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Did we really need this show?
How to tell cable TV has really gone in the toilet (pun intended)...last night Todd was surfing around and came across, I kid you not, a show devoted to the World's Best Bathrooms. Never fear! If you missed it, the program will run again on February 3rd. And in case that isn't enough for you, you can also vote on what you feel is the most important quality for a public bathroom. Sponsored by Charmin. *shudder*
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And another shameless plug...
Chris Pirillo just pimp'd the audience-voted best online freebies winners on Call For Help. Categories include Free Email, Free Net Access, Free Newsletter, Downloads, Instant Messenger, Photos, Greeting Cards, and more.
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No taxation without (online) representation
Seen at Chris Pirillo's: Electronic tax filers could get extra 10 days to file. "To encourage greater electronic tax filing, President Bush wants to give e-filers an extra 10 days to get their returns in and begin designing a system allowing more people to file directly to the IRS via the Internet for free."
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And how, pray tell, did they put you through college?
Coupons! Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching, so if you have a bit of online shopping to do, make sure to check out these sites first to see if any 'net coupons exist for the merchants (or shopping categories) you're thinking about:,, and
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As Heaven Is Wide
Take it back, I dare you, take it back
No you can't, you should have thought of that
What's inside a man that goes so wrong?

Choke on guilt, that's far too good for you
Say one word, I'll laugh and bury you
And leave you in the place where you left me...

-- "As Heaven Is Wide", Garbage

Sometimes being an adult means knowing when to walk away from people, places and things and never looking back. I have made that choice. I would ask that you finally respect me (and my requested privacy) and do the same. You are not going to find what you are (or are not) looking for -- parts of my life are now forever off-limits to you. Just so we're clear on that. Please devote your time and attention to the one thing you already have that others continue to pray for daily, and spend your time looking at photos of your own life rather than mine. And now back to your regularly scheduled programming...
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What he said
*polite opera claps* from the pink haired twit to the, your other right...
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Show me your...
Whoever came in searching for Gasparilla boobs (I'm #1 baby!), I suggest checking with Ryan later this weekend. I'm pretty sure he won't disappoint... Because this is about all I have to offer (rated PG-13).
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Well ok then
Should more than 10 very low fly-by's by a helicopter over our house in the middle of suburbia in the last 5 minutes be cause for concern...hmmmmm...
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There's always Paris?
As expected, the Bloggies were a Wil Wheaton love-fest and the rest of us didn't stand much of a chance if up against him. Oh well, it was an honor just being nominated, right? However, there is absolutely no justice in this world that Dawn didn't totally sweep her category! Suddenly I wear a very evil grin that Christine's name/URL will forever be on the donor's list! Tee hee!
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Just call me 'Suzy Homemaker'
It's a nuthin' fancy bare-bones design (with my favorite postcard), but I wanted a category page to group all of the recipes I've posted over the course of the last few months. Expect more soon!
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Phone Call Transcript
(5:38 p.m. EST, 01.30.02) Riiiiing...
Robyn: Hello?
Todd: Hey I just thought of something!
Robyn: Yes?
Todd: You know why "West Wing" sucks so much this season? They won't let the writer guy do his coke and 'shrooms any longer. They can have their widescreen back if they'll just give us good story lines again.
Robyn: *giggle*
Todd: That's all. See you soon! I love you.

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Todd and I tease each other back and forth about our stat-totals every day. This afternoon I mentioned that my hits had really dropped off now that voting links for the Bloggies had shut down. (Winners are announced later tonight so my day in the sun is gone.) His reply?

"Your weblink burned out long before your legend ever did..."
He never fails to make me smile!

At least my partner in crime donated to the awards fund to get her URL front and center!
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Now let me get this straight...
“We've searched the [San Francisco International Airport] terminal. It’s safe and secure.” Yet the guy had explosive residue on his shoes. “When they went to ask the gentleman some more questions he was not there anymore. He was lost in the crowd...The passenger was described as a white male in his 40s...” Well gee, that narrows it down doesn't it? “Officials did not know whether the check on the man’s shoes was random or the man raised suspicion. Airport officials were unsure if video cameras at the checkpoint captured the man’s image.”

I am so with Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon on this one -- do your airport security job, bitch, and we'll throw you a pizza party! Higest state of alert, my ass. The more things change, the more they stay the same...and I stay on the ground... <rant mode /off>
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Just in under the wire
I barely finished in time for Ashley's This or That Tuesday! It's the day of meme.

  1. Soap operas or operas? I hate to choose soaps, but I'm not an opera kinda girl.
  2. Flowers or chocolates? Mmmmm...Godivas!
  3. Kiwi or strawberries? Strawberries, but I like both.
  4. Netscape or IE? IE, although I hate having to use Bill's stuff.
  5. Mac or PC? Both now! But switching to Mac slowly but surely...
  6. 800x600 resolution or higher? 1024x768 here, too.
  7. NBC or ABC? NBC.
  8. House or apartment? Finally I can say house!
  9. The word "apathetic" or the word "complacent"? I don't care. No really, apathetic. Maybe. ;-)

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Food for thought
Besides that "100 things about me" list being massively huge, and not really expecting you to get all the way through it -- I also realized it barely scratched the surface of my freaky eating habits. I understand exactly why and how Meg Ryan orders her food in "When Harry Met Sally", and I'm not ashamed to say so. Just in case you're reeeeally bored, here are my top 20 food neuroses. I'm sure Todd will think of a few others later!

  1. I don't eat ANY vegetables other than corn, potatoes, and green beans. (And very small diced onions cooked in things.)
  2. I like pancakes but not waffles.
  3. I like ketchup on my hashbrowns but not on fried okra like Todd. (Yes, my Gma was a Southern cook and I like fried okra. And fried pickles from Classic 50s in Norman, OK. Sue me.)
  4. I cringe when Todd puts syrup on his Egg McMuffins. I like syrup, but c'mon!
  5. I always pull bread out of the bag from the middle slices, like somehow it will make it "fresher".
  6. I love pickles -- all kinds and flavors. When I was 3 or 4 years old, I went into the kitchen of a guy my mom was dating and ate his entire jar of pickles. And I didn't get sick.
  7. But I hate cucumbers.
  8. When I eat at Subway I want white bread for a meatball sub, but wheat bread for a ham and turkey sub.
  9. I love ketchup, tomato sauces, and the like -- but hate fresh tomatoes.
  10. Nothing makes me want to vomit more than ordering something with no tomatoes, getting the item with tomatoes, asking the restaurant to remove them, and instead of getting a new item back -- I get the same one with icky tomato slime still left on top (or worse yet soaked into the bun).
  11. Vanilla pudding and lemonade make me phlegmy and therefore I do not like either and won't eat or drink them.
  12. I will drink lemon juice out of the bottle, however.
  13. The smell of sauerkraut has always made me physically ill. I cannot even walk by the Germany section at Epcot without holding my breath.
  14. I don't like coconut, but I love pina colada wine coolers.
  15. When eating chips and salsa, I don't want onion and pepper chunks on the chips -- just the "juicy" part of the salsa. Which is made of...tomatoes. (See #9.)
  16. Swanson chicken and turkey pot pies give me migraine headaches. Red wine does the same.
  17. I love chocolate but hate Cocoa Pebbles.
  18. I like chocolate gravy on my biscuits. If the thought makes you wanna hurl, you've obviously never had it. Just ask Todd and Nikki who are both fans of the recipe. And e-mail me if you want it.
  19. I don't like pecans plain, but love them in desserts. Then again, I don't like pecan pie.
  20. I won't drink white milk - only chocolate. And I'll only use regular milk on my cereal if it's less than 3 days old from the store. Otherwise, it starts to taste funny.
So there you go... And you just thought I was strange before now!
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No worries!
I like it. I like it ahhh-laaahhht.
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Now I want one tooooooo!
Make sure to check out Christine's new Pixelog if you haven't already! She and Jennifer did a fab job on the design and functionality of the site!
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More than you never wanted to know...
This was a lot harder than it looked! But thanks to Ashley, Nikki, Angela, Cheryl, and a few other blogs near you...I followed suit with 100 things you may or may or not know about me.

