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Cats on strike
The cats were threatening to go on strike (or leave hairballs on our pillows) since Claire always gets the brag-photo action around here, so to add to the shame of kitty porn and exploitation on the 'net, here are a couple of photos of Selina and Madeline under the tree (which comes down tomorrow) tonight. Happy New Year's Eve everyone!
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We went out to Best Buy to cash in a few Christmas gift certificates, and then out to dinner. While out, I got my first stare-point-scream "Oh my God! Her hair is pink!" Tee hee. It's worth it now just for THAT!
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Happy New Year's Eve
Top Ten Signs You're At A Bad New Year's Eve Party
(taken from Letterman Top 10 Lists over the years)

10. At 11:58 the host announces, "I gotta get up early. Everybody out."
9. The guy playing Baby New Year in a diaper actually wears one year-round
8. It's at Puff Daddy's place and no one gets shot!
7. The best-looking woman at the party is Katherine Harris
6. To give it a Times Square feel, everyone is groped, fondled and pick-pocketed
5. "Party hats" look suspiciously like stolen traffic cones
4. The "champagne" is really apple juice mixed with Alka Seltzer
3. You notice a "Happy 1999" tag on the package of shrimp you've been eating all night
2. At the stroke of midnight, everyone starts doing their taxes

- And The Number One Sign You're At A Bad New Year's Eve Party -

1. When the ball drops, so do Grandpa's pants!
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Where do they grow neon blue grass anyway?
So Todd is making me sit here and suffer through the Humanitarian Bowl today, all in the name of the season almost being over. And as I look at the freaky blue field (yes, blue!) -- I have to stop and wonder. "Do they select the teams for this bowl based on whether or not their uniforms will clash with the turf?"
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So very true!
Tara just found this quote on growing up in Oklahoma from former OK resident, and now ECU football coach, Steve Logan. How true it'is!

"In Oklahoma, you're born, they turn you upside down and slap your fanny and if there is a stem in between your legs you go to full pads immediatly. That's all there is to do there." - Steve Logan
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End o' year time for reflection
The new January InStyle had a great "look inward" section in it, with a lot of questions you should ask about your life and yourself. Here are a few of them, with my answers in the "more" link...

  1. Can you recall a meaningful "family moment" in the last week?
  2. Have you stopped asking "what will I be when I grow up?"
  3. When did you last help someone less fortunate without using your checkbook?
  4. What was the last spontaneous, even silly, thing you did?
  5. When you hear the word "home", what comes to mind? Chaos or comfort?
  6. Are you happy to walk into your home?
  7. Do you wake up in the morning feeling truly rested?
  8. Are you comfortable walking barefoot at home?
  9. Are there enough quality ingredients in your kitchen that you could throw an impromptu pasta dinner for four?
  10. Do you have a comfy private space -- to read, talk on the phone, or watch TV -- that's not your bed?
  11. Do you have a couple of bottles of good wine and the makings of one classic cocktail on hand?
  12. What album "speaks" to your life clearly?
  13. Where would you live if you could live anywhere else?
  14. What play or movie has had a big impact on your life and why?
  15. What person in your life has influenced you the most and why?

And now my answers...

  1. Can you recall a meaningful "family moment" in the last week? Yes, I most definitely can. And no, I'm not going to share with the group. So there! *g*

  2. Have you stopped asking "what will I be when I grow up?" Never! And I hope I never do stop asking that either...

  3. When did you last help someone less fortunate without using your checkbook? They're not necessarily "less fortunate", but I always try to step up and help those in need whenever they ask...and even when they don't... Being house-bound most days makes the human-to-human (with no monitor involved) aspect of this question kind of difficult most days.

  4. What was the last spontaneous, even silly, thing you did? Well, if you've seen my hair this week, 'nuff said!

  5. When you hear the word "home", what comes to mind? Chaos or comfort? Well that would depend on which home you're talking about... Our home is very peaceful and tranquil. But when we go home to Oklahoma, well that's another story. It's a constant mental tug-o'-war of..."spend time with meeeeee!"..."No! Spend time with ME!"...with most of our time being spent in the car driving from one place to another around the state privately counting the seconds together until we're back "home" in Florida again. We like it when people just come out to see us separately instead.

  6. Are you happy to walk into your home? Most definitely! It took us five years to be able to buy our first home, and we're enjoying each and every second here now.

  7. Do you wake up in the morning feeling truly rested? Morning? What's that?

  8. Are you comfortable walking barefoot at home? With that brand-spankin' new carpet, you betcha!

  9. Are there enough quality ingredients in your kitchen that you could throw an impromptu pasta dinner for four? Sure! That is if "quality ingredients" includes Prego, and they wouldn't mind plain ol' sgh'etti!

  10. Do you have a comfy private space -- to read, talk on the phone, or watch TV -- that's not your bed? Well we're both quite happy with our "OU Crimson" painted computer room/office. But I wish we had one more bright, cheery "sun room" or such with a nice chaise lounge. Some day...

  11. Do you have a couple of bottles of good wine and the makings of one classic cocktail on hand? Actually, thanks to Todd's vendor for the holidays, now we do.

  12. What album "speaks" to your life clearly? The soundtrack to "Threesome" is the first one that comes to mind. I think "Dancing Barefoot" is one of the best U2 songs ever. "Is Your Love Strong Enough?" by Bryan Ferry was something I always came back to listen to during the hard days of our relationship. What child of the 80s didn't lock themselves in their room and blast "Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order? Now c'mon, 'fess up! ("Whenever I get this way, I just don't know what to say... Why can't we be ourselves like we were yesterday?") Duran Duran's "(Come Up and See Me) Make Me Smile" is a great "find yourself" tune -- and I really did make a major life change after hearing "That Was the Day" by The The for the first time. The whole CD is basically a reminder of where I am, where I've been, and where I still hope to go with my life. And not just because there's a really good cover of "Like a Virgin" by Teenage Fanclub on there either. LOL!

  13. Where would you live if you could live anywhere else? I would give just about anything to be able to live in Philadelphia again. I didn't want to leave, and it just felt like "home" from the day I moved there 'til the day I left. The only drawback was that Todd was in Oklahoma, so I was miserable without him.

  14. What play or movie has had a big impact on your life and why? Breakfast at Tiffany's. What woman doesn't want to be Audrey and Holly-like after seeing this movie?

  15. What person in your life has influenced you the most and why? As mentioned in a recent survey, hands-down that distinction goes to my Gma. ("She was an orphan, yet became one of the best mothers and grandmothers in history. She didn't complete the 8th grade, yet became one of the most successful business women in my hometown. And she managed to find the love of her life not once, but twice, after my Popeye passed away. I wouldn't be the woman I am without her guidance, wisdom and love.")

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Todd captured a stylin' new image off his Gladiator DVD and I updated his blog with it today. Go and give it a look-see!
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We're in!
Miami just beat Atlanta, so Tampa Bay makes it in the play-offs! YES!
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It's just so wrong on so many levels
Ok, the local sports news just said that if Miami beats Atlanta at home tomorrow, our play-off hopes are clinched. I have to cheer on the Fish? I'll feel so...so...dirty! Ick.
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Hot diggity d@mn! Looks like my Bucs technically just made the play-offs on Monday, errrrr, Saturday Night Football against the defending world champ Baltimore Ravens 22-10. My #47 jersey is sacred again!
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Call Jenny Craig for help NOW!
Ok, just when you think your search requests can't get any more "out there", you get one for "gingerbread cookies nude". Uhhhh, hello?
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And that's the way it was...
I am loving this "top 10 blog entries of the year" idea! Since I started blogging in August, it really allows me to play "catch up" on my favorite reads. Spotted so far today are Erika's and Jennifer's. Please let me know if you make a list, too!
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The 2001 Wrap-up
Idea stolen from Mena (as mentioned below) -- my top 10 blog entries for 2001 -- in no particular order!

