've had this "I'm gonna hurl" feeling since Saturday night. As much as it sucks, that's a good thing. I have a very good track record when going into big games with that feeling beforehand. To date, this is the longest it's ever lasted. *knock on wood*

My husband has his pregame superstitions and rituals, too. For a man that didn't even watch football when we got married, he's turned into -- I dare say -- a bigger fan of the game than I am. He has his Steve Owens action figure with matching mini-Heisman trophy. They never leave the top right corner of the TV, other than for Todd to rub them for good luck. The OU flag goes up the instant we wake up on game day and not a second later. Claire has an OU collar that gives her "super powers" on gameday. Todd even stole the napkin (shhh! don't tell!) from Selmon's last Saturday that he had a death grip on and beat the table with every time OU made a big play. It's going back with him for the texass game.

The rest of my gameday superstitions are a little more tame. I have a pair of OU athletic shorts that I have to put on before the TV is turned on to ESPN's College GameDay. I always have to sleep in an OU t-shirt the night before a game. I have a certain pair of crimson and cream underwear (bra and panties) that I've worn for every gameday since the beginning of the 2000 season. Their track record is 29-2 to date. I also have a "lucky toenail polish" -- Ribbon Red by Chanel, and OU sneakers.

So what are your gameday rituals and superstitions? I know we're not alone!

And here are a few more notes and jokes from "hate week 2002"...

Q: Why does Chris Simms eat soup off a plate?
A: Because he chokes in a bowl.

"There was a time when we never got Oklahoma on TV on the East Coast," said former Sooners great Joe Washington, now a financial advisor in Lutherville, Md. "Now I can plop down anywhere and watch them. And I'll be there Saturday, in front of the TV in headgear, shoulder pads and silver shoes."

Brown, in his 19th season as a head coach, has never led a team to a conference title much less a national one. He didn't do it at Appalachian State or Tulane or North Carolina, and he hasn't done it yet at Texas....Doing so has been almost as elusive to Brown as pinning down exactly what makes a game big. He even spoke with Florida State coach Bobby Bowden about it once. "He said the only big ones are the ones you lose," Brown said. "So when I go back and see we beat Colorado at home last year and it wasn't a big one, but then we lose to them in the (Big 12) championship and it was, I get confused."

Ya' don't say, Mack?
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I wish I'd been a girlie, just like my dear Mama
Normally I try to have only one football related post per weekday, but this is too freaking hysterical to keep to myself.


I'm a quarterback, and I'm okay.
I sleep all night and I play all day.

He's a quarterback, and he's okay.
He sleeps all night and he plays all day.

I take the snap. I take three steps.
I like to throw the ball.
But bein’ under center
Is my favorite part of all.

He takes the snap. He takes three steps.
He likes to throw the ball.
But bein’ under center,
Is his favorite part of all.

He's a quarterback, and he's okay.
He sleeps all night and he plays all day.

I take the snap. I take three steps.
I like to catch a glance.
Of my Burly linemen
In their tight white pants.

He takes the snap. He takes three steps.
He likes to catch a glance.
Of his Burly linemen
In our tight white pants?!

He's a quarterback, and he's okay.
He sleeps all night and he plays all day.

I take the snap. I wear no jock,
It makes me feel so free.
I like to be commando,
When the other team sacks me.

He takes the snap. He wears no jock,
He likes to feel so free?!


What's this? Wants to be sacked?! Oh, My!
And I thought you were so rugged! Oh well.

He's a quarterback, and he's okay.
He sleeps all night and he plays all day.

He's a quarterback, and he's okaaaaay.
He sleeps all night and he plays all day.

So even if the Sooners somehow can't rack up another a "W" on Saturday, I'll always have the laughter and the tears of this song... Beautiful.
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Live on University!
People not used to life that is football in the Big XII can't possibly understand why other teams hate the longhorns so. "Hate week" may seem silly to you. The fact I will most likely vomit if the Sooners walk out of the Cotton Bowl with a loss may seem pathetic and sad. It may be hard to understand why a team that literally lives and dies to beat texas -- and only texas -- has such passion about a team that gives it, but can't take it. An opponent that can only reply after a loss with, "Well our real rival is A&M anyway," but will pelt you with full beer cans saying things that make ME blush if they beat you. Fortunately I don't have to describe the hatred this year that's welled up inside of the Sooner nation. A columnist from Austin did it for me in a two-part series following Oklahoma's Cotton Bowl victory last year. (Part 1, Part 2, found at OU Insider)

