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Mah Nizzle
'Cuz the boyz in the hood are alwayz hard
Come talkin' that trash and we'll pull your card
Knowin' nuthin' in life but to be legit
Don't quote me boy, I ain't said shit...

[Before I left I hit the Bacardi]
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It cuts you up
I haven't had my hair cut since January. To be honest, I just haven't felt like caring about my hair for months -- and anyone who knows me knows that's quite unusual for me. It's just been that kind of year... But I finally got fed up with how long it was. How blah it was. And how "not me" it was.

That's when I found out I'm truly cursed. When we moved up to the 'burbs a couple of years ago, I quit going to the hairdresser I'd used for about 4½ years because she was just too far away. It seemed a pain to waste half of our weekend schlepping to the salon and back. So by some fluke I found a girl here in suburbia that I actually loved, first-try. When I called to make the appointment last week they told me she'd been promoted to manage her own salon. The location? Exactly two blocks from my old stylist. Two blocks even further from us. Figures. But after the great hair disaster of '02 when I was forced to use someone else last-minute, there was no way I was up to trying to find someone new again. So schelp we did... It wasn't that hard to make the drive considering, with tip, I pay this girl about $70 less than my old stylist in the same location before tip.

And of course, it was worth it. I feel about 20 lbs. lighter and look like "me" again. Wanna see?

[hair pic 1] [hair pic 2] [hair pic 3] [hair pic 4] [hair pic 5]

(Dig that new tee, don't ya'?) When my stylist's boyfriend gets back from Iraq and they get married, I think I'm going to need weeks of therapy. It's harder to find a decent stylist than it is to buy a house, I'm starting to believe...and that was no cakewalk.

We won't be around tonight. Robbie is flying in for another overnighter, and we're going into Tampa to see 'im in a couple of hours. Y'all have fun now, ya'hear!
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High crimes and misdemeanors
If one asks in the mainstream media, more are sure to follow... I'll take Altoid blowjobs and the definition of "is", thankyouverymuch.
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Ahhhhh...to be young and panty-free
We're watching "Jackass: The Movie" right now. We've never really watched the show, and all I can be is incredibly thankful they weren't around when we lived in the Honors Dorm. You put that many academic and National Merit Scholars in that close of a space, and it can only spell disaster. Like a contest for the largest items you could drop off the top of the stadium press box. A stadium light, that I can't exactly divulge where it came from, won. Or the 2-story catapult the guys built to propel items against a 4-story brick wall in one of the quads. Many a Letterman moment to be had there. Or the time we saved the little creamer containers from the cafeteria for an entire semester, because we watched someone toss the powder in the air and light it once. We left a 2-story scorch mark up the fire escape wall, that was still there three years later. There was also the "couch stacking" contests held in the lounges -- to see just how many couches we could stack, often filled with occupants, on top of each other. Think Human Jenga... Then there was tree climbing, in your underwear, in the snow. And the 1991 "He-Man Die Wet Adventure" during a flash-flood. There was a killer hill behind the athletic center, and all the guys dressed up in garbage bags from head-to-toe. Most, not all, donned crash helmets and went flying down the mud-hill like an earthened slip-n-slide.

My class was also legendary for its pranking -- like the time my boyfriend and a friend went around and gathered every single pumpkin lawn-leaf bag late on Halloween evening, and piled them floor-to-ceiling in the middle of the night while my girls' floor was asleep. We had to call a maintenance man to get out of our rooms. The ENTIRE hall was filled floor to ceiling. I got him back by building a door of duct tape and carefully sealing it over his door in the middle of the night. He had Guard drill and got up at 4:30 a.m. every morning. Walked right into the sucker. Of course, he repaid me by putting my Dodge Omni up on blocks the last morning of the next semester. I went to get in my car to drive across campus for a final...and well, needless to say, I ran to make it on time after pulling an all-nighter. Thank god I was still hopped up on No-Doz. The only way he even made up for that one was getting Todd and I tickets to the Orange Bowl when OU won the national championship in 2000.

