December 31, 2002
A sphincter says what? Quote just overheard from the husband to the dog: "Oh no! You just got smacked around by the penis glove!"

Some just don't want to know...
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If we met tomorrow for the very first time
It's getting so lonely inside this bed
Don't know if I should lick my wounds
Or say woe is me instead

And there's an aching inside my head
It's telling me I'm better off alone

But after midnight morning will come
And the day will see if you will get some

They say that girl ya know she act too tough tough tough
Well it's 'til I turn off the light, turn off the light
They say that girl you know she act so rough rough rough
Well it's 'til I turn off the light, turn off the light

And I say follow me follow me follow me down down down down
'Til you see all my dreams
Not everything in this magical world is quite what it seems

I looked above the other day
'Cuz I think I'm good and ready for a change

I live my life by the moon
If it's high play it low
If it's harvest go slow
And if it's full, then go

But after midnight morning will come
And the day will see if you're gonna get some

I'm searching for things that I just cannot see
Why don't you don't you don't you come and be with me
I pretend to be cool with me, want to believe
That I can do it on my own without my heart on my sleeve

I'm running, I'm running, catch up with me life
Where is the love that I'm looking to find

It's all in me, can't you see
I can see, why can't you see it's all in me.....

I guess there's a lot of talk going on out there about so-called A-Lists and inner-circles in the blog world. Reading things like that always makes me sad. Even more so when I see my name in the mix. I'm not naive. I've seen my site stats. But you know what? I still see myself as the same person / blogger as I was the day I started with 10 readers. If I ever feel any differently, that's the day I turn in my mouse and keyboard and walk off stage with my lovely parting gifts and year's supply of Turtle Wax.

I think Melly addressed this topic best back in November. She said, and I quote: "It is not necessary to consider yourself a blog deity. If you quit, in time, people will forget. It's just the way it goes."

And that's true. To quote Dr. Evil: "If anything should happen to you I don't know what I would do. I'd probably move on and get another [blog] replica but there would be a ten minute period where I would just be inconsolable." If any single blogger out there -- myself included -- up and quit tomorrow, sure there would be the obligatory "please don't go" comments and well-wishes. But the whole world would keep on turning. People would still have things to say. And they'd still have stuff to read. Blogging continually evolves. The way it's written. The way it's read. No one has a corner on the market.

If anyone out there truly thinks that I take myself -- or my blog -- seriously, you really don't know me very well. Stop and think a second about my life. I get fully dressed at most twice a week -- that includes doing my hair and makeup. I can't drive a car. I don't have a real income. I don't have "power lunches". I pop open a box of Lunchables and drop the cracker bits down the front of my shirt as I munch away. If that ain't a big ol' put yourself right in your place slap o' reality, I don't know what is. I started out with 10 readers a day just like everyone else. Maybe I got more exposure -- not because I'm "good" or even "deserve" it -- but because in the beginning I had more time to read and get to know other bloggers than someone who was juggling a career, kids, and a husband. I've got one of the three. Granted, my free time has been severely lacking lately (which sadly includes e-mail and being in touch with people as often as I'd like) -- but it was certainly there in abundance when I started out.

I think one of the saddest things I've ever had to digest when it comes to blogging is people being afraid to comment. Unless you go anonymous and/or come here with the sole-purpose of trashing my friends, my Sooners, and sometimes Y (my Bucs) -- I want to hear what you have to say. I don't purposely have a lynch mob ready to rip you apart with a wave of my hand (unless you steal my work). And I had to give up holding virginal sacrifices by blogging decree in early 2002, so you're safe there as well. Hell, someone I consider to be one of my closest blogging friends wouldn't even read me in the beginning because he thought I was in too many Blogrolls. But he did visit, we did get to know each other, and somehow someway we're going to figure out how to meet in person dammit.

If there's an A-List, I never received my formal invite in the mail. I didn't get the t-shirt. Hell, I didn't even get a complimentary 6-month subscription to Yahoo! magazine. And I certainly don't want people to feel like they can't read me or approach me because they happened to glance at my Nedstats tracker this week. I'll confess I've had a bit of an attitude lately. I took it from all sides for weeks on end, and I have just enough of a cat in me to make my back arch, my claws extend and my hair stand up on end. If you got in the crosshairs, I do apologize. But admit it. Isn't that why you love me and tease me that I'm a Princess™?    Just because I disagree with someone -- privately or publicly -- doesn't mean that I don't love or adore them. Hell, it makes me respect them more. Nothing garners more admiration from me than a strong will and the courage and self-respect to tackle the things placed in front of you. If we were all alike, what a truly boring world this would be. Just imagine the same 50,000 monkey clones at 50,000 typewriters. That can -- and would -- be wrong.
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Should auld acquaintance blah blah blah Check out the "key and stupid web moments of 2002" (page 1, page 2) courtesy of FARK.
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December 30, 2002
If this Jetta's a rockin', don't bother kn-kn-knockin'! Double-post! From my guest-blogging duties over at Blog Anon ... the "best & worst make-out cars" for steaming up windshields.
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Slim pickin's Tell me why I don't like Mondays...

