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Ok boys and girls
I'm up way too late once again, and it's time to play "spot the new graphic". First one to guess right wins Todd for a weekend. Heh.
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99 Luft Balloons
They don't call it the Redneck Riviera down here for nothing! (All three links from fark.com.)
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Watch out! Hell yeah...
So...ever wonder what it's like to be married to one of us? We were listening to "The Eminem Show" in the car the other day, and I mused, "Ya' know, I would love to have Dr. Dre as a friend. I'd just come up with reasons to make him say 'hell yeah' all the time. 'Hey Dre. You want a Coke?' 'Hell yeah.' 'How 'bout some nachos?' 'Hell yeah.' 'Wanna play Nintendo?' 'Hell yeah.' 'Ok. I'm gonna go rent a movie, you want me to grab anything?' 'Hell yeah.'" I think you get the picture...

So tonight while watching this, Todd decided if I get Dre, he gets Bootsy Collins. He wants Bootsy to just follow him around everywhere goin' "watch out". I can dig it.

Well what were you expecting? Ozzie and Harriet? As if!
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I'm talkin' 'bout bad bad girls
I picked up a book for my little sister at Baywalk while we were out and about on the Fourth. Of course I had to sneak a peek before sending it off, and it looks so freakin' cool! It's called "The Bad Girl's Guide to the Open Road".

From the reviews online: "It's packed with practical advice -- How to talk your way out of a speeding ticket; 14 ways to open a bottle on your car; Essential drive-by dating hand signals; 9 non-gun weapons you already own; Car repair tips; Where to go; Essential tunes; Books for the road; How to pee beside the road without splashing or flashing; Bug-splat field guide -- and more." It's all written with comedic flair, and will be great for those Thelma and Louise moments in life. Believe me...I've had my share... Now hopefully my sister can have the same stories to tell when she's pushing 30 one day!

Here's the official site for more in the series... You can even get a Bad Girl Alias and find a Man Translator there.
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Picture Page! It's Picture Page!
New photos from our Fourth outing up at Shutterblog!

After a rather tame Fourth last year spent on a porch eating BBQ with a smallish crowd sans fireworks, we decided to search for more 'traditional' fare at a larger gathering this year. We'd hoped to be joined by Dan and Stacy, but Dan had outpatient surgery rescheduled for yesterday (go give him some love) -- so it was just the two of us. We started off with burgers and cherry Cokes at the Johnny Rockets down at St. Pete Baywalk, and then christened the brand spankin' new (opened July 4th) Ben & Jerry's for dessert.

After that we walked around a bit near the water, and then went to Vinoy Park to wait for the show. We couldn't have had better seats if we paid for them. We were right on the water next to another couple our age, and had a straight shot of the show over the St. Pete Pier. We had a blast (click here for pics)! Hope everyone else did for their Fourth celebrations as well!
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We hold these truths to be self-evident

Wishing everyone in the U.S. a safe, happy Independence Day!
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The good guys dress in black remember that
Well we just got back from seeing MIB II. It just seems like movies started off with a bang this summer and are slowly going downhill. I hope Mike Myers will break the streak. We both thought it had funny moments and great one-liners, but it was nowhere near as good as the original. And Lara Flynn Boyle is just getting plain scary to look at. What is up with her skin anyway? Does dating Jack Nicholson do that to a person? She was so beautiful in Threesome. But anyway -- go see it. Just don't stand in line an hour to do so. Thank goodness we didn't.

To do a complete 180° -- it's time for the next round of voting in "Today Throws a Wedding". This week you get to pick out the rings. (I went for the Harry Winston set. And my reception choice, Tavern on the Green, won last week.) I have to say I'd much rather see this wedding televised though... I might even drag my lazy ass out of bed at 7 a.m. for that one!
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I scream, you scream, we all scream for...
This was just featured on our local news...so in honor of the best part of the Fourth of July other than fireworks..."Which Ice Cream Flavor Are You?"? I'm a mix of chocolate and vanilla -- with a little chocolate chip, strawberry, and butter pecan thrown in for good measure. Mmmmm!

You scored 33.3% Chocolate
If you're a Chocolate ice cream type, you are flirtatious, charming and even a little dramatic -- and you're also in good company: Chocolate is the second most popular ice cream flavor! You're an intuitive and sensitive person who puts a high value on family, relationships and romance. But your instincts can sometimes steer you wrong: You can be easily influenced in directions that you know aren't the best for you, and you have a tendency toward self-indulgence. Still, your generosity, your liveliness and your trusting nature have earned you many admirers and friends. Chocolate types are compatible with reliable Butter Pecans and high-focus, high-energy Chocolate Chips.