From the home office in Norman, OK - My Top 10 Blog Entries for 2001:

  1. My very first blog entry (from Blogger): quite amusing that I wasn't even sure if I could do it, and now I'm near 800 entries less than six months later!
  2. Trying to process 9-11: like everyone, I was still struggling for words and trying to come to terms with what had actually happened that day
  3. In my own handwriting: I think this entry is unique because it was hand-written and not just the everyday "typed-text" format
  4. Why don't you just tell us how you really feel: my annual bitch-slap against the longhorns and their fans after OU defeated texas at the Cotton Bowl
  5. Maybe some birds shouldn't fly: dealing with (irrational?) thoughts and fears following the American Airlines crash in Queens on November 12th
  6. Things that defeat me: one of the rare times I will actually open up about my health and how it effects my daily life
  7. Things I'm thankful for: because in the end, the good always overshadows the bad
  8. Vanilla Sky review: words cannot express how much we thought this movie sucked, but I gave it my best!
  9. Beauty school drop-out: the reason my blog is now pink (I still can't believe I did it)
  10. And the earth stood still: a summary of the day I met the rest of my life

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Cotton Bowl
We aren't going to be able to make this one, but heads up the Tampa Bay Sooner Club members...Steve has picked the Cotton Bowl Watch Party location...
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Another one bites the dust
Yippee -- Christi has a blog now! Christi has a blog now!
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And here's my winner for best redesign of the week! And she didn't even have to dye her hair!
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Useless trivia for $200, Alex
Todd and I were listening to the Gorillaz CD the other day and we were both trying to figure out who the rapper was. His voice sounded really familiar. Could it be because he's Ice Cube's cousin, Del Tha Funky Homosapien? A completely useless tidbit o' knowledge, but it had been driving us crazy!
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Pretty as a picture
Kathy has been one of my best friends since we were 15. She was born on the same day and year as Todd, just a few hours later. Her mom used to shop at my Gma's children's clothing store when we were little. And she got together with John the same month and year that I got together with Todd. They both got the death-flu for Christmas that we had last month, so this photo is a bit belated, but it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside just looking at it!
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The very best of...but wait, there's more!
Here's a really good idea from Mena if you're stuck on what to blog about today. Your top 10 blog entries of 2001. Hmmmm...I'll have to think on that one over the weekend! So what are yours? If you make a list, please let me know where it's at in my comments!
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Pink Ladies Rule!
This is too cool -- Erika has a rockin new design as well! And the Pink Ladies Pledge (quoted below) is part of the theme. Looooove it dah-ling!
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flypaper for freaks
Candi has an awesome new design today -- check it out!
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In honor of pink hair day, I will link the best head of pink hair I've ever seen -- Tarina Tarantino. Todd was secretly hoping I'd be brave enough to go for her color, but I'm not quite "there" yet. LOL! Her wedding photos are amazing though!
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Paint the mutha pink!
Well, I'm sorry to disappoint those of you looking for a more "exciting" design change and announcement with all the hype. There are just some things in life you don't confirm or deny 'til you're ready. A girl's gotta have some mystery about her, right? But with that out of the way...Meryl wins the (*ding, ding, ding*) door prize for guessing correctly!

The Pink Ladies Pledge is
to act cool
to look cool
and to be cool
'til death do us part
think pink!

This design was originally intended to be the post-Christmas switcharoo. But I made the mistake of showing it to a few friends, which basically resulted in "double dog dare" peer-pressure from Ashley and my husband to look the part. *g* Since I almost-always take dares (and won't play Truth or Dare because of it), I figured "what the hey", and booked a hair appointment for today. This is the last year of my life that I'll have a "2" as the first digit in my age, and you only live once. Besides, Gwen is actually 3 years and one month older than I am. If she can do it... So there you have it -- and here's the proof.

I realize some people actually go into convulsions and projectile vomit at the color pink, so if you're one of those people -- or just reeeeally liked Shirley -- you can view my blog here instead. It's the same blog time, slightly different blog channel.

Viva la pink! Now I just have to figure out how to not make my Gma cry over it...
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Man hands!
Ok, what genius in the Brawny ad department thought that putting a muscled-up, hairy man's arm on a woman cleaning her kitchen would actually make me want to rush out and buy their product. Gives me hairy male pits? Uh, no. Makes me clean even harder and faster? Double-uh, no.
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The number you have reached...
I swear, this must be national dial the wrong number day! In the last hour I've had two messages on voice mail -- one for John that his welding was ready, and one for Rita about her doctor's appointment. I should have picked up just to screw with 'em!
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Thank you kindly!
Well David kicked my cable and DSL-spoiled arse tonight and reminded me not everyone lives their internet life in the fast lane. I know the top graphic is load-heavy now, but it was designed to be an alternate and lost a lot of resolution by trying to compress the size, so I just left it alone. And since I put this temp-thing up on Christmas night, I took short-cuts. He suggested a few tweaks to help with load-time, so hopefully if you're cursed with dial-up, this will make your modem quit sputterin' 'til you have another option tomorrow night. Thanks David!
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Cheap-o shoppin'
God bless the after-Christmas sales! We went to the new snooty mall today and walked out with two sacks full o' bargains. First stop was The Body Shop, where I got two bottles of Snow bubble bath and a cranberry soap for less than one bottle of the bubble bath was just two days ago. Then we hit Crane & Co. and I got a box of Christmas cards, a box of Christmas thank you notes, and two boxes of note cards for less than the Christmas cards were originally. It's the only way I can afford to shop there. Shhhhh...don't tell anyone... Then we locked down the checkbook again and ducked out before anything else could suck away the balance! But it sure was fun playing for a few...
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Shirley be thy name
Since Christine asked... Shirley Manson (lead singer of Garbage) is currently gracing the top of my blog. For more info on the Garbage quotes sprinkled throughout, see my reply in this post. And to see a lot of really kick-ass Shirley photos, go here!
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I am God...no...really
Ok, I rarely take online surveys or polls -- but when I found the "Which Kevin Smith Female Are You?" Quiz at Stacy's blog, I couldn't resist. And when I found out I'm God, well I just had to share. I mean, I've always suspected it...but now I have proof!

"You know all and see all, but that doesn't prevent you from having a child-like innocence and a playful sense of humor. You obviously think very highly of yourself, but that's okay, everyone does. Told ya God was a woman!!"

Take The "Which Kevin Smith Female Are You?" Quiz!

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Did somebody say presents?!
Here are a couple of Christmas morning photos: Todd with his new James Brown Celebriduck (for the James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub) -and- Robyn with the Pier 1 candlesticks she's been lusting over for-evah!
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Please stay tuned
Sad but true, it's time to kiss the holiday girls goodbye... You might notice this "version" is 6.05 (since it borrowed from the previous template). It's also because 6.1 gets unveiled on the 27th. But you'll just have to stay tuned (bwah hah hah hah) to see why! It will be as close to skinning as this site's seen yet...
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Where is my mind? I know I left it around here somewhere...
I had to giggle reading over Nikki's second-annual holiday roll experience -- because I have to confess that I, too, knocked over the maple extract bottle while making it this Christmas. Too funny!
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Merry, Merry!


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Could she be any cuter?
And now...your moment of (holiday) zen...photo 1, photo 2, photo 3, photo 4, photo 5...
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Just settled down for a long winter's nap
I blew up a photo from a local neighborhood light display to try and give you a small sampling of what we saw tonight. We were literally blown away. The streets were filled with cars and the sidewalks were filled with walkers -- just going through and taking it all in. There was even a news crew there. I fear their power bills! Click here for more photos from our Christmas Eve light tour...
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I no longer have to hold this in 'til I burst -- CONGRATS ANGELA, BARON, and baby-to-be! The best Christmas present ever!
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'Twas the night before Christmas
We're home for a bit in between dinner out and midnight mass, so we thought we'd pose for all the folks back home. We miss and love you! (all snuggled up pose -and- kissy kissy pose) Merry Christmas!
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Sleigh tracker
If you need to track Santa's sleigh tonight, the fine folks at NORAD are here to help!
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Sooner (Christmas) Spirit
Have a very merry Christmas!

