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Not meant to be
I don't even think a force of nature could have stopped the Lady UConn Huskies from their perfect season this year. It was an honor to share the court with them! Congrats to the Sooner women -- we're proud of you!
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Fuh fuh fuh foolin'
Don't forget...things may get a little crazy around here tomorrow!
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And...I'm spent
Finished moving all of the blogs we host on the new server. So go visit Nikki, Joy, and Jana. They've all been without since Thursday, too -- so everyone's patience is much-appreciated!
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If your DNS information has updated, you can finally see Todd and Susan's blogs again! I'm in the process of setting up and exporting everyone else's that we please be patient. We're almost there!
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"I'll have the salad"
I just put up a most-excellent recipe for Strawberry Vinaigrette Dressing over at "The Red Kitchen", if you are so inclined.
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Hippety hoppety Easter's on its way
To those who celebrate, I hope you have a very happy Easter Sunday!
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It's in the photograph
We goofed off with the digital camera again before the watch party tonight...enjoy!
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And when I die I'll be a Sooner dead...
Well all good things must come to an end, and thus ends the Sooners dreams in the NCAA Tourney. Hats off to the Hoosiers -- they played their hearts out and made just about every 3-pointer they shot in the second half, unlike the Sooners. We were simply outplayed (and maybe just a wee bit outreffed). Not bad for a "rebuilding year" though -- I'll take a Final Four bid any ol' time! Congrats to this year's Sooner men's squad. And best of luck to the Sooner women tomorrow night in San Antonio!
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Now THAT'S my kinda language
So the blog-date language of the week is...Portuguese. Look at the word for Friday. Any romance language that starts off the weekend with "sex" is ok in my book!
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Iowa? Anyone?
We are boldly going where no Pollman has gone before...Iowa! For our first vacation since 1999, we have selected Des Moines in August. "Are you on crack?", you might say. Well, yes. But you already knew that. We're goin' to Gnomedex, baby! Wanna join us? It's time for a roadtrip!
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Dude looks like a lady
Sitting there home alone and bored on a Friday night? Try the "female or shemale" quiz. (Snagged from Daypop.)
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You wanna piece of me?
This is one of the rare times I'm on ICQ to add/authorize you. The number is 1188879. Most creative "please add me request" wins!
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I'm a Sooner born and a Sooner bred...
Congrats to the Sooner ladies! They crushed the Dooooook Lady Blue Devils 86-71 tonight in their Final Four game -- making this the first Big XII women's squad in history to play in a Final Four game and for the National Championship! The largest audience to ever view an NCAA women's game was in attendance this evening. The Sooner women will take on the winner of the Tennessee/UConn game in the NCAA title game Sunday night.

Up next...our men against Indiana tomorrow night! We'll be joining the Tampa Bay Sooner Club at Lee Roy Selmon's for that one.
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A good pointe
I just watched a segment on Tech Live that fascinated me. I quit ballet at an early age (I was just too tall and lanky to be graceful), but several of my friends continued on. A few of them darn-near caused their parents to go bankrupt over the cost of pointe shoes, still using a 1905 design made from layers of burlap, cardboard, newspaper and tiny nails. Good pointe shoes run about $45/pair now, but "due to the rigors of dancing en pointe, a traditional shoe may last only one hour".

A new company called Gaynor Minden is using technology and elastomeric plastics for a better pointe shoe for the 21st century. They are being called the Air Jordans of the ballet world -- and can last up to five days. The pricetag runs about $85 -- almost twice as expensive as their counterpart. But then again, the Gaynor Mindens also come with at least 3-4 times the shelf-life. Not all teachers are convinced -- and there are "cons" (read more in this article). But at least it's a start!
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Bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy...
Thanks to everyone who's written to let me know that Todd and Susan's blogs are out of bandwidth. I just want to point out that it's not the fault of Blogomania, as Todd's domain was setup before Blogomania even existed. It's not really Todd's fault either, as his account was set to stay online regardless of the bandwidth situation. We're in the process of a server-hop right now to fix things, so please be patient... Hopefully it won't make for a very long weekend on my end!
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Rah Oklahoma, Rah Oklahoma, Rah Oklahoma, OKU!

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Oops, she's not yet a woman
And apparently not much of a thinker either! (Article from

"When told that Alastair Campbell is a big fan of hers, Britney Spears asked who he is. 'He’s Tony Blair’s right-hand man,' Spears was told, according to the London Daily Mirror. 'Tony Blair?' said Britney. 'I’ve never heard of him either. Who is he?' Spears was told that Mr. Blair is the prime minister. 'Oh!,' she reportedly gasped. 'He’s very important then if he’s the prime minister. That’s a real tough job, isn’t it? It’s really cool that this guy Alastair Campbell likes me, then.'"

She's scheduled to appear next on the Tonight Show's "Jay Walking" to discuss U.S. foreign policy and the crush that guy, you know, 'who would like take over if Bush is unable to fulfill his duties during his Presidential reign' has on her... Don't hate her because she's beautiful.
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This space for rent
Drumroll please...the big review! Last night I purchased my first GnomeTome. Since the project is brand new and most of the titles are Windows-centric this early on, I opted for the "Optimize Internet Explorer / Outlook Express" title. Todd uses Outlook Express on his machine, and even my iBook has Internet Explorer on it, so it seemed the best "fit" to start with.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised! I rarely read tech manuals -- that's Todd's job. But this one sucked me right in. There were several tips at first glance that I couldn't wait to pull him over and show him, and the one regarding pop-up windows was worth the cost of the eBook alone, IMHO! We both give it two thumbs up.

So I've decided to make Chris an offer à la "Major League". I'll have Todd snap a nudie pic of me -- and I'll make it into a puzzle in Photoshop. For every OS X-related eBook GnomeTomes releases, we'll e-mail him a piece of the puzzle. What? It could happen! Chris already got a teaser last night. *wink*

Where was I? Oh yeah. These are worth the money folks! Skip that extra value meal and go grab one or three right now. That's an order!
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I keep forgetting to mention...I spied a new button for my site over at nerdboy mikey's the other day...

Feel free to swipe if you wish -- isn't he the greatest?! And if you don't get the reference or the spelling, check out this old post.
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We salute you!
We couldn't find it online yet, but Todd heard the latest "Bud Light salutes real men of genius" ad on the radio tonight -- popping open their cans to the inventor of edible panties. (Commercials first spotted over at Meredith's awhile back.)

We did, however, find this most excellent archive of past "Bud Light salutes..." commercials. It includes several of the newer ones. I thought we were going to fall off the couch when we listened to the "nudist colony activity coordinator" and "horse-drawn carriage driver" ads! In fact, I think we need a CD of these...oh Bud Light...
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Well slap my ass and call me Judy!
Todd just e-mailed me with heads-up that the Bucs 2002 schedule is set. I turn 30 on November 28th (Thanksgiving Day this year...ick). On November 24th, Josh Heupel and the Green Bay Packers are coming to town. Since fate screwed me out of seeing my Joshy at the pre-season Monday Night Football game last year (and the team scrimmages), I think this is truly karma's way of making things up. Now the question is...if faced with Gruden, Lynch, and Heupel all within a matter of yards of me...will I spontaneously combust?
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Let's come together right now, oh yeah, in sweet harmony
Site review just sent from a friend of ours:

"Look at this site ...

That is where I met [my current boyfriend]. It is one of the best sites I have found because of the way they match you with people. I recommend it to anyone who is single."

Just thought I would pass that along for those who are interested!
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Is all the sap 'round here making it sticky?
Remember the "Friends episode" where Phoebe tries to tell Ross that Rachel is his lobster? Well so did Todd. Look what I woke up to this morning on my iBook. Ahhhhh!
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Well ok then
I don't know why, but "Country singer Lyle Lovett trampled by bull" wasn't exactly the kind of headline I was expecting when visiting CNN just now. I guess with a face like that, you don't so much have to worry about messing it up. *ba dum dum*
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New Maladroit version released! the Weezer fans in the audience! has the latest version of the Maladroit demo online. I didn't have any luck with their FTP, but you can get them on the "audio / video" page. Download rates are horrid, but worth it -- they are excellent quality! Make sure you get the AAF-Z files for the 13 tracks. Those are the new ones released on 3/26. I have a copy of the promo demo Rivers Cuomo sent out to stations last month, and these new versions blow them out of the water!

Now before you get all "downloading MP3s and then burning them to a CD is wrong and steals from the artists" on my ass...I suggest you go and read the history of Maladroit first. The very reason the fans have the tracks is because Weezer wants us to. They were originally released on and the underground helps keep them going. I guarandamntee you that I will be the first in line to purchase Maladroit when/if it comes out. But 'til then, Keep Fishin' keeps me warm at night!
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Fool me once...shame on you!
Just a quick heads up that the deadline for the April Fool's blogging project is 7 p.m. EST tomorrow night. Everyone has to be paired up by that time (or have confirmation from their pre-selected partner that they wish to participate as well) in order for bloggers to be able to get together and exchange login information in advance of the first. For more information on the project - and how to sign up - here's the original post. Thanks!
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The day the laughter died
You know there's a big ol' comedy fest going on in heaven right now. We lost Dudley Moore and Milton Berle in one day! Sigh.
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How much would you expect to pay?
Just spied over at Meryl's and Christine's... GnomeTomes... ("Eletronic documents. eBooks. Each one has at least FIFTY separate tips to make your life more complete.") I was lucky enough to get a sneak-peek of the site from Chris a couple of nights ago, and must give two-snaps-in-a-circle to the Sooner red background! As always, wonderful job Gnomie!
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And in somewhat related news
"The Vatican has come up with a simple solution to the Catholic Church's recent sex scandal: Eliminate gay priests. 'People with these inclinations just cannot be ordained,' says Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls, responding to the sex scandals sweeping the American Catholic Church in recent weeks......Turning the scandals into a 'gay' issue allows the church to suggest that it, too, is a victim in the scandal. Rather than being responsible for pedophile priests, the church can portray itself as victimized by gays who have sneaked into the priesthood." (Article from

Yeah, that's it! I'm so glad the Church finally figured that out for us. Because I think we all know that 'straight' folks would never, ever molest children -- now don't we? Oh, wait:

"At least one well-know clinical psychologist who has treated victims and priests in more than 2,000 clergy sexual abuse cases even says he believes victims are much more likely to be girls and women."
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If It Was Good Enough for Jesus...
I'm all for breast-feeding advocacy and awareness campaigns -- but sometimes I really have to wonder if PETA is in it for the thrill of the shock value alone with some of their billboards and such. You can read the related article on MSNBC here.
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Today is my baby sister's 21st birthday! (She's finally legal.) Happy birthday Jennifer -- go toss back a few at O'Connell's for us! We love you!

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I loves me some gossip...
And Mikey has some really juicy Oscar buzz up at his blog! Did you notice that Ethan Hawke looked like he got clocked sometime between the red carpet and the awards telecast? This could be why...
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Spring has sprung!
Since a few people thought the schoolgirl skin was Christina Applegate, I went ahead and made a new "spring" skin with her. (It replaces the old "winter" skin with Kate Winslet.) And just to keep those folks at Backwash on their toes...this one doesn't show any panties!
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To him, life's a big bang up
Today it's a super-hero edition of "This or That"!

