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I don't care what anyone else says. They were good. Damn good!
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Hey! Wait. I've got a new complaint.
I debated and debated all afternoon about whether or not to even blog this. The whole deal has just snowballed into an ugly, sometimes factless free-for-all lead by someone who originally set the burner on high, then yanked the skillet off the burner when the heat got too much to take (removing their original post), only to come back a few days later when everything was beginning to die-down on its own and toss grease on the stovetop once again. Whoa. Lookee there. You've got flames. Some people live for the firestorms I guess.

Because of the personal attacks on my friend, I will not give this blogger further credibility by linking to her site again. I'll only link to Michele's bite-back.

Do you let it go? Do you move on? Well I for one can tell you that I'm one of the people who have complained about good, deserving sites getting overlooked amidst all this Bloggies mess. Sites that would -- and should -- have been there regardless. But after an e-mail from Nikolai last night, and the additional things I've learned today -- added to the things I've learned all week -- I'm here to say that even though several of my friends deserve to be there where they are, this years awards are a farce and a sham. And I, for one, don't want my friends mired down there in that mess. They, and their blogs, deserve more than that.

If it were as simple as yanking back the prizes I have already donated, I would at this point. Wouldn't make much of a statement, but I don't want to be tied to this year's awards ceremony in any shape or form as they currently stand. And I've told Nikolai as such. How do you now play god and say "this site deserved to be there on its merits but this one did not"? You can't. If one loses in that final nominees list, everyone loses. It's the nature of the pot being spoiled.

Beyond the previously-mentioned-everywhere Texas voting blocks* (which by the way made up 17% of the total panel because even though the contest website states that there would be 50 judges this year, not everyone replied to Nikolai's invite and rather than extending additional invites until he reached 50 total, Nikolai decided to go merely with the 23 judges that did write him back) -- we now have real evidence cited in several blogs of impropriety of one judge going far beyond "let's make sure our friends get there" -- the thing that initially had us all so shocked. I should mention that this judge is also nominated in "best kept secret" and "best new weblog" himself. Hard to believe, isn't it? A firsthand account at the site that shall not be linked here again states:

"he first told me it was only him and the dallas judges. he then said he had a friend in california that was 'helping' him to understand some categories. he then mentioned calling canada and he's mentioned calling houston too. you figure it out."
If you look at the nominees, it doesn't take a PhD to figure it out folks. This person not only decided which blogs they thought were "too popular" (and therefore would be in direct competition with their personal favorites, and as such said popular sites were eliminated out of the starting gate) -- they admitted two categories ("best kept secret" and "best new weblog") were almost entirely hand-picked (with their name in the final list, of course). This individual was even able to lobby Nikolai himself to get several of his selections included in the final nominees list outside of those two categories that individual is now a part of -- one key one being the GLBT category. How on earth Nikolai can continue on as if nothing has occurred now is completely beyond me.

*In case you haven't seen mention of the Texas voting-block scandal, a handful (at least five) judges from the DFW Blogging group made it into the 23 total judges. Several of these individuals found their names in the finalists list as well -- and had a public list (entire blog/list since removed from the web) of voting guidelines to go by. The owner of the now-deleted site was a finalist in two categories this year herself.

Yes, these are silly awards. Yes, they are run by a "teenage kid". (Although I find that a somewhat flimsy label, because at 19, I was very much on my way to being the "adult" I am today.) But these awards were also enough of a boost to my own site when I was nominated last year, that I was discovered by an entirely new audience. I want that -- with a feeling of legitimacy -- attached to my friends (who were deservedly nominated) this year. I don't want their nominations tainted -- and I'm sorry, but they are. Even though Wil was a fiasco of epic proportions last year, I felt like I was beaten by a celebrity. Not a system. And I didn't feel like my friends were left off the finalists list last year because they could -- and would -- have been in direct competition with so-and-so's friends down in Texas, and their Blogroll faves.

