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Posted: 10.21.2002
My love she throws me like a rubber ball
Todd just found this off the main page of CNNSI.com, and I loved the title -- "Don't make OU angry". It looks like the Sooners will sit atop the BCS rankings when they're released for the first time tomorrow.

We just finished watching Game 2 of the World Series since there wasn't an NFL game on tonight. I have to say the noise from the rally sticks was quite annoying. It could be just because I'm oozing pain from every pore, but I felt like I was trapped under a tin roof during a hail storm. That said, I have no allegiances to either team really. Baseball as a sport has been dead to me for quite a long time. I guess by default we've picked the red and white team with the monkey though. Orange. Sucks.

But orange doesn't suck quite as much as this movie did. We ordered it from Netflix, and it was so bad. So very, very bad. I wanted to like it. Really I did. It just wasn't funny. Or cute. Or amusing. And for crimeny's sake, please put it in Cameron Diaz's next contract that isn't allowed to dance in the film.

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

I like baseball and orange. Orange Power! OSU that is. I don't care much for football, so I can't say much for their team. But, I hear they hold their own in certain sports.

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We felt the same way about that movie! I truly wanted to like it, it looked so cute in the trailers. In the end I just had to admit that it sucked.

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Ok, The Sweetest Thing is a movie you have to be in the right mood for. I watched after a few cocktails the weekend after I broke up with my S.O., and I thought it was hilarious. You definitely can't take it as a serious movie though. I just about died laughing over "dance scene" in the chinese restaurant.

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I'm going for SF, just so I can sit at home and yell "Spank the Monkey" at my TV during the game.

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Cameron scared me when she danced in "Charlie's Angels" so I'm all for the no dancing clause in her contract!

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Come on, you didn't like the tribute to Fame when they broke into song in the middle of the restaurant?

FYI, I just joined the rest of the world in finding out that OU is now numero uno (although ESPN/USA Today is still sucking, I mean ranking Miami as #1). Pretty boy Kirk Herbstreit is reporting on it now on SportsCenter. Congrats! I think they're gonna stay there unless Chris Brown and CU have a highlights day next weekend.

I have to say that college football has been more exciting this season than the NFL.

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