  1. Batman and Superman? Batman.
  2. Aquaman and Robin? RobYn.
  3. The Wonder Twins and The Ambiguously Gay Duo? The Wonder Twins. We're always activating in the form of something 'round here.
  4. Spiderman and Spawn? Spidey, of course.
  5. Do you Spring Clean or not? Not on purpose.
  6. Do you check your email once every hour, more often, or less often? More often. Although with the amount I get...replying to it all is a bitch.
  7. Do you have one or more email accounts? Yes. Sigh.
  8. Stiff as a board or light as a feather? I refuse to answer on the grounds it might inseminate me.
  9. Float like a butterfly or sting like a bee? Sting like a bee, bay-bee.
  10. Both feet on the floor or head up in the clouds? "Climb in the back with your head in the clouds and you're gone..."
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Love me, like me, come ahead and fight me

You can look but you can't touch
I don't think I like you much
Heaven knows what a girl can do
Heaven knows what you've got to prove...

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1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Petri Dish Fish
"Something fishy is going on in one Long Island laboratory. Scientists at Touro College in Bay Shore, New York, are developing sustainable food sources for space flight -- food that is, at first glance, a fish grown in a dish.

'We decided to come up with a system whereby meat could actually be grown outside the animal's body on the space vehicle,' said Dr. Morris Benjaminson, the project's leader. 'It provides a continuous supply of meat for astronauts.'" (Article from Tech TV.)

Uhhhmmm...thanks. But I think I'll stick with the astronaut ice cream for now!
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*happy happy joy joy*
Whoo hoo! Kathy just booked her flight and is coming out here April 11-15! We haven't seen her since November 2000, and she's yet to make the trip out to Florida... Dude, we are so gonna party...
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Lisa you with your kills brain cells...
"He was proclaimed the 'greatest genius to ever grace the Earth'. With a purported IQ of 298, he was taking college classes when most children his age were starting grade school.

But 8-year-old Justin Chapman's genius is in doubt after his mother admitted faking some of his test results. The boy has been put in foster care after what was thought to be a suicide attempt.

The boy has been a celebrity since age 3. But things began to fall apart last month after reporters examined his purported accomplishments and the role of his mother.

Chapman admitted she fabricated most if not all of her son's top achievements: a perfect 800 on the math section of the SAT, a genius score at age 3 on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale test and an IQ score of 298-plus on the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale at age 6.

'I just got caught up in it,' she told the Rocky Mountain News, which broke the story along with The New York Times. 'I wanted to be a good mom and give him opportunities I didn't have. I don't do anything halfway. It was wrong. I made some poor choices.'" (Article from CNN.)

Ya' think, maybe? Your 8-year old kid is already trying suicide to get away from you and the pressure of being perfect. It's one thing when your child is born a genius and you try to give them every opportunity possible. It's quite another thing when you've fabricated their entire existance by the age of 8, leaving them a legacy they can never possibly live up to before they even hit puberty. I think your punishment should be something along the lines of having to take the stupid SAT every day for the rest of your damn life, lady... Somedays it just seems everyone gets a kid but the ones who are truly "ready and deserving".
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I just done seen about everything...
When I see a Playboy "Women of Enron" Pictoral! ("Playboy is hoping to entice some of the women who lost their shirts in the Enron scandal to reveal a little bit more.") Because who says Clinton and the Democrats get all the trashy ho-lovin'?
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Unce...tice...fee times a mady...
Congrats to the Sooner women's basketball team! They defeated Colorado by a mere score of 94-60 this evening, and punched their ticket to the NCAA Women's Final Four. That makes them the first Big XII squad to ever make it that far in the tourney. And yep, that's right -- both Sooner squads are in the Final Four this year! Our ladies take on Dooook in the semi-final game on Friday. So here's one for my homies: Boomer Sooner!
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ISO ChickClick Replacement
Maybe I can console myself with my new find - - instead? (Link courtesy of the Indie Gurl Network.)
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Another one bites the dust
I actually shrieked "NOOOOOOO!" so loud over this that Todd came running in to see what was wrong. I've read ChickClick since 1997. Sigh. (UPDATE: One of the site's spin-offs Disgruntled Housewife is still there - for now - though. Phew!)
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Here come those claws again
Ok, I feel like I can finally let loose on last night's Miss Oscar, since Mikey has opened the door. I griped about it briefly here, and not-so-briefly here, but hesitated to put it up front-and-center because people sometimes tend to have a short attention span and can't see through to the true core of a rant. Call me slightly paranoid after having the racist card thrown in my face more times than I care to count on my anti-Puffy site, I guess...

But now I'm just going to come out and say it. I don't give a flyin' flip if she is America's new sweetheart -- I can't stand Halle Berry. She's a bitch. Remember that little 'accident' she had back in 2000? I mean, how could you forget? She wore that stupid little butterfly band-aid on her brow for at least a month longer than the doctor prescribed. And for every interview she went on post-Golden Globes win, the interviewer would ask about the accident, and the bowels of hell were unleashed upon them. You see, it was quite fine to fret over Halle. To worry about Halle. To make sure she was ok. But that pompous bitch DARED you to even bring up the injured people she left behind. She was hurt. She was scared. She was bleeding and out of her mind. "She know not what she do." Ok, fine Halle. This was your first time and we all make mistakes, right? Oh wait, I'm sorry...this wasn't your first time?

Yes, that's right. Last night's darling apparently has poor driving skills but a really good flee-the-scene record. ANY OTHER citizen of this country would have their license revoked, their insurance cut, and their ass in jail. But not Miss Berry. Oh no, she gets the People 'Best Dressed' List. And I will give the woman credit. She knows how to select an evening gown -- unique to every occasion. And she looks damn good in them.

Before you try and get all "oh you're so racist and you just can't stand to see an African American woman win the first Oscar ever when you just wanted the pale, white redhead to take home the prize instead" on my ass -- I'd like to remind you that I am still bitching Whoopi didn't win the little golden man for "The Color Purple". Yes, still. I nearly leapt up out of my seat when Denzel snagged his Best Actor nod last night. I believe my exact words were, "It's about damned time!"

Halle Barry is a fake, and I have no doubt that one day Hollywood will finally figure this out. I dare you to watch any acceptance speech the woman has ever given back-to-back and then feel moved by the one she gave last night. Every reaction is the same. Yes, I got slammed in my comments earlier for comparing it to a Miss America "OHMYGOD, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU PICKED MEEEEE!" reaction. But did you see the woman when they panned in on her. She had to have watched at least one tape from Atlantic City for practice. Oh wait, nevermind. She just watched her last acceptance speech. My bad.

Oprah's speech about Halle's win moved me. Halle's did not. While I can't believe it took SEVENTY FOUR years to award an African American actress Hollywood's highest honors, I also can't believe Halle Berry is the one walking home with the goodie basket. Whoever her publicist is, give 'em a raise. (And whoever her stylist is, avoid friendships with Gwyneth's...)

I just hope that parents won't use Halle as a role model to their children. Because if they do, they are also teaching them that with a lot of money and a pretty face you can lawyer your way out of a hit-and-run -- and I don't care if you are an actress or a private citizen -- any way you slice it, it's just wrong. Still don't care? Then consider Mikey's closing words: "If she had hit you and fled the scene, would you be happy to see her win an Oscar?"
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So we're sitting here doing the nightly, "What do you want for dinner?" "I don't know, what do you want for dinner?", routine. And Todd just answers, "How about Sonic?" Let the forehead thumping commence!
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Monday Mission
I remembered to do the "Monday Mission" this week!
  1. What helps you get started every morning? My Diet Coke and a new and different "I love you", always waiting, from Todd...
  2. What is the most memorable thing anyone has ever made for you? From recent memory, it would have to be these two gifts from Stephanie and from Jana.
  3. What music are you currently listening to in your car? The new Weezer CD "Maladroit" (that may, or may not, be released one day).
  4. One thing I like to do is buy USA Today on Wed, Thur and Fri. Even if I don't have the money, I will find a way to buy them, because I just love reading them. What is one "splurge" you allow yourself, even when you shouldn't? I guess InStyle Magazine and Martha Stewart Weddings, even though it's going on six years since I was a bride myself.
  5. Have you ever been given a "second chance?" What happened and did you make the most of it? Yes. And I married him. I plan on making the most of it every day for the rest of my life!
  6. Do you have a lot of friends outside of your own ethnic background? Not really here in Tampa Bay, but definitely when I lived in Oklahoma!
  7. What was the last situation that really, really pissed you off? I won't go into all the gory details, but someone decided to bitch-slap me with a 2-page e-mail ranting and raving about a website of "mine" that "stole" their idea and one-upped them. They never bothered to research that I had nothing to do with the site in question, its ownership, or its creation and development. I became involved much after the fact on a very limited scope. And needless to say, I got a pseudo-apology, but that 'friendship' is now toast.
BONUS: Who's your friend when things get rough? I don't get the bonus this week either, looks like...but the real answer is Todd, of course!
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More spying than you bargained for
We've all been bombarded by those annoying "X10 wireless cam" pop-up ads. Tonight's Screen Savers uncovers several security concerns with the cameras -- they can easily be "tapped" and the images cracked, literally pulled out of thin air. Read this article for more info, and catch the show at 7 p.m. EST on Tech TV.
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Never let 'em see you sweat...really
From CNN: "One of the hottest treatments being offered to starlets this year is underarm botox shots. Widely used in the entertainment industry, botox is typically injected into facial muscles. The poison causes key muscle groups to become paralyzed, preventing facial expressions like frowning and smiling that can lead to wrinkles.

The underarm version prevents perspiration, saving those $25,000 couture gowns from the unsightly staining that can result from excessive sweating."

And here I was last week bitching that Secret had gone up to $4 a tube at Wal Mart! Who knew you could just paralyze that sweat away...
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And that's a wrap!
And in more "I'd be their stylist for FREE if they'd just promise to not leave the house looking like THAT" news...a tale of two Janets...

  1. Janet Reno (apparently the Oscar parties have "Reno Time", too)
  2. Janet Jackson (I think this one may just push her into LaToya status once and for all)
Claire Forlani shows off the many uses for dinner napkins. The Olson twins apparently chose to accessorize with cocktail glasses, spending their evening out past curfew and belly-up to the bar at the Vanity Fair party. Expect that Playboy pictoral in late 2004 when they're finally legal. "Pssst...dude! Gladiator was last year!" And last but not least, any bets this former Spice Girl has had cheek implants? I'm talking about the ones on her face, but it's entirely possible she got a two-fer. (Or would that be four-fer?) Don't forget to check the comments of these two entries (1, 2) from last night for more Oscar recaps!
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You think you can take me Santa?
Move over Claus...there's someone meatier... It appears that the Easter Bunny is gaining ground on Santa. "We are seeing a lot of pressure through marketing to begin to expect a level of present-giving that (kids) get at Christmas," said Chris Byrne, a New York toy consultant and editor of The Toy Report. Gee, I wonder where that pressure is coming from, Mr. Byrne? You couldn't be helping it along any for magazine sales, I'm sure...
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Chris recently unveiled his new project -- an eBook for purchase that features 50 Windows XP tips in PDF, CHM, MHT, TXT, PDB, LIT, and TR formats -- all for a total of $5. Want peace of mind (and peace 'n' quiet) this spring and summer? Consider extra copies for ma and pa this Mother's and Father's Day! It's the gift that keeps on givin'...
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I've trained him well!
Looking for Oscar recaps and red carpet pics? Make sure to check the comments for this entry then!