  1. I guess I could understand if she was PMSing, but day-um.
  2. Don't worry. You might still be able to play a dwarf in LoTR 3.
  3. What is it with men and photos like this anyway?
  4. This FARK Photoshop contest is for Ashley.
  5. The strangest things lost at Disney World and Universal -- glass eyes, limbs and dentures -- oh my. I want in on those yard sales though!
And now, your moment of zen...
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Here we are now - entertain us Now here's a little story I've got to tell
About three bad brothers you know so well
It started way back in history
With Adrock, M.C.A., and me - Mike D.

Had a little horsey named Paul Revere
Just me and my horsey and a quart of beer
Riding across the land - kicking up sand
Sheriff's posse on my tail cause I'm in demand

One lonely Beastie I be
All by myself without nobody
The sun is beating down on my baseball hat
The air is gettin' hot - the beer is getting flat
Lookin' for a girl - I ran into a guy
His name is M.C.A., I said, 'Howdy' - he said, 'Hi'

He told a little story that sounded well rehearsed
Four days on the run and that he's dying of thirst
The brew was in my hand and he was on my tip
His voice was hoarse, his throat was dry
He asked me for a sip

He said, 'Can I get some?'
I said, 'You can't get none!'
Had a chance to run
He pulled out his shotgun
He was quick on the draw - I thought I'd be dead
He put the gun to my head and this is what he said

'Now my name is M.C.A. - I've got a license to kill
I think you know what time it is - it's time to get ill
Now what do we have here - an outlaw and his beer
I run this land, you understand - I make myself clear?'

We stepped into the wind - he had a gun, I had a grin
You think this story's over but it's ready to begin

'Now I got the gun - you got the brew
You got two choices of what you can do
It's not a tough decision as you can see
I can blow you away or you can ride with me...'

I said, I'll ride with you if you can get me to the border
The sheriff's after me for what I did to his daughter
I did it like this - I did it like that
I did it with a whiffleball bat


I'm on the run - the cop's got my gun
And right about now - it's time to have some fun

The King Adrock, that is my name
And I know the fly spot where they got the champagne

We rode for six hours then we hit the spot
The beat was a bumping and the girlies was hot
This dude was staring like he knows who we are
We took the empty spot next to him at the bar

M.C.A. said, 'Yo, you know this kid?'
I said, 'I didn't' but I know he did
The kid said, 'Get ready cause this ain't funny
My name's Mike D. and I'm about to get money.'

Pulled out the jammy - aimed it at the sky
He yelled, 'Stick 'em up!' - and let two fly
Hands went up and people hit the floor
He wasted two kids that ran for the door

'I'm Mike D. and I get respect
Your cash and your jewelry is what I expect.'

M.C.A. was with it and he's my ace
So I grabbed the piano player and I punched him in the face
The piano player's out - the music stopped
His boy had beef - and he got dropped
Mike D. grabbed the money
M.C.A. snatched the gold
I grabbed two girlies and a beer that's cold
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December 29, 2002
Not. Bye, bye, bye (week). "And TB will lose in the chilly lands of Chicago land."

"I think TB needs to be more concerned wih figuring out a way to win in cold temps then about Parcells."

15-0 score. 12-4 record. Now would you like to try again with your real name and ID? I'm sure I'll be taking my fair share of smack when/if we play the Eagles at home...
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Karma, she's a real bitch, ain't she? Remember this? Well now we are seriously laughing our asses off.

Bucs say talks with Parcells amount to tampering
The Buccaneers have notified Bill Parcells' agent Jimmy Sexton that talks with the Cowboys are in violation of NFL's tampering rules, claiming Parcells signed a four-year contract with Tampa Bay last year before deciding not to take the job...

...The Bucs contend teams must first seek permission from them to talk with Parcells and would be entitled to compensation if Parcells agrees to coach elsewhere next season.
Read the full article over at and snicker along with us...
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I want my...MTV2 Not that I can remember the last time they actually played videos...but...

