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Posted: 01.24.2003
Oh the weather outside is frightful

You Notherners have laughed at Floridians for being cold for two weeks now, but when they're extending freeze warnings in the Florida Keys, can we all finally admit we've got a problem here? I haven't seen lawns this dead since an Oklahoma winter.

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

I dont know what's going on with the weather, but I do not remember last winter being this cold. It's freakin' 5 degrees here! I'm not sure what's causing all this cold, but I'm sure we can find some way to blame it on Iraq.

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I'd post a comment, but my fingers are frostbitten.

Freeze warnings? We're not allowed outside, should we lose a limb to the windchill!


St. Lucia, here we come!

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I lived in Key West for a year when I was in the Navy, I don't ever remember it getting cold, but I do remember the year it snowed in Jacksonville and I lost power in my apt for the night. It took me 2 hours to drive to my sisters apt who lived 30 minutes away.

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I feel your pain. We are having a rather unusual cold spell here in Texas as well. When I went to class yesterday morning, it was 17 degrees!

That was a long wait for the bus. Then I got to look forward to walking accross campus.

This is Texas, where's the rampant humidity I'm so used to. :)

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it's freezing in GA too and I see you use intellicast.com as well ;)

it was (no kidding) -20 below last night with the wind chill... I'm from Chicago but that is still too damn cold.

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One more reason to snuggle close to your darling hubby!

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I'm on my way to Costco to stock up on OJ!!!
But you wanna talk about cold try -9 in Kalamazoo, MI, where I was lucky enough to be the other morning!

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18 degrees in Aberdeen yesterday. Aberdeen lies on a line of latitude nearer to Anchorage than Seattle.

Did I mention it was 18 degrees celsius.

Or 65 in Fahrenheit.

That's their average summer temperature:)

And to think that I seriously thought about Florida as somewhere hot to go a January holiday.

(I shouldn't laugh but my cousin in Boca Raton say sit often gets cold in Florida in January. Sometimes, if it's cold in the evening she has to put a sweater on to go out).

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