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Posted: 04.03.2003
Happy happy joy joy
Today was a very good day! How I managed to lose 5 more lbs. since my last visit, I'll never know...but I'm not complaining. Looks like that steady diet of Girl Scout cookies, Ben & Jerry's, brownies and almond Snickers bars since February has finally paid off. And I'm doing so well, I don't have to go back until next April. Yep. That's one full year. I asked for a diploma and they just laughed at me. (I had never made it past the "come back in 4-6 months" mark before.) So of course, we went out for a sinful Mexican dinner to celebrate! Enchiladas, cha cha cha...

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

Freaky, man. We had enchiladas tonight, too. I always have them make mine on whole wheat tortillas instead of the regular ones, because I've deluded myself into thinking it's healthy that way. I guess that's kinda like getting a Diet Coke with your Big Mac and super-sized fries. LOL.

¤ ¤ credit: Dave | 04.03.03 at 10:20 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

Oh, I forgot to say I'm glad everything went well at the doctor!

¤ ¤ credit: Dave | 04.03.03 at 10:21 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

I got the corn-cake as one of my sides, Dave. I figured putting a "vegetable" with it cancelled out any bad calories. ;-)

¤ ¤ credit: robyn | 04.03.03 at 10:24 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

That's awesome news Robyn! *squish* happy to hear that!

¤ ¤ credit: munin | 04.03.03 at 10:31 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

YAY!! Very good news indeed. Here's to a healthy year ahead!!

¤ ¤ credit: Jeanne | 04.03.03 at 10:57 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

Hmmm, tried same diet. Opposite effect. :)
Glad to hear you are doing so well and don't have to go back for a whole year!

¤ ¤ credit: Linh | 04.03.03 at 11:03 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

Glad to hear everything went well at the docs. I hope more good news keeps comming your way.

¤ ¤ credit: Iowegian Girl | 04.03.03 at 11:14 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

That's fantastic! Can you document your diet so I can try it? ;)

¤ ¤ credit: Lisa, Gal of Unix | 04.04.03 at 12:06 AM | link--this ¤ ¤

That's so great! Congrats!

¤ ¤ credit: Kymberlie R. McGuire | 04.04.03 at 02:09 AM | link--this ¤ ¤

Aren't Almond Snickers just Mars bars repackaged?

¤ ¤ credit: InMarin | 04.04.03 at 02:32 PM | link--this ¤ ¤


¤ ¤ credit: robyn | 04.04.03 at 02:35 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

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