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And the painter is...
For those who have inquired who originally painted the pin-up currently at the top of my blog, after digging around, I found it was Bill Medcalf. You can find a larger version of the image above here.
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It's hard to be humble when he's perfect in every way
Check out my stylin' husband! He just made "Suite101's top five journals" with five stars, and he's in good company sittin' right on top of Jish. Congrats Todd -- I'm proud of ya'!
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If all else fails, swig the bourbon!
Here's an amusing story of my very first holiday roll attempt, for anyone that's ever had the fate of a family recipe-tradition resting in their hands.

Reading my comments made us both giggle. Holiday roll almost was the death of me the very first Thanksgiving I tried to make it! I can hold my own in the kitchen -- and have always done particularly well with pastries, cakes, and cookies. When my MIL handed down the family recipe, I was SO nervous (because it's such an annual tradition for Todd), but didn't think too much about it. I followed the directions to the letter -- and nothing happened. The dough didn't rise, and it was just this huge ol' 3-layer mess. I was almost in tears...

So I steeled myself up and sent Todd back out again for more supplies, determined not to be defeated, and tried it again. I made Todd watch and double-check me every step of the way. Same thing the second time. So I sent Todd back out for another trip to the store (keep in mind buying that many pecans was not cheap), and when he got back, I called his mom and had her on the phone practically every step of the way. Third time was not the charm.

I took so much ribbing for it, too. Everyone had heard tales of what a good cook I was, and something his mom could make 4-5 at a time was the death of me. We could NOT figure it out. So.....I decided funk dat.....and bought a different type of yeast than what came in the box the fourth time around. Yes, I was a glutton for punishment. But it was more of a mission at that point. (Reading over my shoulder as I type this, Todd says there was a fire in my eyes that was literally jumping out and burning people.) And it turned out picture-perfect that time!

Fast-forward a few weeks later to us flying home for the holidays. I was STILL taking ribbing and teasing for my first three flops as Todd's mom set out to make four one afternoon. We went to meet my sister in Tulsa that day, to promises of fresh holiday roll when we got home. I still can't believe his mom didn't try to hide the evidence -- but when we got back, we opened the door to four completely flat holiday rolls. The SAME THING had happened to her! The only thing we could figure out was that the yeast packets that came with the dough mix were faulty that year. It hasn't happened before or since. But forget baptism by fire. My baptism was covered in sticky cinnamon and sugar that year! And my heart stops each and every time to this day until I see that dough rising, too...
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It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas
Giving those Pillsbury bake-off wussies a run for their money, I spent yet another afternoon in the kitchen today working on the soon-to-be world famous holiday roll family recipe. I made one for Ryan and Chel, too, as their Christmas prezzie from us. See what you could have if you moved to Tampa Bay (baking holiday cheer, all wrapped up to go, and one for my homies)! If you want the recipe, just go here.
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Couldn't have said it better myself!
Awesome sign seen in the crowd: "Merry Buc'ing Christmas!"
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Buc ball
With 7:05 left to go in the first half, the Bucs have already piled up 191 yards of offense on the Saints and we're up 20-0! WHY can't we play like this all the time?! Alstott is literally ROLLING over their defense while getting an extra 10-15 yards per carry, when he should have been tackled and down in the back field long ago. This is why we keep coming back every week. It's that whole abusive relationship "baby I'll never do it again" thing, and this week is the week we're showered with presents and "I love you's". I don't care though. Just WIN!
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Oh sweet mother of pastry products
You may or may not have seen my quest in the past for Hostess honey buns. Well last night when we were doing our holiday shopping, a light shone down from the heavens right about aisle 12. Perched on top of the new Krispy Kreme display sat a new box of...drumroll please...Krispy Kreme honey buns (individually wrapped). And it was good. So sayeth the wasteline, so sayeth the elastic-waist boxer-pants.
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Last year I gathered up photos of every Christmas we've spent together, and I just got the ones from last night added for 2001. It's amusing to see how I can't commit to any hair color or style. And if you only knew what I have in store come December 27th... *evil grin* I can't believe how young we looked that very first Christmas!
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Warm fuzzies
Jana just put together a holiday photo page of friends' photos she's received this year. We finally got to see a photo of Shane and Melinda's baby -- it's so adorible -- and Christine's baby, too! Melinda and I have the same birthday, even -- it's amazing to see the two of them "looking" like parents now. More, more, more Jana! (Updated to say: Yay! We just got Shane and Melinda's card, too. Isn't their baby site adorible, Jana? And are they the Old Navy poster-children or what? *g* They look like the perfect little all-American family!)
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BOOMER SOONER BABY! The OU basketball team just knocked off #2 Maryland 72-56, to win 8 in a row and go 8-0 at home. It's the first time OU has beaten a top 5 team at home since we LIVED in Norman back in '96 -- what a huge win! And thankfully we got back home just in time to catch the last five minutes of the game... Congrats Sooners!
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We've got spirit, yes we do!
We're trying to figure out the self-timer thing on our camera, so please forgive the amateur photography here (we don't even own a tripod)...but a couple shots before we head out for the night (photo 1, photo 2)...
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Made with love...and a little booty shakin', too
If my neighbors peeked through the blinds a few minutes ago, they got a heckuva dance show! I had WinAmp running while I was makin' and bakin' for tonight's party, and Weezer's "The Good Life" came in the rotation. "... Shakin' booty making sweet love all the night ... It's time I got back to the good life ... It's time I got back ... It's time I got back ... And I don't even know how I got off the track ..."(I seriously think Pinkerton is one of the least-appreciated CDs ever!)

And for those of you who like to bake -- if you don't have a Silpat mat, run, don't walk, and go get one! Between that, and our new oven, I've never had cookies and pastries come out so perfectly before. There's a reason Martha always lectures about having Silpat. They are pretty pricey -- but completely reusable, easy to clean, and they save the bottoms of your baking and cookie sheets. It's one of the best gifts I ever asked for and received!
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Santa baby...
Well I had to add this joke list once I got to number 1!

The Top 15 Things on Santa's To-Do List

15. Virgin or not, time to move little Miss Britney to the "Naughty" list.
14. Have the elves increase production on those cheesy Xbox knock-offs.
13. Cancel wrapping paper order -- use those Enron stock certificates instead.
12. Decide how to respond to Ashcroft's subpoena demanding information on what foreigners are naughty or nice.
11. Administer nine little Breathalyzer tests.
10. File a flight plan with the FAA -- wouldn't want an F-16 wasting the sleigh.
9. Irradiate all those letters from children -- you can't be too careful!
8. Remove candy canes from pants pockets during mall photo sessions. Getting tired of explaining things to the D.A.'s office.
7. Write letter to self asking for threesome with Mrs. Claus and Heidi Klum.
6. Finally shave the beard now that the Taliban has fallen.
5. Attend weekly meeting at Nogaholics Anonymous.
4. Touch up the urine-proof lamination job on the the thighs before heading to the mall.
3. Visit reindeer stalls to load up on stocking stuffers for a certain Mr. bin Laden.
2. Prepare a lump of coal with Winona Ryder's name on it.

and the Number 1 Thing on Santa's To-Do List...

1. Write back to Susie Winfield of Peoria; ask her how on God's green earth she thinks a whole pony is going to fit down a friggin' chimney.