Last night Nikolai asked me point-blank if I had any suggestions on how to change things next year. (Please note, next year. I fully believe he intends to hold this sham of a ceremony at SxSW with no one officially questioning just exactly what has come to light in the last week.) I pointed out some of the suggestions here to him. In addition, I also suggest the following:

  1. The panel of judges be set up in advance of the nominations. Not after the fact. They would be publicly named and linked.
  2. Judges would be appointed by category. It would not be a "one judge voting on it all" kind of deal. The judges have already stated they don't have enough time to read the massive nominees lists anyway. And this way you would have tech-minded judges analyzing tech-oriented blogs, etc. If one category went down in flames over a judging scandal, you wouldn't have every single nomination and finalist in the competition questioned beyond that one particular category, because the judges would be entirely different people for each one.
  3. No judge could be appointed to more than three categories. Period.
  4. Judges and voters would both have to register beforehand. It wouldn't prevent multiple-identities from beating the system, but at least it's one more hoop they'd have to jump through first.
  5. I think judges should automatically be excluded from the category they judge in. I would never allow a Dress Contest judge in the contestant pool.
Those are just a few off the top of my head. I'm sure several of you out there have even more, and better, suggestions. If so, list 'em here and I'll make sure Nikolai sees them. Although I don't blame him for the actions of others, I certainly think an official response is warranted -- and the fact all of these improprieties have occurred needs to be publicly acknowledged by the Bloggies themselves. They have yet to be, and as mentioned, I seriously doubt they will be now.

I, for one, think there is a place for an awards ceremony of this nature. If you don't...if you think they're all BS popularity contests...well that's certainly your right. I happen to think a little peer-to-peer recognition for months worth of hard work isn't such a bad thing in the scheme of things. I know that rush of being a finalist, and I want everyone who works hard at what they do to have that chance at least once.

I just think on their current course, people have picked the wrong awards to latch onto this year. For me, Anti-Bloggies it is! At least those are purposely designed not to be fair...

UPDATE: Although I quoted someone who has obviously been making false statements about my friend throughout this whole mess, the quote by them that I included in this entry is based upon material found at several other sites -- and I feel their statements I included here are very much with merit. East West is a good source for more on all this hoopla.
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[My car gets forty rods to the hogs head and thats the way I likes it!]
You've often heard my husband complaining about sharing the road with a species of bluehaired snowbirds here in Florida, and the havoc it wreaks on his daily commute. Well now it seems we are redesigning our roadways to accomodate senile senior citizen drivers. Riddle me this... If teens have to test before being granted a license, why aren't older drivers tested in order to keep theirs? My family had to stage an intervention to get my Grandfather to quit driving after he darn-near killed a car-full of us in Tulsa by coming to a complete stop on a freeway. You'd think in the name of public safety, including their own, older citizens would want to ensure the roadways are as safe as possible for everyone on them. Not. It seems nothing shall come between a 5'2" 80+ year-old woman, the five phonebooks it takes for her to see over the steering wheel, and the God-given right to drive her shiny American Cadillac death machine. I feel so blessed to live in a state full of them, too.
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The downward spiral
Well that sucked.
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Black magic woman
Earlier this month, I joked that even though I'm known by some as Princess of the Blogiverse™, I'd yet to see an actual tiara for it. Well guess what showed up in the mail today? Solonor sent me one of my very own! But this is no ordinary tiara -- oh no. You'll notice in the photos that the crown and jewels are all black. Just call me Princess of the (Dark Side of the) Blogiverse™ now. Don't believe me? Just check out that last photo with flash.

When I'm sleeping, it will have a place of honor right above my work station, but I whipped my hair in an up-'do and snapped a few "you like me, you really really like me" beauty queen-esque photos tonight for posterity. Enjoy...

And THANK YOU Solonor -- you're the best minion leader ever.
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Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman
This is a bottle of Philosophy's 7-Day Juice Fast in Lime. I received it as a present for my birthday.

