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She's got the cutest little baby face

To round out the weekend of congratulations here at ATPTB, I'd like to welcome Miss Victoria Ava Wright to the world! She was born on May 6th. Mommy and daughter are now back home and doing fine... Many congrats and much love go out to to Angela and Baron!
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Pimp-Daddy Ken sold separately
Now here's a Barbie all of us can enjoy -- the Raging Hormones Menopausal Prozac Barbie. Off to update my Amazon wishlist... (Link snagged from Daypop.)
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Hap-hap-happy birthday to you!
And a very happy birthday to Dawn -- who turned the big 2-6 today!

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My brother-in-law Brian graduates from the University of Central Oklahoma this evening with a B.S. in Computer Science. Just wanted to say "CONGRATS" and wish you all the best from both of us, Brian!
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Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

You and me against the world,
Sometimes it seems like you and me against the world,
When all the others turn their backs and walked away,
You can count on me to stay.

Remember when the circus came to town
How you were frightened by the clown,
Wasn't it nice to be around someone that you knew,
Someone who was big and strong and looking out for...

You and me against the world,
Sometimes it seems like you and me against the world
And for all the times we've cried
I always felt that God was on our side.

And when one of us is gone,
And one of us is left to carry on,
Then remembering will have to do,
Our memories alone will get us through
Think about the days of me and you,
Of you and me against the world.

I knew my mom wouldn't see this over the weekend, so I wanted to wish her a Happy Mother's Day here today. She used to sing this song to me when I was little -- it literally was just "mom and me against the world" for three years of my life. And those are some of the happiest memories I have. I love you, mom.

Postscript: To this day I am still frightened by clowns. Maybe this song had a bigger impact on me than I realized...
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She's so lucky - she's a star
Move over Darren's Dance Grooves...here comes the Britney Spears video game for PlayStation 2. Called Britney’s Dance Beat, you can now audition to be Britney’s backup dancer on a virtual concert tour! I wonder what the "Easter eggs" on this one will be........... (Article from MSNBC.com.)
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Reason #9,469 to hate tex-ass

First seen over at the SoonerFans.com message boards... This AP photo of accused mailbox bomber Lucas Helder shows him committing the most heinous crime possible -- wearing orange and giving the "hook 'em 'whorns" sign. I just knew it! (Also shown here in this CNN article.) Oh yeah. Fellow Sooners are having a field-day with this one!
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Mr. Clean
Chris just gave a cool link on Call For Help. Ever get an e-mail that's been forwarded on a million times and is full of line-breaks, spaces and ">>>>" symbols? You can go to the demo at this site and it will clean it up for you -- exactly how you specify it to! If you have Windows, you can even download the software. But the demo is great -- especially if you're on a Mac like me!
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And if I can't have everything well then just give me a taste
Reading over this list again almost makes me proud that I flunked university-level intro Botany the first time... Good luck to everyone out there taking finals!
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The Force is strong in them
Let me start this off by saying that we used the "Main Title" as our wedding recessional. So keep that in mind as you read on, mmmk?

But I just had a dress submitted for the Dress Contest that darn-near made me fall off the couch I was laughing so hard -- not at the dress so much, but at the groom's attire. I am not linking it here. Unh uh, not gonna do it. Even if you beg. I don't want to end up in their stats or get hate mail for being a bitch (even though deep-down we all know that I am). So if you really wanna see it you can e-mail me and I'll pass it along in private. Ooooh boy. Every once in awhile one of these comes along...
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If Todd made TV commercials
(Recent exchange between the two of us.) Background info: Have you seen that Kodak commercial where the little kid goes to the photo lab with a photo of his grandmother from way back when, showing her playing baseball? Now imagine that photo was of a penis. And scene...

Little kid: I need you to make this picture bigger.
Salesclerk: How's this?
Little kid: No bigger.
Salesclerk: This ok?
Little kid: Yes, thank you.

New setting...at grandma's house...

Little kid: Grandma, can you still do that?
Grandma: Well let's see...I used to be able to catch balls like that...

Fade to black... Share a moment. Share life.

*bows* Thank you for joining this installment of Pollman Masterpiece Theater.
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Oh. My. God. I am so sad reading this news. He was simply AMAZING. Taking a moment of silence now...
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I believe that was a burn...
After only four broadcasts, Clinton 'ho Kathleen Willey has been bumped from her Richmond, VA, radio talk show. “She just wasn’t ready yet for a station at our level,” WRVA’s Randall Bloomquist told the paper. “We’ll go back to ‘The Best of Dr. Laura’.” Apparently all of her conversations were filled with “uhs” and “ums” on-air. Check your 15 minutes at the door, please. (Article from MSNBC.com.)
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Strange days indeed
Hi, I'm Robyn. I have had stick-straight hair. I mean reeeeally stick-straight hair. I have never had a perm "take" a day in my life. Even expensive, fancy-schmancy salon perms. If they had money-back guarantees, I always got my money back. I have just enough American Indian in me to make my hair laugh in curlers' general directions. I curl it. It falls out. It's been an ongoing battle since I gave up the ponytails somewhere around early 1985. Moving to Florida's humidity didn't help things much.

So imagine my shock when one day, I take my hair out of the towel...let it air-dry...and it ends up looking somewhat like this. (No styling products or styling aids were used on my hair -- that is au naturel right there.) I snapped this photo in the mirror late last night for my mom so she could see what's going on.

It didn't happen overnight. I cut my hair super-short back in 1999 and my stylist noticed a lot of natural curl was sneaking in the back that she'd never seen before. But now, it's snuck around my entire head. I'm not sure what's going on...if it has something to do with turning 30 this fall or what...but I think I like it!