© TopFive.com 2001
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Yummy for your tummy
Whoever said it was better to give than receive obviously never had a box of Godiva truffles dropped at their door! Thank you so much Jana! It was my pleasure!
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Bring me back as
Ok...if reincarnation really exists...I wanna come back as the Lenny Kravitz drummer chick. Or a pony.
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The raw power of the 6-volt battery...and a child's heart...
Ok, I'm not going to go and get all Whitney on you, but this story on the evening news turned on the water-works. It's the pure selflessness from children like this that gives me so much hope for what seems at times such an uncertain future...
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Blog map
I found this thanks to GEEKAFIED.COM -- a blog map of the U.S. (and foreign countries), listing blogs by geography. Check it out and submit your site! (Update: Many links don't work or go to the right place...maybe not?)
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Watching the blah's fade away
We are feeling the love! Yesterday we got the yummiest homemade cookies in the mail from Christi and Ryan. Much fighting was done over 'em! Then today, the most beautiful red, white, and blue Christmas ornament arrived from Tara and Tommy. Tara wanted us to be able to tell our children and grandchildren one day about what happened in 2001 as we decorate the tree, and I got a little misty-eyed hanging it front and center on the highest branches. I'll just let the photos speak for themselves (photo 1, photo 2, photo 3)... Don't let either one of them fool you when they claim they have no Martha-esque cooking and crafting talents -- the evidence speaks for itself. Thanks guys!
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I'm waiting on Todd to get home with the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies. This is one of those nights I think I could inhale half a dozen in the blink of an eye, even though they aren't for us. I need cookies -- physically and mentally. Sigh.
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Christmas pampering
I've spent all afternoon grooming Claire for Christmas, so of course it's time for the "brag photos"! (photo 1, photo 2, photo 3)
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Something Stupid
For everyone that's coming here looking for the lyrics to "Something Stupid" (a duet with Robbie Wiliams and Nicole Kidman), look no further!

I know I stand in line
Until you think you have the time
To spend an evening with me
And if we go someplace to dance
I know that there's a chance
You won't be leaving with me

Then afterwards we drop into a quiet little place
And have a drink or two
And then I go and spoil it all
By saying something stupid
Like I love you

I can see it in your eyes
That you despise the same old lines
You heard the night before
And though it's just a line to you
For me it's true
And never seemed so right before

I practice every day
to find some clever lines to say
To make the meaning come through
But then I think I'll wait
until the evening gets late
And I'm alone with you

The time is right
Your perfume fills my head
The stars get red
And oh the night's so blue
And then I go and spoil it all
By saying something stupid
Like I love you
I love you...

--written by Carson Parks
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Name that quote
Todd wanted a new holiday pic for the top of his blog, so of course I was more than happy to oblige... Can you name that quote?
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We put the "fun" in dysfunctional
This is too funny, I just had to share! We got an adorible Christmas card from the lovely Felicia today. (THANK YOU! *waves*) But the warm-fuzzies were quickly replaced by teases and noogies as it sunk in that Todd's dream of having a harem has finally been realized, and I truly was the last to know. I give you exhibit A, the card envelope. And now I give you exhibit B, the card inside. Instead of "My Two Dads', it's "My Two Wives"...starring Todd, Robyn and Ashley. Felicia -- you don't know how many hours of silly teasing this will provide! Please please tell me now -- is there something I should know? what's wrong with American over-commercialization. We were driving over the Bay last week, and noticed this huge American-flag type billboard floating out in the water. At first we thought it was just yet another patriotic display, until we got closer and saw the huge "SEA SIGNS" logo, and website address to place your own ad. It was a friggin' floating billboard, right there smack in the middle of Tampa Bay! It's bad enough billboards litter the roadsides as far as the eye can see, but leave my beautiful, pristine waters alone! I'm so glad the county is trying to do something about it. (Here's a mini photo of this monstrosity, found at TBO.com.)
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Survey says!
A couple of surveys have been floating around, so since I'm bored...

"This-or-That" from notfullyawake.com

  1. Home fries, or crinkle fries? Braum's accordian-fries!
  2. Paper or plastic at the grocery? Plastic.
  3. Modern or classic art? Definitely classic.
  4. Dine in or eat out? Not feeling well, take-out. Feeling well, cook up a storm.
  5. Comedy or drama? I always take the opportunity to laugh over cry when possible.
  6. Short fingernails or long? Too hard to type with long.
  7. Do you own all matching bath towels or an assortment of different kinds? Not enough matching, but we try...
  8. Building a snowman or making a snow angel? I love making snowmen!
  9. Corrective lenses or none? None, but Todd says I'm blind and need them.
  10. Rock & Roll or Country? Can't stand most country -- more "alternative" rock I guess.

And better late than never...the "Monday Mission" from PromoGuy:

  1. Have you ever had your image of someone shattered beyond repair? Several times, but the most disappointing being by my own father. When I let him back "in" after the wedding, I really expected him to stay there that time. Obviously...not...and I'll never make that mistake again.
  2. When we went to eat last weekend, I noticed someone checking you out. Does it bother you that I got quite jealous? I think it's great when people still find us attractive after all these years...means we're not letting ourselves go...and we both know who we come home to at the end of the day! Harmless jealousy is your special way of showing I'm still worth it. *g*
  3. If someone is endangering themselves, is it OK to break a promise? Or is integrity and being trustworthy more important? Promises should be for situations of sound mind -- when that aspect is gone, safety is what's important.
  4. What was the last audio CD you paid money for? REM's new "Reveal" CD.
  5. Any songs on the radio that make you cry each time you hear them? "It's My Life" by Talk Talk, which is rarely played, but makes the floodworks turn on remembering a time long-gone by in my life... And I never listen to country stations so I seldom hear it, but by random chance if "Crazy" by Patsy Cline starts to play, I'll tear up too.
  6. What audio CD(s) do you listen to from start to finish, where every song is good? Sarah McLachlan's Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, Letters to Cleo's Aurora Gory Alice, Frente's Marvin the Album (*high-fives Ashley*), Pixies' Doolittle, Violent Femmes' Violent Femmes -- and three soundtracks -- Threesome, Sliver and Great Expectations.
  7. Who is your hero? Without question, my Gma. She was an orphan, yet became one of the best mothers and grandmothers in history. She didn't complete the 8th grade, yet became one of the most successful business women in my hometown. And she managed to find the love of her life not once, but twice, after my Popeye passed away. I wouldn't be the woman I am without her guidance, wisdom and love.

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Christmas Ca$h
Yippee -- I love last-minute extra Christmas ca$h! "Wholly Matrimony!" got a new advertiser today. If you find yourself needing a wedding website designed, make sure to check Cappella Designs out!
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I'm not a child, but still my heart can dream
"My grown-up Christmas list"

Do you remember me?
I sat upon your knee;
I wrote to you
With childhood fantasies.

Well, I'm all grown-up now,
And still need help somehow.
I'm not a child,
But my heart still can dream.

So here's my lifelong wish,
My grown-up Christmas list.
Not for myself,
But for a world in need.

No more lives torn apart,
That wars would never start,
And time would heal all hearts.
And everyone would have a friend,
And right would always win,
And love would never end.
This is my grown-up Christmas list.

As children we believed
The grandest sight to see
Was something lovely
Wrapped beneath our tree.

Well Heaven surely knows
That packages and bows
Can never heal
A hurting human soul.

No more lives torn apart,
That wars would never start,
And time would heal all hearts.
And everyone would have a friend,
And right would always win,
And love would never end.
This is my grown-up Christmas list.

What is this illusion called the innocence of youth?
Maybe only in our blind belief can we ever find the truth.

There'd be no more lives torn apart,
Wars would never start,
And time would heal all hearts.
And everyone would have a friend,
And right would always win,
And love would never end, oh.
This is my grown-up Christmas list.