Ahhhhh...the good old days. But again, thank god this movie didn't give us any more ideas. I think the emergency room would have been the least of our worries. The morgue would have been a more likely destination.
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The movie of my life

[breakfast, lunch and dinner at tiffanys]

I ran across this whilst hunting for images to go on another site tonight. Just had to pass it along. Hmmm...I wonder if the Krispy Kreme "hot sign" is on?
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Guess who's back? Back again...
Mikey's back. Tell a friend!
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Leapin' lizards!
Just goofing off with the tripod Todd bought me for our anniversary...

[caladium in the backyard] [shoo fly] [anyone know what these are?] [white flower closeup]

[just soaking up some sun] [lizard looking for a mate] [are you threatening me?] [hanging out]
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Skin so soft
Here's a comment that should also go on the main page -- a site skinning tutorial using javascript rather than php.
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I don't wanna grow up

[do not pass Go]

Note to self: Do not begin (payday) Friday by balancing checkbook and paying bills for over an hour. It ruins your entire weekend.
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They had style - they had grace
Now this could be something... Gwen Stefani is about to sign on to play silver screen starlet Jean Harlow in Martin Scorsese's "Aviator" about the life of Howard Hughes. Leonardo DiCaprio will star as Hughes. Cate Blanchett is in talks to play Katharine Hepburn, and Kate Beckinsale as Ava Gardner. It should be interesting to watch this one unfold.
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Hurt me, baby. Make me write bad checks.
Tonight, if you'll please excuse me, I'm joining jewdez in trading my monitor for telly to watch me some Stiffmeister and Justified. Oh mama (photo 1, photo 2)!
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Slip-slidin' away
Here's an interesting how-to article -- "How to scan 35mm slides on a flatbed scanner" (assuming you don't have a slide-ready scanner already). The results aren't the greatest, but it beats nothin'...
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And it makes me feel so fine I can't control my brain
I finally got the photos from this weekend organized -- there are several over at Shutterblog that I haven't put up here yet. Have a peek if you're so inclined...

UPDATE: I have one of the photos available as a wallpaper over in the sidebar now.
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I'm the kinda G the little homies wanna be like
"I believe Sosa. I also believe gang members keep shotguns in their trunks just to shoot rabbits." —Chicago sports columnist on a local radio promo

UPDATE: On Rome -- Minor League team in FL offering "free cork" giveaway to the first 505 fans through the gates! The team will also give free admission to anyone with the words 'Sammy,' 'Sosa' or 'Corky' in their name, and mini cork bats to the 21st, 66th and 505th fans. Those numbers represent Sosa's jersey number, the number of home runs he hit in 1998 and his career home-run total, respectively.
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Ride at night, ride through heaven and hell
Last night, we fell asleep to the sounds of the season. No, not crickets chirping or bullfrogs ribbeting. Instead it was roar of the deep V6 engine of the punkass teen down the block, tires squealing as he took every corner after midnight at about 80 mph. Just to do it over. And over. And over again. Color me very impressed, kid. Your girlfriend's parents must be so proud. School's out...for summer. Son'bitch.
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If you can't beat 'em...it's really no fun, now is it?
I'm still getting at least one e-mail a day from someone honestly trying to help, but a tad bit freaked out that my site is "broken". I e-mailed Christine after her comment here and went ahead and followed her suggestion. Do you think late-comers will get the hint after they load my site and find this staring right at 'em? At least it won't be throwing up php-error gang signs anymore...
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I know you are but what am I?


Michele is having a discussion about the AFI's "Top 50 Villains". Who receives my vote, you might ask? Well Francis, of course. Is there honestly anything more down and dirty than stealing a boy's bicycle? I think not. Case. Rested. Me thinks...
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All work and no play
In between working on everyone else's sites, I got a few CSS and code issues cleaned up for Netscape 7, Mozilla, and IE 5.0 on the new skin and in my sidebar. I swear, the day we actually have a single browser standard... If anyone even pipes up with an issue for Safari, you're sitting in the first-grade room's chairs the rest of the month! Why? Because I can. Nyah!
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Slip me some skin
Looking for an easy way to skin your site? The domesticat.net tutorial giving you fits? Well here's a quick and easy version to try instead*, courtesy of empty pages. (Recommended by the passionate ailurophile.)