Todd: "And who's your designer this year, dear?"

Faith: "Oh that would be PAAS." (Click here for photo.)
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UPDATED: Don't believe me? Here's a photo!

[opens claws] Well if anyone caught a glimpse of the blonde tramp that Sir Paul McCartney was sporting on his arm, I think we all know which brain HE's thinking with now... [/retracts claws]
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The red carpet
E! is doing a live, interactive Oscar fashion ranking online this year as stars begin to waltz down the red carpet. You can look for the "rank" icon on TV (Melissa and Joan have already started their schtick), and vote when the icon appears. Alcohol highly suggested to make the experience complete -- if for nothing else than to help you endure looking at Melissa and Joan's faces (and listening to their voices) for the next couple of hours.
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Saturday night special
As you can tell by the time of this, my first entry of the day, we had way too much fun last night! And of props where they're due...

So is everyone ready to let their claws come out for the Oscars tonight?!
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You may finish...
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I'm glad I finally saw your face
I should be getting ready right now, but I had to stop in and post the first photo of (name edit: Sister)! Thank goodness Tara snuck up to work to scan a few in since she can't get the Dell online -- we were going crazy waiting for photos!
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Saturday night, oh how I love that song
What a great Saturday thus far! Stacy, Daniel, and mini-thems will be here in just a few hours. I woke up to an e-mail from Joy saying that she and Ryan will be down here for vacation on May 10th. And OU takes on Mizzou at 4:30 EST in the Elite Eight.

Have a great weekend everyone! BOOMER SOONER!
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Before we head out for the evening, I want to take a few seconds to say:
  1. Brown leaves my packages in the rain, uncovered.
  2. Brown still wears ridiculous-looking Bermuda shorts and high dark socks with black Reeboks in 2002.
  3. Brown will spend two minutes lifting up my welcome mat to put a 3-foot-tall box vertically under it, hiding nothing - while my dog barks like crazy as he does so and he can hear me screaming through the door for her to knock it off - when it would take him all of 2 seconds to ring the doorbell, because after almost nine months of living here you think he would know I'm home every day.
  4. Brown is secretly bitter he's driving an ugly-ass truck and the FedEx guys get pretty white ones with colorful lettering - and all the chicks.
  5. Brown needs to know that his stupid commercials are about three shades shy of making me completely lose it and start picking off UPS drivers at random - because no matter how well you try to market it, Brown is still the color of shit.
There. I feel all better now. And in case you missed the point of this...
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You learn something new every day
David has put up a wonderful tutorial on making a pop-up "e-mail this entry" window in Movable Type. You'll slap your forehead when you see how easy it is!
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Everybody's workin' for the weekend
I made Christine a new banner for Blogomania so that I could pimp it on "WM!" Feel free to swipe a copy for your site if it floats your boat...
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The downward Spiral
Just saw over at Dawn's that the new issue of "Small Spiral Notebook" is out, with a brand new look. Absolutely beau-teeee-ful -- nice work!
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S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. Night
So if you're stuck at home tomorrow night, don't fret. Just stop by "Al Bundy - Saturday Night Fever"!
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Sooner kudos
John wrote me earlier in the week and wanted to see if I cared to make a bet on the Arizona vs. Oklahoma game. Anyone that knows me well knows that I am MUCH too superstitious to wager before games, and/or talk "smack" until there's actually something to back it up. That said, it doesn't mean I can't tease you afterwards when the Sooners wipe the court or field with you. So last night I wrote John and asked for a naked chorus of "Boomer Sooner" in my blog. Imagine my surprise when the photo below showed up this morning!

Now, now...I know what you're thinking... "If I become a Mizzou fan right quick, and OU loses to them on Saturday, I can demand that Robyn put up a naked photo of herself singing the Missouri fight song." Well I beat you to the punch so it ain't gonna happen! Heh. Boomer frickin' Sooner, ok?

>[Boomer Sooner]

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Dear Diary...
I was surfing around tonight looking for clip art of old-fashioned snap-lock diaries, and happened across this on Amazon. Where were these things when I was going through pre-teen angst?

"The Password Journal combines game technology and secret-keeping, making it of interest to young girls who like neat gadgets...and privacy. In addition to functions for setting important dates, times, and other data - the Password Journal has a secret compartment inside for treasured belongings (promise rings, phone numbers, photos, etc.) Also includes a night-light that allows for transactions that can be made only under the cover of darkness (whatever they may be). Key and voice-coded access guarantees privacy after setting the password. Don't bother trying to jerry-rig it, parents; once the password is entered, the machine only opens at the command of its owner."

Now that is too freakin' cool! We have a niece that turns 9 next month so she's a bit young for it still, but it's definitely one to file back to up my cool aunt-o-meter in the future!

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Thank you, sir. May I have another?
So did you see the absolute spanking my Sooners put on the Wildcats tonight (88-67)? Elite eight baby! And Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke..... I swear we were getting whiplash in the last minute of that game going back and forth between the two TVs.
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Win a Wedding
Martha Stewart is doing another "Win a Wedding" contest (along with The Wedding List)! The destination is Puerto Rico and the deadline is May 31, 2002.

"So, ladies, if you wanna rob a bank, but you don't want your cooter poked, head to beautiful Minnesota. Land of 10,000 lakes."

Oh wait...wrong entry!
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You wanna piece of me?
Normally I would just scan the cards, but our scanner only works with the Dell and it's in North Carolina right bear with me... Someone asked to see questions from the Trivial Pursuit TV Edition, © 1991.

Go ahead and take stabs at them in the comments, and I'll post all the answers for each card later tonight! And just remember, if you cheat by looking up the answers don't get that luxury when playing the game...

UPDATE: Questions with ** at the end have been answered correctly in the comments. The answers to each card have been added now, as well if you click the "read more" link.

Categories are as follows:

  • Classics (CLC)
  • Sitcoms (SIT)
  • Drama (DRM)
  • Kids and Games (K&G)
  • Stars (STR)
  • Wild Card (WC)

  • Example Card 1 (starting off with an easy one)
    1. CLC: Whose racoon cap has three tails -- Ralph Kramden's, Ed Norton's, or Morris Fink's?
    2. SIT: Who said on M*A*S*H: "God forbid anything should be easy?" **
    3. DRM: What type of daytime programming was Procter & Gamble the leading sponsor of in TV's golden years? **
    4. K&G: What game show host is attired by Mr. Guy?
    5. STR: What actress needed 36 takes to give William Shatner one of TV's first interracial kisses? **
    6. WC: What word starts program titles ending with Again?, Are There and Bet Your Life? **

    Example Card 2 (working it's way up there...)
    1. CLC: What cop replied to a culprit's plea for a break with: "No lady we can't. You're under arrest." **
    2. SIT: What's Chaci's last name? **
    3. DRM: What man-on-the-run series ended with William Conrad announcing: "Tuesday, August 29, 1967, the day the running stopped." **
    4. K&G: How many Jeopardy! shows are taped in a single day? **
    5. STR: What trusted CBS anchorman's public doubts about Vietnam helped prompt LBJ not to seek re-election in 1968? **
    6. WC: What show's fans started "Ullmania"? **

    Example Card 3 (and into full-blown WTF)
    1. CLC: Who first evangelized on TV on a 15-minute series titled Hour of Decision? **
    2. SIT: What year was the final episode of Newhart set in?
    3. DRM: What disease's effects did Joanne Woodward portray in her Emmy-winning performance in Do You Remember Love? **
    4. K&G: Who served time as host for Liars Club, Stumpers, Password, and College Bowl?
    5. STR: What native of Bristol, Tennessee was host of The Ford Show from 1956-61?
    6. WC: What were the first two hit rock music shows on prime time TV?

    Example Card 1 Answers
    1. CLC: Morris Fink's
    2. SIT: "Hawkeye" Pierce
    3. DRM: Soaps
    4. K&G: Alex Trebek
    5. STR: Nichelle Nichols
    6. WC: "You"

    Example Card 2 Answers
    1. CLC: Sgt. Joe Friday
    2. SIT: Arcola
    3. DRM: The Fugitive
    4. K&G: Five
    5. STR: Walter Cronkite's
    6. WC: The Tracy Ullman Show's

    Example Card 3 Answers
    1. CLC: Billy Graham
    2. SIT: Nineteen ninety-five
    3. DRM: Alzheimer's disease
    4. K&G: Allan Ludden
    5. STR: Tennessee Ernie Ford
    6. WC: Shindig, Hullabaloo

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    Anyone out there hungry?
    I just added three new recipes to The Red Kitchen:
    1. Strawberry-Mango Smoothie
    2. Chocolate Gravy (don't knock it 'til you've tried it!)
    3. Homemade Beer Bread
    I highly recommend recipe #2 and #3!
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    That's great, but who are the CHEFS?
    So I'm sitting here typing an e-mail to Stacy just now -- and all of a sudden a kid outside in the street just screamed at the top of his lungs out of nowhere:


    Oh yeah, he'll make a good blogger soon.
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    Swedish Bikini Team, anyone?
    I thought I'd be silly yesterday (what? quit looking at me like that!) and change all of the dates/times to Swedish just because I can in MT 2.0 now. Have you noticed, those Swedes have really silly date names? I mean today is Torsdag. C'mon. Doesn't that just smack of a town you'd take a pit-stop at somewhere in the middle of New Mexico? Not that there's anything wrong with that...
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    Is there life outside of Tech TV?
    Megan Morrone, everyone's favorite sassy little geek girl, listed the "five things she learned by reading weblogs" this week. Who knew there was a streaming webcast of a computer voice reading spam emails aloud on "spam radio"?! Be sure to check the article out -- there are some really great links there!

    Leo showed a way to update text/links within a site's code (say if you move servers) all at once using Perl -- making the changes sitewide.

    And now for something completely different, from Cat...Papa Smurf on a quiz show (all your base are belong to us style). Cuchi cuchi!
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    I'm happy, happy at home
    So it looks like Stacy and Daniel are heading over to Casa de Tobyn on Saturday for Round II of last weekend. I am literally giddy-happy ticking the days off this week. Thank goodness OU basketball will be on tomorrow night to distract me. (At least I hope it will be a good distraction as opposed to a sulking, alcohol-filled loss.)

    You know, there are people you can literally spend years of your life hanging around with them and never really "click" -- no matter how well you (think you) know them. And then there are people you meet face-to-face for literally a number of hours and it feels like you've been friends forever. We caught ourselves laughing at more than one 'inside joke' last weekend -- and we'd been in the same room together for less time than most new NBC sitcoms last.

    Funny how today's society works out that you end up meeting some of your closest friends in 'real life' on the Internet...but it really seems to have worked out that way this time... And I couldn't be happier. Bring on the drinking and silly board games!

    Anyone else think they can take me at Trivial Pursuit? Do you feel lucky punk?
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    It's a two-fer!
    And I'm another aortal link this week (see below). Thank you!
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    So when I read this article interviewing Matt Stone, I didn't believe they were really going to kill Kenny off once and for all and add Butters to the South Park foursome. But watching the show right now, it looks like they've done just that. For least...

    Good thing everyone knows it's Butters. That's me!
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    aortal anti-portal...much like anti-pasta but not...
    I always get all giddy-like when I discover my blog is someone's aortal link! Thanks Stasi -- nice to meet ya'. (And love your comment submit buttons, btw!)