  1. I've had three last names and I've never been divorced.
  2. I was born Robyn [edited for safety].
  3. I was adopted by my step-dad as [edited for safety].
  4. And I married Todd to become Robyn [edited for safety].
  5. Even though I'm from Oklahoma, I haven't worn cowboy boots since I was 5.
  6. I was raised an only-child until I was 9 years old.
  7. I was brought up Southern Baptist, and I was saved on Easter Sunday. I was baptized on Mother's Day. I no longer consider myself Southern Baptist, but rather a Christian. We still haven't found a church we like in Tampa Bay.
  8. My half-sister Jennifer is nothing but a full-blooded sibling in my mind.
  9. I have three other half-siblings I didn't meet until I was 21.
  10. My grandmother owned a children's specialty clothing store, which meant as a child I had all of the free Izod, Guess, Ocean Pacific, etc. clothing I could ever want.
  11. My friends hated me for it.
  12. I was a Duranie.
  13. I was a cheerleader.
  14. My photo has appeared in Sports Illustrated. I knew Mark Price when he played for Georgia Tech, and was photographed with him. He went on to play for the Dream Team II that won gold in '94.
  15. I wore a fork around my wrist, stolen from the cafeteria, in high school.
  16. My little sister wore a spoon around her wrist when she went to high school almost 10 years later.
  17. I was voted Honor Society secretary, sophomore class president, and participated in student council.
  18. I attended three different high schools in three different towns.
  19. I was a Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) delegate -- any others out there? I went to the national congress in Baltimore in 1989, and served as the Oklahoma Alumni secretary for four years.
  20. I got mono when I was 15 and have fought chronic illness ever since.
  21. Even though I was on the yearbook staff my senior year, my name is misspelled in the 1991 Po-Hi yearbook 3 different times.
  22. Three of my boyfriends in high school came out of the closet after graduation.
  23. My friends never let me live it down.
  24. I have kissed a girl. I was then, and still am, straight.
  25. I went to OU on a full "tuition, books, and fees" academic scholarship.
  26. I lived in the Honors Dorm, but couldn't have beat any of the residents in a game of Jeopardy.
  27. I noticed Todd a full year before noticed me.
  28. I don't do well with the subject of Botany. I flunked it the first time, trashing my honor roll average at OU, and made a D the second time (barely passing).
  29. I still managed to keep my GPA high enough to keep my scholarship.
  30. And I made a B+ the following semester in Physical Geography.
  31. Todd and I only dated six consecutive weeks in college, but were friends my last three years at OU.
  32. Our engagement story has been published in this book.
  33. I was elected "prom queen" at the 1994 El Pollo del Mar Ball.
  34. I made it on national TV three times during OU football games when I was in college -- once for having the ABC logo painted on my stomach (while wearing a sports bra).
  35. I also appeared in a local Channel 5 sports commercial.
  36. I've had to file a restraining order against someone.
  37. I have never smoked a cigarette in my 29 years.
  38. I didn't take my first drink until just before my sophomore year of college.
  39. I quickly made up for lost time.
  40. I can't stand the taste of beer. Any beer. I was a "girl-drink-drunk".
  41. I have never used 'illegal' drugs.
  42. All of my friends in college did though.
  43. I went to two OU/tx games in college and OU lost both of them.
  44. I think there is a special swingin' lounge in hell reserved for boy bands.
  45. I'm still not over the grunge era being over.
  46. I miss flannel shirts.
  47. I still wear Doc Martens.
  48. I own over 30 bras in various designs and colors.
  49. I wear Comptoir sud Pacifique's Vanille Abricot and Obsession perfume.
  50. Todd drives me legally insane when he wears Obsession for Men.
  51. I am a natural blonde, and no, you can't check. Just ask Todd.
  52. I cried the day I learned Michael Hutchence had killed himself.
  53. I'm addicted to Schweppe's Ginger Ale.
  54. I don't like eating at Chili's or Applebee's, but Todd does.
  55. I had never turned on a PC until the Blizzard of '96 in the Philadelphia area.
  56. I graduated college using an Apple IIE and friends' Macs.
  57. I am entirely self-taught with HTML.
  58. I do all of my coding in Notepad.
  59. I don't even know how to use Dreamweaver or Frontpage.
  60. I think Photoshop is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
  61. My favorite movie is "Jezebel" with Bette Davis and Henry Fonda.
  62. My favorite actor is Cary Grant.
  63. My favorite actress is Katharine Hepburn.
  64. I never seem to be able to reply to e-mail in a timely manner.
  65. I'm a really good cook.
  66. My mom has been married four times, but has finally found love.
  67. I don't speak with my former step-dad.
  68. My biological father only seems to show up for big life events, and I haven't heard from him since shortly after our wedding when we moved to Florida.
  69. My husband doesn't have contact with his biological father either.
  70. We didn't become homeowners until we'd been married five years.
  71. We still don't know our neighbors.
  72. We met our closest friends in Tampa Bay online.
  73. Yes, that bothers me, because I've always made friends easily no matter where in the country I've landed.
  74. I miss driving. I haven't driven a car since 1996 and unfortunately don't see that changing any time soon.
  75. I used to take off for cross-country trips by myself "just because".
  76. My favorite vacation destination is New Orleans.
  77. We ran off there to get married with about 30 friends and family, and scrapped our 400+ guest wedding. I wouldn't do it any other way.
  78. I still look at my husband when he's asleep and feel that "rush" of falling in love all over again, over 5 ½ years later.
  79. My happiest time of day is when I wake up to see "I love you" from Todd on our private forum each and every morning.
  80. I didn't step foot inside of a Disney park until I was 25, and then we got annual passes.
  81. I didn't step foot on a beach until I was 22, and two years later we moved to Florida.
  82. I'm the whitest shade of pale, but I don't sunburn.
  83. I am at least 1/8 Cherokee but I can't claim it because my relatives didn't go on the rolls.
  84. I am 3/128 Choctaw and I am a card-carrying member of the tribe, blonde hair and all.
  85. I like the smell of gasoline.
  86. I hate the smell of cut grass.
  87. Even though I'm 5'10", I have never played basketball.
  88. This visibly crushed guidance counselors when I would enroll at a new school.
  89. I played softball and soccer instead.
  90. John was my favorite Beatle.
  91. I think more things in life should have chili and cheese on top. Right Christine, Ashley, and Tara?
  92. The first places I want to go when I step foot back in Oklahoma are always Braums and Sonic.
  93. My favorite ice cream flavor is Braums peppermint.
  94. I'm a horrible speller with poor grammar.
  95. The TV is constantly on but I rarely "watch" it.
  96. My favorite waste of time is InStyle Magazine.
  97. I am a Democrat and darn proud of it.
  98. I'm getting tired of thinking up things for this list.
  99. I'm wondering if you're even still reading...
  100. I'm so vain, I do think this blog is about me. Don't I. Don't I.
For a list of my top 20 food neuroses just click here.
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If you're sedated and you know it, clap your hands
It looks like Jeb's daughter was jealous that Jenna and Barbara are the ones who get all the tabloid action! (Thanks Todd!)
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All in the name of cheap plastic beads
Well I'm up at almost 5 a.m. because I can't sleep which sucks, but what doesn't suck is the upcoming annual Gasparilla pirate invasion here in Tampa Bay. We were just issued our official day parade invitation for the festivities this coming Saturday -- and in addition to meeting Ryan and Chel there, we've also managed to talk Stacy and her husband Daniel into tagging along.

Gasparilla is Tampa Bay's version of Mardi Gras -- a multi-week celebration of debauchery, parades and plastic beads that officially kicks off this Saturday when a flotilla of pirate ships invades the city for the day parade. And if you just can't wait 'til then for the photos, here are a few from the Sant' Yago Illuminated Knight Parade last year... Anyone else wanna join us?
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Things that make you pause and reflect
I went to one of my new reads tonight and found this story about a young blogger, 18 years old, who was killed over the weekend in a car crash along with her boyfriend. This girl's last post was a joke of sorts, and the comments have now turned into a lovely memorial. Really makes you stop and think about how each word you type very well could be your last, and never to take the mere fact you are alive and breathing for granted... I had never visited your site until tonight, Becky, but may you rest in peace, and both of your families and friends find comfort.
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I'd like a million of them all 'round my cell
Since I've started blogging (and we got a digital camera) I've been absolutely awful about archiving our photos. So if you're coming to the party late, and want a quick-rewind of what you've missed, here are the new photo archives (link also located in the sidebar). Hopefully someday soon I'll get around to actually setting up an MT photo-blog, but 'til then, deal with it.
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It don't mean a thing if you aint got that ping
Remember last week when MT users were having trouble pinging Ben has posted a patch for the problem. (Thanks to Christine and Kristine for the tip!)
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Have you ever seen our main Tobynopoly site? Then you'll understand why I get a very big kick out of these!
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I gave him a Shiner
If you're wondering why I've been so quiet today, I was helping my husband through an early mid-life crisis. He was starting to wonder why he didn't feel "smart" anymore, so I made him a simple flowchart to illustrate why!
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Now serving #647
I get a lot of e-mail requests that say "where do you get the images you use on your blog?" A great place to start is the Absolutely Celebrity Network -- you can literally spend all day combing through the various image archives there. Just keep in mind that I almost-always Photoshop-polish the images you see here first, so they won't exactly be as-is.
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Goin' to the chapel?
For those of you who are about to be married and like using pin-ups for your blog designs, I ran across an artist with a few bridal hotties today...
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Karma Chameleon
As expected, I played around with the site skins a bit more today, and added two new ones (one with a white background and one with a black background). I'll let you be surprised -- there are 5 total choices there now. Have fun!
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Anything more than a handful...
This one courtesy of Nikki: "Groom Killed By Stripper's Boobs". So let that be a lesson to ya'!
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Gimme some skin
Hey guess what? Thanks to Christine you can now skin this site (over in the sidebar)! Look for me to go a little crazy as I understand all this a bit more -- but for now you can go crazy, too, with the last couple of designs I had. THANK YOU SCHMOOPIE!
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Oh Lisa, you with your kills brain cells...
Here's one thanks to Angela: the "Guess the Beer Label" test
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Looking for something?
I Shirley'ed up the advanced search page and the 2002 archives a bit today as well. You can find the links over in the sidebar.
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You can take the girl out of Oklahoma...
And now I shall lead you all in a chorus of "It's a Small World After All". Make sure to stop by Kevin's new MT blog. He loves OU, hates Mack Brown, drinks Shiner Bock, and knew (of) me in high school...and doesn't hold it against me...
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I just updated/overhauled my blogs and links page (located over in the sidebar). If you're linking to me, and don't see your site listed, just drop me a line!
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Oh happy day
Lookee what we got in the mail today! The credit union sent the title to our '98 Explorer because we somehow managed to pay it off there a few months early... We're scheduling it to completely fall apart about 4 p.m. next Tuesday since we officially own it now. Is that good for you?
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Drumroll please...the big review
I'll state from the start this will be a very hard review to give because I am biased (see below). That said, I thought I am Sam rocked! The best way to describe how I felt about the film would be to make a negative-imprint of my Vanilla Sky review. I am not a chick flick kinda girl. But I do cry at AT&T commercials. You know the one...husband/dad leaving town..."Rocket Man" playing in the background...him twirling his wife's barrette in his fingers on the plane... And I cried during this film. A lot. Then again, I saw 350 lb. men walking out of the 7:30 showing who were also puffy-faced and swollen-eyed.

