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Posted: 12.30.2002
If this Jetta's a rockin', don't bother kn-kn-knockin'!
Double-post! From my guest-blogging duties over at Blog Anon ... the "best & worst make-out cars" for steaming up windshields.

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

I've had both a '77 and a '78 Trans Am. Had a girlfriend finally explain to me why those cars "worked" so well for me. Seems the rumbling from the engine came right up through the seat. Much like it does on a Harley. Go ahead, get THAT from a Cadillac stretch or a Mercedes.

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Yeah, but who needs a make-out car when you have a warm cozy bed at home? (Or kitchen counter. Or living room floor. Or shower. Or whatever strikes your fancy...)

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Because "make-out" cars strike my fancy? Not that any of what Christine mentioned doesn't.

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OH great I own a jetta AND two Beeltes. I wonder what that says about me

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