I don't think I'm supposed to notice that almost ½ of the bottle is now missing, even though I've used that scent twice.

But we'll just let it be our little secret, mmmk?
Man, he feels like a woman!

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Bring. It. On.
[Blogger Burp Contest] Ok, there isn't a better stage or setting for this folks -- it's finally Super Bowl Weekend. So you have 'til kick-off Sunday night to put your burp where your mouth is. I've seen a lot of smack-talkin', but I've yet to see any evidence...so get those sound files to me ASAP! I'll organize them in one place, and put up a poll.

It doesn't matter who you know, what your stats counter says, how old you are or where you live. Everyone's eligible. Although I can't offer an awards ceremony at SxSW, I can offer a day that will live in infamy. (I'm still not sure if that's a good thing, but we'll find out.) Thank heavens we don't have smell on the 'net yet... Who takes it? Who reigns supreme?
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I'm never gonna score
Ok, so who saw today's Call For Help? Bueller? Bueller? I saw the tail-end when Tampa Bay won the video game challenge -- and got very, very excited. Only to learn I missed another shout-out to me at the beginning. And now I have to wait 'til Monday. Can anyone help a sister out?
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The Super Bowl shuffle
I guess I could actually discuss important news events like other bloggers, but I don't have time. And it's too depressing anyway... So more weird -- and useless -- headlines it is!

  1. Old Faithful is quite regular, thankyouverymuch.
  2. Drudge finds out what it's like to be on the other end of the monitor.
  3. I've seen some really bad WTC plans in the last few months, but I think this one takes the cake. There's a reason it was previously scrapped. Hello, Jetsons!
  4. Something tells me this kid is so grounded!
  5. Are you pumped? I said, ARE YOU PUMPED? A little Bucs history -- and why we're so freakin' happy just to be here now, regardless of the outcome Sunday.
And now...your moment of zen. Happy (almost) weekend, everyone!
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Help, I need somebody - help, not just anybody
I haven't given out any Gnomey lovin' for awhile. That's mostly because the man is keeping me down. They move the show's time slot over at Tech TV more than I update my blog it seems, and right now the live show and reruns are falling smack-dab in the middle of my beauty sleep. (Which I think we all know I could use a little more of.) I really have to get TiVo. But until I do, callforhelpcentral.com keeps the withdrawl symptoms down to a few random shakes and involuntary twitchings. Make sure you check out Chris' Award Promise -- and then go do the right thing for him if you haven't already!
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Oh the weather outside is frightful

You Notherners have laughed at Floridians for being cold for two weeks now, but when they're extending freeze warnings in the Florida Keys, can we all finally admit we've got a problem here? I haven't seen lawns this dead since an Oklahoma winter.
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Smothered and covered
Angel just made me squeal like a little girl. She pointed out the following from Sonic's site:

To celebrate our 50th year, we're bringing back some all-time favorites, like our one-of-a-kind Pickle-O's™! You'll love these sliced dill pickles made crispy and perfect for dipping. Available for a limited time only at participating locations.
Laugh at us all you want -- those who have eaten Pickle-O's KNOW what I'm talkin' 'bout. And to date, the only place to still get them has been Classic 50s Drive-In in Norman, Oklahoma. I haven't had them in over two years. Screw Todd's ticker... If our Sonic is in on this promotion, we're eating there every night for a week. It's a moral imperative.

P.S. If you think the concept of fried pickles is bad, I should also add that we eat them covered with cheese. Oh yeah, baby!
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It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that cling
[confetti] Sure it probably seemed like a good idea at the time to pack the shipping box, the cards, the envelope, and every single piece of tissue paper to be found with mylar confetti. I'm sure you had quite the good laugh wondering how we were ever going to get to our presents without spilling it everywhere. Hardy har har har.