Sean Penn's acting is simply amazing. And the little girl that played his daughter is an adult in a child's body. She was incredible as well. There are so many star cameos that don't "cheapen" the film either. They actually enhance it. As Todd says, "Anyone will work for scale to work with Sean Penn." It has moments of true joy -- and true pain -- just like life. It makes you really stop and think "are any of us really, truly prepared to be a parent?" And it makes you appreciate the love you do have in your life. At least it did for me, and I couldn't ask for any more of my $7. No more at all. Beyond all of that, the soundtrack was fantastic as well. (The movie is a must for any true Beatles fan and history buff.) Expect to see a lot of the songs showing up on my MP3 list over in the sidebar during the next week. I don't want to give away too much of the film's plot, but if you do go and see it, be sure to let me know what you think. And happy weekend everyone!
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I kissed a girl
Todd and I have been teasing back and forth today between ourselves and Christine about the whole "threesome" thing, which brings up a most-amusing college tale he insists I share...

I've kissed a girl. For money. Live on the radio. In front of Chong (of Cheech and Chong fame). It's something I will probably never, ever live down. And it's so darned amusing, I don't even try.

It was St. Patrick's Day circa 1994, around 7 a.m. Anyone that's ever lived in Norman, Oklahoma on St. Paddy's knows what I'm talkin' 'bout. (O'Connell's opens at the crack of dawn for green beer and green eggs & ham. If you even go to class that day, your tongue is green and you're hung-over by 1 p.m.) So during the live KJ103 broadcast, they started talking about an upcoming episode of "Roseanne", then shocking, where she was going to kiss Mariel Hemingway. They decide right then and there to hold a radio contest for best female-female kiss. The grand prize? Five hundred bucks. I was young. I was impressionable. I was flat broke. And I was grabbed by my RA and somehow ended up in line. At the last minute two actual lesbians showed up - with props - and won. But our kiss was judged "most original" (yes, I'm proud) by Chong and instead of the cash we won 2 tix to see Gallagher that night (which I gave to Jana because it was her birthday). I ended up getting so much attention on campus because of it, I dyed my hair red the next day.

And you wonder why my husband loves me so much? Well there you have it! He sticks with me, and maybe, just maybe, one day he'll have his harem...
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The Day After
I just wanted to grab the mic for a few and say a big ol' "THANK YOU" to all of you who have sent well-wishes (publicly and privately), nominated my site in the first place, voted for it to be a finalist, and for those who have recently voted for me to win the big gold Can o' Spam. Spam, spam, spam, spam. I was just telling Kristine that it's almost like that Sesame Street song (being up there next to Wil and Mena)..."one of these kids is not like the others, c'mon can you tell which one?" And I've literally had three-times the traffic in the last two days that I normally get, so please forgive me for awhile if I'm checking for lipstick in my teeth or squares of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of my shoe before I post... Although most bloggers secretly crave the spotlight, it's pretty bright and I forgot to pack my sunglasses. Thanks again everyone -- it really was an honor just to be nominated!
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A sphincter says what?
In case you might have missed it, my husband Todd has a very special meme each and every Friday called "Spot the [Movie] Quote". Make sure to give it a whirl today!
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Sam I am
I think Todd and I are going to make Friday night a "date night" and go see I am Sam (Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer). I've wanted to see this film since the moment I saw the first preview, and thankfully I haven't read a negative review yet. I'm sure I'll need a purse-full of Kleenex though. When I was in college, I worked at a group home for mentally handicapped adults. I started off as a habitational aide working one-on-one with Jennifer, helping her learn daily routines such as shopping, balancing a checkbook, and general "living on your own" training. Eventually I was promoted to weekend shift leader and recreational therapist for the whole house, where I had six other clients including Glenda and Danny. I loved the weekend shift. Everything was so casual and laid-back -- and it was just like being at home. Only without the yelling. (Just kidding, mom!) We'd do silly things like sneaking into the stadium during OU's fourth quarter, dyeing the girls hair red, and late-afternoon trips to the Duck Pond.

After I graduated from OU, I ended up in Philadelphia with more of "desk job" as an activities therapist at mental health day treatment program -- but there was never the same sense of accomplishment and satisfaction there as I had at the group home. The day I learned Jennifer had moved out into her own apartment (and was down to four visits a week by an aide) was one of the happiest days of my life. I'm sure the movie will be hard to watch, not just because of the plot line, but because I can't physically do my old job again right now -- but I have to see it nonetheless. Man, I really miss all of them!
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Words of wisdom
Just overheard on The Screen Savers: "An Apple a day keeps Control+Alt+Delete away!"
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If only they really made these...
This one is courtesy of my my sister-in-law: a suggested line of Hallmark cards for 2002
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A veritable cornucopia of randomness
If this is your first visit to my blog, my catchy l'il domain name is courtesy of my lovely 'net wife, and the inspiration behind my blogging, Christine. Next, I'd say my real-life MCSE husband seems extremely pleased I've made the conversion to Mac. And last but not least, I am very happy Todd has never publicly taken me to task like this in his blog before. Of course, I told him if he had, he'd be praying and crossing his legs very tightly before going to sleep every night for a very long time. Tee hee!
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Happy birthday Holly!
We have another birthday girl -- go give 'er some love!
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You like me -- you really, really like me!
Ok, that's about as Sally Fields as I can get...but imagine my shock when I woke up all groggy like and uncaffeinated earlier this morning to find congrats on making the Bloggies! (Thanks to everyone that tipped me off!) I thought I had about a snowball's chance in Tampa in August...but whoa! There's Gwen's smiling face snuggled right next to Wil Wheaton's. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just go here (I'm in the new weblogs category). And make sure to go vote for Dawn in the best design category! I think this deserves one of my rarely used w00t's!
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How 'bout them Apples?
Snagged from Chris Pirillo: An article titled "Why Did Apple's iBook Have To Grow Up?" I thought it was pretty interesting considering the reasons it cites are some of the very reasons that lured us in and sealed the deal!
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Erase and rewind, 'cuz I've been changin' my mind
I updated my blast from the past design archive section over in the sidebar to include the old pink page (which can still be accessed from the sidebar), and make the conversion to Apple official.
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The real me
To all of the people coming in from "Inside the Real Lisa" -- welcome! And if you're wondering why all the pink, purple and Gwen lately, here's a quick recap. If I kept sweater girls up all the time, people would get bored too (and I'd get hot just looking at it living here in south-central Florida) I just try to keep myself happy instead... It is my home afterall! (Don't forget to use the AOL-CD coasters.)
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She's baaaaaack...
In case you've been missing Holly the last few days, her blog is back and functional again!
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Is anyone else running MT having trouble pinging when you make a new post today? It was fine this morning, but I've had troubles with my last three posts (this one included) now. Just curious...
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A friend of mine has a friend with a wedding coming up this weekend and just sent me a photo of what the bride's dress will look like. This is simply one of the most beautiful wedding gowns I have ever seen! And after four years of running the Dress Contest, I've seen just a few. Can we get married again, Todd?
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Spaceballs - the breakfast cereal
Kids today are so ripped off. Besides the lack of Saturday morning TV for them (which is a whole 'nuther blog rant unto itself) -- no Smurfs, no Bugs, no Pac Man -- just news and the Today Show -- have you looked at non-Super Colon Blow cereals at the grocery store lately? I never grew out of the kids cereal phase. Bring on the Sugar Smacks ('cuz dammit they STILL have sugar), the Fruity Pebbles, the Frosted Flakes, the Fruit Loops, and the Apple Jacks! I remember literally standing in the cereal aisle for what seemed like hours (to me and my poor mom) when I was a kid trying to figure out which one had the best prize. And then having my mom want to kill me after we got home as I dumped the ENTIRE box of cereal out in a big mixing bowl to dig for the loot inside. Today they put mazes on the back of the box. "Ooooh, you mean I get to draw on it?! Well gimme a case then!" Kellogg's had it right a few months back by putting little Sesame Street beanies in all of their boxes. I darn-near passed out the day I opened my Rice Krispies to find a little Oscar the Grouch inside. But as quickly as the promotion started, it also ended, and the boxes went back to nuthin' inside. It's even more lame than the stupid cardboard squares you find in boxes of Cracker Jack now! Which brings me to...whatever happened to the cool tattoos...
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FashionDish at the Globes
FashionDish has out their best and worst dressed of the Golden Globes list. Thank goodness Sarah Jessica Parker made their worst list! I felt like I was alone in thinking that. They made a Barbie doll quip, but I was thinking more along the lines of a Kewpie doll...
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Blog Blog, Baby!
Ok, so I got bored with the purple really darn quick. Erika unveiled a cool new design today, so I figured that was my license to take all the ribbing and switch things around again. Plus just look at that pic of Gwen! How could I not use it?
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We're going to see Weezer! We're going to see Weezer! =w=ahoooooo!
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This or That Tuesday
It's time for Ashley's "this or that" Tuesday!

