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Posted: 10.11.2002
And this concludes our broadcast

Well ladies and gents, "hell week" is coming to a close. All the jokes and taunts in fun are being put away 'til next year. I want to wish JE and the rest of the 'whorn crowd out there a good game. It's going to be a dogfight, and nothing is going to be handed to either team. Unless you've attended either school, it's impossible to understand the scope and magnitude of this rivalry and how it just gets in your blood. There's a reason ESPN Classic says, "For the last 72 [now 73] years, the OU-texas game in Dallas has been part Mardi Gras and part Super Bowl.....With apologies to Army-Navy, Alabama-Auburn, Ohio State-Michigan, Florida-Georgia, Florida State-Miami, USC-UCLA and USC-Notre Dame, the season's most compelling game and the game's greatest rivalry, still belongs to Dallas."

I want to wish everyone who's making the pilgrimage to the Cotton Bowl a safe trip to and from, be it from Norman or Austin. I'm praying the players from both sides will leave the field without serious injury. And I hope that for just one more year, we can beat the helloutta texas. If so, I'm buying the first round of shots. And if not, we'll I'm still buyin' them. After all, that's what the Red River Rivalry is all about. Boomer Sooner!

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

wha, doesn't anyone care about Harvard-Yale anymore?

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Most high school team in Texas could beat the crap outta Harvard or Yale, or even a Harvard-Yale All Star Team. Heck, even half the high school teams in Oklahoma probably could too.

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The Sooners in Washington state have a series of fun photos that are definitely not lame: http://www.lamelist.com/ou-tex1.php

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Hey lame, this one was my doing -- LOL! :-)

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This one was my creation as well... ;-)

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Credit given! I had no idea. Thanks for the "I see dead people!" image. I added it to my site. There's just nothing like rallying around a common hatred of burnt orange! Boooooomer Soooooner!!!!

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