    If you're not sure what an aortal link is, here you go...
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    So just WHERE have you been?
    Movable Type 2.0 has been released! Go. Get it. Now.

    UPDATE: You can now e-mail individual entries in my blog (from 2002) to anyone you choose either by searching for them or using the mini-form located at the bottom of each comment window.
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    More weddings than you can shake a bouquet at
    It just dawned on me that due to a site outage over the weekend, I never got to link the new March "Fifteen Minutes of Fame" wedding. So check it out if you are so inclined...
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    It's Classy!
    I'm not sure just how long the design has been up, but I just noticed the spiffy new look over at Classy Announcements this afternoon. It's a terrific small business run by a "friend of a friend". If you're doing the eloping thing - want to announce an engagement - need unique birth announcements, shower invites, holiday greetings etc. - well then this is the site for you. I can't wait for the day 'til we have an excuse to buy them!
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    Another "Peep Show"
    Remember all of the Peep links I posted a few weeks back? Kathy just sent me a couple of new, and most amusing, ones:
    1. An American Peep in Paris
    2. Power to the Peeps (from the St. Petersburg Times)

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    Did somebody say free?
    Need a wedding dress, or know somebody that does? David's Bridal is giving away one free bridal gown a week. Go here to register!
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    It's not just for Captain Kirk anymore
    Here's an interesting MSNBC article on "how starships will change sex and society".

    Humans will begin a voyage to the nearest star this century, a NASA researcher says. And the crew might more resemble a tribal society than the chain of command of traditional space missions. Procreation would be required. The crew that arrived would be descendents of those that left.

    Sending humans out into deep space over a period of generations probably means a one-way trip for those aboard, researchers say, and would require the development of reliable power sources and closed-loop life support systems. [Geoffery A. Landis of NASA’s Glenn Research Center] has even suggested sending out crews consisting only of women to save on weight, replacing men with frozen sperm to ensure reproduction later down the line.

    I just can't quiet the cynical side of me that's thinking, "Just great... We've screwed everything up on our own planet. Parts of Antarctica are breaking off and melting. But oh yeah, let's go screw the cosmos up as well!" One thing's for certain. Our children, and our children's children, face an interesting road ahead.
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    Get Poofs, Not Puff
    I've finally updated the "Please P. Diddy, Ruin This Song Too" mailbag to include letters from 2002. There you can find such witty banter as, "i think your a stupid fag. your probly just jealous that hes so joy and you are such an ugly, lonely feral. Oh well, if you think you are so shit hot- keep on telling yourself that because you are the only one who does. Catya!"

    WARNING: Loss of IQ points may result from prolonged exposure!
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    April Fool's!
    Well the big day is looming closer, so it's time to pimp the April Fool's blog-switch again. Have no idea what I'm talking about? You can read the initial post for more details...

    Basically a bunch of bloggers are getting together on April Fool's Day to switch places -- leaving their readers guessing as to just who is doing the writing. You will post to the blog of the same person that ends up with yours for security's sake. You can join with a partner if you prefer to know in advance who will have access to your blog, or you can be randomly assigned. So far it looks like we've got four pairs of "pre-assigned" partners, and ten people willing to have a random partner. If it sounds like something you might be interested in, more instructions can be found here.
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    Wanna play the flute? Gotta pee in a cup!
    I just watched this story on the news and I must say I'm horrified. The Supreme Court is now weighing the legalities of drug tests in order to participate in after-school activities. And it seems many Justices are in favor of such tests. The school, Tecumseh High School in Oklahoma, is ironically where my roommate during my freshman year at OU went to high school.

    In 1998, the plaintiff's school district asked students who engaged in extracurricular activities from 7th through 12th grades to consent to drug testing. Miss Earls wanted to participate in the school's vocal choir and marching band. Her lawsuit "could help decide whether school districts can require drug tests for students who want to participate in after-school activities from cheerleading to chess squad".

    If this becomes law, what's to stop law agencies from one day beating down our doors, forcing us to take a drug test to see if we're fit to be on the PTA or run the school's bake sale? Lord knows what we could slip into the brownies!

    Now don't get me wrong...I have never tried illegal drugs myself (although my husband has) it's not a test I fear personally. But this just smacks of lost freedoms that can never be recovered.

    Students aren't going to avoid a drug problem because of these tests. If anything, it will only succeed in making them more introverted, left to camp out in front of their computers at home alone. The ones that potentially need the "help" that policies like these are trying to catch are the very ones least likely to get "caught" in such a scenario in the first place. Education needs to come in the form of discussions with parents and authority figures -- not by lining our kids up like cattle outside of the school restroom doors for pee parties, with the fear of "did my bagel have poppy seads on it" looming over their heads each day.

    Although I think there is a place for drug-testing in certain athletic competitions, I find it very hard to believe such tests are necessary in order for my child to play the flute, sing in the choir, or (God-forbid) join the 4-H club. With every little bit of liberty that vanishes, this country seems to forget the very principles on which it was founded. Because this one time, at band camp...
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    And Tuesday means...
    It's time for "This or That"!

    1. Run or walk? Walk. I used to run track...but that was then.
    2. Thistle or dandelions? Hrrrrmmm... Thistle I guess.
    3. Birds singing or crickets chirping? Birds singing. Crickets keep me up at night.
    4. Allergies or none? Only to winter wheat, which thankfully isn't in abundance in this part of the country.
    5. A, B, C or 1, 2, 3? A, B, C, I s'pose.
    6. "Easy as pie" or "simple as cake"? Simple as cake. Cake. Mmmmm... Where was I again?
    7. Trampoline or swimming pool? Swimming pool!
    8. Nickel or penny? Nickle. I horrified my grandpa in grade school when he caught me throwing pennies in the trash. And it still drives me crazy when Todd has 15-20 sitting around in our console in the car.
    9. Basketball or baseball? To watch in person -- baseball (as long as it's outdoors as intended and not in the stupid dome here in Tampa Bay). Baseball is just boring as hell on TV though. And nothing compares to March madness. All that said, can I choose football though?
    10. Sliding doors or French doors? French doors. I love them -- and wish we had them in our house! Sliding doors are so annoying when they go off the track, too...

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    "Grow up, Heather. Bulimia's so '87!"
    MSNBC and The Washington Post have a new article on "9-11 terror slang". Some of the phrases include:
    1. My room is "ground zero". (A mess.)
    2. My teacher is "such a terrorist". (Mean.)
    3. "It was total jihad." (After being disciplined.)
    4. "That’s so Sept. 10." (Petty concern.)
    5. "Is that a burqa?" (Out of style clothing.)
    This kind of talk is 'thraxed, yo'. Kids today...
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    What have you done for me lately Eddie?
    I never thought I'd see the day...Eddie Vedder in a mohawk... He inducted The Ramones into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Monday night. R.I.P. Joey.
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    I'm giddy as a little schoolgirl

    My life is in a tizzy
    My brain is oh-so-dizzy
    My hair is way too frizzy
    And my work is far from done

    My glass is almost full
    My sass is in a lull
    My ass is never dull
    And my nights are far from fun

    My heart is still as strong
    My eyes still read along
    My fingers know the song
    And my man boobs are not meant for public consumption

    -- Chris Pirillo

    Chris, I love you man...but you'll have to talk Todd into sharing his Bud Light...
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    And today's horoscope is...
    Someone whom you've been wanting to hear from for a long time, Robyn, perhaps an old friend who lives far away, could ring you up today - when you're out. You'll be glad to get the message, but it could result in a frustrating game of phone tag throughout the day. Don't get so irritated you throw up your hands and give up. Keep trying; you'll eventually touch base, and you'll be glad you did!

    Now see, this can't be true. All of my friends know the only sure bet to really catch me is via e-mail!
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    Calling all freaks
    This is one of the rare times I'm on ICQ, so if you happen to be up and bored, IM me... My number is 1188879. Just note, you have to have permission to talk to me -- so you'd better have a good excuse whipped up in order for me to accept your initial contact! And no using "because I'm minty fresh". That's my answer!
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    Men are beautiful, too!
    Not to be outdone by me, Todd decided to submit his rack to Hoopty's project. Man, I feel like a woman! But hands off ladies. He's mine -- all mine!

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    Two Wrights don't make a wrong!
    Very happy second anniversary wishes go out to Angela and Baron today! And many more...
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    Steppin' out with my baby
    Todd decided to sneak another day out of the office, so in a bit we're going to head out and run errands / "do stuff". Mondays are always so much easier to get through when he's home with me! Hope everyone else's Monday is less than manic...
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    More birthday greetings!
    Today is my mom's birthday, and also Kymberlie's! Hope you both have a wonderful day!

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    The 'baby' part of Blog Blog Baby
    Reading Joy's blog this weekend kind of gave me a gentle-nudge that I'm ready to talk about something I've rarely/barely addressed here. We're not pregnant. I know certain people seem to waste a lot of time combing through every possible photo of me/us taken since last summer, and I'm finally ready to just come out and say they are not going to find what they are looking for...because there is nothing to look for...

    Todd and I have been doing the infertility dance for well over 18 months. Everything is fine on his end, but well, everything not fine on my end. I've had mulitple tests, surgeries, drugs -- you name it. Nothing has worked. We were invited to participate in a drug company study last summer, but for reasons private to us, decided not to opt for that medication at the last minute. Since then we've felt extremely grateful to have made the call we did -- because studies are now finding out this medication may cause cancer. The last thing I need to deal with on top of everything else I'm facing...

    At first it was painful. It was hard. I won't lie. With every baby I saw, it felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest. Everywhere I turned it seemed someone, everyone, but me was pregnant. But that was then. Since then we've had a lot of time to regroup and collect ourselves. Our marriage has never been happier or stronger. We enjoy things being just the two of us. Really. We haven't hit 30 yet, and that clock isn't screaming at us right now. We've been through so much in our almost 6 years of marriage, it's been really nice to have the pressure off and just be "us" again. We've found ourselves enjoying each other's company so much more without the constant "pressure" of peeing on a stick every 30 days -- and once again just seeing one line. And let me tell you, I really don't miss those twice-a-month invasive, internal ultrasounds!

    That's not to say that if some miraculous conception happened tomorrow that we wouldn't be ready -- or overjoyed. But it is to say that we've taken the pressure off ourselves. It's not in our plans at the moment. It isn't the end-all-be-all of every waking moment's thoughts. We both really appreciate the thoughts and prayers of everyone who's known what has been going on. Words can never even begin to express just how much they've meant to us!

    We're going to make wonderful parents one day. And there will be a "one day". I believe that with all my heart. That day just isn't today... And finally we can loudly say, "That's ok by us!"
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    Racking up frequent blogger miles
    Hoopty started "the rack project" so I thought I'd put my

    If you want to submit your own rack, you can do so here!
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    How Sweet 16 it is!
    My Sooners beat Xavier today 78-65 in the NCAA tourney to advance to the Sweet 16! Up next...Arizona!
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    Happy birthday Jana!
    Happy 29th Jana -- hope you had a wonderful day!