So if you want to see why our feathers are ruffled that once again Vegas gave texas the spread by 3, or that Corso will put on a Bevo hat Saturday morning, or that just about every sports announcer around is hanging their hat on the 'whorns and saying "hook 'em" this week -- well the following is why. Nevermind that Simms is 0-4 against top 10 teams. That he hasn't thrown a single touchdown against a top 10 opponent in his career, unless you count the touchdowns he's thrown to the other team. (And over 10 other picks as well.) Screw it, by god. The 'whorns are always unstoppable. And the Sooners don't deserve to take the field with them. We should roll over and accept defeat gracefully. Until we win. Again.
Not once, in a most telling observation, not in any column, on any talk show, in any letter to the editor ... not anywhere was there a positive comment about the team that beat Texas, the defending National Champions, the team they call the Oklahoma Sooners. No admiration about the creative defensive effort it took to shut down an explosive Texas offense. Just talk about how bad Texas was. No kudos to Bob Stoops, just curses for the idiots who call themselves Texas coaches. No accolades to a gutsy performance for OU's White, only venom and vitriol for Simms ...

... In an acorn, this arrogance, this "Nobody can beat Texas. Texas only plays bad," is why UT is disliked nationally and why Texas is, indeed, the team everybody wants to beat. Not, please be clear, because Texas is that good, but because of the obnoxious (and wildly unjustified) hubris of Longhorn Fan. Sullen and finger-pointing in defeat, never giving credit to the opposition. Pompous, smug, often violent in victory. Not a flattering combination ...

... Since 1970 (as Richard Nixon was starting his second year as president), Nebraska has won five National Championships. Alabama, Oklahoma, and Miami have four apiece. USC and Notre Dame have three. Penn State and Florida State have two. Since the all-white team of '70 -- that's 31 years! -- Texas has won none. This great tradition of Texas football is nonexistent ...

... The media does its part each year to make certain the university is hyped nationally ... generally beyond reality. Longhorn Fan, fed this pabulum year-in-year-out, believes it's the school's (and his own) birthright to be in the Top 10, though its last Top 10 finish was in long-ago 1984. Efficient, unending hype from within Texas is quite effective nationally. Since Royal's last season, UT has been a preseason Top 10 pick nine times, a Top 25, 17. Yet in that time they've only delivered three Top 10 finishes and 11 Top 25 finishes. This, keep in mind, playing almost entirely in the toothless SWC, where eight wins were on the board before September 1 ...

... Longhorn Fan doesn't think anybody, anywhere else in America plays football. Not in Florida. Not in California. Oklahoma, with its four titles -- come on, man, you gotta be kidding me. Oklahoma!? Longhorn Fan believes, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that football is only played here. Ergo, when Texas gets beat, it's not because the other team's better. It's because UT's game plan was bad.

And from "Comparing OU and UT": Perhaps there is some insight in the school colors of the two universities. OU's colors are crimson and cream, and UT's color is burnt orange. Crimson and cream are the colors of blood and guts, of bone and marrow -- they represent commitment and a depth of conviction. This is in keeping with the attitudes expressed by OU's head coach Bob Stoops: no nonsense, no excuses, win by better preparation and more heart. Burnt orange is the color of the setting sun as seen through a thick haze -- they represent a time when the once bright sun has subsided over the horizon, a time when even the sun is reduced to modest heat and brightness. This is in keeping with the squandered talent and the attitudes expressed by UT's head coach Mack Brown: UT doesn't really lose games, they just "run out of time" like the last few minutes of daylight at sunset.
So there you have it. Better than my own anger and hatred would have let me type it... We may lose on Saturday, but in my heart I will always know we are the better team. Tradition -- real tradition -- speaks volumes.

Hype always has it's cover blown in the end.