"You thought you were sick of J. Lo now? MTV has released plans to tighten its already limited video playlist and concentrate on 10 videos that will receive substantial airplay -- 30-plus spins per week. The initiative, which is being referred to as “The Big Ten,” was the brainchild of MTV/MTV2 Executive VP of Music and Talent Programming Tom Calderone, and saw videos from Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Eminem, Jennifer Lopez and Snoop Dogg receiving between 48 and 52 spins during its first week in effect. While one might think that expanding playlists would be the logical step to increase total music sales, Calderone apparently has different ideas: “We are serious about selling music and breaking bands,” he tells HITS magazine. “The more impressions, the more penetration, the better the sales.” Fortunately, there are no plans at this time to apply this policy to MTV2."
Lovely. Timberlake killed the video star. (Story from and
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Apron strings Since it was brought up in my comments, I thought maybe this should be addressed on the main page instead... MORE...
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December 28, 2002
I gotta go Saturday night, Saturday night This was the first evening of the whole Christmas break that we've both felt decent at the same time, so we went to the International Plaza briefly tonight to check out the sales...which were severely lacking. This year Body Shop only had $1 off their Christmas line products, three days after Christmas. What the hell is up with that? This time last year everything was 75% off. No wonder it's the worst retail take in 30 years. Even with a bit of Christmas cash from Santa, about the only place we scored, and bothered spending our money, was at Crane's. (I'm a not-so-secret stationery addict.)

I did get a chuckle at the woman ahead of me in line at the Clinique counter though. She would be me...if I could have children. She had two little white-blonde angels that both reminded me of my own head of hair when I was little. One was just barely walking and the other couldn't have been more than three. They were already getting tutored in cosmetics by mom. Then as she walked off with them, dad, and her purchases in tow she squealed, "Look girls! Shoooooooooes. We must respect the shoes." Todd and I shared an all-knowing smile. And then as we exited the store, we saw the girls were getting their next life-lesson at the Origins shop. Yeah, times like that really remind me how much it sucks that I can't complete the purchase, but still have to pay the monthly bill...

We stopped for BBQ and at Barnes & Noble on the way home, and I picked up the new second edition of this book. (Amazon only lists the first edition at their site.) I'll give a review after I've actually had a chance to read it -- which won't be this weekend -- but the f/stop, shutter speed, ISO, light meter and white balance sections looked very helpful. I'm a complete novice when it comes to that stuff -- and so far I've yet to find the perfect newbie tutorial. Hopefully this will come close.

Now it's back to work for me. Yeah, we're two wild 'n' crazy guys...
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For all you Eagles fans talking smack after MNF

Yeah, we watched. And we liked it. We liked it ah-loht.
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But I look at your pants and I...need a kiss Ahhhhhh...the joys of being a natural blonde and guest blogging. I opened up a new blog comment e-mail and started reading without glancing at the subject first:

"I'm a little out of sequence here, but you once mentioned the thought of either finding someone for a threesome or using a prostitute. Have you though about going with your boyfriend to a strip-club? My husband and I like to go sometimes. We both get an eyefull of lovely ladies. I get a few lap-dances and feel soft boobies and girl breath on my skin. Then we go home and put on porn and fuck til dawn."
For a split-second there I was like, "Uhhhhhhhh.....oh yeah."
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Takin' what they're givin' 'cuz I'm workin' for a livin' I finally got my portfolio page cleaned up and updated tonight (with many more to be added as sites wrap in the next week or two). It's nothing fancy, but the purpose is served. Now hire me. Just give me two weeks to breathe first, ok?
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And just when I thought it would be a boring nite Sometimes stupid people just aren't even worth the keystrokes...
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Red-tag sale Here are two designs a client hated, so they're up for grabs. I removed their personal pics and put in complimenting photos of Shirley and Marilyn instead. If anyone wants them, they're yours for the taking. Feel free to keep, or swap out, the images there now. The horizonatal, empty box is where the site name and logo would have been -- and the site links would have went with each corresponding color/coded box. If anyone needs the .psd files, I have those as well. (dark colors) (pastels)

I really liked these and hated to see them go to waste. If anyone wants to use them, please drop me a line when you're done so I can see how they turned out!
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Here comes the bride Another new advertiser over at WM! -- "Getting married? Looking for a great way to tell everyone, and an innovative way to keep family and friends updated on your upcoming wedding? Get a Personalized Wedding Website!"
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December 27, 2002
This space for rent It's really hard to find amusing headlines during the holidays, but I did my best...

  1. Please for the love of all that is holy, someone please tell me she's not cloning herself. I think this group watched "Superman 2" just a few times too many!
  2. You knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. Companies are drawing up policies about what you can talk about in your blog. Dick surrenders.
  3. Yeah that was an "accident". Mmmm...hmmm... Sure.
  4. Do you have to buy the Cheesy Bread to get to heaven, because I really prefer the Cinna Stix.
  5. "...No arrest was made because there's nothing illegal about tackling a deer." Ok, I need a moment for that one.
And for those of you with too much time on your hands -- Toilegami (origami using toilet paper). Only from
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The stuffy-head, fever, so you can rest medicine Don't you love it how if you're sick, they get sick right along with you for comfort?
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I like Chinese Leave it to China -- a zoo where you can walk like the animals, talk like like the animals? I don't expect Disney's Animal Kingdom to follow suit any time soon.
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And that's the way it was Last year I ripped off Mena's idea for a yearly "top 10 - best of". But last year I had 745 entries to choose from. This year, I had 1855. So the "top 10" is actually being bumped up to a "top 25" for 2002 instead. One to grow fourteen...