But as I sit here finding that magnetic cling crap in places I didn't know I had, under my nails, on my legs, all over my countertops, sprinkled about the floor -- and it takes me at least 30 seconds to pluck each individual piece I find off my fingers after picking it up, before finally convincing said piece that it really wants to be in the trash can instead -- well the joke is now lost on me. I do believe this means war.

I will be in your home this spring. I will be armed. I am unrolling your Charmin and every time you go to wipe you're going to be oh so very shiny. I am going to fill the socks in your undie drawer with it so you will never get this crap from between your toes. I am sprinkling it in your sheets so that every day when you wake up, you have to add an extra 20 minutes to your beauty routine for confetti removal. I am opening up your purse and dumping a whole bag in, so that every time you go to write a check, you leave a happy l'il trail of you all the way out the store. I'm zipping open your vacuum bag and I'm setting it to reverse, so that every time you think you're cleaning it up, you're only blowing out more all over your house.

I "got" the joke. Now prepare to pay dearly for it.

-Robyn (and Todd)
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You spin me right 'round, baby
Kristine has found a much easier image rollover code and it looks like a winner to me!

It only requires placing a class into the image and a script in the head, but no onMouseover’s or onload statements to deal with. And plus, you don’t actually have to list out the images in the rollover.js file...
I'm all over that -- thanks Kristine! Read more about it here...
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Tonight at "The Pit", Everyone Gets Laid!
[Pizza Dreams] Ok, screw the awards. What are you really gonna do with a rubber chicken anyway? Instead, I'm offering something much more worthwhile to all of us -- a good old fashioned pizza party. No one gets excluded. Whether you blog once a day or once a month, you still get a slice of pizza. On Blogspot? Step right up. You get two. Heaven knows you've earned it.

It's Super Bowl week. Let's get back to the important things. Like football. Porno. And books about war. Beer's in the fridge. Blogaritas are in the blender.

The only contest we need to hold is who can belch the loudest. I have a sneakin' suspicion she's gonna win that, but bring. it. on.
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Fumbling towards ecstacy
So that's why you Harry Potter fans are so devoted...they're drugging you into submission!
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I'd like to buy the world a Coke, and keep it company
Is it right or wrong
Try to find a place
We can all belong
Be as one

Try to get on by
If we unify
We should really try
All this time

Spinning round and round
Made the same mistakes
That we've always found
Surely now

We could move along
Make a better world
No it can't be wrong

Let's come together
Right now
Oh yeah
In sweet harmony (x4)

Time is running out
Let there be no doubt
We should sort things out
If we care

Like we say we do
Not just empty words
For a week or two

Make the world
Your priority
Try to live your life

Play a part
In a greater scheme
Try to live the dream
On a wider scene

Let's come together
Right now
Oh yeah
In sweet harmony ('til fade)
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The official candy of Tampa Tantrum
I am so freaking addicted to these things now, it's not even funny. I thought this might be a good evening to share with the class... Who wants some?
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Little hellions, kids feeling rebellious
I can't understand human curiosity

Was it good for you?
Was I what you wanted me to be?


Listen, people call me rude
I wish we were all nude
I wish there was no black and white
I wish there were no rules

Oh what a tangled (world wide) web we weave. Did they? Didn't they? Well here's a little more from the trenches. You can make your own calls:

"the main problem? it's rigged. the numbers are grossly skewed. i like nikolai as a person and i know that his intentions are good, but there is just no objective, scientific way for ballots to be cast. this is not even nikolai's fault. he's a nice enough person to trust other people to be nice too. unfortunately, they just aren't...

...i also know that the email padding and nomination committee conspiracy is absolutely true.

for those of you with great weblogs and awesome designs that thought you might be nominated, you didn't have a chance. you really didn't, so don't take it personally...