Boomer Sooner!
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Avoid the rush - hate texas now
Ok, this one (the spin-off of a FARK classic) darn near caused a spew -- you have been warned! BOOOOOOOMER...
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Hate week -- it's not just for breakfast anymore

You might be a longhorn if......
  1. The Halloween pumpkin on your porch has more teeth than your spouse.
  2. You let your twelve-year-old daughter smoke at the dinner table in front of her kids.
  3. You've been married three times and still have the same in-laws.
  4. You think a woman who is "out of your league" bowls on a different night.
  5. Jack Daniels makes your list of "most admired people".
  6. You wonder how service stations keep their restrooms so clean.
  7. Anyone in your family ever died right after saying, "Hey watch this."
  8. You think Dom Pérignon is a Mafia leader.
  9. Your wife's hairdo was once ruined by a ceiling fan.
  10. Your junior prom had a daycare.
  11. You think the last words of the Star Spangled Banner are, "Gentlemen start your engines."
  12. You lit a match in the bathroom and your house exploded right off its wheels.
  13. The bluebook value of your truck goes up and down, depending on how much gas is in it.
  14. You have to go outside to get something from the fridge.
  15. One of your kids was born on a pool table.
  16. You need one more hole punched in your card to get a freebie at the House of Tattoos.
  17. You can't get married to your sweetheart because there's a law against it.
  18. You think loading a dishwasher means getting your wife drunk.
  19. Your toilet paper has page numbers on it.
  20. Your front porch collapses and kills more than five dogs.

Kevin also has a really good Big XII weekend wrap-up on his site.
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If your mascot's sedated and you know it clap your hands
Vegas now has the 'whorns by 3. Now all we need is for him to put on a Bevo hat during GameDay and we're golden!
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I've been working on the railroad
It's a good thing I have chronic low blood pressure, or I think I'd end up with an aneurysm watching the Sooners play this season. Granted we gave up a few stupid penalties and the defense gave up mind-boggling big-yardage plays to a helluva freshman QB -- but the refs didn't help tonight either. There were several offsides penalties not called on Missouri, and a final-moments bad call on a Tigers fumble that could have resulted in a game-breaker. Mizzou fumbled, then recovered, in the red zone. The replay clearly showed that the fumble occurred one and a half yards shy of the first down marker -- but the officials gave the Tigers the first down spot anyway. Thankfully the OU defense held for the next four plays, and Mizzou turned it over on downs so we could take the knee and get the hell out of Dodge with a 31-24 final score.

However, all that said, I have to give the "balls of steel" award to Stoops and crew for trying -- and getting -- a touchdown on a field goal fake when the Sooners were down by one midway through the fourth quarter. And then immediately after going for -- and also getting -- the two-point conversion to put us up by seven. I felt like Hollywood to Maverick. ("Gutsiest move I ever saw, man.")

And now the week I simultaneously live for and dread -- a.k.a. hate week -- begins. The week before OU/tx. Records and ranking mean nothing. They're all out the window. It's only for the blood and the Red River bragging rights. Nevermind that we've had a few lackluster wins under our belt this season. Nevermind that texass almost lost to OS-Who at home today, save a botched two-point conversion. Now it's personal, and these teams and their fans have no love lost. You won't see me talking a lot of trash this week. You won't see me making predictions. Don't even try. You will be wasting your time. It has to be decided on the field. If you'll excuse me, I think I'm gonna go hurl now...


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Orange you glad you went to OU?
You may have heard this joke before...

Q: Why do texas longhorns wear orange?
A: So they can go to the game on Saturday, hunting on Sunday, and pick up trash on the highway the rest of the week.

Well this just goes to show you, nothing good can come by wearing orange.
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May we see your photos please
Here's a few pics we snapped from tonight. I don't have time to organize them yet...sorry. The ones shown on the main page are of my new gym gear from Abercrombie & Fitch. I've been eyeing those colors ever since they came in, and they finally went on sale this weekend! It sure is nice to be able to shop there again -- the dieting is paying off!

And click the "read more" link to see a few photos from tonight's watch party. Fox 13 News actually showed up for a live feed at the beginning of the game and we had a record turnout -- over 35 in attendance!

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Da' Bulls
A win is a win, right? Pardon me for still grumbling. Granted, Woolfolk and Clayton didn't play at all, and when USF scored twice in the last coupla' minutes it against our second and third string defense -- but we still gave up a "sure" shut-out. I'm sure people are weeping openly right now in Vegas. We only made one-third of our third down conversions. Pathetic. Our O-line protection was non-existant. I couldn't blame Nate for anything tonight. And somehow USF managed 100 more yards on offense than we did. So much to work on. So little time before texas in two weeks... Amazing after the drought in the 90s, we actually bitch and moan about a 31-14 victory now. But we are.

I would like to ask Mr. Mittens if he's still doubting my picking abilities though? Did I call Iowa State over Nebraska or what? I'm really not sure that OU would be able to beat the Cyclones twice in one season. It. Just. Got. Interesting.

