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Posted: 02.24.2002
Hurts so good...
This will probably be my last post of the day since we're heading out later this afternoon for Weezer tonight... However, I had to take a minute to rave about a new product find. Last week we got a sample pack of ThermaCare Heat Wraps in the mail. We almost tossed them out because at first-glance it looked like a small pack of adult diapers.

But after having knock-you-to-your-knees cramps last night, I thought "what they hey" and busted open the pack to try one out. They are so cool! The large back ones (the kind included in the sample) hook around your waist with a small cotton velcro-closure belt about 3" wide. The "discs" inside heat up in about 15-20 minutes. Best of all, the one I'm wearing is still warm about 12 hours later! I would equal the "heat" it gives off with the medium setting on my heating pad. But since this one is secured on, it moves with you. You don't have to wake yourself up every time you want to move or roll over. They also make smaller adhesive pads for the shoulder/neck and arm/leg areas -- and another for 'feminine' cramps. These are great b/c they are flush with your body, fit easily under clothing -- and no cords like heating pads! And they last at least 12 hours. I am hooked! They're kinda pricey (about $7 for a box of 2) -- but if you hurt like I do, and need "take it with you" convenience (road trips, etc.) -- the price will be well worth it. If you're interested and want a free sample, you can fill out the survey here and get mailed a pack. I rarely do product reviews in my blog, so the fact I'm raving about these so much will hopefully speak volumes!

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

oohhh weezer!!! have a fab time1 yay!

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Thanks for the lead, Rob. I'll order my sample.

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"honey, is there anything else on?"

"lemme check....nope, just infomercials..."

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Have fun at WEEEEzer!

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