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    One night in Lakeland and the world's your oyster
    As promised, here are photos from our night over at Stacy and Daniel's last night! (photo 1, photo 2, photo 3) We had so much fun -- thanks again guys! And see wKen...Todd does exist... Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention -- I came home with Trivial Pursuit bragging rights.
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    The day after the night before
    We're just getting back in after spending a fun-filled evening in Lakeland at Stacy and Daniel's! We'd like to thank them for their heapin' helpin' of hospitality -- we had a blast! Hopefully pics tomorrow, errrrr today, when we've had SLEEP! Thanks again guys!
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    Trading Spaces
    Like the TV show? How about considering "Trading Spaces" for your blog... "I'm thinking we can just have two blogs and let the designers trade spaces. So here's what we'll do: If you want your blog redesigned - a blogover - let me know. I'll pair you with another person and you'll get a new web site. One week sounds like enough time to do it."

    Unfortunately one of the requirements is, "Your redesign must validate as HTML 4.01 (Transitional) and you must use valid CSS." Soooo...that means I won't be participating. But if you know and code in CSS, give it a whirl!
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    It's a bouncing baby girl!
    Since Angela has her congrats up, I can finally go ahead and say WELCOME TO THE WORLD baby Margaret Marie Cahoon! We've yet to see photos, but Todd still insists little Maggie looks just like him. (Tara and Tommy found out they were expecting the week after they vacationed here in Florida, and spent a weekend with us.) Maggie was born at 1:30 a.m. on March 14th. She weighed in at a very healthy 7 lbs. 6 oz. and is 19" long. Congrats to the three Cahoons!
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    Mini me
    Yesterday Erica joked that every time I put up a photo of a blonde here, people are going to ask if it's me. So I thought I'd dig up one of my old modeling shots just for fun. (It's one of the few my family still has.) I was about 14 years old in this photo, and it was part of an ad campaign for a chain of clothing stores (in Oklahoma...not sure where else...but this is their parent company) called "The Closet". You will notice, my body had not yet discovered the wonders of cellulite, breasts and/or hips. I consider that to be a bad thing. I'm much more comfortable in my curvy, non-lanky skin now! Dig that 80s hair though...
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    You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
    God bless -- I really needed a funny article on this topic today! "Study Finds Sexism Rampant in Nature" (from The Onion).
    posted at 04:53 PM | link--it | mail it | (1) shout it know the freakin' rest!
    The OU Sooners downed the Illinois Chicago Flames 71-63 in the first round of the NCAA Tourney today. Not that I'd actually get to SEE the game down here or anything with Florida losing to Creighton in double-OT. We'd better get Sunday's game against the winner of Xavier/Hawaii or someone's head is going to roll!
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    Public service announcement
    Since somehow the true meaning of my blog seems to have been muddied along the way by newcomers not familiar with "me", my opinions and my mind...I'd like to grab the mic in NBC-"The More You Know"-style to say the following:

    Your blog is important to us. Please continue to hold...
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    Say it ain't so
    Poor Todd. Things just aren't looking good for his favorite TV psychic. Turns out Miss Cleo isn't really "a renowned shaman from Jamaica". She was born Youree Dell Harris to American parents in Los Angeles County Hospital. So let the "I wonder why she never saw it coming" bad jokes start flyin' around again...
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    Globe of Blogs
    Here's another blog-indexing site, courtesy of Kristine -- Globe of Blogs. Blogs are grouped by location, title, author name, author age and birthday. Stop by and submit your site today!
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    Was there "No Doubt"?
    Two quiz-tests in one week. Is the universe going to implode?! I spotted the "Which Rock Chick Are You?" quiz over at Just Julie's. She was Gwen Stefani -- so like, no pressure there or anything. Well I didn't end up being Gwen.....but I think the result is quite fitting since I just went from blonde/pink to red!

    Which Rock Chick Are You?

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    I can see your panties
    So I'm still trying to decide whether the title "Pantie Blog" was a typo, or a double-entendre.....but there seems to be a lot of discussion over at about all my "girls! girls! girls!". If you'd like to drop by for a read, and/or give your 2¢ worth, be my guest!
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    Every thang’s gonna be all white!
    Another link from Daypop that darn-near caused a spit-take: Team picks white man mascot to make point

    "An intramural basketball team at the University of Northern Colorado called 'The Fighting Whities' is turning the tables on the Eaton mascot issue. Led by Solomon Little Owl, director of Native American Student Services at UNC, the team chose a white man as its mascot to raise awareness and understanding of stereotypes that some cultures endure..." Brilliant!
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    Guam anyone?
    Did you know that there are men in Guam whose full-time job is to travel the countryside and deflower young virgins, who pay them for the privilege of having sex for the first time? The reason for this is that under Guam's law, it is forbidden for virgins to marry.

    For this and other useless sex-law trivia from around the globe, visit this site. (Link snagged from Daypop.)
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    With a lot of luck and a pretty face

    Standing in the sun with a popsicle
    Anything is possible...

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    May I kick a little something for the G's
    And yet another young mind we've corrupted by blogging...Todd's cousin Susan! There's no stopping us now. Oh no.
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    Life is a Cabaret
    Eight signs this marriage probably isn't going to make it either:
    1. Your mom is Judy Garland. Hey, I like Judy -- but c'mon. It's genetic.
    2. MICHAEL JACKSON is giving you away.
    3. Elizabeth Taylor is your matron of honor.
    4. Whitney Houston is singing.
    5. Tito Jackson is a groomsman.
    6. Elton John and members of Queen are on the guestlist.
    7. You're wearing white...again...
    8. You refer to this wedding as number ‘four-ever’ to the press.
    Some days I don't know why I even bother... Things like this really just write themselves, now don't they?
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    An open book
    Well as expected, my mom wasn't too fond of this entry. I had a "short-n-sweet" e-mail waiting for me when I got up today. To be honest, after we talked about it, I'm not sure if she'll continue to read along here or not. I guess last night was the first time I really made that conscious choice over what not to write because she was reading, but rather putting up what I wanted to write about despite the fact she was reading... In the end I decided that I'm not writing for her life -- I'm writing about mine. I love my mom, but we don't always see eye-to-eye and probably never will. That's what makes me "me", and not "her". And that is all I have to say about that...
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    No Bra Required
    I can finally let everyone in on the project I've been working on for the last week-plus -- No Bra Required. Dori is an amazing woman who is battling breast cancer, and this page merges her old personal sites with her new blog. It's my first round of design work with BlogOmania and so far I'm really happy with the results! Christine and I need to sit down and get the blog properly skinned when she gets back, but for now the site is ready to go live so check it out!
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    Got a photograph, picture of...
    Meryl has tons of SxSW photos up online now. Stop by to catch glimpses of Christine, Ben and Mena, Jay, Jish and more!
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    I can't spell VW, but I got a Porsche
    I was quite shocked to learn someone didn't recognize a quote from this song today, so in my effort to re-educate the world I give to you the lyrics of "'Cause I'm a Blonde" by Julie Brown (spoken lines in italics).

    Because I'm blonde, I don't have to think
    I talk like a baby and I never pay for drinks
    Don't have to worry about gettin' a man
    If I keep this blonde and I keep these tan

    'Cause I'm a blonde
    Yeah, yeah, yeah
    'Cause I'm a blonde
    Yeah, yeah, yeah

    I see people workin', it just makes me giggle
    'Cause I don't have to work, I just have to jiggle

    'Cause I'm blonde
    'Cause I'm a blonde
    Don't you wish you were me?

    I never learned to read and I never learned to cook
    Why should I bother when I look like I look?
    I know lots of people are smarter than me
    But I have this philosophy:
    "So what?"

    'Cause I'm a blonde
    Yeah, yeah, yeah

    I see girls without dates and I feel so sorry for 'em
    'Cause whenever I'm around, all the men ignore 'em

    'Cause I'm blonde
    Nyah, nyah, nyah
    'Cause I'm a blonde
    Nyah, nyah, nyah

    They say to make it you need talent and ambition
    Well, I got a TV show, and this was my audition:

    Um, okay. what was it, okay, um,
    don't tell me, oh yeah, okay...
    "Duck, Magnum, duck!"

    'Cause I'm a blonde
    Yeah, yeah, yeah
    'Cause I'm a blonde
    Yeah, yeah, yeah

    I took an IQ test, and I flunked it, of course
    I can't spell VW, but I got a Porsche

    'Cause I'm a blonde
    'Cause I'm a blonde
    Don't you wish you were me?

    I just want to say that being chosen as
    this month's Miss August is like a compliment
    I'll remember for as long as I can. Right now I'm
    a freshman in my fourth year at UCLA, but my goal
    is to become a veterinarian, 'cause I love children.

    'Cause I'm a blonde
    Yeah, yeah, yeah
    'Cause we're a blonde
    Yeah, yeah, yeah

    Girls think I'm snotty, and maybe it's true
    With my hair and body, you would be too

    'Cause I'm a blonde
    B-L-... I don't know!
    'Cause I'm a blonde
    Yeah, yeah, yeah
    'Cause I'm a blonde
    Yeah, yeah, yeah
    'Cause I'm a blonde
    Yeah, yeah, yeah!

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    She don't eat meat but she sure likes the bone
    I've debated all day whether or not to post this...I mean, my mom reads here... But I finally decided this is my space and I've got nothin' to hide!

    A close friend of ours wrote late last night after seeing my new 'naughty schoolgirl' skin. They told me I didn't have to answer if I didn't want to or felt uncomfortable, but they were really curious as to whether or not I was bi-sexual since most of my skins feature scantily clad ladies. The question didn't bother me at all. In fact, it very much amused me (and Todd).

    My reply? "Nope." I'm strictly, 100% heterosexual. (Sometimes much to Todd's dismay I believe. Heh.) Not that there's anything wrong with that... I have a close family member that's bi, and several friends who are gay/lesbian/bi as well. But that's just not "me".

    It's not like I haven't had the opportunity to figure it out yet either. I'm 29 years old. Besides the "I kissed a girl" episode in college, I've been approached in clubs several times. And one of my very best friends back home made it quite clear that were I ever interested... But I wasn't. And I'm still not. Frankly, I just enjoy looking at the female form much more than the male form. It's much more sensual, IMHO. I've never 'felt' anything sexually for other women -- in photographs and/or in real life -- except maybe smiling along with my husband which helps enhance our own brand o' fun. Watching him turned on is a turn on for me. The sassy girly pics keep him happy...which keeps me happy... *wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more*

    So there you have it just in case you might be wondering, too. I'm sorry to disappoint any of you who were holding out hope. But if you prefer, like Todd, to keep on living with the fantasy -- that's quite ok by me. I'll just be over here combing through my private stash of Jason Lee and Rivers Cuomo photos...
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    Behold...the pantie blog!
    I've been called a lot of things in my time...but... I just got notified that my blog is being featured at The write-up says:

    My Husband Calls it the Pantie Blog: "On a day when I noticed that most of the top links at BW are about women as sex objects, I come across this blog and my husband's reaction is male drooling over the picture used as background. Maybe its jut the kind of day I'm having but I don't think so. On its own merits I liked this blog. Lots of blog community news and I found links to other good blogs."

    Pretty cool -- thanks!
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    Mikey's back and you're gonna be in trouble
    He likes it! He likes it! Hey Mikey...
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    Ciò o quel Martedì
    It's time for Ashley's "This or That" Tuesday again!

    1. "Blah, blah, blah..." or "yadda, yadda, yadda..."? Blah Blah Blog, of course.
    2. English or math? English. Math is hard.
    3. VHS or DVD? DVD!
    4. Jeans or pants? I prefer my track pants.
    5. Art or Music? Music.
    6. Near or far? Since I love cross-country trips and live a 24-hour car ride from home, "far", I guess...
    7. Nestle's or Hershey's? Neither. Godiva baby!
    8. Who was/is the best James Bond: Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan? Pierce Brosnan is yummy.
    9. Triangle or rectangle? Rectangle.
    10. Chat or not? I haven't been on ICQ for ages, and constantly get yelled at for it.

