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Yes, she-a get mahhhied. Sheesh.
Well slap my ass and call me a polygamist's wife... Apparently I'm now married to Solonor -- and I have two kids. (Screenshot attached in case the post is edited/altered.) Wow. Only one dinner and a tiara and suddenly I'm his. I realize I'm a cheap date and all, but I'm going to have to pay better attention to the 'common law marriage' statutes in this state. Oh well. At least he's not an oily bohunk.
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I've got my orange crush
[tex-ass can bite my ass] Let this be a lesson to you boys and girls... When you go out and cheer for tex-ass, you only succeed in looking like an ass!

Hasta la bye-bye 'whorns. Your lovely parting gifts are at stage-left. You just thought it was funny when the mighty Orangemen beat us last week, huh? Good luck Jayhawks!

texass sucks...texass sucks...
texass can bite my ass!
texass sucks...texass sucks...
texass can bite my ass!
texass suuuuuuuucks!
texass suuuuuuuucks!
texass can bite my ass!
bite, bite! chew, chew! texas bites my ass, whoo hoo!
texass can bite my aaaaasssssssss!

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I'm givin' him somethin' he can feel
Todd and I both worked at JC Penney during college. We had about the most liberal return policy on the planet. I was amazed at some of the things that were accepted. Normally I could handle a return on my own. But a few caused me to page a supervisor...

Like the time a woman brought in a pair of Rocky Mountain jeans she'd worn to the rodeo and then decided that she didn't like the fit. She wanted to exchange for another pair. Oh excuse me, did I say "to" the rodeo? She was actually in the rodeo. The jeans had dirt stains (at least I hope it was dirt) all over them. Return accepted. New pair placed in bag for free. Hey, it saves on laundry expenses I guess... Another time a woman brought in a pair of Levi's. She was unhappy with the way they'd held up after washings. Repeated washings. They had a hole in the knee. They had frayed hemlines. They'd probably been covering her fat ass for at least 10 years based on the style and color. But because Levi flat-out gave JC Penney a certain dollar amount on any return, the woman walked out with a brand new pair at 20% off.

I could go on and on... But never in all my days at JC Penney do I remember company policy deeming this acceptable. My how things have changed in today's economy!
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Booties of the cuties steady shakin' but relaxin'

[Team Tobyn]

Check baby, check baby, one -- two -- three -- four!
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I see your hiney
We can finally let the cat out of the bag, or so to speak...it's officially official! My husband is now a Systems Engineer with his company supporting Cisco. It's a huge bump in prestige -- and morale -- for him. I'm so very proud! He's busted his derrière for years to reach this point.

So we're doing a little celebrating in this household tonight... Come join the party! Pants optional.
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I see London, I hate France
So Chris has decreed this day "no pants Friday". I guess he doesn't realize that my blog-copyright has been sporting this tagline since day one:

"proudly sitting around the house in my underwear all day since 08.12.2001..."

I always was ahead of my time...

UPDATE: You want proof? You got it! Always bet on blonde.
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Y'know I feel glad when you're glad
This is your feel-good story of the day.

And this is your moment of zen.

Any questions?
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Sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy-head...
So, when everyone else starts stuffing up and getting the sniffles from their seasonal allergies, is your first thought, "Oh god. I've got the SARS!", as well?

UPDATE: Ironically, The Agonist posted a detailed SARS Update today.
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I got nuthin'...so instead I'll give you a little summin'-summin'...