Oh by the way, you actually have to scroll a couple of screens through my e-mail inbox right now -- and it's not getting any better for the next few days with a big project launching on Monday, another one on Tuesday, and three designs at bat. So please continue to hold. Your call is important to us!
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Hook THIS, W!

[Hook THIS dumbass]

President Bush gives the texas longhorn sign with his fingers
during an awards ceremony at the White House on Tuesday.

Sorry. Every once in awhile I just have to stop and flip off the monitor at those who deserve it... Carry about your business.
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C'est la vie - c'est la vie - that's just the way it goes
Well, if this day would have gone as originally intended, we would be doing frantic last-minute packing right now. We have plane tickets back to Oklahoma on Southwest flying out tomorrow and returning Sunday -- but fate stepped in and will keep our feet firmly planted on the ground. Thankfully that's an airline it's easy to rebook on...

So rather than watching Saturday's OU vs. USF matchup in person at The Fock, we'll be watching from the private dining room at Selmon's with the Sooner Club instead. Rather than meeting Christine and Kymberlie during a 2.5 hour layover in Houston, we'll be passing along our happy birthday wishes from Tampa. And instead of wishing my Gma a happy 70th birthday in person on Saturday, we'll be phoning in our well-wishes to the big bash.

All's well that ends well though. I seem to have ended up with a nasty case of strep throat this week. Since my doctor FORGOT to call in the Rx on Monday and I didn't start anti-biotics until last night, I'm still not feeling so hot. I can't imagine flying like this... And Todd kept his vacation days on the calendar, so we'll have most of the "long weekend" together (when work doesn't get in the way). And we'll get to snuggle up to new "Ed" and "West Wing" tonight -- wahoo! Oh how I wanted a night at O'Connell's with my little sister (who's finally legal) though... Hopefully soon.
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Can you my darling, can you picture this?
Our first submission to "Picture Yourself" is up -- a photo we snapped at the 2001 Orange Bowl.
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We will, we will, Fock you!
Last week, OU announced that Oklahoma Memorial Stadium (not to be confused with Owen Field as we have separate names for our stadium and field...don't ask...) would be renamed. The Gaylord family -- hated by just about every single Oklahoman in and out of the state -- had donated 12 million towards the stadium's expansion and completion. Because of their generosity the Sooner Shrine will now be called "The Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium".

Not that gay isn't a lovely word -- it just doesn't seem to go with a football stadium. So almost immediately Sooner fans began to dub it the Gaylord Focker Memorial Stadium instead. Rally cries such as "Rock the Fock", "If this Fock's a Rocking, don't bother kn- kn- knocking!", "Fock the Kasbah", and "Fock Me Amadeus" were heard. For those about to Fock, we salute you! Who says not everything can be bought?
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Bunny hop
I noticed in my referral stats that I've been getting quite a few hits for "Playboy Girls of the Big XII" lately. Sorry, don't subscribe -- therefore have no pics to share. (Go here.) But I went to the website to see what the Sooner gal looked like, and ran across the Coed of the Month from OS-Who, Jessica. She hopes to pursue a career in agricultural journalism. (Honestly, what else is there for an Aggie grad to do?) She also gave us this pearl of wisdom:

Have you ever had calf fries? They're cow testicles. They taste like chicken. I know that people say everything tastes like chicken, but they really do. They're good with ketchup on them. Honestly, it's not that unheard of around here. Everyone in Oklahoma has eaten calf fries at least once. In the dorm I lived in last semester, they even had calf fries in the cafeteria.

I would beg to differ, Jessica. Go ahead and say that to make yourself feel better 'n' all, but only Aggies go around putting animal balls in their mouths. We're a little more refined on down I-35 at OU. I lived in Oklahoma for 24 years and I can say with 100% certainty that I have never eaten calf fries. Not once did I ever even dine in the same vicinity with someone who ate them, and they are not on the OU cafeteria menu.

You keep your kind up in that cow pasture they call Stillwater, mmmk? We'll be dining on Bevo burgers in Norman instead...
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Slide, slide, slippedy slide

During last night's rain delay, Sooner fans turned the sidelines into their own personal slip-n-slide to pass the time. Ahhhh, to be young and panty-free once again!
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Not bad at'all
68-0 with 278 yards passing for our QB Nate, who only played 2.5 quarters before we burned the redshirt on a freshman. I think I can deal with that. (I could've done without that 51-minute lightning delay though.) Of course it was against UTEP, but definitely a much-needed confidence boost for the Sooners going into our bye week.