  1. Car or SUV? We have an SUV but I miss my car!
  2. Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve? That's a tough one, but I like Todd's answer the best!
  3. Candy or cake? Cake...mmmm...cake...
  4. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate!
  5. Tuesday or Wednesday? Hump-day -- you're half-way there.
  6. Jacuzzi or pool? Well we do have the James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub at our house...
  7. Left-handed or right? I'm right-handed, but my mom was left-handed so I iron and twirl a baton with my left.
  8. Do you say "tissue" or "Kleenex"? Kleenex.
  9. Correct typing or two-finger tapping? Correct.
  10. Blue cheese or ranch salad dressing? Blue cheese -- I'll order a Caesar if they don't have it rather than get ranch.

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Blog stats! We got yer blog stats!
I finally got around to adding that nifty little script by little green footballs (seen everywhere at blogs near you) that tracks your last 50 referring URLs. It's added as a pop-up over in the sidebar under "la la love you", which also happens to be a song title. Anyone? Anyone?
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Cool clip art
Need really good and funky 'clip art'? Check out this site -- over 20 pages of some really cool stuff (on white backgrounds)!
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The no-rub express
Being a homebody, I have heard just about every commercial there is on TV. I rarely look up and couldn't pinpoint any of them by sight -- but by sound -- oh yeah, been there, heard that! And I was just able to share with Todd the one that sends me into fits of giggles every afternoon...the "no rub express". Now you might think by the name and URL that it's a porn site -- especially with the slogan "it's so express, no rubbing is needed!" But alas, it's not. It does, however, remove protein. Yeah, you know where my mind is. Quit looking at me like that!
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Monday Mission
Just in under the wire again...the Monday Mission from PromoGuy dot Net.

  1. What was the most romantic moment you remember from last year? The first night we spent in our first home.
  2. What is your most recent obsession? Getting my new iBook in my greedy, impatient little hands and taking down Dell in the process.
  3. One of my favorite things in the world is to watch the sunset/sunrise, although rainbows are a close second. Tell me about your favorite natural occourance? The shade of green the sky turns in Oklahoma just before a tornado. There's just nothing quite like it, and you have to *experience* a sky like that to know just what I'm talking about.
  4. I've always been told bad things come in "threes." I really don't believe in the rule of the "threes," but have you had some experiences where it has proved to be true? It seems each and every time we have something bad happen, it's in threes actually! When the first one happens, my stomach flip-flops knowing more is to come...
  5. But then again, I am usually a positive person, takes a lot to "p" me off. Let's talk about good things for a sec. What's the most recent "good news" you have heard? A good friend found out the sex of her baby, and Todd guessed right and did a victory lap around the living room!
  6. I'm not double-jointed and I can't stop a fan-blade with my tongue. But I can curl my tongue as well as cross just one eye. Do you have any stupid human tricks? I can do a Pee Wee Herman imitation of "I'm trying to use the phone!" Does that count? That's about all I've got...
  7. I have to say, that really was a good movie. It is pretty early still, I think there are some things going on downtown. Anything strike your fancy? Centro Ybor, baby!

BONUS: Who can take a sunrise...sprinkle it with dew? The candy man can!
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Behold the power of cheese
Ashley's "this or that" last week made us both hungry for lasagna, so I made one tonight. If you'd like the recipe, here it is!
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More from the great beyond
Catherine asked for more detailed pics of our yard, and I must confess, there's a reason I shot a lot of close-ups today. We're in the process of removing a tree in the back right now, and it's really hard to shoot wide-angle shots until we get it all cut up and bagged for removal. Here are a few of the yard that were taken last summer during the inspection though (photo 1, photo 2, photo 3). The first is the fish pond right outside our bedroom window, the second is Todd's second home when he's a very naughty husband (a.k.a as the G.R.O.S.S. - Get Rid of Slimy girlS - headquarters), and the third is the bench across the yard from the pond. I also have a photo of the front yard, taken last week, here. We have a lot of work to do this spring post-drought, but we're looking forward to the challenge!
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Wookin' pa nub
LOL! Chris Pirillo just sang a chorus of "Wookin' Pa Nub" on a Call For Help re-run I'm watching. At least I know someone that has visited the site gets that reference in my sidebar, now!
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Sunny days...sweepin' the clouds away
This is one of those picture-perfect Florida postcard days where you just feel lucky to be alive! I spent a great deal of this morning out in the yard just taking in the great outdoors -- and here are fifteen photos from my journey. Enjoy!
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The Bloggies™ - part deux
Thanks to Mike for the reminder! The 2002 Bloggies™ finalists are announced tomorrow...errrr, today...Monday. Don't forget to go check 'em out!
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Download of the day
For those of you unfortunate enough to have TechTV missing from your cable line-up, or for those of you who just haven't been sucked in yet, make sure to check out the Screen Savers show's free download of the day archive. Tons of goodies for Windows, Mac and Palm users!
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She's a bad apple
Hey Mac users! I have a question... You know how in IE for Windows you can right click on the Back-button and get a mini-list of the sites you've just visited, and select one 2-3 pages back and go straight to it? (Or maybe you don't know since you're on a Mac...but anyhoo...) Is there any shortcut or cheat for doing this on a Mac? I'm lazy and hate going back through each and every site I've recently visited in rapid-succession to get back to the original. I can't count the number of times I've tried to right-click on my iBook now. It obviously ain't happening. Since I've stumped Mr. Pollman, I thought I'd pose the question for those playing along with the home game. Thanks in advance!
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Israel blows?
So here's my early afternoon giggle... I sat down to read the headlines on the Tampa Tribune online, and as I'm scrolling, my eye catches this (circled in red). Of course "Up Palestinian Media Center" followed, but what I circled was all I saw 'til I scrolled down further. Oops!
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You say it's your birthday
Thanks to Christine for the tip -- today is Meryl's birthday! Go give 'er some love! She's cool like 'dat.

And *hanging my head in shame*, I just realized I forgot to wish Cheryl a happy birthday here the other day. D'oh! (Having Todd home half the week has really thrown my online time off-kilter.) So anyhoo, a very happy belated birthday to Cheryl as well!
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And we're back
Whew! The site seems to be back online again post-server move, and no worse for wear... During the forced outage I filled my new iBook full of fonts like any good little addict should. Hope everyone has a perfectly lazy Sunday!
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From mommy and Gma with love
I got a cool care package today from my mommy and Gma! I shall call this mini-me -- yep, that mug-shot was of yours truly long, long ago. Too bad mom couldn't find my Fonzie shirt, too. Eyyyyy! *thumbs up* And Gma sent me another statue in my OU Santa collection. I had the little girl on Santa's lap already, so she evened up the score with the little boy whispering to Santa! I feel the love...yes, I do...
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1825 days ago...
I can't believe it's been five whole years since we loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly! Claire was still a tiny puppy (only six months old), and we were both wee babies at 24 years old. We have now officially lived down here in Florida longer than we were even at OU -- that just does not seem possible! Happy Floriversary, Todd!
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Newton got beaned by the Apple good
Hell hath no fury like a woman on a mission for a new laptop... First we got the e-mail (linked earlier) from Apple saying the iBook shipment would be delayed up to 10 more days. Then Todd called their customer service line only to hear it may actually be up to 30 more days. Uhhhh, no. After seeing Dawn's comment earlier today about her iBook shipping experience, I wasn't about to take any chances since my days on the Dell laptop are numbered. We called the new Apple store at the snooty mall and they had the exact same iBook in stock and ready to go. So we cancelled our online order, and an hour later, walked out with my new shiny iBook in hand. Todd's spent most of the evening getting things set up so I'll be able to get acquainted a little easier. Hopefully tomorrow I can actually start playing myself. But for now, I'm happy! Check Todd's blog for weekend updates if you can't get in to mine tomorrow night (we're on different servers)...and have a good 'un everyone!
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Well hell! :-\

Dear Valued Apple Customer,

We appreciate your recent Apple Store order. Due to an unexpected supply delay, we are unable to ship your M7701LL/A, IBOOK 600/14.1/256/20G/COMBO- by the date you were originally quoted. Our goal is to ship your order within the next 10 business days.

We appreciate your business and apologize for any inconvenience this delay has caused you. Thank you for shopping at the Apple Store!

UPDATE: Make sure to read this entry, too!
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I get knocked down...
Thought I should let everyone know that the host my blog is on (VeoWeb) is going to be shut down starting at 6:00 p.m. EST on Saturday, January 19th as they move servers. They expect the move to take "anywhere from 5 to 10 hours", which deep-down we all know is probably a very conservative estimate. So don't forget me when I'm heart would break...I have loved you for so long... Uhhhh, sorry there. 80s flashback. Just wanted to let everyone know you're not getting rid of me that easily!
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Here ya' go schmoopie
I felt sorry for Christine not being able to get TechTV so she could watch Chris Pirillo, so I just did a couple of screen captures of the show for her. Here's one of just Chris. And here's a bonus image of Chris and Gretchen (well sort of Gretchen, anyway, since she's on the screen behind him). Feel all better now? We told you that you should move to Tampa Bay! (Todd has another pic up at his blog, too, btw.)
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Celebrity weddings
InStyle just sent me the link to their new "celebrity wedding photo gallery". Is it just me, or does Angie Harmon's skin closely resemble that shade of leather upholstery on the big comfy chairs at Pottery Barn? Not to mention the Whitney-esque collar bones , spidery arms, and barely being able to keep her strapless up. Just goes to show that you really can lose too much weight before the big day. Ick!
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The 6-degrees of...
Check it out -- Stacy made it into the freakin' New York Times for all of the online tests she links and takes (scroll down to "I'm Paul!"). How cool is 'dat?!
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PDA to go please
Hey, hey it's, no not public display of affection...but I finally caved to peer pressure and set up a PDA-friendly version of my blog. (Thanks to Christine for letting me use her template!) Since I don't have a PDA, I have no way of telling how this looks (input please) -- or how to tell you to use it -- but once again Christine is to the rescue with instructions on how to use it with or without AvantGo. Whew. I'm such a follower! There will be a link to the PDA page now over in the sidebar.
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hurry up already!
Apple's "Order Status" page is a very good thing and a very bad thing. It's good to know I have an order number and they haven't forgotten about me. However it's not so good to see my new iBook is still phase 2 of 4 ("under construction") 3 days later, when during the order it said the item would ship in 1-3 days. Kind of makes that extra $$ we paid for overnight shipping seem like a big ol' waste of money now. I probably won't have it for the weekend after all... Sigh. I am so impatient!
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Wedding Journal
I ran across a cute wedding journal today for those of you who are planning a wedding, or know someone else that is. It's called "To Have and to Hold", and Modern Bride says it's like "your Barbie doll, your Magic Eight Ball, and lock-and-key diary all wrapped into one"...