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    It's funny 'cuz it's true
    Sometimes I just feel like Karen on "Will and Grace".

    1. C'mon honey, now what are we doing here? What's this all about?
    2. You know honey, you've still got your looks - where are you hiding them?
    3. Your hair's already such a disaster the Red Cross won't give it coffee.
    4. Yeehaw! Look who put the ho in hoedown!
    5. She's gone to Mexico for cosmetic surgery so many times I bet if you slapped the back of her head, prizes would fall out.
    Whatever some of these folks are paying their handlers, it isn't enough...
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    A rock-a chick-a boom
    I've been up since about 4:15 this morning and couldn't for the life of me figure out why I was up at that ungodly hour, when we didn't even make it to bed until past 2:00 a.m. But then I started reading CNN... The space shuttle touched down at about 4:32 a.m. EST -- meaning I most likely had a sonic boom as my early-morning wake-up call. Thanks NASA!
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    Just for the ASSMAN
    When I see a friend in need, I become a friend indeed.
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    I'll even let you hold the remote control
    I never do online tests here anymore, but when I found this one over at Gnome-Girl's I couldn't resist. I'm a huge Drew fan (see my skins if you don't believe me), and I own/run "Wholly Matrimony!" -- so it's only fitting that I am:

    Which Drew Are You?

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    I did it all by myself!
    Nothing major, but I finally figured out how to make my 2002 weekly archives hold the same skin you select for the main site, rather than going back to the default Gwen skin. So feel free to click on any of the "weekly archive" links here and give it a whirl. (And don't forget to check out the new one!)
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    I always forget to do these
    But not today's Monday Mission!

    1. I love to order a Wendy's "Frosty" and then dip my French Fries into it before I eat them. Do you have any eating habits others might think are odd? Tons of them. I made a list of the top 20 back in January.

    2. What was the worst date you ever went on? It was with a guy that friends and I met in a bar when I was in college. We went to "group" events together a few times before I'd go out with him alone, but even then, some voice in the back of my head said to let my friends know just exactly where I'd be and when to look for me if I didn't get home on time. He faked a seizure in the restaurant we were in because I made him angry for not trying the aligator tail appetizer he'd ordered -- even though when he placed the order I said that I didn't want to try it. Even our waitress was freaked out. Then he drove all the way back to Norman from Oklahoma City with the heat blasting to near 100 degrees in the car, while driving over 85 mph with some freaky heavy metal music blaring on the stereo. He tried to invite himself up to my apartment when he brought me home, but I practically dove out of the still moving car. I called my friends when I got upstairs and said if I wasn't at their house in 10 minutes to call the police -- and I spent the night on their couch. I let Caller ID take this guy's calls for WEEKS before he finally got a clue and quit calling. I seriously thought I was going to die on the way home that night.

    3. Who (or what site) inspired you to begin Blogging? Ashley inspired me to start because I enjoyed reading her private journal so much. And ironically, before I'd ever even "met" Christine, I did a Google search to see if anyone was using the name "Blah Blah Blog". When I saw that she had the name, and the domain -- I went with my alternate choice "Ain't too proud to blog". Shortly thereafter, Christine discovered my blog, and we've been close friends ever since! Funny how life works out that way...

    4. Have you inspired, encourgaed, or begged anyone else to start a Blog? Oh yeah -- several friends! Just check out some of the Daves I know. But I'm still waiting for Susan, Kathy and Lynn to start up. *hint, hint*

    5. Any foods you just will not eat? Just about any vegetable other than corn or green beans. Especially cabbage, spinach or brussel sprouts. And liver. Never. Blech! I still eat like a 5-year old.

    6. Describe the worst Birthday party (adult or child's) that you ever attended? A friend of ours from college and I share the same birthday. We went on a huge group barhopping-spree on the evening of our 21st so the two of us could collect all of the free shots and t-shirts. A pseudo-cat-fight broke out that night between one of the designated drivers and her sister (when the sister puked all over the interior of the driver's car) and it wasn't pretty -- but fortunately the alcohol numbed most of us from the pain.

    7. What was the first music album you ever bought (tape, CD, LP, whichever or all of the above)? With my own money...Blondie's Auto American, and I still have it on LP. It survived our house fire when I was in the third grade!
    BONUS: Do you think you're what they say you are? Todd knew this one, but I didn't! ;-)
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    And on today's show...
    Here's a coupla' cool segments from today's Call For Help:
    1. Insert Yourself Into a Photo: The idea of inserting yourself into a photo is simple. All you need is some inexpensive graphic software, a photo of yourself, and another photo of someone interesting...
    2. Paint Your PC: Bobby Kinstle from AppleFritter shows how to make a computer case a work of art...

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    The subject of schoolgirl fantasy
    Hey boys and girls -- there's a new skin up if you are so inclined!
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    Blush and Bashful
    I highly recommend not having liquid in your mouths when you view this one! I laughed so hard, I snorted.
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    I see trees of green, red roses too
    I suggest not trying this at home kids -- but just in case you happen to drop your expensive Nikon digital camera in a pond, you might just be surprised with the amazing "digital kaleidoscope" results. (Link snagged from blogdex.)
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    Mooooove over Gateway
    Nice try Gateway, but I'm sorry. You will never be as cool as the Apple design team. Not even close. Deal with it.
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    The gift that keeps on giving
    Is it just me or is the plot of the movie "Airplane" coming to life?
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    Ack - I missed a birthday!
    I can't believe it completely slipped by me... I hope you had a wonderful birthday Angela!

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    Sooner Magic!
    The OU men's basketball team just defeated the #1 Kansas Jayhawks 64-55 to capture the Big XII title -- a sweep for OU men and women! Congrats to both Sooner squads -- BOOMER SOONER!
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    When I grow up...
    I want to make a site like this, and this, and this. Now there's a blogger with some serious design skills -- simply beautiful!
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    Like sands through the hourglass
    Michele posted a link in Chris's comments today that will be the end of me. A website full of cute little games that I will actually sit down and play. I'm already looking into 12-step programs -- because I never, ever play games on my computer -- and I can't stop playing these. Dusting? Laundry? Why whatever do you mean?
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    It's ladies night and the feelin's right
    Just wanted to send out congrats to the OU women's basketball team -- they captured the Big XII title crown in Kansas City tonight. The Sooners defeated the Baylor Bears 84-69 for their first conference tournament championship. "The victory all but seals a first seed in the NCAA Tournament for the Sooners, who won by an average of 22 points in three games in the tournament."
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    It's awesome baby!
    Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, goodbye... Oklahoma defeated texas today 67-51 in the semi-final round of the Big XII Championship. That makes it a 3-peat against the 'whorns this season! After watching the Jayhawk's performance today against Knight and crew, the final against Kansas isn't going to be pretty -- but I don't care. For now I can bask in the glory of three wins over texas in one season! Maybe it's a good thing we aren't in Austin right now after all? I'm not exactly sure we'd be welcome...
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    It's not easy being green
    Not sure if she'll have the time to check in to my blog -- but Meryl e-mailed us a quick SxSW update this morning. (She's rooming with Christine.)

    Christine is fabulous! She said to tell you... she and I are here and you're not <stuck tongue out> ;) I met up with Nick Finck and we got his badge then headed to Iron Catcus for Break Bread with Brad where I met Jish, Jay from openwire, and Ben and Mena! Christine finally arrived around 9pmish. It was great to finally see her! Then, we went to Poly Esther's for Karoake. Mena sang "Stand By Your Man". It was great. It was 2 hours past my bedtime, so I left about 12ish. Christine left at 3am!

    So that's today's field report... Oh yeah, they're killing me softly with their song! If you get to check in, hope you both continue to have a blast -- and don't forget to take a lot of pics for those less fortunate than yourselves!
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    Even if you're not a Weezer fan, the behind-the-scenes goings-on related to the (now very much in question) release of their next CD 'Maladroit' really highlights the power of the internet. From unreleased weezer for the masses:

    "Toward the end of December 2001 Weezer entered the studio to begin work on their fourth LP. The album began to take shape as Rivers Cuomo, Brian Bell, Scott Shriner, the newly acquired bassist, and Patrick Wilson started work on a multitude of demos. In an unprecedented move for such an accomplished and prolific band as Weezer, following the daily band recordings,, the official web site, would host full, unedited MP3s of the session.

    Each day, would include a report about Weezer-related happenings, including pictures of the band playing, with the Audio/Visual section soon receiving a fresh update of music, sometimes more than ten songs at once! Each song could be downloaded in its entirety, though, of course, their quality was not quite of an album; they were merely demos and had not been through the mixing and mastering process.

    Toward the end of January, the band wrapped up the basic recording sessions and prepared to start the mixing process. Most fans assumed we would not hear from the demo tracks until the official release of 'Maladroit', tentatively scheduled, at the time, for a release on April 30th. Amazingly, began offering mixed versions of the tracks on its web site on a regular basis. Sometimes there would be several different versions of a mixed track as the band read over feedback from fans on the Weezer fan sites and message boards and made subsequent tweaks.

    While all this was happening, radio stations began downloading the demos and mixes from and playing them on national programs. College radio stations proved to be the most prominent, but several popular national stations, such as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's Y100, started looping demos on their playlist regularly. This is when Interscope, Weezer's record label, began to take notice.

    On February 19th, 2002, updated with word that 'Dope Nose' was officially added to the playlists at 106.7 KROQ, Los Angeles and 94.7 The Zone, Chicago. This was significant for several reasons. One, 'Dope Nose' had absolutely no promotion other than a link being to the MP3 being on Interscope had no involvement. The band had not encouraged fans to request any of the demos on radio stations. Two, 106.7 KROQ is the largest radio station in the entire United States. Making it onto their air space is impressive enough, but an unfinished track with no promotion making it onto the official song rotation is unprecedented. This is where Interscope stepped in.

    Following the announcement on February 19th, the Audio/Visual section of was shut down by Interscope. All that was left on the page was a black background with red lettering that stated: 'audio/visual page page shut down'."

    Then on March 1st, was updated to say: "Yesterday, at Interscope's insistance, Rivers Cuomo had to write a letter to all the radio stations that he had previously sent the 'Maladroit' promo CD to, asking them to hold off promoting the tracks on the CD until the record company was ready to service the 'Dope Nose' single. With so many radio stations having shown immediate support of the songs, the band is now crossing their fingers that the fantastic wave of support at radio is not cast into confusion..."

    On March 7th, once again addressed the issue: "Unfortunately, even as all the reports of radio success come in, the album itself seems to be no closer to coming out, as relations have become further strained with the record company. Now that 'Dope Nose' is taking off, Intersope has begun to show a decided interest in the band's new creation, 'Maladroit'. Now it seems that Interscope wants to claim ownership and take possession of the 'Maladroit' master tapes that Weezer created, produced and paid for independent of any record company aid. It's going to be difficult for them to turn over the tapes which they worked so hard on..."

