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Posted: 01.12.2002
Normally I guess the death of EMF bassist Zac Foley wouldn't really be "blogworthy". The group was a one-hit-wonder back in 1991 with the song "Unbelievable", and normally the obit would pretty much stop right there. But I met EMF in July of '91 right after "Unbelievable" hit #1 here in the States.

My best friend Kathy and I won a radio contest with Houston's Q93 FM (is that station even around anymore?). We both won EMF t-shirts, CDs and cassettes, dinner with the band (how cool were we at 18!), backstage passes, and front row "seats" (it was standing room only) to the concert at Numbers. My "crush" and the majority of my time were spent on the keyboard player Derry Brownson (who tossed me a water bottle during the show and gave me his shirt as they went offstage, *faint*) -- but the little time I did spend talking with Zac Foley, I remember him as a very nice and quiet guy. So sad at age 31. Unbelievable.

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

Yikes. That is young. Now I'm going to have that song in my head for days. How long do you think before someone redoes it?

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Pssst... it's 93Q, also known as KKBQ, and while the station itself is still around, it is now country. With the most annoying "we play fewer commercials so you get more music" commercials. 104KRBE has no competition around here anymore. And Numbers does still exist, last I heard, in case you wondered. One of the few clubs in Houston that has had the same name for many, many years.

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I saw them back in '91 at Glasgow Barrowlands, an excelent live band. In the UK, although Unbeleivable was their peak, they did have another 9 top 30 hits.

I understand that after EMF Zac relocated to USA to from Carrie with American musician Steve Ludwin, but I don't know where he lived. A sad loss.

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