[red white and Sky blue] [hello sailor!] [the Sky is falling]

You might recall, I have the same red lingerie that Sky is sporting. If only I wore it that well... Oh well, at least I know I have good taste!
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Happy happy joy joy
Today was a very good day! How I managed to lose 5 more lbs. since my last visit, I'll never know...but I'm not complaining. Looks like that steady diet of Girl Scout cookies, Ben & Jerry's, brownies and almond Snickers bars since February has finally paid off. And I'm doing so well, I don't have to go back until next April. Yep. That's one full year. I asked for a diploma and they just laughed at me. (I had never made it past the "come back in 4-6 months" mark before.) So of course, we went out for a sinful Mexican dinner to celebrate! Enchiladas, cha cha cha...
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This is not the Robyn you are looking for
Just want to clarify...talk here seems to have turned to "depression". I do not have depression. I'm being monitored very closely by my doctors right now. In fact, I have another appointment at 4 p.m. today. I've see them at the rate of about once a week since February, and feel like a human pincushion at times. But you don't get that info at this blog any longer. In a nutshell, I'm fine. We've got a lot of big decisions and life changes ahead of us. But I'm fine. So please don't speculate.

Todd got great news yesterday that's been several months in the making. I lost an uncle over the weekend. There's a war on. And a song came on, and "bam!" Insta-tears out of nowhere. Happens to the best of us. But one teary-eyed episode in several years time does not "Depression 101" make. Please don't try to diagnose me as such. Believe me, I have an actual diagnoses list a mile long. New ones need not apply! -R
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Don't look now, but I lost my shoe


(Click here for full comic. Passed along by my favorite geek. Thanks!)
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The tears run rings around my eyes
You know one of the things I hate about being a woman? When you're sitting here not sad. So very not sad. Not even an inkling of unhappiness flowing through your body. Yet tears are streaming down your face for no reason at all. You can't explain why. It's not "that time of the month". They just are. It's times like these that give my gender, especially those with my hair color, a bad name.

I'm chalking it up to an emotional year of loss, war, and much-needed, long-overdue good news for a change. But damn, it's hard to work like this.
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What would you do for a.....?

If you're buying a "Snickers Almond" candy bar thinking the "new!" label actually means something, buyer beware. They are being cleverly repackaged and marketed. What you get underneath the fancy wrapping is actually a Mars bar. Don't get me wrong. I love Mars bars.

But new? P-shaw.
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When news breaks - we fix it
This is a test. This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. The broadcasters of your area in voluntary cooperation with the federal, state and local authorities have developed this system to keep you informed in the event of an emergency. Chris Pirillo has left Tech TV. I repeat. Chris Pirillo has left Tech TV. This station ATPTB serves the Tampa Bay area. This concludes this test of the Emergency Broadcast System.
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Ghetto superstar
Three guesses who I thought of first when I saw Ghettopoly.

Includes: Game Board, Loan Shark Tray, 40 Crack Houses, 17 Projects, Pink Slip Cards, Ghetto Stash and Hustle Cards, 7 Game pieces (Pimp, Ho, 40 oz, Machine Gun, Marijuana Leaf, Basketball and Crack), Counterfeit Money, and 2 Dice.
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This will be on the quiz
Time to pass along a few blog reads again...

  1. PlasticFruit.net - hot stock tip
  2. little.red.boat -- cute, cute, cute design
  3. Loquacious Of Blog -- it's all very manly
  4. geeky chick dot net -- I'm slow linking it (shame on me!), so hopefully you aren't
  5. Tenth-Muse.com -- it's better than bad, it's good
If you still need more, more, more -- just follow the trail that starts here!
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Valley girl
[lily of the valley]
(Reuters) - Human sperm become excited when exposed to the scent of lily of the valley, doubling their speed and homing in on the aroma, a German scientist said on Wednesday.

"This is the first time sperm has been shown to respond to smell," Hatt, who said the findings came after three years of study, told Reuters. "The application of the substances in a salve to the vaginal area could raise the chance of conceiving."

(Read more of this article at Yahoo! News.)
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More blogs in the press
Just after midnight last night, CNN ran a segment on "NewsNight with Aaron Brown" about warblogging. My husband and Michele apparently made some kind of super-secret deal, forcing me to screen-capture the highlights. So in case you missed it live, go here. Glenn Reynolds of InstaPundit.com, a site that Stacy designed, was interviewed live. They also zoomed in on the author of BuzzMachine using Movable Type.