It was an interesting day out in college football land to say the least. Michigan loses to the Irish. Nebraska gets spanked by Penn State. And USC rolled over Colorado. Glad I didn't have any money on the first two games... All this, and the NFL week hasn't even kicked off. Somebody pinch me! No not there. Here.
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I...love...football on TV
In a couple of hours the Sooners will kick off against UTEP. The only way to get the game out here in Florida is via DirecTV pay-per-view. (As a matter of fact, it's the first time Oklahoma has offered a pay-per-view telecast outside of the state of Oklahoma.) Thankfully we already have DirecTV. So the Sooner Club will be joining us at our house around 7 tonight. I've fought some evil cold/flu all week long, and cleaning has been a real challenge. Thank goodness I woke up with the ability to breathe today! Boomer Sooner!
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Sorry for all the football talk this weekend, but it's the first week of Saturday and Sunday non-stop coverage, and well this is my blog so you'd best get used to it thru January. The Bucs lost to the Saints today in OT. I'm not sure if you saw the game or not, but in my opinion, we deserved to lose. Sure we came back in dramatic fashion at the last minute to tie it up -- but out of 60 minutes of regulation play, I'd guesstimate we only saw maybe 4 minutes of actual offense out of the Bucs. The defense didn't play up to par either. Yet another week of mouthing off to the press and not backing it up on the field. I have to give the new coaching staff credit for not rolling over and playing dead in the fourth quarter -- but that's about the only credit I'll give anyone.

And now my football rant of the week... The biggest football rant I ever have, really. What in the fuck do defenders think they are doing by all those diving body blocks? Nine times out of ten they end up with slip-in-slide action down the field...and oh, say, five yards ahead of them...and still running on their feet...is the person they were trying to bring down. How do coaches not teach players to make -- then stick -- tackles? I would be greasing up pigs to catch and locking those boys in pens with them for some of the crap I've seen over the last two days. (Don't tell PETA, ok?) You don't look like a hero if your diving effort results in grass in your helmet and 10 extra yards for the other team. You look like an dumbass. Period. That's advice from a girl and I'm sticking to it.

Oh well, at least the Cowboys look like idiots in primetime tonight. The day they fired Barry is the day they made me a sworn enemy for life. Too bad Mr. Roy Williams got stuck with them.
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We've got spirit - yes we do!
Here are a couple of pics from Saturday (me with my OU shoes and Claire with her OU collar, us with the Tampa Bay Sooner Club ).
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Oh yeah...postscript...
It's 11:21 p.m. on Sat., Sept. 7th, 2002 -- and I still hate texas.
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Notes and Quotes
OU Senior Tight End Trent Smith: "I've got a few more gray hairs after this game. All I said to the guys was that this is why you came to Oklahoma ... to be in these kinds of situations. [On Alabama] I applaud them. That was a great surge they put together. They fought their butts off. Anyone watching them today has a lot of respect for that team. The way they played was a credit to their program, their coaching staff and their history."

Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops: "Let's face it as I told the players -- that's not East Popcorn State that was just in here. It was Alabama. I knew at halftime, when we were up 20 points, Alabama was not going away. They're going to continue to play and they're a good solid football team. We need to play to the level we did at the first half. They played better and made plays. We didn't play as well. I think coming from behind to win showed good character and may help us in the long run."
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Sooner Magic
"Sooner Magic" first appeared in 1976 in the fourth quarter of the Nebraska-Oklahoma game. It was born on a cold and windy afternoon in Lincoln in '76 when the fourth quarter found the Sooners trailing the Cornhuskers 17-7. With three minutes to play, and the lead down to four, hope for a comeback had all but vanished into the Nebraska clouds. Oklahoma was stuck at the 'Husker 16-yard line when Woodie Shepard completed a 50-yard halfback pass to freshman end Steve Rhodes, whose catch was nothing short of miraculous. Two plays later, Rhodes ran a curl pattern and then pitched to halfback Elvis Peacock on the old hook-and-lateral. Peacock was finally knocked out of bounds at the Nebraska three.

Peacock scored the winning touchdown on next play with 30 seconds remaining, vaulting the Sooners into a three-way tie for the conference championship.

