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Posted: 05.08.2002
And you shoulda known better
When are celebrities going to learn simple chemistry? Heroin and cocaine don't mix. They just don't. Unless you want to be discovered days later, semi-melting and reeking like a 175 lb. package of hamburger meat gone bad, fuhgetaboutit. Go have a V8 instead. Get it? Got it? Good. (Article from E!)

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that really makes me sad - not just for staley (and fans, family, etc.) but for anyone who hasn't learned how incredibly dumb that combination is. i mean, this dates even further back than belushi, although he was certainly the one who made this a famous way to die. it's just so heartbreaking to know this is happening... and for every famous person that gets press for it, imagine how many 'regular' people have suffered from it too!

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it makes me completely sad...I have flashbacks when I heard River Phoenix had died (who at the time, I perceived and still do as one of the greatest actors of my generation) outside of the viper room. It is so utterly frightening that people are addicted to speedballing...

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I agree with you guys 100%. (When River died, it was one of the few actor deaths I've actually cried over.) I'm not sure if it's everyone thinking they won't be "the one", or if their mind is just so far gone from the drugs that kind of thought can't even cross their mind... It's incredibly sad. It's insanely aggrivating. But it's gonna happen again.

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That IS sad...and the poor guy wasn't found until 2 weeks later?!?!! Not many real friends I'm guessing :(

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