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Posted: 10.26.2002
Without a trace of doubt in my mind
Holy cow! I'm just waking up for the second time today, and walked in to a 34-24 Florida State vs. Notre Dame score. Like the announcers, I, too, wondered if the Irish were for real this year. They were all defense, no offense at the beginning of the season -- and well, people rank (and worship) the team just because they are Notre Dame. But after destroying Air Force last week, and taking complete control of the fourth quarter against the 'Noles this week, they've finally proven it to me. Watching their season (and their coach) reminds me a lot of OU's 2000 National Championship run. How lucky were they that George O'Leary lied on his resume?

I'm still chuckling that Todd and I had to defend OU's ranking over FSU's earlier in the season though (pre-Miami game). I wouldn't want to be in garnet and gold right now. I was there in the 90s with my Sooners, and it hurts...a lot. Now I just have to cross my fingers we'll get frequent updates on the tx/ISU game this afternoon. I miss having guaranteed Big XII coverage.

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

Notred Dame did not exactly "DESTROY" AFA but point taken, they are dangerous...

If Miami had only lost to FSU things would be a complete mess, with OSU sitting at the top of the heap.

OU could still have to get by NU if the Huskers run the table (a big if) since OU will probably beat CU and if the suddenly human ISU Cyclones lose one more. Stranger things have happened. I miss those NU/OU affairs don't you?

And I don't know if his ISP has been blocked by you or not, but I am guessing you would not hear enough from Mr Mittens this week since Michigan got worked by Iowa 34-9. Ouch.

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Did you watch the Air Force game? I watched from start to finish and even the announcers said the final score was no indication of Notre Dame's dominance (and I am not a Notre Dame fan). Air Force had NO option -- literally.

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From ESPN.com: "Ryan Grant ran for 190 yards and a touchdown, and the seventh-ranked Fighting Irish stuffed the nation's top rushing team, beating Air Force 21-14 Saturday night to remain unbeaten.....The 15th-ranked Falcons finished with just 104 yards rushing, 235 below their average.....Notre Dame dominated most of the way, totaling 199 more yards than Air Force in the first half. But the Irish allowed the Falcons to stay in it with three fumbles and two missed field goals by Nicholas Setta.....Air Force had just 57 yards rushing on 23 carries in the first half....."

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Oh btw, I just realized I forgot to answer...Mr. Mittens is not blocked.

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Oh our first tiff... I think I may tear. Yes I watched the second half of the AFA/IRISH game and I will concede that statistically the Irish kicked some hiney, BUT (and this is a big but) AFA still had a shot at a long pass late to tie the game but their golden boy overthrew an open receiver. Had that gone for 6 ESPN (who is blatently pro ND and pro FSU etc...) could have propped up their stats all they wanted to, but last time I checked the scoreboard indicated the winner of the game. So be it. AFA got rolled yesterday anyway by WYOMING of all teams (of brown on back/yellow on front notoriety).

But I am from Ft. Collins and have to stick up for my Mountain West teams that do battle with the CSU Rams every year. It's a crazy conference, and one that will probably never get considered for the BCS but things would have been mighty interesting had AFA beaten the media darling Irish.

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Hey, don't get me wrong -- we were cheering for Air Force in this household that night. Notre Dame was first (at the time) in several computer polls, and the week before the first official BCS rankings were released, the "fake" one had OU sixth because of the Irish! A loss by Notre Dame would definitely benefit the Sooners if we can just win out.

Todd actually wants to play Notre Dame in a title game, but my bloodwish is for Miami. We owe them after the 80s...

That said, I'm not completely disagreeing with you -- I'm just not in 100% agreement either. It's why I included this quote, "But the Irish allowed the Falcons to stay in it with three fumbles and two missed field goals..." They had the game, but seemed to forget it lasts four quarters and not two there for awhile.

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I watched the whole ND/FSU game. Three consecutive turnovers inside the 20 killed FSU. ND's offense is pathetic. If FSU had a decent QB (And Rix is NOT a decent QB) this game would not have been that close.

USC rolls over ND. If BC doesn't do it first.

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