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Posted: 09.07.2002
Notes and Quotes
OU Senior Tight End Trent Smith: "I've got a few more gray hairs after this game. All I said to the guys was that this is why you came to Oklahoma ... to be in these kinds of situations. [On Alabama] I applaud them. That was a great surge they put together. They fought their butts off. Anyone watching them today has a lot of respect for that team. The way they played was a credit to their program, their coaching staff and their history."

Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops: "Let's face it as I told the players -- that's not East Popcorn State that was just in here. It was Alabama. I knew at halftime, when we were up 20 points, Alabama was not going away. They're going to continue to play and they're a good solid football team. We need to play to the level we did at the first half. They played better and made plays. We didn't play as well. I think coming from behind to win showed good character and may help us in the long run."

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

Thanks for sending me this Robyn. I've always been one to totally respect a team with solid traditions like OU. And to know that they understand that we're not just some school in the South is really nice. Football is serious business here!

Plus, I've always respected OU and I pull for them for both of you... now I have even more reason too! ;)

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Damn, and here I tuned to watch OU play East Popcorn State... My cousin goes there, you know.

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