25. Getting to see Weezer in concert. Because it wouldn't really be my blog if I didn't plug Rivers Cuomo, now would it?

24. Becoming the #1 Robyn in Google. I finally dethroned Robyn Hitchcock, a musician I love. And there was much rejoicing.

23. I rarely discuss politics here. This time, I did.

22. I caused way too many people to quote this episode that week.

21. Hard to believe the Olympics were less than a year ago, huh?

20. Accepting the inevitable -- I can't be a mother. Not right now anyway.

19. A quick breakdown of the differences between The Queen™ and The Princess™.

18. The man I love turned 30 this year.

17. Yes, I love Grease 2 -- and I'm not ashamed to admit it! So there.

16. The Crimson Pride. What "Sooner Magic" means to me.

15. I's had all's I can stands, and I's can't stands no more.

14. And you just thought I was strange before now...a list of my food neuroses.

13. When people I love are under attack, I go out on the attack.

12. A recent entry about the so-called glamorous life of a disabled person.

11. They're not fat. They're festively plump.

10. Cat got your tongue? Don't be shy! Speak up and say "hi"...

 9. Watch out! Hell yeaaaaaaahhhh.

 8. Dear daddy, I write you in spite of years of silence.

 7. Feed my wife, please!

 6. The annual texass bitchslap. Why? Because we're better than you.

 5. I'm not handicapped. I'm handi-capable!

 4. And we laughed at the world... They can have their diamonds -- and we'll have our pearls. I kissed a girl.

 3. Sometimes blogging really is the best form of therapy available.

 2. My first blogiversary -- blogaritas for everyone!

 And my number one blog entry for 2002*...

 1. A little story about what makes my life worth living.

* Write-in votes are accepted. Thanks for another great year everyone! -Robyn
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And after the spankings...

Even if she is a crummy Eagles fan, god bless 'er -- we still think she's about the best thing since sliced bread! Happy birthday, Erica Lynn! (You're not old, by the way. Believe me, I can show you old...) Have a wonderful day!
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December 26, 2002
We must...we must...we must increase our... Todd took a new rack shot of me wearing his Christmas present! MORE...
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Crimson and cream roses Heads-up to the Sooner crowd out there. The Sooner football team should be appearing briefly on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno this evening.
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She's the baby - gotta love her We had fun playing with "our child" this afternoon. I get Todd a new rubber ducky every year for Christmas now, and this year I got him a vibrating one. Heh. But as it turns out, the present wasn't for him. It was for Claire. She is obsessed with the little squeaker. Make sure to right-click, save, and open in QuickTime if Windows Media Player is your default - WMP doesn't like the files:

And just because it's so fun to mess with her -- we brought out Tigger, too! (Again right-click to save and open in QuickTime if you're using Windows Media Player with your browser):

Parents of the year, we're not. But we do know how to have fun!
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Hell-a-thon If you're sitting around bored out of your skull, flip over to Tech TV. Chris is smack-dab in the middle of an 18-hour Call-For-Help-a-Thon that's running 'til 4 a.m. EST tonight (1 a.m. Pacific). They even have a live, streaming audiocast. So far we've caught one "Oh shit!" blooper by a guest and lots of random silliness. Hey, it beats "I Dream of Jeanie" reruns...
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Fear of commitment? While working on another project last night, I realized just how many hair styles and colors I've had in the last year. Even for me, it seems like a lot. Keep in mind, these photos are only from 2002. Issues, anyone? Always keep 'em guessin'...
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I do believe this means war

It's a good thing I wasn't wearing any makeup today, because I just got pelted in the face with a big ol' snowball! How did that happen when I live in Florida, you might ask? Watch your backs, because you could be next! I'll get you my pretties.
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Too much of a good thing is wonderful "Women with 'pasts' interest men because men hope that history will repeat itself."
- Mae West

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! As much as I hate to say goodbye to Santa Mikey, he's back at the north pole resting up for next year. So enter...Mae West! Thus far I've only noticed the skin acting funky in Netscape 4.7, so if you're on that browser still, well you pretty much deserve what you get. If anyone else has any issues with it please let me know (as it's now also the default skin, replacing Gwen). And 800x600 users will need to choose this slightly scaled down version to prevent scroll. As always, if you don't like the view head on over to the skins page and reset it.
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