    What big record companies fail to realize in this day and age -- with programs like Limewire and Audio Galaxy at every fan's -- and every radio station's -- fingertips, is that they no longer have end-all be-all control over the artists on their labels. Most Weezer fans, myself included, already have 'Maladroit' on CD. And we have it on CD because the band allowed us to have it. I didn't download anything to be a 'music pirate' and I fully intend to give the band (and their mafia-style label) my money when (if?) 'Maladroit' is finally released. But a forced-letter by a hardball record company isn't stopping anything. Billboard has just made 'Dope Nose' a No. 25 debut on the publication's Modern Rock Tracks Audience chart this week! The single is the number one request in cities like Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, L.A., San Francisco, Dallas, and Boston -- and all stations are airing the requested song.

    If you'd like to get involved and sign an online petition asking Interscope to "free Maladroit", you can do so here. This one is definitely going to be interesting to watch unfold. I just hope it unfolds in Weezer (and their fans') favors...
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    Hoop dreams
    After a lackluster first half, the Sooners came roaring back to beat Kansas State 63-52 in the first round of the Big XII Tournament. Up next...the winner in the Mizzou vs. texas game. Boomer Sooner!
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    She's Cat, she's Cat, she's Cat, she's in my head
    Just seen over at Mr. Pirillo's: Cat (of Tech TV's Call For Help and Screen Savers fame) finally has a blog! Since Megan no longer seems to be updating hers, Todd has a new devotion to focus on now...
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    Love is in the air...
    Since it's Friday, I needed to lighten the mood of my day after a "bad news" morning. So, I just composed a little love song to surprise Todd at work...

    If I love you and I know it, grab your ass!
    If I love you and I know it, grab your ass!
    Thinkin' of the lovin' we'll be makin'
    Makes my booty start-a shakin'.
    If I love you and I know it, grab your ass!

    Shave and a haircut...two bits!

    Barry Manilow and Kenny G ain't got nuthin' on me!
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    And to add to the list of people going to hell
    Next up...this cartoonist! Can someone please tell me exactly what's funny and/or political satire about a cartoon strip with captions like:

    "I keep waiting for Kevin to come home, but I know he never will. Fortunately, the $3.2 million I collected from the Red Cross keeps me warm at night."

    Another panel shows a widow saying, in a reference to the slaying of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl: "Of course it's a bummer that they slashed my husband's throat -- but the worst was having to watch the Olympics alone!"

    And yet another shows a 9-11 'terror widow' being interviewed on Larry King. She's asked, "So when your husband called you from the 104th floor, he knew he was going to die?" To which she answers, "Oh yes - he was on fire! By the way Larry, that's a bitchin' tie!"

    Excuse me. I have to go back to bed and get up on the other side, before I venture out into the streets and start to randomly punch people today...
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    Shaking head in disbelief
    People like this deserve to go straight to hell, without collectiong their $200, only to find a special suite with hot lava jacuzzi reserved just for them...

    "A Fort Worth woman accused of hitting a homeless man with her car, driving home with him lodged in her broken windshield and ignoring his pleas as he bled to death in her garage [while she was having sex with her boyfriend], is not the monster being portrayed by prosecutors, her attorney says.

    Police say Chante J. Mallard, 25, waited two days for the man to die, ignoring his pleas for help, and then dumped his body in a park with the help of friends.

    "[She's] not the monster being portrayed by prosecutors..." Give me a friggin' break. People just suck sometimes. And that's obviously putting it mildly. The one time I hit a squirrel, I cried for HOURS. I was devastated and shook like a leaf. She hit a PERSON -- listened to them die while begging for help for DAYS -- and then dumped the body. THOSE are not the actions of a monster? Well then honey, I don't know what is...
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    Honey when you knock on my door ooh I gave you my key

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    If you get too cold I'll tax the heat
    We made the annual trek to H&R Block tonight to get our taxes done. We went in armed with story after story of how much better it would be now that we're homeowners.....not! I can't complain too much since we don't owe -- but we won't be getting that nice, fat refund check we'd hoped to buy sod, take a vacation and fix the brakes on the Explorer with either. We have just enough to do the essential...fix the brakes. Poor Todd looked like he'd been sucker-punched when the lady who worked on our return gave us the total. Next year we should get about five-times back what we made this year since we'll have lived in the house a full year then (she did a mock-2002 return for us), but that's next year. 'Til then, the man keeps on keeping us down. C'est la vie!
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    Are you insane?
    This site has been making the rounds for the last couple of days, so you may have seen it already...but just in case not..."how to tell if you are insane". It took me all of 10 seconds to lose it, and now Todd and I have found ourselves launching the page at random just to crack each other up all over again. If only NASCAR was really like that -- we might watch! (Link first spotted over at Jo's.)
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    They say that catching up is hard to do
    I've sat here for the last couple of hours wading through a mountain of email in my in-box. Between a server move and tons of mail being sucked into a cyber-vacuum, and being flat-on-my-back-sick for days, it wasn't pretty. That said, there's still a chance I missed some mail along the way. So if you're sitting there waiting for a reply on something, can you please resend it and make sure it didn't get lost. I promise I am not ignoring you! Thanks!
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    I was IN a Manic Panic!
    Well tonight we decided to touch up my pink streaks... Only this time we thought we'd be a little more bold and use a streak-bleaching kit to make the pink a little deeper than it had been the last couple of touch-ups. Yeahhhhh, that didn't go so well. We didn't get the memo. But Todd came to the rescue, and with the help of a 24-hour Wal Mart, the pink has now morphed to red. I think Todd was secretly hoping I'd keep the Jem, Jem, she's truly outrageous day-glo pink 'do -- but I'm just a little too close to 30 to pull that crap. So now I'm a sassy redhead again. Watch your step. I don't do Windows!
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    Sexiest Geek Alive
    The plot to get Christine married to Martin Sargent starts to unfold... They just announced on tonight's Screen Savers that Martin will be a judge in the Sexiest Geek Alive pageant at SxSW. He will be my husband-in-law. Oh yes. He will. Please help us, Chris!
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    I see Robyn's underpants
    Well it's no big secret that I'm obsessed with Weezer and Rivers Cuomo owns my ass -- but even I think this might be taking it just a wee bit too far. And you?
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    So let's do it - April Fools unite!
    Ok, since reaction seems to be positive to the idea in the entry below -- let's do it! If you're interested in doing an April Fool's blog-author-switch e-mail me. You'll need to let me know whether or not you've already got a partner (and I'll need their confirmation as well), or whether you'd like one assigned at random. I'll write you back when I receive your e-mail and let you know things are set on my end, and then I'll be in touch with everyone a few days before 4/1 so that you can officially exchange your blog-access info with your April Fool. If you'd like a button to link back to this here's one:

    Have it link to this post, please! That's all there is to it... Thanks!
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    Bait and switch
    With Mikey's blog being down, and his guest appearance here last week, it got us talking... Wouldn't it be a fun April Fool's Day trick to pair up two bloggers and have them switch -- leaving the readers guessing as to who's doing the blogging that day? Now of course there are security risks involved as someone would have the login and password to your blog in order to post there -- so it would be best to pair the same two authors together rather than assigning them at random. Maybe even have the option of two bloggers signing up as a pair from the start, rather than being assigned a partner, if that's what they choose... Anyone up for a little "April Fool's Day blogging project"? If you have any ideas or suggestions, I'd love to hear them!
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    4 out of 5 dentists choose Crest
    Since St. Paddy's Day is fast-approaching, I thought I'd dig around and see if I could find my family crests online. I wasn't successful with Pollman, but I did find my birth and adoptive names (the Woods and the O'Rourkes):

    To look around for your family's coat of arms and shield, check out the CPROOTS Genealogy Resource Center.
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    Knock me over with a feather
    It seems Roseanne is getting divorced...again. Three strikes and she's out! I know, I know. Shocking isn't it? Maybe she needed the publicity? And Ian and Nikki Ziering appear to be history, too. Is nothing sacred anymore? Stay tuned for the next installment of "as the stars crash and burn"...
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    The worms crawl in...the worms crawl out...
    From Tech TV: "A dangerous new Internet worm is spreading and will try to delete and overwrite files on infected computers beginning on Wednesday. The worm, dubbed Klez.E, is programmed to delete and overwrite Word, Excel, video, image, and net files on the sixth day of every other month. Klez.E displays different subject lines, sometimes masquerading as a virus warning, and it tries to delete antivirus software as well. The worm can infect computers running any email system, but only sends itself to recipients listed in the address books of Microsoft's Outlook. Email attachments containing the worm can execute automatically, infecting the system just by a recipient reading or viewing the email message and not opening the attachment."

    I normally don't pass these along, but this one sounds nasty! Be careful!
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    Just like clockwork...
    And now boys and girls, it's time to play "This or That Tuesday"!

    1. Train or boat? Train. The one trip I took cross-country via train was amazing!
    2. Lake or ocean? Ocean. I was born and raised in a land-locked state and I've seen enough red-clay lakes for a lifetime.
    3. Thoughtful or perceptive? I try my best to be both...
    4. Observant or participative? Participative. I'm doing this aren't I?
    5. Line or curve? Curve. Just because.
    6. Capitalize or lowercase? Depends on how lazy I am at the moment.
    7. Giraffe or zebra? Zebra. Giraffe necks freak me out.
    8. Shiny or matte? For cosmetics, definitely matte. I hate that shiny, greasy look. For paint, semi-gloss since matte shows handprints.
    9. Oil or vinegar? I'm a deep-fried Southern girl. Oil.
    10. Sand or clay? Sand! I love digging my toes in it at the beach.

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    I want my Tech TV!
    I finally got accepted into the Tech TV Webring. You can find it over in the sidebar. If you're a fan of the network, and/or shows like "Call For Help" and "The Screen Savers", make sure to sign up! (I'm in the Call For Help category.)

    And in other things I've joined news, my blog is also in the Pepys Project now (under "North America: USA: Florida"). If you haven't signed up yet, what are you waiting for? C'mon. You know deep down you wanna be a follower!
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    Here in my car I feel safest of all
    Not that *ahem* my husband would ever be guilty of ignoring routine car maintenance *cough, cough*...excuse me, where was I...oh yeah! Today's "Call For Help" is going to feature a new GPS device by AAA that will hook up to your car's diagnostic system.

    "Remote diagnostics allows you to know the condition of certain systems in your car while your car is still on the road: at home, at work, before a trip, before it becomes a major -- and expensive or dangerous -- problem." Some of the key features include:

    1. Early notice of potential maintenance issues: AAA will send you a Trouble Code alert via email, cellular device, or pager. In real time, you'll know the condition of your emissions and fuel systems, battery voltage level, and other key systems so you can proactively take care of them.
    2. Remote door unlock: Ever lock your keys in your car? Nearly one out of five people do every year. With a simple phone call and your security code, AAA will unlock your vehicle for you and you can be on your way in just minutes.
    3. Automatic smog check: As long as your car is in compliance, you never have to go in or pay for a smog check again. The California Air Resources Board has approved this device to evaluate your emissions data and confirm that you are in compliance.
    You can check all of this out, and more, at the Call For Help site!
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    Sleeping your way to the top
    Follow your dreams. You can reach your goals. I'm living proof. Beef Cake! BEEF CAKE! (Link thanks to Meryland.)
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    Rest in peace Fluffy
    File this under anything to make a buck... "For $52.08, pet owners may say their final farewells — complete with a picture and a few lines of text — in the Philadelphia Daily News, starting Tuesday." I guess the big question is, why'd they tack the 8¢ on to the end of the price?
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    Calling all geeks...
    It's no longer in our possession, but remember the old evil Dell laptop? Well it's having modem issues at its new home, and they have all left Todd stumped. If you think you might be up to this "super geek challenge" (not licensed by Tech TV), please visit Todd's blog. Thanks!
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    Round and round she goes...Miss Amanda Jones
    I'm sitting here watching one of my favorite 80s indulgences on Encore right now -- "Some Kind of Wonderful". Life stops every time I find it on cable.

