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Posted: 04.01.2003
Make blog, not war
I believe it's your duty in a free society, especially in time of war, is to stay informed. That's why you have "The Command Post" on one side of the coin -- and the brand new, just-launched "Blogs Against War" on the other. (Click here for instructions on how to post to the new "Blogs Against War" site.)

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

I'm not sure Command Post represents one side of the coin any more. They recently added some anti-war authors (ie. Oliver Willis) Not that I mind- I like to be exposed to as many viewpoints as possible, even those I disagree with. My feeling has always been that anyone who doesnt want to hear opposing arguments is probably not confident in his own views.

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Very good point. :-)

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Oooh great anti war site!

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I just launched a survey to record the collective opinion of the blogosphere...you can have your say at blogpoll.com

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