--Amy Grant
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As if the bastards' absolute refusal to set up shop in Tampa Bay isn't bad enough, Sonic had to go and taunt us via e-mail and ruin tator tots for us now, too. That is so very, very scary!
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Is she perverted like me?
So the question for the ages may very well be "did she go down on him in a theater"? (see below)
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And they said it would never last
Not that Hollywood marriages are usually serious and/or sacred, but I have to admit, the brevity of this one caught me off-guard (even with Tom Green being one of the parties involved)!
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You oughtta know
Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know" just came on. I can't help giggling each time I hear it. Not because of the lyrics, but because one day a long long time ago, I learned she was actually singing about comedian Dave Coulier (of "Full House" fame) in that song. I just can't take it seriously after that...no matter how well-written and ground-breaking the lyrics might be...
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We were watching MTV2 before we headed off to bed last night, and when I flipped on the TV today, there was a Weezer / Tenacious D special on...so...I left it. Nothin' like wakin' up to Rivers Cuomo in the mornin'! Could that guy be any cuter?! And every single one of them is older than I am by at least 1.5 years. That makes my day!
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Converting 'em one blog at a time
A dear friend of ours from our college days at OU has a new blog! We got Jana off Blogger and up and running with MT tonight, so check 'er out! And welcome to blogging Jana...have fun...
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This space for rent
This is normally the space I would reserve to rave about a Bucs win or rant about yet another Bucs loss. But you know what, that team has finally made me hit my breaking point this season. I rarely, if ever, say I just don't care about my football team this close to the play-offs. Well, I'm here. And I'm really glad I'm a Bears fan, too. I am genuinely happy for the team. The 90s were not kind, and they are playing like champions right now -- and clinched their play-off berth against my Bucs today. Am I happy that Tampa Bay lost? No. Did I expect it to happen? Yes. That's about where the commentary stops. And onto other things...what about that cluster-fahrk in Cleveland today (with all sides involved guilty)? Just when you think you've seen it all.....
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15 Minutes of Fame
Well I'm a day late mentioning it, but not a dollar short... A very special Christmas-themed wedding for December's "Fifteen Minutes of Fame"!
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Do dee do dee dooo dooo
Ok, besides the fact the Bucs have fumbled twice in a row and that's not freakin' funny (good thing I like Da' Bears) -- if you were listening closely during the last play-break, they played "Loving You". If you've seen the VISA commercial about the Pittsburgh Steelers music crew not having a check card so they could purchase "Who Let the Dogs Out", it was too freakin' funny to hear that song piped out of the Soldier Field sound system just now!
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'Nilla Wavering
If you wanted more of a review for 'Nilla Sky than the one I gave (below) last night, the New York Daily News has one that pretty much says it all here. ("The only winners in this Spanish-to-English translation of Amenabar's Abre los ojos work are Jason Lee, who's engagingly funny as David's only close friend, and Amenabar. In selling the remake rights and allowing another director to make the Hollywood version, Amenabar got in exchange an assignment from Cruise's production company to make his next project, a story called The Others, in English, with the then-Mrs. Cruise — Nicole Kidman — in the starring role.")
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Becoming a simpleton
Simplify, simplify, simplify. Well obviously the new top graphic is temporary, but I decided it was time to weed down that massive side-menu and clean things up around here a bit... So you'll find links to the new blog archive list, about us, and links and blogs pages over to the right (along with a few others). Hope it makes it easier to look around here now!
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Holly and Jason rule! We just got our very first Monopoly game for helping them with their blog. Thank you so much! You didn't have to do that...but we're so excited you did...
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2 hours of our lives...gone
So we had a "date night" and went to see Vanilla Sky. Now let's just get this straight from the beginning, shall we? I don't like Tom Cruise. Todd doesn't like Tom Cruise. I think he's an ass. I think he should rot in hell for what he did to Nicole. I think Stacy has already written the essay I wish I could claim on the subject. That said, I did it all for the nookie. The nookie... Not with Todd sillies. Jason Lee! Until tonight, I was under the impression that no matter how bad the movie.....it couldn't be bad if it had Jason Lee in it. I was wrong. We lost two hours of our lives that we are never, ever getting back. Ironic if you've seen the film, no? I won't really blog about the film, because if you're stupid enough to fork over $7 each for it in the theater like we were, you pretty much deserve what you get. The cliffhanger ending was more like a "please dear lord let the credits roll and put us out of our misery" ending. Jason's acting was great. The few scenes he was in were great. Cameron Diaz had a line guaranteed to make you spew your soda, and Penélope Cruz is so cute you just want to force-feed her Twinkies and Ho-Hos 'til her hips look more like yours do and there's justice in this world. But Tom. Please step aside... Between this and Eyes Wide Shut, you're about a Battlefield Earth away from joining your ol' Scientology buddy Travolta!
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Note to self: If applying for one of the most prestigious college football coaching jobs in the nation, do not pad resumé unless listed sources will cooperate and/or pan out!
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Total eclipse of the heart
If you're in the Eastern U.S., the partial eclipse of the sun is going on right now! It's a rare "ringed eclipse".
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I haven't seen this one before...my blog ego...with recommended blogs based on my own.
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At the nudie bar
How much do I love my husband? Let me count the ways... I found his favorite " Married with Children" episode! "Who's that riding in the sleigh? Who's that firing along the way? Who's roughing up bums on Christmas day? It's Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad..."
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Grow up already
Just moved off the front page since it's time to move on.

Yeah, someone really gets a sense of olive branches extended and well-wishes sincerely meant when openly mocked in that person's blog just moments later, don't they? It is any blog author's right to allow whatever they choose -- and don't choose -- in their blog. Just as in life there are certain doors you close, and wouldn't open again -- and certain people you would not open your front door to if they knocked upon it -- so it is here.

Does it make me feel all warm and fuzzy that suddenly people develop a conscience and wish me well as the holidays approach? Yes. It does. I'm human. Does that erase months worth of pain that literally destroyed some of my PREGNANT friends and their close friendships with others in the process. No it does not. If you want to read about my life -- our lives -- fine. Do it. This site isn't passworded and I'm not trying to stop you. Does it mean I'm giving you free reign to fill the lives of those I care about with something I chose to walk away and move on from (although they were not given that same choice)? That would be a resounding HELL NO! Merry frickin' Christmas.
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Reality Bites
So did you hear about Winona Ryder getting arrested for shoplifting at Saks? Oops!
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Screw the car
Ok, I honestly have no desire to own a Lexus (or the car payment that would go along with it). But I so want one of those reeeeeally big bows on top of the cars in their holiday commercials! I don't know why. I just do.
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Things that defeat me
I rarely, if ever, blog about my health. I've learned the hard way in online situations-past that generally when people ask "how are you doing?" they want to hear "fine, fine, just fine..." in return and move on to the more happy, superficial things in life. That's fine by me. I don't need to be told twice. And it's not really fun to talk about anyway. But I just finished filling out a mega-stack of forms and feel very "blah" about life right now.

I receive SSDI based on a list of illnesses so long as to be comical. Just call me the queen of acronyms and move about your day if this sort of thing/talk bores you... I have: Lyme Disease and/or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS has yet to be completely ruled out after over 10 years of being diagnosed with it, following a positive Lyme test in 8/00), Fibromyalgia (FMS), Neurally Mediated Hyopotension (NMH), irritible bowel (IBS), pernicious anemia, acute gastroenteritis, endometriosis, and most likely Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I have been sick since practically 2 weeks after our wedding, and have been unable to work since the early fall of 1996. I've received a small (less than our car payment) SSDI check (based on what I paid in from 15-24) since 1998. I do pay taxes on that disability income as well. So if you're a rabid Republican that thinks I shouldn't receive this kind of government assistance, please step in the line to the right and rain on someone else's parade. You're in my living room now.

Anyhoo, today the dreaded packet arrived in the mail. The packet all SSDI recipients dread. The four-year review. A literal book of forms where you get to say "no my life hasn't changed and yes it still sucks". Where you get to iron out in great detail all of the gory, depressing things that actually fill your daily life. Things you don't blog about. Things you try to hide from your own husband as much as possible just because you don't want anyone else on the planet to have to deal with it. Things a total stranger, that doesn't know a thing about you, gets to rubber-stamp and toss in a pile making you yet another number without a face. Things that don't go away in nine months with the joy of a baby in your arms as you emerge victorious on the other side.

