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Posted: 10.06.2002
I've been working on the railroad
It's a good thing I have chronic low blood pressure, or I think I'd end up with an aneurysm watching the Sooners play this season. Granted we gave up a few stupid penalties and the defense gave up mind-boggling big-yardage plays to a helluva freshman QB -- but the refs didn't help tonight either. There were several offsides penalties not called on Missouri, and a final-moments bad call on a Tigers fumble that could have resulted in a game-breaker. Mizzou fumbled, then recovered, in the red zone. The replay clearly showed that the fumble occurred one and a half yards shy of the first down marker -- but the officials gave the Tigers the first down spot anyway. Thankfully the OU defense held for the next four plays, and Mizzou turned it over on downs so we could take the knee and get the hell out of Dodge with a 31-24 final score.

However, all that said, I have to give the "balls of steel" award to Stoops and crew for trying -- and getting -- a touchdown on a field goal fake when the Sooners were down by one midway through the fourth quarter. And then immediately after going for -- and also getting -- the two-point conversion to put us up by seven. I felt like Hollywood to Maverick. ("Gutsiest move I ever saw, man.")

And now the week I simultaneously live for and dread -- a.k.a. hate week -- begins. The week before OU/tx. Records and ranking mean nothing. They're all out the window. It's only for the blood and the Red River bragging rights. Nevermind that we've had a few lackluster wins under our belt this season. Nevermind that texass almost lost to OS-Who at home today, save a botched two-point conversion. Now it's personal, and these teams and their fans have no love lost. You won't see me talking a lot of trash this week. You won't see me making predictions. Don't even try. You will be wasting your time. It has to be decided on the field. If you'll excuse me, I think I'm gonna go hurl now...


Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

I was wondering what your reaction would be. I think both Texas and OU were looking ahead to the big annual game today. Although as a Mizzou fan I must say I was proud of the Tigers today. The frosh QB will be special. Texas got caught with their pants down too against OSU (who OU has yet to get by as well). This much is certain, nothing is easy in the Big Twelve this year (unless you got Nebraska on the schedule--har har har).

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My hats are off to the Tigers -- they played their hearts out. And next year is gonna be payback time in Norman, I'm afraid. We'll have the freshman QB and you'll have the seasoned veteran!

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this outta be an interesting week.

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You know I don't shy away from predictions, even though it's a big week for OU/Texas and FSU/Miami. I sure do wish both OU & Texas would play up to their potential, but they seem to play down to their opponents. Sometimes I think it would be decided in the fourth quarter if they were playing Troy St!

Regardless, I've got my predictions up and I'm predicting Dallas will be painted Crimson on Sunday and St. Bobby gets soaked at Miami.

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OS-who beat the sooners IN NORMAN the last I heard!

My sphincter is still trying to recover, however. Yikes.

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Yeah, we have to give 'em one every decade or so just so the rest of the relatives can enjoy Christmas. ;-p

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Hi! : ) I'm with you on the anuurism! I think I pulled something listening to the game last saturday : ) UNFORTUNATLY.... I'm A TEXAS FAN too : ) so I'll be sure and come see ya when THEY WIN!! tee-hee : )
hope all is well hun,

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