*requires CSS/php and all content must remain the same - only swaps stylesheets
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Think I'm gonna need a bigger tiara

I just added a new skin that's a twist on my default summer skin -- this one curtsies to Princess Grace of Monaco. Go to the skins page to select this one, or if you'd just like to change the one you're currently using.

UPDATE: I'm still receiving well-meaning e-mails letting me know the site is broken. It's not. Please read this old entry for a better explanation, and how to fix it.
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Can you feel it, baby?
Mr. Bandwidth Issues just passed this along from Pornblography -- a writer's call for sex toy stories from Anne Semans (author of "The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex"). It's paying $25-100 for stories from 500-5000 words. Go here for more details... (Links obviously not exactly work-safe.)
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You better work it girl
Ethiopian with a bad bleach job, or heiress to 4-star hotel fortune? You make the call... One has to give her credit for creative crotch taping though. While we're on the topic of cocktail napkins as attire, and teased blonde extensions gone wrong... At least we know the 'bleach shortage in Hollywood' report was just a rumor!

These girls need to seriously give it up, and just call Beyonce's stylist! For several pages of -- sometimes frightening -- MTV Movie Awards arrivals, visit Big Pictures USA (gallery 1, gallery 2).
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Say it ain't So-sa!
Wasn't me.
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I do!
The new June 2003 "Dress of the Month" is finally online. Wedding season is finally upon us, so there's no excuse not to pass the application along to your friends and family -- or heck, even submit it yourself!
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Happy anniversary to me...again!
For some reason, I just happened to catch my "one year ago today" section in my archives, and noticed that on 06.03.02 I wrapped my very first design for Sekimori. My portfolio has literally mushroomed since then. What a difference a year makes! Now hire me, dammit...
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They're the people that you meet each day
Deep thought of the day: "How big is the Blogiverse?"

I'm not sure, but since I am its Princess™, perhaps I should look into it a little further. Maybe if everyone graffitied this entry's comments with "_____ was here" for a quick head-count? You know, strictly for "research purposes"...
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The calm before
Right now it looks like we're in between storms for the day. The sun is trying to peek out. The flowers and trees are dancing after receiving the much-needed rain. I hope we're finally in our summertime storm pattern -- our yard desperately needs it! And so do I, really...

[sun peeking out] [happy tree after the rain] [dueling clouds]
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You said it!
Poor, misunderstood celebrities...
  1. "I think that's one of the only reasons God created celebrities. To help those who can't help themselves." —Milla Jovovich

  2. "...I wasn't about to wear some golf shirt with a collar. I went out on the links in three-inch high heels and barely anything on and they didn't seem to mind." —Mariah Carey, announcing her desire to design a new line of golf clothing (just announced on Rome)

  3. "I know Miss Lopez is supposed to have a reputation as a bit of a diva, but this is ridiculous." —Monaco Grand Prix insider, after J-Lo was passed up for Naomi Campbell and Helena Christensen when first-class flights for herself, fiancé Ben Affleck and entourage, five nights in a hotel and a $25,000 fee weren't enough for her appearance (she demanded $412,000 and was ceremoniously uninvited)

  4. "He and the rest of this production's cast are so desperately eager to please that they practically French kiss the front row." —Los Angeles Times critic Reed Johnson on Jason Alexander's performance in "The Producers" (Note to Jason: You haven't been funny since Seinfeld. Get over yourself already.)

  5. "We will have a new generation throughout the world that will know Madonna as an inspiring storyteller." —Nicholas Callaway, editor and publisher of Madonna's new children's book (Note from Robyn: Old generations already know her as an inspiring storyteller?)

  6. "'If I die, I will leave Edward everything." —Courtney Love, on pining away for Edward Norton (Note to Courtney: Uhhhh, shouldn't that be going to Frances Bean?)

    But don't worry about Edward's affections being elsewhere, because Courtney also states: "'He'll never marry her [Salma Hayek] - for one, he can barely understand half of what she's saying."