I don't complain often. I don't have it "bad". I have a wonderful life. I know that. I'm blessed with an amazing marriage, a supportive family, terrific friends, a beautiful home, and something that isn't remotely terminal. Just chronic. But taking over two hours out of my day to iron it all out in such a fashion that it's not even "real" to me anymore is beyond depressing. It's begging for money. That's what it all boils down to. Making myself sound "bad enough" that my benefits won't be cut -- and then realizing I really am "that bad" in order to need them in the first place and continue receiving them. What an incredibly degrading, defeating day. Thank goodness "Will and Grace" is on. I need a laugh.
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The planets align
The heavens are opening up in the next couple of days. Tonight from midnight to 5 a.m. in the U.S. there will be an amazing meteor shower (Geminid), perhaps at the rate of 20-60 per minute -- and tomorrow the east coast of the U.S. will see a half-eclipse of the sun. Be sure not to miss them!
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Sheer bliss
I hate to be cryptic about this, but I have to be. If you ask me for details, I won't tell you. If you know, you know, and that's honestly enough for me. I still want to share a little bit of our late night though...because quite frankly it's something I want to blog about. I learned something tonight that has restored my faith in mankind and higher powers. It has reminded me that the nice guys don't always finish last. It has shown me that happiness and love exist in the places you think least-likely to find them. It has taught me that praying for the ones you care about really can bring about change in their lives. It has echoed that without a doubt, in the end, the greatest of these is love. And as such, I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and hop on this roller coaster we call life all over again...
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She's a very dirty girl
Kathy got her Christmas prezzie from us today and was most amused so I thought I'd share... We sent her Dirty Girl bubble bath and the matching Virgin and Slut lotions from Beauty Cafe. Because we all know there are just some days you can't decide... Tee hee!
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Just call me Suzy Homemaker
I've had my bitch ass in the kitchen makin' Todd some pie (™ Cartman) the last few days, if I've seemed unusually quiet (or at least uncharacteristically short-winded). Well maybe not pie...but I've definitely been-a-bakin'! Up tonight is chocolate chip cookies and gingerbread cookies. I would say gingerbread men, but like Ashley I can't find the gingerbread-man-shaped cookie cutter post-move (and unlike Ashley I'm not going to the store for another one seeing how late it is). So gingerbread trees and angels it is! Thank goodness Todd's cubemates can help us empty out the Tupperware, or we might end up needing our own ZIP-code. Anyone else hungry?
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Testing 1.3 upgrade...please ignore...
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More MT converts...
We finally got Tara to join the ranks of the MT bloggers, too -- so with Reblogger gone, you can finally leave her comments again! Yay!
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MT 1.3
Thanks to Ashley for the heads-up that Movable Type v. 1.3 is out! I have it up and running in Todd's blog now. (I don't want to mess with it yet here though, since Christine has done a few hacks and mods to our code.)
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Too freakin' funny
This is seriously one of the funniest blog entries I've ever read! (Link thanks to Erika.)
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You can look at some thigh and blacken an eye...at the nudey blog!
A blog with a nude and non-nude version -- very creative!
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C is for cookie
In case anyone wants my recipe for Snickerdoodles, I put it up here... I snapped a pic of the first batch, and two guesses which Cookie Monster around here snuck the first bite!
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I wish I could bottle this scent
Happiness is...the smell of snickerdoodles baking in the oven!
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It's beyond a drinking game now
Note to self: Get off your arse and send Dubbyah that thesaurus for Christmas! If I hear "evil", "evil one", or "evil-doer" one more time... Seriously George. There are other words in the English language. Have your speech writers look them up and use them!
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That's with an "i"
Yay -- another RobIn blogger!
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Snagged from Ashley...my first "meme":

  1. Shoes on or off? Off.
  2. Meat or vegetables? Mmmm...dead cows, pigs, and chickens! Veggies = blech!
  3. Desktop or Notebook? We have both and the laptop is MINE.
  4. Red or green? Green.
  5. Coke or Pepsi? COKE -- there is no other! (Except for Mountain Dew Code Red.)
  6. Tidy or messy? Depends -- whole lot of mess piles up then a tidy-frenzy ensues.
  7. Reading or writing? Reading, but definitely not 'rithmatic.
  8. The letter K or the letter Q? I like Q's squiggly.
  9. Square or circle? Circle.
  10. Rain or snow? RAIN!

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The "d" is silent
There was an interesting "hot topic" on The View today. When reciting A Visit from St. Nicholas, do you say "Donner" or "Donder" for the reindeer's name of the same fame? I have always said/heard Donner -- but apparently in the original book it says DonDder! When Gene Autry did the famous singing-version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, he crooned Donner, and it stuck. It seems to be generational as to which reindeer you think is pulling Santa's sleigh... So which version do you use?
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Watch this space
She's still getting the hang of it after I set it up...however, slowly but surely my little sister has a blog now... Go stop by and tell her "hi"!
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Googley eyed
I am currently the #1 Yahoo/Google search result for erotic blog photo. Tee hee!
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Did someone say free?
Here's a pretty cool link, actually found through an eBay purchase I recently made. You can get 250 FREE business cards for just the price of shipping ($5.10 for standard 21-day "slow") from VistaPrint.com. The quality was really good on the card I received, and the reason they're free is a small faint grey company logo and URL on the backs of the cards. But the front-text is entirely your choosing, and they have several templates to pick from. If you need business cards for your sites, auctions, side-business, what-have-you -- be sure to give it a look-see! I just ordered mine...
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It's about time
I finally got around to donating to Movable Type for my blog, too. Thanks Ben and Mena!
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Whoa -- Abraham Lincoln is on "Weakest Link" (as we're waiting for MNF to start). Ok, maybe not Lincoln himself, but a guy named Lance that looks just like him... Too funny! (LMAO -- a contestant just voted him off because, quote, "I'm getting really uncomfortable standing here next to a dead President!")
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Happy anniversary!
Just wanted to wish Chel a happy fourth anniversary! I'd wish one to Ryan, too -- but if you've seen their site, his anniversary isn't until January 31st.
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Someone's got a case of the Mondays
If you're wondering why we've both been quiet today, we were down in north Tampa at my doctor's office for a "routine check-up" this afternoon. Nothing like making an hour's trip (one-way) to find out he's not even in the state, and they didn't bother to call you about it. So I got to see the "nurse practicioner" instead -- but of course when it came time to write the check out, they wanted the full $80 fee. (They're not covered by our insurance so it's all out of pocket.) Bastards. It was a completely wasted trip, but I got a full afternoon out with my husband -- so I guess it wasn't all bad!
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Pretty! Ooooh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh!
Yesterday our annual ornament from Nikki and Ryan arrived. Isn't it beautiful!?! The stuffed hearts were completely homemade by sewing machine, without a trace of glue gun. (You can read more about them at Nikki's blog entry for 12/1.) Thank you Nikki and Ryan -- we LOVE it!
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Wee tree
I've got so much accomplished this weekend! I really feel like I'm somewhat getting my life back after being out of commission with the flu for over a week now... We just got our second mini tree put up tonight, albeit several days later than planned. It's hard to believe looking at the wee thing that it used to be "our tree". And dig that stylin' bouffant 'do on the angel -- it's an old gift I just can't bear to part with! (If you missed photos of our big tree and Christmas decorations, check out the rewind here...)
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Movin' right along
I have almost hit holiday nirvana! I finished all of our shopping in Orlando yesterday. (Can't say what I bought though since certain someones read my blog...) We've already hit the grocery store this morning. I just packaged, sealed, and labeled all of the ornaments for our exchange this year to be mailed off tomorrow. The presents are wrapped and just need to be boxed up to ship back home. And the Christmas cookies will soon be-a bakin'. Phew! I need a martini...
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Twenty-one years ago today. It just doesn't seem possible it's been that long. My mom was pregnant with my little sister. To this day, I still remember her breaking down and crying when the news came on TV, and I still get chills thinking about it. I was too young then to understand just what the world had lost -- but knowing the sadness we felt over losing George, I can only imagine what it must have been like to watch the first major piece of your childhood fade away. Imagine.
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I'm goin' to Sephora! I'm goin' to Sephora! We just decided that we're going to drive over to Orlando tomorrow when we get up and just finish up our Christmas list there... We plan to hit Sonic for lunch (whoo hoo! twice in two weeks!), after that the big Florida Mall with SEPHORA, then the *huge* row o' specialty store outlet malls to see if we can use that Gap 30% coupon, and finally Downtown Disney on the way home "just because" (they have the best Christmas store there). I'm going to be...so...dead...on Sunday, but it will be worth it. We only make it to those two malls once or twice a year!
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Wasted Friday night
I am so mad at our stupid power company. About the only thing they're good for is their name (go see just what comes to mind when you read it). We lose power at least once a week. Normally it's just a 5-10 minute spike, and everything goes back to normal. But at least every 4-6 weeks we're graced with a total black-out. Like tonight. I was 90% through with converting Holly's blog to MT, and "poof!" And right before Todd got home from work, I'd finished up buying gifts for all but 3 on our Christmas list. I just knew I'd be done in time for us to curl up on the couch and watch a Christmas movie since Porch was closed tonight...not! I still have to take care of them. And it's just our sub-division, too. Everyone else around us, including the row of houses directly behind our fence, has Florida Power -- and it never goes out. Ironically during our tropical storm earlier this year, we didn't lose power at all. Tonight it sprinkled for the first time in WEEKS, and we lost power for about 3 hours. Go figure!
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Thanks GAP!
Hey you! Print this out and get 30% off at The Gap this weekend...
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Converting them to MT one blog at a time!
I just helped convert Holly's blog over to MT. Stop by and tell her "hi"!
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Stumped on gifts?
Martha Stewart is doing a feature on edish.com right now -- a great source for discontinued and hard-to-find china and crystal if you're stumped on what to give someone for Christmas (or can no longer find something in your own pattern). I am absolutely DROOLING over the 30-year old Lennox Kingsley pattern they're using as an example. (Keep hitting reload if you can't get the site to load -- their server is somewhat overloaded after the feature but you can usually get through by the third try.)