...i think we need to clarify that nikolai asked people to help him and only a handful responded. of that handful, 75% are of a group that agreed together in advance on how they would vote, actual ballots be damned. they were proud of it, bragged about it and had a good laugh at the fact that they figured out how to beat the system. a system designed by a teenager who was just trying to have some fun. it is misleading to say you only voted once when that vote carried so much weight."
It's a shame so many good, deserving sites are being caught in the crossfire right now. Because quite honestly, even though I donated prizes this year, I don't even know if I want my name attached to any of it now -- this year or last year as a nominee -- without a lot of official explanation. But I don't need to add any more on the matter myself (too many others out there are saying it better anyway, look around) -- other than if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, well it's probably also quacking "AFLAC" under the covers.

UPDATE: Didn't think any of this was real or legit? Well Michele felt everything flying around today had enough merit and weight that she's withdrawing her nominations. Something to think about... I admire your courage, convictions and strength in speaking out, Michele!
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Book 'im, Danno!
This true story over at Tracy's made me flashback to a funny moment in high school...

A friend of mine had a dad who was a policeman in another town, and he got me a pair of real handcuffs for my 16th birthday. I kept them hanging on the cigarette lighter of my car (for decoration, get your minds out of the gutter). The key was in the console. Well one night my friends were playing around with them during a wicked game of Twister, and somehow the key got lost. But I put the handcuffs right back on their place of honor in my car when I left.

Fast-forward to my Grandpa doing an oil change and car repairs for me a few months later. (I lived with my grandparents for two years in high school.) While he was cleaning out the inside, he called me out to the driveway. My Gma followed. He had noticed the handcuffs for the first time, and asked me if I realized just how dangerous they were. Now mind you, I lived in a small town of less than 25,000 people at the time. But to illustrate his point he said, "Just imagine if you were carjacked. Someone could slap these on your wrists like this (*clink*, *clink*) and you'd be completely defenseless. My jaw hit the pavement. Him, thinking he'd driven his point home. Me, knowing...there was no key.

I didn't know how to tell him, so I mouthed it to my Gma first. Then he asked me for the key. He's standing there wearing ratty "car work" jeans and no shirt. In cuffs. I didn't know how to break it to him and not get killed in the process. But I did. And he was too shocked to be mad at me. Then my Gma started laughing and we all cracked up in unison.

He walked over to their nearest neighbor (they lived 15 miles outside of the city limits), who also happened to be a policeman, hoping he'd be home. He was. But his cuff key didn't fit my cuffs. He had to drive my Grandpa to the local station, cuffed with no shirt on, in his squad car to find a key to fit them. How I avoided being grounded over all this, I'll never know. In our small town, my Grandpa showing up at the police station like that was quite the scandal...not to mention him having to explain to everyone that they were his teenage granddaughter's cuffs (and make them believe it) when he got there...

Needless to say the cuffs didn't go back in my car after that! But the story lives on in infamy.
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Indecision...it's what's for dinner
Note to my husband...the following conversation only works when you call me on the cell phone...not your work line!

Me: Any ideas of what you want for dinner tonight?
Him: I'm leaving that up to you.
Me: Oh no, not after you shooting down everything I suggested last night. It's your turn to pick tonight! You're the one with the bum ticker.
Him: What? What was that? I think...(fake-static sounds)...we're breaking up. I (more fake static sounds) can't hear you. Going... To... Have... To... Call... You... Back... Later... You pick! Bye!

We go together like rama-lama-lama ka-dinky da-dingy dong.
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Oh, Bill.............
[The Kelly Bundy Bounce]
And in other news...the JFK tapes were released today. You do the math.
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Like JiFK
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Tell me who are the people in your neighborhood
I've discovered a lot of new reads through comments, blog reads and the like in the last week. Thought I'd pass them along... Just call these "The Robbys":

  1. maleszyk.com -- he is not Tom Cruise (but he could be)
  2. Dirty Questions.com -- found via Chey, current question: "Have you ever had a consistent booty call?"
  3. butterfly wings, the blog -- I think of the Beloved song I love every time I visit
  4. traces -- yet another lovely design
  5. compulsively obsessive -- I love titles with a twist
And one to grow on...Mindless Chatter...it's her birthday tomorrow! For even more reads for your humpday, start here.
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I'm just a girl - guess I'm some kind of freak
Feeling like a whiter shade of pale right now? I know I am... Well sunless.com has a list of the ten best drugstore self-tanners. They also have a list of the ones to avoid -- surprisingly enough names like Estee Lauder and Lancome made that list. You can find more reviews, and how to choose, here.