UPDATE: "Just Say Julie" reviewed the CNN segment here.
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Share and share alike
Found over in the MT Plugin Directory...the BlogShares Plugin. (Download here, instructions here.) Now you can track my worth right over there in the sidebar -- just above my Blogroll!

UPDATE: Found over at Christine's...poeticgeek has made an expanded file to include things like market share and available share if you're interested. I've added the available shares tag to my sidebar since there don't seem to be many/any around right now.
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Secret, secret - I've got a secret
Have HTML source code you really don't want the rest of the world to see? This isn't 100% fool-proof, but it's one of the best (and free) methods I've found out there. Just type your code into the second box (under the example) -- hit the "encrypt HTML Source code" button below it -- and voilą! A bunch of gobbelty-gook you can copy, paste and upload that most people won't be able to decipher when snooping through your page-source. Just don't forget to save your original! For more information visit the "Source Code Protection Generator".
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First of the month business
WM! has three new wedding articles featured. If you'd be interested in writing wedding-related articles for the site, just drop me a line. We'd love to have 'em!
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A smile that could light up a room
The April 2003 wedding "Dress of the Month" is now online!
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1 down...
Fuckin'-A. She's coming home.
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Heads up! If you wanna piece of me, you'd better strike fast (while it's still cheap). After a tragic drop from $23.50/share to $5.08 $5.18 $5.24 $5.45 $5.61 $5.96 this afternoon, people have started to snap my product up faster than Britney in an Oklahoma head shop. There are only 50 32 26 13 6 0 ('cuz I bought the very last one) available shares left of ATPTB, so buy now! Help me to help you.

UPDATE: They're all gone now. You'll just have to bribe other people with special favors (*cough, Todd, cough*) to sell theirs.
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Got Pirillo?
[April Fool]
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Make blog, not war
I believe it's your duty in a free society, especially in time of war, is to stay informed. That's why you have "The Command Post" on one side of the coin -- and the brand new, just-launched "Blogs Against War" on the other. (Click here for instructions on how to post to the new "Blogs Against War" site.)
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ABC...easy as LCD
Todd sent me this article online -- it seems Sony is phasing out all 17" and 19" CRT models effective...well...yesterday. It's "part of the industry's shift away from CRTs to LCD panels".

We just bought a new monitor over the weekend, and just in time it seems. We got a Sony 17" flatscreen Trinitron. We ended up getting a steal on it ($50 rebate, and $22 off in-store when they realized they'd sold us one and we had to pick it up at another location) -- but that's hardly my point.

I did not want a flatscreen LCD. Yes, they're pretty. Yes, they take up virtually no space compared to their CRT counterpart. But no, they just aren't clear enough for me with Photoshop open 18 hours a day. Sorry. I've got my laptop for that. After adoring our Sony Trinitron television for so long, I knew that's what I wanted in a monitor. Even if it is taking a bit of time to adjust to the two wire lines that come with it. My computer desk will only hold a 17" or 19" tube, so after price-comparison, I decided I'd rather have more money for vacation than two extra inches of space. (Our old monitor was 17" as well.) So I'm a very happy camper with our purchase.

I'm also very glad I listened to my instincts now that it seems we've bought ourselves a dinosaur. I love how the article stated:

"There's a core group of users who are extremely dedicated to the technology that's hardest to ship, such as the Diamondtron or Trinitron," Alexander said. "There, users are extremely attracted to things like their color saturation, brightness levels, and color purity. We see this especially in places like graphics departments, desktop publishing, and people doing animation."