And here's a good idea for the person that has everything. Ok, maybe not exactly "good", but damned funny!
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You'll shoot your eye out, kid!
So I gave Todd a little temporary surprise today...
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Have you seen that big stink in various blogs about linking to KPMG? (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) Well the story has even made Wired News. Behold the power of the internet!
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So very, very scary...
We were parked next to one of the most-frightening interior decorated vehicles I have ever come across tonight. The three of us just stood there in awe, slowly walking around it and taking it all in. We decided the moment was too good to let go without snapping a couple of pics and sharing it with all of you, too. And even with that said, these two shots just do not capture how many of the little things there really were inside! (photo 1 of the front dash, driver's side -- and -- photo 2 of the back brake light)
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I think I broke my zipper
Ok, I seriously wish Todd's vendor rep was my long-lost twin! She's blonde. She freakin' LOVES football. She worships the ground John Lynch walks on. And she takes us to the best restaurant in town! I am sooooooo.....sooooooo...full it hurts. All the comments were right on -- that place rocks! We ate, and we ate, and we ate some more. And we still came home with two jam-packed doggie bags. I've never seen so much on a plate! We took Rachel's advice in my comments and all split the TexMex eggrolls. Melissa got the Chicken Picatta, Todd got the Louisiana Chicken, and I got the Chicken Madeira. We all tried bites of each others, and hands-down, mine won the "best taste test". Then for the cheesecake. Oh, the cheesecake! Melissa got the pumpkin, Todd got the Oreo, and I got the white chocolate raspberry truffle. Again, I won the taste test for the second round, too (everyone was jealous!) -- but they were all SO good! I'm glad that place is quite a drive from here though...it would be dangerous to live right by it!
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Go praise Ashley! Butter her up. Bribe her. Send her things. Tell her how wonderful she is over and over. And maybe, just maybe, you too will be lucky enough to find a box of her delicious Christmas cookies in the mail. YUM! Thanks Ashley!
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If everyone else jumped off a bridge?
A bit late in the game, but I just joined the MT Blog Ring, too.
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Behold the power of cheese...cake
I'm so 'cited! Todd's vendor rep is supposed to be in from Minnesota today, and she's taking us to the new Cheesecake Factory tonight! I've never been before. Mmmmmm...cheesecake... Now where did I put those elastic waistband pants?
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At my front door
You will not BELIEVE what I just opened my front door to find! The couple that owned this house before us never bothered to forward their mail. They would always ask us just to call them when it arrived, and they'd pick it up once or twice a week because they always "forgot" to fill out the forwarding form. Well after over two months of calling them to come pick it up, and dealing with them always dropping by unannounced, we finally got sick of it. We decided it was time for them to deal with it, and if our calls stopped they might figure it out. So we just started writing "RETURN TO SENDER - NOT AT THIS ADDRESS" in red ink and sticking their mail back in the box. We never got the silly stuff for them either. Just bank statements, credit card bills, mortgage company stuff, etc. -- all bills. (Well, actually all collection notices.) If you peeked through the envelopes they would always say "COLLECTION ACCOUNT", or "FINAL NOTICE", or similar-threatening stuff.

Which brings me to... I was outside with Claire this morning and heard the front doorbell ring. I ran inside and opened it up to what I thought was yet another annoying salesman. But it was a guy with a Citicorp Financial polo, wearing a Citicorp collections badge! He had this huge folder with him, and wanted to know if this was the Dawson's residence! So I said "not since June". Then he said, "You wouldn't happen to have their new address would you?" (I don't.) But I did tell him to try trailers in Brooksville. (Yes, they left this nice, big house to move their two kids in a trailer for "TEN YEARS" while the husband "builds their dream house"! Almost all of their furniture and belongings are supposedly in storage with his crane.). The man got a huge smile on his face, thanked me, and left.

I can't BELIEVE debt collectors come to your door now -- I've never heard of such a thing. I guess the Dawsons really have vanished and their creditors are getting desperate...
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Pssssst... Todd finally got a chance to sit down and update his blog!
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Crappy holidays
How ironic that the recorded message you get when you call Todd's company says "Happy holidays from x-tech-company" in a really cheery voice. While he was in MCSE 2000 class today, 5% of his company got the ceremonial pre-holiday-axe. He'd mentioned during lunch that a few people from his building had been laid off, but I had no idea that 5% of a 5000+ workforce had been let go 'til I heard it just now on ABC! (Apparently they even had armed guards in the main building today.) The local news was less than kind, showing crying former employees in the parking lot -- and bringing up the fact the company's stock is at an all-time high and the company execs just voted themselves huge raises and bonuses. (Isn't it always that way?) There have obviously been a lot of cut-backs in the technical industry lately, and this is the second round of lay-offs at his company this year. The first came with great timing -- the week we closed on our first home! They're publicly saying they hope this will be the last of it, but they also said that the last time. I'm feeling very grateful Todd's position is a vendor-funded-year-in-advance contract position...and just pray our luck keeps holding out...
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Space Shuttle
Well they finally got the Space Shuttle up after several scrubbed attempts. I took my digital camera out with me this time to try and get a photo since everyone is always yelling at me to do so, but for some reason, there wasn't much of a "smoke trail" to even attempt to shoot tonight. So you'll just have to make due with old photos of a launch we saw in person at NASA. I still feel like a little kid each time running out in the street to join the neighbors all looking up at the heavens! It's something I will never get tired of, no matter how long we live in Florida.
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Todd was published in Small Spiral Notebook today! Congrats!
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Cool kudos
I found this cool review on Netizen News today: "Ain't too proud to blog has the sexiest yet most christmasy head graphic i've seen. it's like erotic, but has a Christmas norman rockwell quality too."
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Guttercats video slut wannabe
Note to self: Go buy a replacement shower curtain rod already! Our guest bath shower rod broke a month or so ago after we stupidly hung wet towels on it following a late night o' hot tubbing. Since that tub is only in use when I take baths, we've just never got around to replacing it yet. But my tranquil-bath time is suddenly being replaced by a mad-dash to undress, bathe, dry off, and get outta there without the neighbors seeing. No, we don't have a clear-glass window if you're thinking about becoming a peeper (*ahem*). "Al, nobody's peeped me!" It's one of those crackly frosted kind that you can't see anything but a "form" through. But the thought of the sixteen year-old neighbor kid going to grab a glass of milk late one night (their kitchen faces our bathroom) just really freaks me out. Not that he'd be hanging around to get a glimpse of my far-from-super-model-shape or anything...it's just the thought since I can see the neighbors on the other side from the kitchen when they enter their bathroom. Todd just smiles, nods, and gives me that all-knowing "yes dear" look. But I guess I was just never cut out to be a "behind the steamy-shower frosted glass" hard-rock video 'ho!
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If you're happy and you know it...pass the gravy...
Now this is the face of a very happy man! Good luck, and thanks for the memories, Coach Mangino!
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Breaking OU News
Looks like Mark Mangino is going to Kansas, and Chuck Long is being promoted to OU's offensive coordinator position, effective in the Cotton Bowl! I'm actually very happy with this turn of events!
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The Juice is loose again
This is something that's just shocking, really. *insert sarcasm here*
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Happy day!
What a wonderfully happy day! Friends' anniversaries and baby announcements all around... You already know this, but we still wish you all the best Nikki and Ryan -- many congrats to the three of you!
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Happy Anniversary Ashley and Daric!
Two of the nicest people we know are celebrating their second anniversary today! Make sure to stop by and wish them a happy one!
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Isn't she lovely? Isn't he wonderful?
Huge thanks all around to Christine and Jay! I finally got the new MT Search up and running on my site! There's a basic version over there in the left-hand menu, and then the super-duper version (similar to a boolean search and I give directions) is here. Christine just helped me get my customized results page up and working, so we're in business! Try it out and let me know if you have any problems!
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Jump down, turn around, pick a bale of cotton
So it's been announced OU is going to the Cotton Bowl. Todd seemed excited at the news, but my reaction was/is "eh". This is so not what I envisioned for our season, but I guess it could be worse... It will be interesting if we get to play LSU though. Their defensive coordinator, Gary Gibbs, was the former OU head coach when we were in college.
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And we drink this stuff?
Here's something interesting I ran across...all the different uses for Coca Cola... So it's not just to make me coherant every day!