    It's not my favorite John Hughes flick, but it definitely rates right up there. I guess I was just "right age, right time" when I first saw it in the theater, as Todd does not share my sentimental feelings. But I was young (14), had never been kissed, desperately wanted to be... The kiss-lesson scene between Eric Stoltz and Mary Stuart Masterson in the auto garage gets me every time! And it's got quite the 80s soundtrack to back it up. So sue me. I like it. I like it a lot.
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    Tell me more about my eyes
    Not running Movable Type yet, but want an easy e-mail notice system to update your blog readers each day? Check out Bloglet.

    "Bloglet is a service that allows your readers to subscribe to your site via email. Once your readers sign up, they will receive a daily email with a summary of your posts from that day. Once you sign up for Bloglet, all you have to do is place a simple subscription form on your site. All your readers have to do to subscribe to your site is enter their email address in the form. Currently the only site compatible with Bloglet is Blogger, but we are working to add your favorite blog service into our system."
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    Skinned alive
    "You've got a blog on Blogger. But you've got one problem -- you suck at design. In fact, you suck so much that people skip right over your site because the bad color scheme combination and small font sizes hurt their eyes." Check out "Take designs from some of the best people around the blogging community, and instantly and easily apply them to your own site."

    Or if you like to design... "Release your best work on the community and watch people either tear it to shreds or glorify it with glowing comments. Improve yourself, your design skills, and your cred -- all at the same time." (Link thanks to Meryl and Daypop.)

    FYI -- this skin on the site was my very first Blogger template!
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    I'm suuuuuuper...thanks for asking
    Well I'm back from the big review, seen here posing just now with the certificate Todd gave me four years ago after my last one. (Keep in mind I've been fighting strep and the flu for almost a week now please.)

    As expected, this was yet another medical joke. They didn't ask anything of value and I have no clue how any kind of legitimate report can be written based on 15 minutes worth of questions like "were you ever sexually abused as a child?" I mean, c'mon -- what in the hell does that have to do with my MEDICAL history. (And no, I wasn't, thankyouverymuch.) But I digress... I had dozens of questions fired at me that were worded in every way possible to try and determine if I had ever been diagnosed with and/or treated for depression. Nope. Sorry to disappoint. Thank you, drive through.

    One thing that made both of us very uncomfortable though: On the appointment form it tells you to bring all of your current medications with you. No big deal. I plopped them all in a bag and complied. However, when we got to the office and I checked in, the examiner came out and asked me if I'd remembered to bring them. When I said "yes", he asked to see them and I handed him the bag. THEN! The guy says, "Thanks. I'll be back in a minute..." (WITH MY DRUGS) and turns around and walks a good 50-yards down a hallway (WITHOUT ME) and closes the door to his office. Why am I freaking out here? Well because my doctor writes me prescriptions for narcotic painkillers in quantity 100. Not exactly something I want out of my sight, ya' know? Especially with some doctor picked out of some phonebook (again on the seedy side of town) that I know nothing about. Excuse me, but isn't that just a wee bit against the law? Would this bother you, because it sure did us! I've never had someone walk off with my medications and close the door before. They've always jotted down the names on the bottle in front of me. And since most of my bottles were close-to-full, I'd have no way of knowing if he swiped himself a few for a private party later. It's not like I had anything to hide. That's not the point. It's basically handing over strong narcotics to a total stranger with a lot of authority. Color me not happy. But that said, I survived. Now we just have to play the waiting game with the mailbox again...

    One thing did make it all better though. We plopped down with dinner on the couch when we got back and flipped on Tech TV just in time to hear Chris casually spit out my URL on the air regarding my Schoolhouse Rock post. *insert cartoon image of Todd shaking his head back in forth* as in "did I just hear what I thought I did?" Too cool -- thanks Chris!
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    But now you know I'm utterly mad

    They're coming to take me away, ha-ha.
    They're coming to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-ha.
    To the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time and
    I'll be happy to see those nice young men
    in their clean white coats and
    they're coming to take me away, ha-ha!
    To the happy home, with trees and flowers
    and chirping birds and basket weavers who sit and smile
    and twiddle their thumbs and toes
    and they're coming to take me away, ha-ha!
    To the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time...

    My SSDI psych review is later this afternoon. Just practicing!
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    Wholly Matrimony, Batman!
    Once again, Erika and Co. have outdone themselves and set up an awesome new side-project - Brides to Be, an interactive wedding-planning blog. Make sure to check it out!
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    But today I am still just a bill
    Oh dear... Todd just read over at Stacy's blog that they are releasing a special 30th anniversary edition DVD of Schoolhouse Rock in a special collector's 2-disc set. The prebook date is July 16th and the release date is August 27th. We listened to the CD versions 'til our ears bled when they first came out. I suspect our DVD player will never be the same.
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    The late night double-feature picture show
    What would you consider to be the "greatest movie moment of all time"? For me, I think it would be a toss-up -- either the kiss in the rain scene at the end of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" -- or the tear-jerk ending of "An Affair to Remember" as Cary Grant has the lightbulb moment. Both get me every single time, no matter how many times I've watched or that I know most of the words (and all of the plots) by heart. I was glad to see that they included the pasta-eating scene in "Lady and the Tramp" though. That movie is why we have a blonde cocker spaniel! (TV Guide link thanks to Jo.)
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    Pretty as a picture
    The winners and runnersup have been announced in the iPhoto Album Contest. Makes me want to grab the digital camera and head back outside again... Blast the rain, cold temps and my fever!
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    Bye bye Miss American Pie
    Ahhhh man... Instead of Tonya Harding vs. Amy Fisher, FOX has announced that Tonya will now be fighting Paula Jones instead during a televised celebrity boxing match. I'm sorry, but I think Amy took her ho'ing just a wee bit further than Paula did. I mean, examine the credentials. Amy willingly put out. Did Paula shoot somebody in the head? I don't think so. She didn't even want to give it. About the only thing we can hope for with this new plot is that Tonya will bust up that Republican-funded schnoz-job.
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    Mike Tyson with a badge and gun
    So I guess THAT'S what happens when they recruit Secret Service agents over the radio via career fairs, huh Mikey?

    "Four off-duty U.S. Secret Service agents fought a crowd of locals...on February a San Diego area bar brawl... An agent bit off the tip of a man's ear in a fight outside the Daley Double bar. The fracas involved about 15 locals, and was triggered by agents making 'rude comments' to a local woman, the newspaper reported."
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    An Apple a day
    I know the feeling well. Why it seems, just like yesterday...
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    A shout-out to my Peeps
    These have circled the 'net many, many times in the past -- but 'tis the season to recycle 'em again!

    1. Peep Research: their basic science and health
    2. B.S.T.: Bunny Survival Tests
    3. Peeps Do Shakespeare
    4. Peep-O-Rama: featuring Peep gallery (with Peep wedding)
    5. Peep Art!

      - and last but not least -

    6. Peep Porn: go ahead - I dare you!

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    And he said, let there be chili!
    After reading about the "sock monkeys that saved the world" over at Christine's blog yesterday, we both suddenly had this odd craving for chili and cheese. So Todd had me drug up earlier today and we hopped in the Explorer and drove to Ocala. You see, we both grew up in Oklahoma where Sonic Drive-Ins are headquartered. We crave their food all the time -- but the closest Sonic to us here in Tampa Bay is about 65 miles away now. I guess we should at least be thankful that we don't have to drive the 7+ hours to Pensacola like we used to do when we first moved to Florida.

    We just got in about 30 minutes ago and I have a mountain of e-mail to wade through! One was regarding a new design I did over the weekend. (The site and blog will be unveiled soon when MT 2.0 comes out.) I still feel like a high school kid with a college acceptance letter, or an envelope containing ACT scores, each time that first feedback note comes in. So I put my fingers over my eyes and made Todd read it for me first. Then I could tell by his face that "I'd done good". Phew! I've been doing this for almost five years now and it just never gets any easier. Yes, I am a dork like that. But websites -- and especially blogs -- are so personal. And this is one I'm happily pouring my heart and soul into! Is the antici.....pation killing you yet? Good!

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend thus far! I think I'm still in denial that I won't be able to flip on the TV and find football there tomorrow. Sigh.
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    All grown up and savin' China - *sniff*
    My mom wrote on Friday to let me know my little sister has finally achieved one of the main goals in her life. She is going to be moving into her first apartment just a few weeks shy of her 21st birthday -- all by herself. I can't tell you how happy this makes me, or how much I'm bursting with pride right now. She hasn't had an easy life, and the brief adulthood she's had would have made most people throw their hands up and be done with it long ago. Exactly 2 years ago, almost to the day, I was boarding a plane to try and make it back to Oklahoma while they were covered in 2" of ice and the airports were closed. I didn't know when I stepped off that plane if my sister would be alive, or brain damaged. She was in intensive care for a few days, followed by a long hospitalization. But somehow she managed to put her life back together again -- get back on her feet -- cut some major losses -- move across the country -- and start all over.

    She lived and worked in Delaware for several months while attending community college in '00 and '01. She decided she was better off near home and moved back to Oklahoma last summer. She's been staying with my mom since then while paying off massive debts, buying her very first car, and saving for her first place. She's grown into one hell of a young woman. She has ten times the brains and a hundred times the looks that I'll ever have. She's funny. She's well-read. And we finally like each other. A lot.

    I just want to let you know how how proud you make the two of us, Jennifer. We don't talk as often as I'd like with both of our crazy hours -- and it's been much too long since we sat up half the night giggling and watching old movies. But I can't wait to walk into your very first home and give you a high-five. It will be sooner rather than later, somehow...some way... You've earned this the hard way, and I just wish you all the happiness and fun in Norman that we had at your age! Now get thee to O'Connell's and earn that free birthday t-shirt.

    Love, your big sister
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    Isn't she lovely?
    The March 2002 (wedding) Dress of the Month is up...
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    Behold the power of cheese
    I just posted the recipe for a marinated cheese appetizer over at The Red Kitchen.
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    I am a keeeeeng prawn!
    Hot diggity damn! Long John Silvers has finally updated their website to include "Pepe's Lounge". (I blogged about my favorite Muppet and spokesshrimp awhile back.) The secret code to enter the site is howcanyouresist. Inside you'll find commercials, bloopers, a screen test and more. I laughed 'til it hurt! Stop stifling me, okay?
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    David Letterman is considering switching networks again and going to ABC. According to the New York Times and Washington Post, they want Letterman in the 11:35 p.m. EST time slot currently occupied by "Nightline" and "Politically Incorrect". This one should be interesting to watch unfold, to say the least!
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    I just fell in love with your pretty baby face
    Erika has round 2 up of "guess the blogger baby face". (And if you missed our chubby cheeks the last go-around, Todd and I are in round 1!)
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    Grammy Fashion Police
    I'm finally getting around to looking at fashion pics from the Grammy Awards. I swear -- could Nelly Furtado be any cuter? But once again, for the most part, it just goes to show you that money can't really buy taste.
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