  7. "'Michael's career is rock bottom and he's hoping Puffy can help him reclaim his crown as the King of Pop." —unnamed source, on Jacko and P. Diddy making plans to go into the studio to lay down some tracks later this month (Note to the freak-duo: Yeah, that'll fix everything. Good plan. I guess just insisting everyone call you the King of Pop isn't making it so, now is it?)
I think my IQ just dropped 15 points. I really have to stop doing this.
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It's like thunder...lightning!
There is absolutely nothing better than waking up in the morning to the sound of a thunderstorm rolling in off the Gulf. I'm in such a great mood now!
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Windows to the soul
We just added a dozen new Lomos to lomo-motion.com -- seven by "her" and five by "him". The last one is our 50th one -- see, I told you I'd use the domain if I bought it! *wink*

Todd's anniversary present showed up a bit late today. I bought him a Kiev 35A, supposedly similar to a Lomo. He plans to find out ASAP. I bought it from these guys over the phone, and I was very pleased with the service and turn-around. (It wasn't their fault we have issues with our UPS guy. Don't even ask me what condition the box arrived in!) Ignore the fact their website says it takes 120 medium-format film though. It doesn't. It's a 35mm camera. So if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the Lomo, watch this space for comparisons soon. (UPDATE: I just noticed that Amazon has more Holga camera starter kits in stock again. See this entry's comments for other alternatives.)

And somewhat related...when we were at Ritz getting reprints made late this afternoon, we saw something that made both of our hearts melt. An elderly gentleman -- he must have been in his early 80s -- was at the do-it-yourself enlargement equipment working very gingerly on a photograph. You could tell his hands had problems with arthritis, but that didn't seem to be the reason each and every movement was slow, meticulous and calculated. He caught my attention and I did my best to not be obvious, yet see the photograph he was working on so diligently. I tapped Todd on the shoulder as the man pulled it out of the machine and held it up to see his hard work. It was a beautiful 8x10 hand-tinted photograph of a young woman. The photo had to have been from the mid-to-late 1940s. You could tell he stopped to take a moment to collect himself while looking it over. Obviously we'll never know the true story behind the gentleman and his precious photograph, but we were both very moved by the whole thing. Love truly is timeless...
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In the good ol' summertime
Todd took a personal day today since he basically had to work on Saturday. Ahhhhhh. Here's a few more random photographs from this weekend...

[the pier at North Redington Beach] [random beachgoers at North Redington] [the boardwalk at Johns pass] [fishing net at Johns Pass] [pelicans at Johns Pass]
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You hate Celine because she is better than you
I ask you -- did the world really need this? I'm seriously smacking the first person I see buying it upside the head...
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Randomness...because I can
Tonight everyone around here got to feel better about themselves. I got us an anniversary carrot cake from Publix. By us, of course, I mean me. Todd scored big at Tarjhét. I can't resist his big, puppy dog eyes. And speaking of those...Claire hit paydirt as well when we spied this on the shelves. After some fierce lovin', it's already missing both sets of eyes and some stuffing. She's a very happy girl tonight.

Another good Tarjhét find was also had. Altoids makes breath strips now. Oh. My. God. We got the cinnamon ones and they are so good! At first you're all like, "Hey. This tastes good but isn't all that strong for Altoids." Then you wait about 20 seconds and blammo! Two snaps in a circle on those things, although I can't give the eXXXtended review. Sorry... You'll just have to live.
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It's amazing how much of a difference a day can make. I feel more relaxed -- and at peace -- with life after an overnight at the beach, than I did after a full week on vacation. It's truly been a "the weather is here...wish you were wonderful..." Florida weekend. The resort on North Redington Beach was just amazing. We spent our evening last night with drinks from the Tiki Bar, laying out on beach chairs just listening to the surf and collecting shells. We took a late night beach walk and got within 2 feet of an egret that didn't even bat an eye we were next to him.

We got up early this morning (yes, you heard that right -- I was up early this morning) to take photos on the beach and visit John's Pass before heading back home. We filled two flash cards and two rolls of film, so here are just a few for now:

[the water view from our room balcony] [the beach view from our floor] [the resort beach and pool] [the beach toys]

Hover for descriptions. And because I'm nice...and I know you all are really just cheeky monkeys...here's a little beach 'eye candy'...for the ladies...and for the fellas. Or mix and match as you prefer. See, everyone wins on our anniversary!
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