Further proof of the pixy dust that filled the air over Lincoln that day was the pregame prayer delivered in the Oklahoma locker room by defensive back and team captain Scott Hill at the behest of coach Barry Switzer: "Please dear Lord don't let any injury or harm come to any player. And please, please, please, dear Lord, please don't let the best team win."

The youthful Sooners were outmanned and outgunned that day. But "Sooner Magic" never failed them.
(Article from ESPN Classic.)

What do I say? As much as I prayed we wouldn't, we obviously bought into our own hype. I called Stacy eight minutes into the fourth quarter to concede. I told her that even if we somehow managed to win -- we wouldn't mentally. The minute Jason's ACL snapped, my heart broke in two. Again, I just knew before he even stood up. (Anyone remember Nebraska last year? The poor kid has fought so hard to come back, only to blow out the other knee.) I am one of Nate's biggest and most vocal critics. The guy just doesn't have what it takes to be an OU QB. He'll take a sack before throwing the ball away. He's got that deer-in-the-headlights stare when defenders are coming at him. He just freezes. And now the rest of our season rests on his shoulders...again...for better or for worse.

But I don't want any of that commentary to take away Alabama's game. We had the most points. We didn't deserve them. We walked away with the "W". We didn't earn it. Bama played their hearts out today -- especially in the second half. We were out-coached. We were out-played. Our special teams made Norman High's squad look like a Fiesta Bowl-bound team. Anything that could have went wrong...did. And it was all at the hands of the Crimson Tide.

The only thing that made the final score 37-27 was Sooner Magic. Thank God.
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Just wanted to wish Christi and Stacy a bit of blogger luck tomorrow. Our Sooners take on their Crimson Tide at 3:30 p.m. EDT Saturday on ABC. Boomer Sooner!

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You're invited but your friend can't come
It's good to have friends with connections! The Suncoast Sooner watch party for the OU vs. Bama game this Saturday will be held in the private dining room at Lee Roy Selmon's place. Bring on the Dreamsicle Martinis!
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Of colors proudly gleaming red and white
Todd just passed along a cool link -- the Sooner Awards. Hats off to whoever created the site -- it looks phenomenal. For examples, check out a couple of the player pages (Quentin Griffin, Teddy Lehman). Definitely one of those "why didn't I think of that" designs!

By the way, ever wonder what in the heck a Sooner is? Check out the "Sooner History and Traditions" page.

"The Oklahoma Territory opened with the Land Run of 1889. Settlers from across the country, seeking free land, made their way to the Plains to stake their claim to a new life. One of the few rules to claiming a parcel of land was that all participants were to start at the same time, on the boom of a cannon. All settlers who started then were labeled as Boomers and those who went too soon were called Sooners." Thus the Oklahoma rally cry of Boomer Sooner.
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Chucky's in love
How could you not love this face? However, that means both of my teams (college and pro) have now received the dreaded SI cover curse. One, I could handle...but two? C'mon SI -- you're killing me here!
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Boomer frickin' Sooner, ok?
In just over four hours the Oklahoma Sooners will be taking on the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes. Yes, yes -- I know what you must be thinking. Hurricanes have a color? And doesn't Oklahoma have tornadoes instead? But that's not the point... The point is -- it's time to PLAY! Bring. It. On.
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They say that waking up is hard to do
We took a reeeeeeally long nap this afternoon, so while sitting on the couch trying to regain consciousness I opened up my little editing program and made a new IE bookmark icon for the site. It looks like this:

If you've bookmarked the page in the past, it probably won't work for you this time around, since I used to have a little heart icon -- but it's something fun to play around with nonetheless (just bookmark, and then click on my link from your bookmarks, and it should show up in the IE address bar).

If you want to do the same thing at your own site, here's an article from Builder.com on how to do it. This is the program I use to draw the .ico files.
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Rah Oklahoma
Pssssst...family and friends: still looking for a last-minute gift idea for Mr. Pollman? Lookee what Jana just found (ships in September)!
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We'll make Sooners out of 'em yet
What do you get to do on your 30th birthday weekend? Any-teeeng you want! So that's why we'll be dragging Mike and Statia directly off their plane (which lands 22 minutes before OU's first kick-off) and straight to the just-announced Suncoast Sooner Club watch party. Now we just have to hope the fourth quarter is over before Christi's plane lands. Otherwise, she may be waiting awhile... Heh.
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All better now!
We got the Explorer back from the dealer today. It's all fixed now with a shiny new bumper. And check out that fancy OU plate courtesy of Susan. Thanks again!

