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Posted: 12.29.2002
I want my...MTV2
Not that I can remember the last time they actually played videos...but...

"You thought you were sick of J. Lo now? MTV has released plans to tighten its already limited video playlist and concentrate on 10 videos that will receive substantial airplay -- 30-plus spins per week. The initiative, which is being referred to as “The Big Ten,” was the brainchild of MTV/MTV2 Executive VP of Music and Talent Programming Tom Calderone, and saw videos from Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Eminem, Jennifer Lopez and Snoop Dogg receiving between 48 and 52 spins during its first week in effect. While one might think that expanding playlists would be the logical step to increase total music sales, Calderone apparently has different ideas: “We are serious about selling music and breaking bands,” he tells HITS magazine. “The more impressions, the more penetration, the better the sales.” Fortunately, there are no plans at this time to apply this policy to MTV2."
Lovely. Timberlake killed the video star. (Story from FARK.com and CMJ.com.)

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

I haven't been able to watch videos in forever. They're just so BORING compared to the ones I used to watch.

[Grumpy Old Man voice ON]
Back in MY day, we had cool videos like that Michael Jackson feller did. These youngsters today don't know what a real video is!
[Grumpy Old Man voice OFF]

I can't imagine having to watch the same 10 over and over and over and over...

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Yea, I liked it when MTV first came out. There was very little, if any, of a format. Ronnie James Dio might come on right after Wham. It was kinda cool way back then in the olden days.

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personally, i miss the MTV on the moon promo.

nuh nuh
nuh nuh nuh nuh
nuh nuh nuh nuh

and i always had a crush on Marth Quinn.

as for the new formats, well... how is their new policy different from the old one? the fact that they've finally admitted it?

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There is more profit in one act selling 10 million CD's than 10 acts selling 1 million, because the cost to produce and support the one act is cheaper than doing it for 10.

The record companies want just a few acts producing all the "hits", just like the movie studios want blockbusters.

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