Those loyal users haven't yet embraced LCDs, Alexander said. Knowing that, the decision makes sense for Sony, since that user base has already shown they're willing to pay a premium for the technology. In addition, Sony also avoids the brutal price competition that has plagued the popular 17-inch and 19-inch CRT segment, she said.
See, I was just the opposite. I wasn't willing to pay a premium. Screw me for being a penny-pincher, I guess! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go hug my new purchase and be thankful I got it when I did...
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April Fool's!
Well, for those of you who missed all the fun around here earlier today:

[NASCAR fun]

I had a little fun and made the site look like NASCAR.com. Let's just hope they get the joke and don't sue me. (I was smart enough to make sure everything was on my server first.)

Hope everyone is having a mah-vel-ous Fool's Day. You'll notice, my Michael Moore entry was first!
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Michael Moore...will raise even more eyebrows with his next project. According to Variety, his next film will depict the relationship between George Bush Sr. and the family of Osama bin Laden...a documentary that will trace why the U.S. has become a target for hatred and terrorism. "It certainly does deal with the Bush and bin Laden ties," Moore said. "It asks a number of questions that I don't have the answers to yet, but which I intend to find out." Moore has already put a year's worth of research into the film...he'll finish it in time for Cannes 2004...released in time for the presidential election that fall. (Read more at MSN Entertainment.)
This one will certainly be interesting to watch unfold!
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Widdle piddle
Kathy has sent me a couple of gems today. First, "Prescription Drug Safety", Onion-style. Second a very small, but very large, reason to always buy the warranty.
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How much would you pay?
Whoa. Blogshares got all fancified today, courtesy of Simply Delish! Very nice. Don't be a playah-hatah, ok?

UPDATE: Jason just pointed out that the new Blogrolling design is up. *two snaps in a circle* Now, go give 'im some money!
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Lies, lies, lies, yeah - they won't forget you!
In the April 5 issue of TV Guide, [Peter] Arnett said he felt he had found redemption reporting on the current war.

"I was furious with (CNN founder) Ted Turner and (then-CNN chairman) Tom Johnson when they threw me to the wolves after I made them billions risking my life to cover the first Gulf War," Arnett told TV Guide.

"Now (Turner and Johnson) are gone, the Iraqis have thrown the CNN crew out of Baghdad, and I'm still here," he said. "Any satisfaction in that? Ha, ha, ha, ha."
(Read full articles at FOXNews.com and National Geographic.)
Famous last words for $200, Alex. Don't let the scud hit you on the way out...
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Eat da' puddin'
So Todd grabbed a snackpack of chocolate and 'nilla Jell-O pudding at the sto' last night. And as I sit here savoring its chocolately goodness, I also find myself missing those little tiny bits of unmixed powder that you bite into when you eat instant pudding vs. premade. Does that make me odd, or was I already there a long time ago?

Wait. On second thought, don't answer that.
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I'll bring home the turkey if you'll bring home the bacon
People know me too well -- I was sent this link three times yesterday:

"Weezer's symbolic value" -- Great undergrad thesis on the rise, fall and rebirth of the band Weezer, written for a Harvard social studies degree.
Excuse me as I go kick myself whilst muttering, "Why didn't I think of that?"
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The long and winding road
I finished up another design for Sean-Paul this evening -- "The Silk Road".

Sekimori. We do it with <style>!
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Turnover, party of five
Well we're sucking serious ass today. I think I could play better drunk.

UPDATE: Well it's now time to point out that only Boomer Sooner!
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Teenage suicide -- don't do it!
So if you're a suicide bomber who decides to blow yourself in front of a group of soldiers, and you only end up injuring 30 -- just killing yourself -- do you still get the 10 young virgins in the after-life? Or are you reduced to something like 10 chain-smoking skanks with the clap from New Jersey*?

* Please note no one from New Jersey was actually targeted or harmed during the making of this entry. Sorry Tennessee.
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"He thought he knew better"
From the FARK forums -- they always know just how to cut right to the chase:

"...'hungry troops' says it all....if the bush presidency were a dukes of hazzard episode, this would be the point where uncle jesse says, 'well, bush and his pals have got themselves in quite a pickle now'." [link]

For more background on this FARK comment, please read this Washington Post article.
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