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Posted: 05.08.2002
I believe that was a burn...
After only four broadcasts, Clinton 'ho Kathleen Willey has been bumped from her Richmond, VA, radio talk show. “She just wasn’t ready yet for a station at our level,” WRVA’s Randall Bloomquist told the paper. “We’ll go back to ‘The Best of Dr. Laura’.” Apparently all of her conversations were filled with “uhs” and “ums” on-air. Check your 15 minutes at the door, please. (Article from MSNBC.com.)

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

I was listening to a local radio morning show (coreyandjayshow.com) and they said that they actually worked in the same building as that radio station (across the hall actually) and the station in question didn't have that high of a level for Willey to get to. They also commented that for years the station was actually a great station but Clear Channel Inc. bought in in the early 90's and ruined it within a few years.

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Clear Channel ruining a station? I'm shocked. Simply shocked. ;-)

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Man, Richmond radio is raking in all the big names. Dee Snyder has his own show there.

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