The Weddingpages review says, "Looking for a sassy, spirited wedding journal but have no time for smarmy, sentimental stuff? To Have and to Hold is chock full of planning checklists, hip illustrations, fun fill-in-the-blank exercises, handy storage pockets, and plenty of room for recording daydreams, party recaps, and the wedding day postmortems. This playful, interactive keepsake journal is what every modern bride-to-be needs. Whereas typical wedding books cover only the obvious, this journal delves into the full insanity of wedding planning with important questions like 'Will I alienate my fiancé, friends, and family with my wedding obsession?' to 'Will I make it down the aisle without tripping?' Let's face it: planning a wedding is stressful. To Have and to Hold not only helps brides get organized, it provides some fun and laughter along the way!" Check it out if you're so inclined...
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Yard CPR
Here's a photo of what our yard looks like right now. Pretty generic and dead looking. All we bought today were five bags of eucalyptus mulch so we can finally replace the fuhgly white rock the former owners had. We've already ripped out one of the smallish dead trees in the front, and one more is about to go. (You can't really tell much by the photo, but it's a really small one in between the two larger trees to the right, up towards the house.) Once it warms up a bit, we're going to start trying to grow real grass again, and add a few floral plants and bushes. For right now, I'll just be happy to kiss that white rock goodbye though! I'll post another pic once we get the mulch put in over the weekend...
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Aaaaa...afternoon delight
I love work weeks that aren't! Todd has to use his remaining vacation days by February or they go "poof!" and disappear, so he took today and tomorrow off. We have absolutely nothing planned, and we're in heaven. I think we're going to go wonder aimlessly around the aisles at Lowe's here in a bit (since I actually feel like it), and start mentally preparing to give our yard CPR in a couple of months when spring has sprung. Tampa Bay has been in a drought for over four years now, and the former owners here basically let everything die and turn to weeds. Since neither of us have a green thumb, it could get interesting -- but we're going to give it our best!
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Pinky Tuscadero
One bored indentured cubite + one pink lady = too much silliness with the digital camera on date nite
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Shameless self-promo
I know a lot of people like to link with buttons, so I whipped up a couple of 88x31's today. They're over in the sidebar above the Blogsnob code. Knock yourself out (and thank you)!
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And they just thought I was through with 'em!
Well file this under "that didn't take long"... I'm now getting hits via Google for "Dell power problems". So as to do my civic duty and all, I'll help out with: Dell sucks, Dell bites, Dell blows, Dell Inspiron laptops suck, Dell Inspiron notebooks suck, Dell tech support sucks, Dell's customer service sucks, Dell batteries suck power, Dell batteries die and won't come back again, bad power supply, horrible power supplies, Dell doesn't necessarily equal good warranty, Dell cheats you with warranty, don't buy a Dell laptop, don't buy a Dell notebook, buy an iBook, get an Apple instead, and Dell can kiss my <bleep!>. I...should...go change.
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Dell, schmell
I guess this now officially "take your agression out on Dell week"!

  1. I am not alone!!! (at Headline Happiness)
  2. Not Alone (at Chris Pirillo's)
  3. Veni Vidi Geeky (more battery problems)
  4. Perhaps I should have gotten an iBook after all?
  5. You're not getting a Dell

Anyone else I'm missing? And now for something completely different...

Todd found a list of "Apple Myths" for me today. I think somebody is just as excited as I am!
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She rocks!
I haven't signed up with Aortal yet...but let's pretend I already have for a second, shall we? In such case, I highly recommend checking out the christine chronicles. I met "the other" Christine way back when she was planning her destination wedding, and my afternoons just wouldn't be the same without her daily road rage lessons. And 'the long and winding blog' makes me giggle each and every time I read it!
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Fifteen Minutes of Fame
Just under the wire...the January Fifteen Minutes of Fame! You very well might recognize the newlyweds this month, too!
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Dude, you're getting a Mac!
Oooooh, I'm so mad I'm seeing red. Dell Customer Service just had the nerve to write me and ask me what I thought of their "assistance" last week. They gave a link in the e-mail to reply, so I did (and there's a little surprise in the middle of my rant)!

To Whom It May Concern,

Please ignore my last request for "help". It was sent in error as I was not aware this was the last screen before actual form submission.

I will no longer require Dell's help with this horrible excuse for a laptop. Why you might ask?


Subject: Your Apple Store Order
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 12:18:28 -0800 (PST)

Dear Apple customer,

Thank you for ordering from the Apple Store! We're happy that you visited and shopped at our online store, where you can find a great selection of Apple products.

Enclosed are the details of your order and an estimate of your final total.

Robyn Pollman



Part Number: M7701LL/A
Product Name: iBook 600MHz/14.1XGA/256SD/20GB/Combo/E/OS X
Quantity: 1
Estimated time to ship: 1-3 days


You see, after my Dell Inspiron 3800 battery died for the fourth time in 18 months, my husband jumped on Dell's tech support website and learned from one of your moderators that the batteries had been recalled. He called you to learn about this recall and was all but hung-up on by the first technician he talked to, so rather than call the same number back that came with our laptop purchase instructions, he called the number that was listed on the forum. This time he worked his way up to a supervisor before being told "thanks but no thanks" and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Why was Dell not interested in replacing a RECALLED battery you might ask? Well because I had the AUDACITY to request for a repair of this now-known faulty item under warranty -- where each time Dell promptly sent refurbished batteries. Fine, but if you have the NERVE to expect your machine to be serviced under warranty -- certainly don't expect Dell to step up to the plate and honor any recall agreements once a problem is admitted to later on down the line.

So then three days later, the power supply on this laptop starts to go on the fritz as well, meaning its days are numbered. Only about 1 time out of 20 when you hit the power button, will you actually receive power to the machine. After being told "$600 here...$200 there...and call back later tomorrow between 9 and 5 and talk to so-and-so because basically I don't want to help you right now...", the oh-so-wise technician suggested we just purchase a new Dell system instead. NOT!

In fact, we were so completely disgusted and infuriated with the support (or rather lack thereof) that we have received on this machine both in and out of warranty -- we immediately turned around and did a complete-180 and purchased an Apple. (For much more money than we spent on this Inspiron, I might add.)

I will never, EVER own a Dell laptop (or computer) again -- and after you having the GALL to write me and ask for a rating of your customer service, I will now make it my one and only mission in life to make sure EVERYONE inside and outside of Dell knows just exactly how I feel about this so-called "service".

Robyn L. Pollman

P.S. Let me make myself clear just in case you missed it: Yes, you lost out on the sale of another brand new system this week over the cost of a battery! It is quite obvious you only honor your end of the bargain when you legally HAVE to, and not just because you "should" and it's the right thing to do once a warranty has expired and a recall has been made.

So there you have it! I'm turning traitor and going over to Apple's side of the Internet playground (14.1" iBook with DVD and CD/RW drive)! It hasn't shipped yet...but hopefully by this weekend my new toy will be in my lap. And let this be a lesson to you -- don't ask for my opinion of your service unless you really want to hear how I feel! *evil grin*
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This or that
It's time for the weekly "this or that" from Ashley!

  1. Wine or beer? I can't stand the taste or smell of beer -- white or blush wine family please!
  2. Mustard or Ketchup on Hot Dogs? The only way I'll eat a hot dog is with chili and cheese on top from Sonic.
  3. Spring or Winter? SPRING!
  4. Cinemas or theater? Cinemas.
  5. Gold or silver? Just about everything I own is gold, but I prefer (and buy) silver for myself.
  6. Footlose or fancy-free? Fancy free.
  7. Lasagne or spaghetti? Lasagne -- and the cheesier the better! And none of that cottage cheese crap -- ricotta or nothing!
  8. Spinach or carrots? Veggies. Blech! Neither. I prefer fruit.
  9. The number 2 or the number 6? Ironically, 6 is my lucky number.
  10. Pink or purple? Normally I'd say purple, but with my hair like it is right now, I'd have to say pink.

