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Posted: 01.25.2002
Sam I am
I think Todd and I are going to make Friday night a "date night" and go see I am Sam (Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer). I've wanted to see this film since the moment I saw the first preview, and thankfully I haven't read a negative review yet. I'm sure I'll need a purse-full of Kleenex though. When I was in college, I worked at a group home for mentally handicapped adults. I started off as a habitational aide working one-on-one with Jennifer, helping her learn daily routines such as shopping, balancing a checkbook, and general "living on your own" training. Eventually I was promoted to weekend shift leader and recreational therapist for the whole house, where I had six other clients including Glenda and Danny. I loved the weekend shift. Everything was so casual and laid-back -- and it was just like being at home. Only without the yelling. (Just kidding, mom!) We'd do silly things like sneaking into the stadium during OU's fourth quarter, dyeing the girls hair red, and late-afternoon trips to the Duck Pond.

After I graduated from OU, I ended up in Philadelphia with more of "desk job" as an activities therapist at mental health day treatment program -- but there was never the same sense of accomplishment and satisfaction there as I had at the group home. The day I learned Jennifer had moved out into her own apartment (and was down to four visits a week by an aide) was one of the happiest days of my life. I'm sure the movie will be hard to watch, not just because of the plot line, but because I can't physically do my old job again right now -- but I have to see it nonetheless. Man, I really miss all of them!

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

Heya, digging the site, nice work!
I hated college. But I applaud all (good) mental health workers. We need all we can get. *confused grin*

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Tell us if you like the movie or not.. I want to see it but I want to hear what others have to say first. :)

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I want to see that movie too. I know I will be crying like a baby! While in HS I worked with mentally challenged kids and I loved it. I was even planning on becoming a special ed. teacher. But, I didnt....long story. ANYWAY, let us know how the movie is!

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roybn, what wonderful experinces! i haven't known many adults with mental challenges, but one of my boyfriends in high school had (has) a niece with Down Syndrome and several physical disabilities. She was an amazing little girl when i knew her... i'm sure she's an amazing young woman now. thanks for reminding me of her.

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i read a horrible review this morning that absolutely made me cringe and i haven't even seen the movie yet...i left the paper on the bus but it was bad...hopefully the writer just has a pickle up his ass because i really want to see this movie and i want it to be great.

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I still miss my "my kids" from the state school too. Remember Ralph and the others, Rob?? We were talking about him just this week and some of the funny/crazy things him and your sister would do. I've often wondered what "your" Jennifer was up to also. She was a sweet kid (unless having a temper tantrum, lol). I still remember meeting all the kids from your group home at the bowling alley when you graduated OU and letting them see your cap and gown on you. I thought it was so SWEET of you to think of them on that special day, and let them try the cap and gown on too! I still remember their smiles.

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robyn, your mom's a sweetie!

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