Where the hell was this when I needed it back in 1990 though?
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Love in an elevator
Man, I was working in the wrong places! (Article from MSNBC.com.)

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And you shoulda known better
When are celebrities going to learn simple chemistry? Heroin and cocaine don't mix. They just don't. Unless you want to be discovered days later, semi-melting and reeking like a 175 lb. package of hamburger meat gone bad, fuhgetaboutit. Go have a V8 instead. Get it? Got it? Good. (Article from E!)
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114 days left 'til kickoff...but who's countin'?
I added in 30 new photos to the Tampa Bay Sooner Club site tonight. Oooh boy, am I homesick for Norman and football season right about now! By the way, ever wonder what Boomer Sooner means? Don't say I never taught you nuthin'!

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If you're cranky and you know it, flash your blog
Well Chey's got the market cornered on "hottie", but since she's shown you hers, I thought I should show you mine as well. I bought this a couple of years ago, and think it's much more fitting for me anyway... Who's next?
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Sorry guys...
The photos in the June Penthouse aren't of Anna Kournikova after all, but rather of fashion designer Luciano Benetton's daughter-in-law instead. A judge has ordered distribution of the magazine stopped -- and blocked Penthouse from putting the topless photos on their website. Oops. (Article from CNN.)
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Tuesday's child is full of grace
Ashley's This or That this week is a quickie version.
  1. This or that? Funk that.
  2. Could or should? Should.
  3. Want or need? Want.
  4. Right or left? Right.
  5. Up or down? Up.
  6. Do or don't? It's all about the Dew.
  7. Talk or listen? Talk.
  8. Sleep or play? Sleep...then play.
  9. Highlight or underline? Highlight.
  10. Marry or merry? Merrily married.

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If they could see me now...
Thinking of a Carnival "fun" cruise? I suggest reading this first. (Congrats to Candi and Brian on their recent nuptials, btw!) My Destination Weddings and Eloping Forum has been FILLED with "Carnival ruined our wedding and/or honeymoon" stories over the years, so the instant I heard Candi was planning a Carnival cruise I wrote to warn her armed with links to tale after tale...but unfortunately it was too late and she had already booked. Thankfully, she'd chosen to marry off-ship. So I sent her the small handful of positive reviews we had received at the forum, and she hoped for the best -- but unfortunately also experienced the worst.

We get more than our fair-share of Carnival coverage here in Tampa because we are a port city. I absolutely cringe when friends call to brag that they are going on a Carnival voyage. If Todd and I won a Carnival cruise -- and I say this admitting we've never set foot on a ship -- we would not take it. I am not kidding. We would give it away. We've seen and heard too many stories, video footage shots, and live trial coverage recollections of feces floating down the aisles, power outages, illegal waste dumping in the Bay, money-making scams, horrendous living quarters, horrible food, spoiled food, and even worse treatment by the ship staff... The Tampa crowd can back me up on this -- I can't count the number of times the local news has done yet another story of weary newlyweds debarking from yet another miserable journey. It's almost a joke around our house...

Q: "Did you hear Carnival ruined yet another honeymoon?"
A: "GET OUT! I'm shocked!"
A: "Well I'm shocked AND appalled!"

Soooo...buyer beware. You get what you pay for. In Carnival's case, that ain't much. And please for the love of all that is holy and sacred in marriage -- do NOT choose Carnival for your wedding. Don't believe me? Candi's post and the comments there are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I've been doing this for almost six years now...trust me on this one...
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Champagne wishes and caviar dreams
On tonight's Screen Savers, Megan listed several "weblogs of the rich and famous". Melanie Griffith's is quite scary -- eep!
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Blast from the past!
My roommate my freshman year at OU, Angela (shown here with her now-husband Shannon), wrote me last week. She'd found my old college Honors Dorm photos site, and noticed quite a few people (including herself) were missing. So today she sent me a stack of pics from her own collection to add to the pile.

I literally shrieked out loud when I opened these! I haven't seen some of these faces in years. And I can no longer deny that I, too, wore acid washed jeans once upon a time. The proof is right there in glorious living color. Wanna see?

You might even recognize Kathy there in the dorm room shot at the end. This is TOO cool! 1991-92 in the Honors Dorm lives on...
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Reason #4772 why I love Chris Pirillo
He just mentioned me on the air again for this entry! Did you catch it? Thanks Chris!
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Meet 'n' greet
Today I'd like to welcome "Frame Your Day" into the WM! advertising family. Go check 'em out!
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*fingers in ears*
So...raise your hands if you want to rush right out and see "The Sum of All Fears" when it opens now... Great timing for Paramount Studios, I guess. (Article from CNN.)
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Why can't I be you?
Unfortunately Dawn seems to get her blog design stolen all the time...which was completely beyond me that people could be that pathetic and low (not to mention lazy)...until I headed on over to Stacy's tonight and saw that not her design, but her content had been stolen! That's right. some chick took it upon herself to take all of Stacy's entries and daily writings -- and then pass them off as her own. Un-freakin-believable. Ahhhh...behold the power of the smackdown. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but for identity and intellectual theft I really think you should rot in hell.
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And now, your moment of zen
Well you may have heard by now that Spider-Man smashed all of the box office records this weekend (and deservedly so, IMHO). Now you can learn everything you need to know about the sticky-fingered avenger, straight from the man who created him. (Links from CNN and E!)


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Have tissues handy
We can't wait to meet Baby Wright, Angela and Baron! Best wishes for a smooth delivery -- and a happy, healthy baby in your arms very soon! We're praying for you!
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Gotta photograph, picture of
Found another pic buried in with pet pics...third time's a charm? Todd says it's my, "Man you are a freakin' idiot" look. Well, c'mon -- you didn't see him bunny-hopping on one leg trying to make me smile!
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