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Posted: 01.18.2002
hurry up already!
Apple's "Order Status" page is a very good thing and a very bad thing. It's good to know I have an order number and they haven't forgotten about me. However it's not so good to see my new iBook is still phase 2 of 4 ("under construction") 3 days later, when during the order it said the item would ship in 1-3 days. Kind of makes that extra $$ we paid for overnight shipping seem like a big ol' waste of money now. I probably won't have it for the weekend after all... Sigh. I am so impatient!

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1-3 days, huh? If it makes you feel better when we ordered mine the estimate was 1 month! Talk about testing my patience.

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Call 'em up and tell them you don't want the overnight now since it's taking so long & make 'em give you a refund!

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A month?! Aye caramba!

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