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Posted: 11.18.2002
Can I cash my karma points in now please?
Man do I fear this kid! All I have to say is thank God they're coming into OUr house next week... This has just been one of those football seasons where you throw your hands up and accept to expect the unexpected.

Now this week, I'd like to give my props to Ohio State. They've made a believer out of me. I had my doubts this season, but I really think they're for real after watching that game against Illinois. (See here and here for more on this tongue-in-cheek analysis.) This is the only time of the year you will hear me say this, but go Wolverines!

Still hoping against hope we'll be eating nachos for New Year's...

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

Well, they look like they only score when they need to, sup with that? I hope we can pay them back for last years loss at home, but you never know.

[Mister Mittens One optimistic pussy]

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