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THANK YOU Christi!
I was sitting here putting the final touches on a custom wedding t-shirt order, when the doorbell rang and Claire started going bonkers. I got up to find the UPS guy hopping back in his truck and this on my doorstep! Hidden inside the beautiful cloth-wrapping was a set of margarita glasses from Christi! The silly girl sent us a gift on her birthday! Thank you sooooo much Christi -- now you have to come and join us. And ironic that we just sent you a margarita-related birthday card, no? Tee hee -- great minds think alike! Or is that drink alike?
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Etiquette Hell
This site has made the rounds in the past...but if you've missed it before, you must drop by Etiquette Hell. It's been updated for 2002. There are tons of hillarious wedding, baby shower, funeral and more war-stories that will curl your toes! You can even submit your own brushes with etiquette demons...
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I wanted to say a quick thanks to Jay and Christine! With their help, you can now search the posts with the last ten comments left in my blog. I added the link permanently over there in the sidebar under "wookin' pa nub" and the mini-search box.
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Happy birthday Christi!
Happy birthday Christi!

click to wish her a happy birthday

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On a mission to cure my lonely condition
I'm bored and Todd's in the other room, so I thought I'd do the Monday Mission!

  1. What is your favorite hot beverage? I love hot chocolate, but it's rarely cold enough here to drink it.

  2. When meeting a new person you to whom you are physically attracted, what is the first thing you notice about their body? Would I be a bad person if I answered truthfully? Oh wait, you already know I'm a bad's all about the ass! (And yes, Todd has a great one, thankyouverymuch!)

  3. Has somebody ever died before you could say what you needed to say or before conflicts could be resolved? Thankfully, no. When we realized my grandfather didn't have long last year, I wrote him a four-page letter thanking him for the influence he's had on my life, and apologizing for being such a difficult teenager. (I lived with my grandparents in the 10th and 11th grade.) Then the week before he passed away, we flew in, and drove up to see him for two days. I wouldn't trade that time for anything.

  4. Name you favorite 80's* Teen movie(s) and why? I would have to say "Sixteen Candles". No more yanky my wanky. It just has the best quotes of any 80s movie, IMHO. We're forever quipping one phrase or another from the film. Lake. Big lake...

  5. What was the best year of your life? I'd have to say my four years at OU all rolled into one. I couldn't really pick "one" -- but if I had to, 1992, since I met Todd that year.

  6. What was the worst year of your life? 1988. I was stalked by an ex-boyfriend, had to get a restraining order on him, change high schools twice, got mono, stayed sick, and was eventually diagnosed with CFS and a host of other crap. Uhhhh, let's just say it wasn't a very good year for reasons already stated and pass on the rest of the gory details, shall we?

  7. Well, here we are ready for another night out on the town. This time, let's head out to a movie first. Which one should we go see? If I was picking, "I am Sam". I am DYING to see that movie! I used to work in as a recreational therapist in a group home for mentally disabled adults, and I cry every time I see the previews for this movie. I'm sure I'll go through a whole box of Kleenex during the actual film.

  8. BONUS: Are we not men? No we are not men. We are Devo.

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Walkin' the plank
As expected, ESPN is now reporting that the Bucs have fired head coach Tony Dungy today, and it looks like Parcells is going to take his place. A formal announcement should be released soon. I don't even know how I feel about this. Parcells has never been a long-term solution anywhere he's coached, but things on the sidelines should definitely be interesting (to say the least) next fall. I'm sure there will be quite a few roster changes as well...
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WAHOOOOOOOOOO! =w=eezer is finally coming to Florida! They just announced a concert at the Ice Palace in Tampa on February 24 -- tix go on pre-sale on 1/16! I do believe this will be my first concert attendance since 1996...
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Always remember to chew before you swallow!
I'm not sure if you missed it on the news last night, but yesterday President Bush choked on a pretzel and passed out, bruising his cheek. "The blackout was caused by 'a temporary decrease in heart rate brought on by swallowing a pretzel' and the incident was likely a one-time occurrence." This stuff really just writes itself, doesn't it?
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icky icky puck-tang
Just a random thought before we retire for the evening... Where does that nasty, slimy, dusty mess on top of the refrigerator come from? It seems no matter how much or how often we clean it, it still comes back again. The rest of our kitchen doesn't look like that. (Or is it just us and now you know our secret shame?)
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This laptop bytes
Well knock on motherboard, I'm on my laptop again right now...and I've taped the power cord to the back to make sure it tries to stay that way. We were up 'til almost 5 a.m. transferring as much as we could off my HD to Todd's. :-\

Todd called Dell tech support, and the prices quoted were $600 here, $200 there. Not good. In their infinite wisdom, they recommended we just purchase a new system from them. Ya' think? NOT! The Inspiron series has known problems with the batteries and power supplies -- and my battery died earlier this week. I had 3 replaced under warranty for the same issue, and they have been recalled...BUT...b/c I had the original replaced (and Dell sent refurbished ones each time), they WON'T honor the recall in my instance. I'd need a tracking number on the battery that the ones they sent as replacements earlier don't have. Ass clowns. And reading their tech support forums, once the AC power starts to go, your machine is pretty much toast.

This is so not in our budget right now! We just bought a house for crimeny's sake. But we went back to the ol' checkbook drawing board and I think we're going to try to swing it somehow. There are just days I'm not capable of sitting at his PC, and this thing is pretty much my life. But couldn't the stupid thing have waited at least a few more months after Christmas? I want to punch that "Dude, you're getting a Dell" kid in the face! In 18 months, besides all of the power problems, the keyboard has fried twice on this. And reading their forums, makes me wonder why we were ever stupid enough to be lured in by them. Oh yeah, cheap prices. Our bad. So note to you...if you're considering a Dell their tech support forums first! Buyer beware!
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My biggest fear realized
If I seem unusally quiet for the next few days, my (Dell) laptop is officially hosed. It will only power-up about once every fifty times of trying to turn it on. And of course, it's about six months out of warranty now. So until this nightmare is straightened out...please continue to hold. Your call is important to us.
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PATHETIC! Just slap a big "L" over our offense's foreheads. Philly's interception returned for a touchdown with just over 2 minutes left sealed the deal for the Eagles. Our offense didn't even try to go after him -- they stopped running at about the 15-yard line. Bye Coach Dungy, and good luck to Da' Bears next week in Chicago!
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Thank you sir, may I have another? It appears my "abusive boyfriend Bucs" showed up in Philadelphia. You know them. The ones that can only kick field goals. Halftime score 17-9, Eagles.
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Saturday sportin'
Here's where we'll see if we can go 2 for 2 in our sporting events of the day. OU absolutely let loose on Bobby Knight and Texas Tech earlier today. And they just kicked-off in the Bucs vs. Eagles play-off game. Philly absolutely HUMILIATED Tampa Bay for the same game (first NFC play-off game) last now everyone will find out if payback is a bitch...or if the real Bucs forgot to suit up (again) today...
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Normally I guess the death of EMF bassist Zac Foley wouldn't really be "blogworthy". The group was a one-hit-wonder back in 1991 with the song "Unbelievable", and normally the obit would pretty much stop right there. But I met EMF in July of '91 right after "Unbelievable" hit #1 here in the States.

My best friend Kathy and I won a radio contest with Houston's Q93 FM (is that station even around anymore?). We both won EMF t-shirts, CDs and cassettes, dinner with the band (how cool were we at 18!), backstage passes, and front row "seats" (it was standing room only) to the concert at Numbers. My "crush" and the majority of my time were spent on the keyboard player Derry Brownson (who tossed me a water bottle during the show and gave me his shirt as they went offstage, *faint*) -- but the little time I did spend talking with Zac Foley, I remember him as a very nice and quiet guy. So sad at age 31. Unbelievable.
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It's an addiction, I say
If Erika knows of a blog redesign support group, I think I need to join her at the next meeting. I saw an image tonight that I just had to use, so I revamped Julie's blog for her. I slapped the last design up just to get her blog live and functional, so hopefully this one "fits" a little better. Stop by and tell her hi!
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Still no dice
It's now day three of the Official David Gagne Watch Party, and still no luck! The men on "Weakest Link" today were Mike and Spike. Any luck on your end Christine?
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Screw you hippies
One of the main reasons we started converting our massive movie collection from VHS to DVD just over a year ago is all the extra goodies those beautiful, shiny discs contain. And now they want to take them all away? I don't think so!
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We own the Cotton Bowl!
Just got new Cotton Bowl pics up at the Tampa Bay Sooner Club site!
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Whoo hoo! Sephora is having a huge sale. Lots of stuff is 50%-off, and there's even more for $2-10. If you get an error message, hit refresh -- looks like the word is out!
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It's about darn time!
Heads up! If you've wondered where my little sister has gone, she finally blogged again.
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Thank you Joy!
Ever have one of those days where you feel like you just need an angel to watch over you? Well I got one today -- Joy surprised me! Thank you so much. I love it! (The smaller one sitting down was my present today, and the larger one next to it was a gift for my birthday.)
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Thanks Jay!
Huge thanks go out to Jay for helping me with the MT error comments template! Looks like it's all working smoothly now...
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Better late than never
Well getting these online is so late as to almost be embarrassing, but I finally put the photos up from the OU vs. Kansas and OU vs. Texas Tech watch parties for the Tampa Bay Sooner Club.
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Simple Kind of Life
Hey boys, time to start pouting... Gwen Stefani is officially off the market! She got engaged to Gavin Rossdale of the band Bush. It's about darn time after six years! *g*
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For anyone that's ever had a deadbeat dad (or two like we've been lucky enough to have, errr, not have in our lives)...for anyone that's ever had a wicked step-monster...for anyone that's wanted to bitch-slap both their in-laws back to the stone-age, and quite deservedly so, after treatment no child and spouse should have to endure out of grown adults...for anyone that's ever struggled for the words to tell someone off so eloquently it will make you weep just reading it...I give you the best freaking blog entry/rant I have ever read! Amen sistah Candi!
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Blog stickers
Found through Christine and Meryl's sites today: BLOGSTICKERS (cute "bumper stickers" for blogs)
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Must flee TV
Does anyone else hate (or even care about) the new theme music for "Ed"? We've given it half a season now. Still hate it. Bring back the Foo Fighters. Because if they don't fight Foo, then by God who will?