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This is why we watch
Some of you, I'm sure, do not understand my passion for OU football. It may be because you don't like the sport. It may be because you don't like the team. Or it may be because even though you like the sport, you're just not rabid about it.

Well these mini-videos might help explain why I am the way that I am. Make me happy and watch them. If for nothing else, because Oklahoman James Garner (my OU commencement speaker) does the narration... If you like football, you won't regret it. And if you hate football, well hey, Bob Stoops isn't exactly hard on the eyes so watch anyway!

1. "Heroes" (if you only watch one, watch this)
2. "Land Run 2001"
3. "I am Superman"

Eight days and twenty-three hours left. But who's counting?
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More of da' foosball
With OU's 2002 season just about underway, I went ahead and made a new blog category for "Sooner 2002 posts". Some of you might recognize the top image from the "OUr Homepage" intro. I spent a lot of time morphing the two girl and boy pics together once upon a time, so I'm getting more mileage out of 'em now.

Anyhoo, for the Sooner fans that visit my blog...you can now follow the 2002 season here. The link is also over in the sidebar...
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My hunka hunka Sooner love
Check out the new ESPN Magazine! That's my favorite sideburn-sportin' Sooner there on the cover -- just-announced starting QB Jason White (with DT Tommie Harris). Ahhhhh...you can count the days left 'til kickoff on two hands now! Bring. It. On.
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Desperately seeking...

We received this in the mail today. How cool is that?! The only problem is, there was no identifying information -- just the license plate and a business card from the company that made it. We have no way of being able to thank the sender.

If you're the guilty party, will you please stand up. Please stand up. And THANK YOU -- we love it! We no longer have to pout that ours got smashed.
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I nevah been so happy in my who' lai-fuh
OMf'inG. That new NFL camera-trick (where the camera hovers and floats directly over the field for a 360° video game-style effect), combined with our new Sony Wega, is literally an orgasm in a box. Double-meaning intended... And Sooner Rocky Calmus should see some playing time for the Titans tonight! My little sister went to high school with Rocky. I hear he's still afraid of her. Heh.
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Boomer Sooner!
So did anyone catch the beginning of the Lightning Round on today's Call for Help? <wicked grin> Guess I'd better get crackin'!

UPDATE: There's no turning back now...
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Hook THIS!
Maxim Magazine has released their 2002 pre-season top 26 NCAA football poll. A couple of note:

2001 record: 11–2 (6–2 Big 12)
Returning starters: 8 offense, 7 defense
When your top returning receiver is a tight end, it means one of two things: 1. Your offensive coordinator’s as imaginative as a zipper company brand manager; or 2. Your quarterback has the field vision of a chronic masturbator. Replacements at both spots ensure change, for better or worse—but most likely better. Then again, what difference does it make, when Bob Stoops could suit up 11 tranny Eagle Scouts on the other side of the ball and still hold the Longhorns to a field goal?

5. texas
2001 record: 11–2 (7–1 Big 12)
Returning starters: 8 offense, 5 defense
Mack Brown will not win a national championship. Ever. Hell, the poor bastard will likely never win a conference championship. But four consecutive nine-plus-win seasons have fans and friends believing the longhorns are entitled to a Sears Trophy just for coming within range for so many years. Get used to it. Mack W. Bush is the game’s best recruiter but is mediocre come game day and, along with QB Chris Simms, is deathly allergic to the big game. The luckiest team in the Big 12 finally plays Nebraska and Kansas State—both in down years—and boasts a non-conference slate highlighted by North Carolina, so a 10-win regular season is bankable.

I don't think I could've said it better myself. And I swear I didn't write that. I also particularly liked the rejection letter at the bottom of the page. Check out the full article online at Maxim.
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Crimson reign

Let it rain. Let it rain. Let your love rain down on me.

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I've been working on the railroad...

I posted this in Christine's comments earlier -- but thought I'd share here, too, with graphical illustration: "While watching an old Notre Dame vs. texas game this weekend, Todd and Robbie started referring to the longwhorn mascot as 'the uterus'. If you'll look closely, it does kind of resemble a uterus and fallopian tubes. So of course, all the "UTerus" jokes started flying after that. I will never look at their helmets the same way again!"

You make the call. I've super-imposed one over the other here for your viewing displeasure.
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