Clean a toilet bowl.
Pour a can of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl. Let the real thing sit for one hour, then brush and flush clean. The citric acid in Coke removes stains from vitreous china, according to household-hints columnist Heloise.

Remove rust spots from chrome car bumpers.
Rubbing the bumper with a crumpled-up piece of Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil dipped in Coca-Cola will help remove rust spots, according to household-hints columnist Mary Ellen.

Clean corrosion from car battery terminals.
Pour a can of carbonated Coca-Cola over the terminals to bubble away the corrosion, according to Heloise.

Cook with Coca-Cola.
The Coca-Cola Consumer Information Center offers a free packet of recipes including a Mustard Herb Dressing (an Italian style salad dressing made with one-half cup of Coca-Cola), a Twin Cheese Dip (requiring three-quarter cup of Coca-Cola and doubling as a sandwich filling), and Sweet-Sour Cabbage (using one-half cup of Coca-Cola and two tablespoons of bacon drippings).

Loosen a rusted bolt.
Mary Ellen suggests applying a cloth soaked in a carbonated soda to the rusted bolt for several minutes.

Bake a moist ham.
Empty a can of Coca-Cola into the baking pan, wrap the ham in aluminum foil, and bake. Thirty minutes before the ham is finished, remove the foil, allowing the drippings to mix with the Coke for a sumptuous brown gravy.

Remove grease from clothes.
Empty a can of Coke into a load of greasy work clothes, add detergent, and run through a regular wash cycle. The Coca-Cola will help loosen grease stains, according to Mary Ellen.

"Coca-Cola" and "Coke" are registered trademarks ®™ of the Coca-Cola Company.

©Joey Green. All rights reserved.
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I am a keeeeeng prawn!
Nevermind that the last time we ate at Long John Silver's, it gave us both food poisoning... I am loving their new series of commercials with the "spokesshrimp" Pepe the Muppet! I just saw the second one tonight. When "Muppets Tonight" made its debut in '96, he quickly replaced Miss Piggy as my favorite muppet -- and "Muppets From Space" sealed the deal for all time. More, more, more LJS!
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Oh where oh where has my little Todd gone?
If I seem extra quiet (or perhaps extra talkative) and somewhat mopey this week, things will be a little "off". My husband is in training for "the man", and I'm a Bill Gates widow once again. It's just not the same when we can't trade rapid-fire jokes all day á la Beavis and Butthead!
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Tee hee
Lookee what Todd found while surfing around OU message boards tonight -- the texas Big XII Championship pic I put up here last night -- not posted to this board or passed along by us. It just showed up there. Tee hee!
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If you want to see a simply stunning holiday-themed layout, then make sure to stop by tub-e.blog!
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Tony Dungy's theory has always been "keep it close 'til the fourth quarter and the defense will take care of business and pull out the win". Trouble is, the Bucs are sitting at 5-5 -- and just squandered a 13-3 lead to go into OT with the Bengals. The defense can no longer keep it close, and this ridiculous theory is finally being blown out the water. Even if the Bucs manage to pull out a "W", I don't consider this one a win. I consider it pathetic coaching! (Updated to say that the Bucs won 16-13 in OT off a Gramatica field goal, after a recovered goal-line fumble by my favorite Buc and hero John Lynch. This is the second game-winning turn-over forced by Lynch in less than a week. Why do I constantly get the feeling he is the only one giving it his all on defense this season though?)
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The Playboy-style Barbie: "These will be the most anatomically detailed toys ever sold." The measurements are precise. Complete with thong-underwear. I don't EVEN want to know what people plan on doing with these! (link thanks to random-abstract.com)
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Tuck Fexas!
Todd found a good photo from tonight's game, so I decided to have a little fun with it.
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I call it like I see it
I'm proud to say I'm in the top 3 of search engine requests for Chris Simms sucks ass! Apparently Brent Musburger and the other ABC announcer could be heard coming back from commercial during the game tonight and saying, "...they never should have started 'Limo' in the first place..." (Simms showed up to freshman orientation in a fully-stocked limo and earned the nickname.) Ahhhh, this is sweet!
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So God IS a Sooner fan!
YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS! Congrats to the Colorado Buffaloes for winning the Big XII Championship! Buh-bye texas. No, no. Buh-bye. Your year's supply of helmet wax is to the left!
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New Destination Wedding of the Month for December...
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texas can bite my ass
Poor Chrissy! He's thrown 3 picks and had a fumble and we're not even at half-time in the Big XII Championship. I'm looking into my crystal ball and seeing "APPLEWHITE" if this keeps up -- how 'bout you? Go Buffs! (Updated: I could barely get this posted and Simms went out with a "hand injury". Unh huh. Yeahhhhh, right... And Applewhite immediately scores. Great coaching Mack!)
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Disturbing Search Requests
Ok, now this is funny! We all get strange and inexplicable search requests bringing traffic into our blogs from time-to-time. Here's a whole blog about 'em.
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Chili cheese death
What happened in The Swamp today? We listened to the game on the radio and it was a shoot-out 'til the very end. I really wanted the Gators to go the distance since we obviously weren't going to -- now I almost feel like we've almost lost out on two national championship bids. Susannah, David, and Stefani -- I think we have some left-over cyber tequila from our self-pity-fest last weekend if you need it.

Hey guess what Christine and Ashley? We drove to Ocala tonight so we could go to Sonic. It was my belated birthday request. I feel even more like death now, but at least it's chili cheese covered death! Sorry, no pictures of me tonight folks. Not with day 3 of the flu.
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I'd like to thank the little people
*blushing* Thank you!
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How cool is this?! I just went to check my stats and happened to view it right after the 10,000th hit (since I started tracking) was made. What timing! It's the little things...
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sniffling, sneezing, aching, coughing, stuffy-head, fever, I can't rest
Day two of the flu. Am I having fun yet? Things are kinda going at a snail's pace right now, but I did manage to get the new Dress of the Month up online on time. Those of you that followed the annual Dress Contest will recognize her as our second-place winner. I notified her back in August that she would be the December dress, so I guess I have good taste! Her dress has always been one of my favorites, so be sure to drop by and give it a look-see. More monthly winners to follow tomorrow...

Oh yeah, totally unrelated, but thanks to Kristine we both joined BlogSnob. It's over in the side-menu. Have a great weekend everyone!
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