And while I'm on the NBC show topic.....each and every time that new "Rachel and Joey" commercial comes on, I get the heebies. It's just so wrong on so many levels. Ok, let's say they get together and make it work. Joey's step-child will the half-brother (or sister) to his best friend's child (Ross), and the cousin of his other best friend's child (Chandler). Not to mention if Rachel and Joey have kids on down the line, then those children would also be the half-brothers or sisters to Ross and Rachel's baby. I prefer my "Young and the Restless" at 12:30 each day, thankyouverymuch. When I watch "Friends" I wanna laugh...not hurl... (As Todd mutters "Oh dear, I've gone cross-eyed" in an English accent.)
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You are the weakest link...goodbye!
So does anyone else here get the new "daytime TV" version of The Weakest Link? If so, try to watch on the 9th (today) and the 14th! David of was a contestant on the show. How cool -- thanks for sending me the heads-up! (Updated to say: Well bummer! No David today... I'll try again on the 14th.)
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It's frickin' freezing in here Mr. Bigglesworth! Yes, I know I complained that it was too hot for Christmas a few weeks back. Well you know what? I take it back. I take it all back! Christmas is over. I want my Floridian heat and sunshine. I did not move all the way down here to live in an ice age. For the second straight night in a row it's going to be below freezing in Tampa Bay, with windchill factors in the 10s. What? Your windchill is currently -9, you say, and you have no pity for us shivering under our down comforters? Well fine then! But don't come crying to me when you're paying $12 for a jug of orange juice and $5 a tomato next month... I can't feel my toes. Is that bad?
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The Red Room
Kristine asked for pics of our "red room", so here are a few (photo 1, photo 2, photo 3, photo 4)! We're not quite done with it yet...with time, and more money, we plan to add white chair rails and crown moulding. But it's one of our favorite rooms in the house so far!
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"This or That" time!
A new This or That from Ashley:

  1. Floss before brushing or brush before flossing? I floss before, but like you I'm bad and and only do it a few times a week.
  2. White walls or colored walls? Depends on the room, but I love the room we've painted OU crimson, and also the one we've painted taupe.
  3. Old computer or new? Sigh...they're old the minute you buy them it seems. My laptop is 18 months and is acting like 5 years old right now though.
  4. Dog or cat? I have both and love them just the same!
  5. Sun tan or sun burn? As pale as I am, people think I'll fry when they see me, but I have enough Indian in me that I tan (even though I'd have to be stripped down for you to tell, heh heh).
  6. Books or magazines? Magazines...I have a short attention span.
  7. Skydive or bungee jump? Neither! I'm terribly afraid of heights.
  8. Dusting or mopping? Dusting.
  9. Past or present? Past only for reliving OU's glory days, otherwise present.
  10. Sports or chick flicks? Oh come on! It's me. Do you even have to ask? *g* ('s sports!)

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Too sad
From Christine's blog: Wendy's founder Dave Thomas has passed away. That is such sad news -- I really took his commercials for granted as always just "being there". I may just go get a Frosty today in his honor!
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MT 1.4
In case you've been under a rock, MT v. 1.4 came out today. I just got my blog (and Todd and Christine's) all upgraded... I am woman. Hear me snore! Zzzzzz...
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Sah-weeet! I officially dub today "Sooner Day". OU just defeated UCONN at UCONN on ESPN's Monday night game -- congrats boys!
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I thought I'd link this blog that I found in my stats because its namesake is my second favorite word -- Onomatopoeia. (My first favorite word, thank you for asking, is Pottawatomie.)
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Rah Oklahoma, Rah Oklahoma, Rah Oklahoma - OKU!
STOOPSendous! It's official!

"Unfortunately people spread rumors, and too many people take them as fact." -- OU Coach Bob Stoops, January 7, 2001

Other quotes from Coach Stoops: "I feel too committed and strong about what we're doing here in Oklahoma...about the strength of our program and where it's headed...that's what's most important to me in continuing to develop our program regardless of how good the program is at Florida..."

"The bottom line is I feel too strong what this program has, where we're going, and what the future has at this point -- outside of all that, everything else is rumor."

"I feel very strongly, content, and positive about our strength here in Oklahoma and where it's headed."

"I can't say anything but positives about the Florida job. They are responsible for me being here at Oklahoma...but again I have never waivered on what a positive, strong program we have here at Oklahoma..."

So if the Florida coaching job was recently voted #1 in a national poll of coaches -- and the #1 prospect for the Florida job chose to stay at OU (the second choice being an NFL coach) -- does that now mean we have the BEST FREAKIN' COLLEGE PROGRAM - AND COACH - IN THE NATION? Can I get a witness?!?!
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Boomer freakin' Sooner!
Well it ain't over folks 'til the fat lady sings a chorus of Boomer Sooner.....but all reports coming out of the state of Oklahoma (TV and radio) indicate Bob Stoops has turned down Florida AD Foley, and that Foley has filed a flight plan out of Norman to Denver (presumably to try and woo Shanahan now). More updates as they break. Here are three really good message boards to follow:


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Little, yellow, different
Note regarding Florida AD Foley: "And I want him brought right here, with a big ribbon on his head, and I want to look him straight in the eye and I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit he is! Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where's the Tylenol?"

Whew...I feel better now! It's one thing to recruit our coach, but quite another to step foot in our back yard to do it.
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Sunday, cruddy Sunday
Well we did a whole lotta nuthin' blogworthy today. Sat on the couch. Watched some football. Checked for updates in the whole Bob Stoops OU vs. Florida thing. (No official word yet on either side...) We're watching the Bucs vs. Eagles game right now, but in the scheme of things, it doesn't really matter. We play them again NEXT week in Philly for all the marbles in the first round of the play-offs. How strange is that? Hope everyone had a great weekend!
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The Bloggies™
The second annual weblog awards (a.k.a. The 2002 Bloggies™) are here! Who ya' gonna vote for?
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Amateur photographers
Ryan and Chel have really good amateur photography shots of the Tampa plane crash up at their blog now.
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Another one!
And now another plane crash! A commuter plane (early reports say United) has crashed near Boulder, Colorado. One of our best friends is a commuter pilot out of the Denver area. Aaaack! (Updated to say: Now they say it was most likely a single-engine Cessna with one aboard. I hope!)
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Yeah, my heart literally stopped when I flipped from a basketball game to hear a small plane crashed into a Tampa Bay skyscraper, taking off without clearance, and followed by a Coast Guard helicopter! I don't think it's as bad as it sounds now that I've read and seen more...but still... We used to live about 10 blocks from the airport it took off from, for over 3 years.
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Thank yoooooooou!
We got one of the coolest gifts in the mail today that we've ever received! Our stupid postal service is so slow here as to be embarassing...but lookee what Santa finally dropped off (photo 1, photo 2, photo 3)! It's a supah-coo' ceramic basket with hand-painted interchangeable ceramic "plates" for the sides. I just can't say thank you enough Stephanie. And now that I have your home address, you'd better watch out! *g* Thanks again - have I mentioned how much we love it?!
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More comments
Looks like yet another comments system is available for those using Blogger and the like. (Link thanks to Cluttered Life.)
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Stories like this are why parents HAVE to be smart and monitor their kids' online time usage. Install tracking software. Check their browser history. Check their message logs if possible. You would think a 13 year old girl would know better, but apparently not. And having multiple images of your children openly available on the 'net as they get older can just compound the problem, because the frickin' wastes of existance know who and what to look for. It's incredibly sad something like this has to happen to be a wake-up call, but sometimes people forget the true power of the 'net -- both for good and evil. Be careful folks!
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Should I stay or should I go?
Holy cow -- what a day! You could barely get over reeling from the shock that Spurrier had resigned, until the OU message boards darn near imploded from "will he or won't he take the job?" He being Bob Stoops -- who had three wonderful years as a defensive coordinator with the Gators before going to OU. Stoops has been sighted everywhere from a Cracker Barrel in Norman, a pizza place in Gainesville, a beach house on the FL east coast, to our kitchen (right Todd?). It's just insane.

I love Bob Stoops. Bob helped lead us back to the promised land. Bob completely turned our shambles of a program back around in two short years, and in three years has given us a national championship, conference title, three bowls, and two top 10 finishes.

That said, Bob Stoops is not Oklahoma football. Oklahoma football was handed down by God, created by Bud, made a kingdom by Barry, and returned to glory by Bob. If he leaves, OU will still be OU. OU will still have tradition. OU will still make it a never-ending goal to thump the losers in Austin. We currently have the second-highest paid coach in the NCAA (only behind Florida), one of the best AD's in the nation, facilities any coach would give their left (well you know) for, and a stadium renovation that will make me weep the first time I stand in awe of it. Bob Stoops goes? Oklahoma football stays. Sure there may be some rebuilding around coaching shifts and hires. Sure there may be rocky roads ahead as they take place. But seven national championships speaks for itself. The longest unbeaten streak in collegiate history speaks for itself. And the fact that we're Sooner born, Sooner bred, and when we die we'll be Sooner dead puts the exclamation point on the whole deal.