And why stop with self-tanner when you're in the health and beauty section? Make-Up Diva can help you answer questions like "how to get rid of dark circles" and "how to get rid of under-eye bags". And unfortunately something I'm going to have to start dealing with since hitting the big 3-0 -- "are cheap eye creams as good as department store ones". Don't forget to sign up for the handy-dandy weekly newsletter, too.

Last but not least, one of my favorite sites out there is Cosmetic Connection. They have excellent product reviews by brand (a few of my favorites are Stila, Aveda, Origins, BeneFit, and MAC) -- including drugstore lines. I found the mascara report (part 1, part 2) really helpful. I have friends that would like the "Rosacea 101 Guide". And they also have a great weekly newsletter as well.

What? I had to counter-act all of the football talk somehow...
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I've kissed mermaids, rode the El Niño
Got me a movie
I want you to know
Slicing up eyeballs
I want you to know
Girlie so groovy
I want you to know
Don't know about you
But I am un chien andalusia

Wanna grow
Up to be
Be a

Got me a movie
Ha ha ha ho
Slicing up eyeballs
Ha ha ha ho
Girlie so groovie
Ha ha ha ho
Don't know about you
But I am un chien andalusia...

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I'm Super...thanks for asking
FOXsports.com has an interesting list of Super Bowl facts. Some include:

  • Nine of the ten most-watched television programs of all time are Super Bowls.
  • People eat more food on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year other than Thanksgiving.
  • Super Bowl weekend is the slowest weekend of the year for weddings.
  • Last year, a 61-year-old lawyer from Chicago turned down an 18-day, all-expenses paid around-the-world trip for two, estimated at $18,000, in favor of two tickets to Super Bowl XXXVI.
  • Sales of antacid increase 20 percent the day after Super Bowl Sunday.

  • The top activities men will be doing during this year's Super Bowl are...

    Eating/snacking, 82 percent
    Watching the ads, 60 percent
    Yelling at the TV screen, 52 percent
    Hanging out with the guys, 46 percent
    Drinking beer, 44 percent
    Swearing or cursing, 39 percent
    Betting on the game, 26 percent

    Just men though? They obviously haven't been to a game shown in our house! Oh yeah, they have facts about avocados, too. Can't forget those... "Forty million pounds of avocados will be eaten during this year's Super Bowl festivities at home and in restaurants, mostly in the form of guacamole. That's enough dip to cover Qualcomm Stadium's football field, end zone to end zone, over five feet deep."

    UPDATE: Sounds like some people took "we're going to the Super Bowl" here to mean we're (as in me and Todd) going to the Super Bowl -- and not we're (as in Tampa Bay). Oops. Unless I have some rich uncle about to buy the farm that I don't know about...our feet will be here pacing the ground of Tampa Bay on Super Bowl Sunday. I rather like my right kidney. It seems to come in handy every now and again...
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    Drumroll please...
    Well Stacy just pointed out that The 2003 Bloggies nominations are up -- which means there are several BIG rounds of congrats to pass along!