Will I be sad if I wake up tomorrow and flip on ESPN to learn Stoops will be putting the orange and blue back on once again? You betcha. Will I lose sleep over it? Hell no! The Sooner faithful are hungry, and the winning tradition will continue, no matter who's at the reigns. All this paranoia-talk and freaking out into temper-tantrums each and every time a new coaching job comes open (Ohio State, the Browns, Notre Dame, etc.) is getting ridiculous. If I were Bob, frankly I'd be sick of it already, and would want to get away from it at my beach house.

My Sooners were around before Stoops -- and they will be around after Stoops. Whether or not that after comes tomorrow...or ten years from now... God speed Bob! I hope you make the best call!
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'Nuther redesign
Joy wanted a new look so I hooked 'er up today. Whatcha think?
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I'm not sure if it's dyslexia or what, but how come every time I see in my site stats, my brain reads it as
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Well Todd just broke the blog scoop of the year...holy cow! Spurrier is leaving Florida!
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A sigh is just a sigh
And now...I sigh heavily. For the season that was. For the season that wasn't. For the season that always seems to end much too soon. For the Saturday afternoons that will be filled with nothing but golf and figure skating. For the fact I'll be lured into watching boring events like the Hula Bowl and the Draft, just to pretend football season is still with us, and to see all their faces once more. For the six-plus months between now and the next six-plus months of glory. Goodbye college football. *sniff* You will be missed! Let the mourning period begin...
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Congrats 'Canes
Well I tip my crimson and cream hat to Miami. They were all that. They did live up to the hype. And they stuck a HUGE thorn in the side of Nebraska. Enjoy those roses, 'Canes!
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Just say Julie!
I helped one of Joy's friends get set up in the blogging world last night. She's nose-deep into wedding planning right now, so stop by "Just Say Julie" to offer suggestions, trade war-stories, and/or just say "hi"!
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Well then...
It's looking like the Colorado-game-Nebraska showed up in Pasadena. This could get painful pretty darn quick!
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BCS Blows
Here's an interesting chart of how college football play-off brackets would have looked this season, in theory. Hmmmph -- stupid BCS!
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The January 2002 "destination wedding of the month" and "destination wedding article of the month" are up online now. The wedding of the month is a gorgeous Scottish castle wedding -- be sure to give it a look!
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This 'n' that
Whew! Today is one of those days where guilt has got the best of me and I have to sit down start tackling all the other site stuff I've sorely neglected while playing with blogs (mine and others). I finally got my College Football Topsites List reset again this morning. And while I was doing that, I got payment for two banners on "Wholly Matrimony!" from, so I added those to the site and into the banner rotation there. I'm just about to belatedly finish up the Destination Wedding and Destination Wedding Article of the Month. And after that I have to approve four webrings full of aplications. I need...a nap!
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Way to go Gators!
Congrats to the Florida Gators for their absolute shellacking of the Maryland Terps tonight in the Orange Bowl. I know that Susannah and David will be going to bed with visions of touchdowns in their heads. And I can't wait for the Hula Bowl now when mentor pairs with student once again. Bob Stoops will be one of the coaches, and Spurrier (Sr., not Jr.) will be his offensive coordinator.

But first things first -- the regular season wraps up tomorrow night in the Rose Bowl. I have to cast my hopes and dreams on Nebraska for a few reasons. One, I can't stand the BCS. If Miami wins, that just puts one more plug in the dike we all know is about to break. It's time to head back to the drawing board again and take that play-off idea a little more seriously. (Yes Todd, I did use the word dike.) Although this same exact scenario played out last year and benefited my beloved Sooners, I was a vocal critic of the BCS then, and remain so now. It only worked because we won. Will Miami be able to do the same? Two, it's all about the money baby. If Nebraska wins, they bring a big ol' cash pay-out home with them to the Big XII Conference. Three, I think the mighty Ducks got hosed this year and had more of a right to head to Pasadena than Nebraska did. If Nebraska wins, Oregon earns their rightful claim to half of the glory. And four, I hate the 'Canes. Any self-respecting Sooner does after all that bad blood in the 80s. Nebraska is red. Miami is orange. The math from there is simple. Go 'Huskers!
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Wookin' pa nub - the sequel
I decided to help Christine out today since she's always helping me...ok, there were selfish reasons, too, since I use it all the time...but I got the beta 1.3 version of MT Search up and running for our blogs. So if you get the itch to test it out, you can do a boolean search like the examples on my advanced search page, and *crossing fingers*, they should work!
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MT 1.4
Heads up... Looks like the release of the bigger, better MT v. 1.4 is less than a week away! And this version will include a calendar -- yippee.
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Pour your misery down on me
Note to weather gods: The holidays are over. Rainy and low 30s are not south-central Florida. Please take that crap back up north of the FL-GA border where it belongs... I want my sun - and my DirecTV - back, thankyouverymuch!
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All tuckered out
Well both trees have been taken down and everything safely packed away - the lights on the outside of the house were all removed - and all of the thank-you's have been signed, sealed, and addressed to go. So how does one feel in the midst of all this? Just take a look for yourself.

I faced an interesting etiquette dilemna when writing the thank-you's this year. We have two friends, one of which is an incurable practical joker. Only not the "nice, silly" kind, and unfortunately not always the funny kind either. Along with an absolutely stunning Lenox china "first year in your new home" 2001 ornament, they also included a university of texas t-shirt. They just moved to Dallas this year and thought it would be funny. Not. And I feel really bad b/c they didn't just ship one of those $3.99 fall-apart-after-one-washing shirts either. Oh no. They sent a very nice shirt, in all it's nauseating orange glory. I didn't quite know how to say thanks (Todd wouldn't even leave it in the house once we opened the box), so I just joked and said "thank you for the lovely toilet bowl cleaner". She also just e-mailed minutes ago to ask what we thought of it because there's more where that came from. (They are from NY btw, so this is not an alumni-taunting-another-alumni joke.) I politely begged her to just donate the money they would spend on something like that next year to an animal shelter, or a fund to help keep Bevo sedated -- because believe me, the husband would do it EVERY year. We'll see if that works. Oh well, I guess at least it's not the 14" bright purple dild0, and "pickle-shaped" vibrat0rs, they were sending a few years back. I really don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I would guess we've received over $150 in naughty gag-gifts from them in the last 5 years and I really would love to see it go to a child without presents instead. Sigh.
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Winter wedding dress
The new wedding Dress of the Month for January 2002 has been announced. Go check it out!
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Here are a few highlights from today's Cotton Bowl victory, thanks to ESPN, in case you missed the game:

"With major award winners Roy Williams and Rocky Calmus leading the way, the No. 10 Sooners tied a school record with nine sacks and held the Razorbacks to just 50 yards in a 10-3 victory.....The Sooners allowed Arkansas (7-5) only two completions for 13 yards.....New OU offensive coordinator Chuck Long stuck to a conservative plan and produced only a 1-yard touchdown run by Nate Hybl in the first quarter and a 32-yard field goal by Tim Duncan to open the second half.....That 10-0 lead seemed insurmountable, though, considering how the Sooners were defending their turf."

".....Arkansas didn't get into Oklahoma territory until a short punt put it there late in the third quarter.....The Razorbacks made six first downs all game, two by penalty.....Oklahoma's sacks, which cost Arkansas 55 yards, were its most in a bowl and matched the most in any game.....The Sooner Schooner rode onto the field to start celebrating the 11th 11-win season in school history."

"The whole game was like their last punt," (Arkansas Head Coach) Nutt said. "Surely it's going to roll into the end zone. It didn't. It stopped at the 6-inch line."
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OU WINS the Cotton Bowl 10-3, for the first "W" of 2002! Many congrats to this year's team, and best wishes to all of the graduating seniors -- Boomer Sooner! Oh how I love seeing that OU flag planted at the Cotton Bowl's 50-yardline again. P.S. Please come back Roy!

And in other football news -- way to go Cocks! You stuffed those Ohio State lah-hooo-sers two years in a row in the Outback Bowl in Tampa!
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Big hair and blogging
Remember that old MTV VJ Adam Curry? Looks like he has a blog, too. Now where did I put my Stiff Stuff hairspray?
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The first of 2002
It's my first BOOMER SOONER of 2002! Go OU -- beat the crap out of the Razorbacks (in the Cotton Bowl)!
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Happy 2002!
And with this, I bid you all a good night, and a very happy 2002! Off to do more New Year's Eve snuggling now...

"Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual. Yesterday, everybody smoked his last cigar, took his last drink, and swore his last oath. Today, we are a pious and exemplary community. Thirty days from now, we shall have cast our reformation to the winds and gone to cutting our ancient shortcomings considerably shorter than ever. We shall also reflect pleasantly upon how we did the same old thing last year about this time. However, go in, community. New Year's is a harmless annual institution, of no particular use to anybody save as a scapegoat for promiscuous drunks, and friendly calls, and humbug resolutions, and we wish you to enjoy it with a looseness suited to the greatness of the occasion."

~Mark Twain, Letter to Virginia City Territorial Enterprise, Jan. 1863
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If you missed posts before New Year's Day due to the holiday, here's a shortcut to all the stuff from this week. And the survey I put up is here.
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Wookin' pa nub
Oh yeah, the search feature won't work for a bit either...Christine will have to re-upload everything there. So please be patient! For now, to access the 2001 blog (also without search feature for the time being), please go here.
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Makin' the move for 2002
To help keep the archives down in size, this is a whole new MT blog for 2002! Thanks to Christine for ALL of her help tonight with the reinstall for both of us! If there are a few bumps in the road for the next several hours...please be patient... We're running low on chocolate.

Oh yeah, the search feature won't work for a bit either...Christine will have to re-upload everything there. So please continue to hold! For now, to access the 2001 blog (also without search feature for the time being), just go here.
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