    1. Blogs & Pets (Christine M., best weblog webring)
    2. Blogrolling (best update monitor and application for weblogs)
    3. Movable Type (best application for weblogs)
    4. Acerbia (best European)
    5. a small victory (best American, best political, and weblog of the year)
    6. A Life Uncommon (best American)
    7. Big Pink Cookie (best American)
    8. Electric Bugaloo (best tagline)
    9. Picture Yourself (best non weblog content)
    10. Scripty Goddess (best programming, best web development, and best community)
    11. C:\PIRILLO.EXE (best technology)
    12. Time for Your Meds (most humorous)
    13. Neurotic Fishbowl (best design and best new)
    14. SnazzyKat (best design)
    15. Blog Anon (best kept secret)
    16. On My Mind (best kept secret)
    17. My So-Called Life (best new)
    It's great to see so many new, fresh (non-Wil) blogs up there this year! I couldn't agree more with the choices. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and vote, and support your favorites now!
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    We're happy together
    I must be doing something right... I got jewelry this weekend and roses this evening:

    So much for that whole "seven year itch" thing!
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    It's frickin' freezing in here, Mr. Bigglesworth

    Last week I whined that Tampa Bay was dipping into freezing digits. Well this weekend it's going to dip into the 20s here! The 20s! Yeah, yeah. I know. You're at -16° windchill right now and don't have much sympathy for us. But ask yourself this. Do you have a coat? Do you own gloves? Do you wear thermal underwear? Well you're already doing better than we are. We have one coat to split between us. Everything else is lightweight jackets. I only own about five pairs of socks, none of them thick.

    And with our humidity down here, it sinks into your bones. Our blood has thinned out. We'll readily admit we're weather-wussies after six years in the Bay area, but after '95-'96 in Philly (lowest temps and highest snow totals in the city's history), I know cold. And this...is cold. But go ahead. Laugh at us all you want. When you have to take out a second-mortgage just to make a fruit salad and have a glass of juice in about 3 months, I'll kindly redirect you right back here...
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    For every generation
    It's time to vote in the Gap's national casting call. None of the applicants are Will Kemp "loose" quality, IMHO -- but you'll get registered for a $500 gift card by voting, and receive a coupon for 15% off "$50 or more" purchases after your ballot submits. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go watch Will again...
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    Size does matter
    File this under "well, duh": Just spotted over in -e-'s comments (courtesy of kat)... Rather than going into "Properties:Settings" in Windows to change your monitor resolution when checking out a design's browser-size compatibility, just type this - and only this - into the IE address bar on any given site. For example, to check this site in 800x600, paste the following over my entire URL (you can change 800,600 for whatever resolution you wish to check):


    You will see there is a slight scroll for the default Mae skin if you tried it there. That's because if you want the 800x600 version you've gotta go here. Regardless, that will shave just a few minutes off each day when checking on other designs. Thanks, kat!
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    Nothing fit to print
    This is the best I could do. So sue me, but FARK is dead at the moment and my eyes hurt.

    1. Looks like I'll be wearing jeans and a t-shirt, along with straight hair and no make-up, next fashion season...
    2. Please tell me I'm not the only one with a bullshit meter at red alert right now!
    3. Remember when you just stopped, dropped and rolled? You have to give the snowman an identity these days -- sheesh! "How many engineers does it take to build a snowman?"
    4. Oh heavens above, let it be true.
    5. Get injected with deadly botulism or risk stinkin' pits...let's see...I'll take the stinky pits and a case of Secret, please. Sidenote: How bored and/or desperate do you have to be to volunteer for a study rating pit odor on shirts?
    6. The Bucs don't need to fear the Raiders. Oh no. They need to fear the killer trees!
    And now...your moment of zen...
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    I'd have to say it was a good day
    My Bucs are going to the Super Bowl, and tonight the Sooners defeated Bobby Knight and the Red Raiders 69-64 in OT, after an amazing last-second shot by Price to tie it up. Time to get back to work, but man that was a great ending!
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    (NFC) Paper Champions
    This is all I have time for right now...but the second batch of photos from last night is online starting here. I had to shoot a lot of them over my head and pray I got something -- so forgive the poor lighting and focus. And Todd was able to score several papers and an official NFC champions t-shirt today! The news said the line at Buccaneer Heaven was 700-strong this morning for the shirts, so we're feeling very lucky to have it.
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    Fashion and gossip, oh my!
    If you missed most of the Golden Globes because of football, like me -- here's a quick recap:

    1. MSNBC.com gossip commentary on the Globes...and the pink tutu... (image courtesy of antgrad.com -- and more commentary on it here, here, and here)
    2. "Fashions sprout like spring at Golden Globes" (I loved Beyonce Knowles' gown)
    3. E! Online's best and worst moments
    4. The LA Times coverage, complete with photo galleries and fashion review
    5. InStyle has a list of some of the goodies the nominees and presenters got this year, and more coverage (with photos) here -- a few misses in my opinion were Debra Messing (when good ruffles go bad), Maggie Gyllenhaal (you look like a doily), and Elisha Cuthbert (you're not Deborah Harry and this is not 1982)
    6. The Yahoo! News Golden Globe slideshow

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    And we were there...
    [click here to see more] There are times in your life where you've just got to smile and say, "Fuck the flu. Some things are more important." Tonight was one of those nights. When we saw on a 10 p.m. news update that 8,000 strong were already at Raymond James Stadium, it didn't take long to load up the car and head on out. We joined over 25,000 of our closest neighbors for a Super Bowl sized party just off Dale Mabry! Before they landed, the team plane did a low fly-by right over the stadium. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen! And I was behind a police barricade literally 5-feet away from my own personal hero Mr. John Lynch as he went by.

    Amazingly, after standing out in 30°ish temps for several hours, I feel better than I have in weeks and I can't wipe this damn smile off my face. I shot over 40 pics -- some good, some not so good. I waded through to find the best ones (14 total), and put them up at a temporary home here. I'll get to the rest tomorrow and reorganize when I can feel my fingers again... Have I mentioned lately that WE'RE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL*?!? Happy Monday, everyone! (* we're as in Tampa Bay, not Robyn and Todd, people!)
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    She looks like a pink nightmare
    Well there's one thing more scary than facing the Raiders in California -- I think it's facing her in Hollywood. Here's a back view -- ick. And here, well words fail me. That rarely happens.
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    Can I get an unh-huh?
    I could talk smack and curse like a sailor all night long like all you Eagles fans would have done. I could hop on your blogs and boards and rub it in. But I'd rather just tell you to KISS MY ASS at my own house because we're going to the Super Bowl. Sorry I don't have any more time to devote to your worthless team than that, but if you'll excuse me, we have San Diego to concentrate on -- and a bottle of champagne to pop open!


    UPDATE: Jen snapped her own special photo -- make sure to check it out!
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    Have you seen the size of my Johnsons?
    I'm drinking heavily now.
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    I...love...football on TV
    If you have any questions about the big games, make sure to ask the Magic 8 Ball. Good luck today, Erica Lynn -- may the best team on "any given Sunday" win!
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    Potpourri for $400, Alex
    Just a couple of site updates to report before we head off to bed...I added in that code (I blogged about last week) over in the sidebar that will show you entries that have just scrolled off the main page. It's under the recent comments section. I also updated the 2003 archives page to keep it separate from the 2002 ones. It's bland as hell, but if nothing else, it's worth a mention courtesy of another good pic of Shirley.

    Not running MT but still want to make clickable thumbnail image groupings? Mandarin Design has a good newbie-style tutorial up.

    Last but not least, here's another great tip from Scripty Goddess -- a hack of the LGF referer script to show the last 50 search keywords to your site. More details here.
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    Today's the day they'll say "I do"!

    [Congrats and Best Wishes to the new Mr. and Mrs.]

    UPDATE: They have a wedding-attire photo up now! She looks amazing!
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    It just. Got. Interesting.
    There may soon be a legal precedent for suing website trolls. I know a few lawyers who owe me favors. This might be fun to watch go down... Anyone want in on some class-action, errr, action? (Link courtesy of FARK.com, Slashdot, and Cleveland.com.)
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