You scored 33.3% Vanilla
Contrary to what you may expect, Vanilla types aren't bland or boring. Vanilla is far and away the most popular ice cream flavor, and the Vanilla type is gregarious, impulsive, fun loving and expressive. In fact, you probably have a hard time making up your mind -- Vanillas are known for never saying no, even when they probably should. The Vanilla lover takes a romantic, hopeful view of life: Live for the moment, and everything will work out fine. And Vanilla types are happiest with their own kind -- only someone equally spontaneous and energetic will do.

You scored 11.1% Chocolate Chip If you're a Chocolate Chip lover, you're a creative force to be reckoned with (this also applies to lovers of Cookie Dough, Mint Chip, Rocky Road and other "chunky" ice creams). You've got a competitive streak a mile wide, but it brings out the best in you by forcing you to live up to your own demanding standards. You can be rather unforgiving at times with those who don't share your vision and drive, but friends value your magnetism, charm and originality. Chocolate Chips are best off with high-achieving Butter Pecans and empathetic, insightful Chocolates.

You scored 11.1% Strawberry
Strawberries are naturally loyal, honest and trustworthy. If you're one of many Strawberry lovers (it's tied with Butter Pecan as the third most popular flavor), you probably have a devoted circle of friends who rely on you for the right answer to any moral dilemma. Like Chocolate Chips, you set high standards for yourself, but you are somewhat shy and reserved. And you don't like to admit it, but you're also a tad pessimistic. Maybe you're just disappointed that no one can live up to your own responsibility and forthrightness. Strawberry types do well with optimistic, outgoing Chocolate Chips.

You scored 11.1% Butter Pecan
Butter Pecan is tied with Strawberry for the third most popular flavor, and organized, put-together, earthy Butter Pecan types are valued for their fairness, efficiency and naturalness. You won't see a Butter Pecan lover putting on airs. In fact, it can be hard for no-nonsense Butter Pecans to express themselves at all -- even though they're privately quite sympathetic and observant. As a Butter Pecan lover, you like to plan ahead and take charge, which means you're often over-committed. Like Vanillas, Butter Pecans are most compatible with their own kind -- other Butter Pecan lovers who appreciate hard work and good sense.
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A girl who will laugh for no one else
Whoo! I just made reservations at the Tampa Improv comedy club to see Mitch Hedberg next weekend. We've seen him on Letterman a few times now and he's friggin' hysterical, so I jumped at the chance to get tix when I found out he was coming to town. His official website has sound/video clips if you've got extra time to kill. I was most amused to see Mitch got the Lockergnome seal of approval as well (and he's very proud of it)!
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Movin' on up to the east siiiide
Kristine has a brand spankin' new home, and it looks mighty fine. Break out the blender and let's make blogaritas everyone!
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And it just keeps getting better
Remember this mini-Bush rant last week? Well, well, well...what have we here?

"The mystery of the missing trifecta has been solved. Sort of.

In this space last week, it was noted that President Bush often tells audiences that he promised during the 2000 presidential campaign that he would allow the federal budget to go into deficit in times of war, recession or national emergency, but he never imagined he would 'have a trifecta'. Nobody inside or outside the White House, however, had been able to produce evidence that Bush actually said this during the campaign.

Now comes information that the three caveats were uttered before the 2000 campaign -- by Bush's Democratic opponent, Vice President Al Gore. The Post's Glenn Kessler found in the archives this promise from Gore: 'Barring an economic reversal, a national emergency, or a foreign crisis, we should balance the budget this year, next year, and every year.' Gore said that to the Economic Club of Detroit in May 1998, then repeated it at least twice more, in speeches in June and November of that year.

Read the full Washington Post article for even more recent Bush brushes with plagiarism. And this says it so much better than I ever could. Yeah, I'm so happy honor and dignity have been restored to the White House. (Link thanks to Dayop.)
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Here's to you Ms. Silly Blog Commentator
If you haven't been reading Todd's blog lately (and just why the hell not?), you have to see the comment left by Annessa today. Funniest blog comment. EVER. I laughed. I cried. It was better than "Cats". I plan to read it again and again...
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Who's that funky dude starin' back at me?
Last weekend Chris sent me a link to "The Isle of Weezer". The instant I saw all the cartoons, I knew I had to have them for a skin. And the site owner, Pete, graciously allowed me to turn them into one today! So make sure to check out his site, then check out my new skin! (And for all the skin options at my site, just go here.)
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One of my rare blog "cat" posts...

Our eldest child Selina turned 10 years old today. It just does not seem possible! I was a teenager when I got her, and now I'm about to turn 30 this fall. She was still very much a kitten (just 12 weeks old) when I met Todd. A few years after that she paid him back for proposing, thus taking her side of the bed, by peeing in his shoes later that weekend. The one and only time she has ever done anything like that in her life... But Todd knew marrying me meant he got her for life, too. So he dealt and made her a Pollman.

Happy birthday you little white ball of fluff. Little did I know naming you after Cat Woman meant you inherited the personality as well. And I couldn't love you more for it.
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The green, green grass of home
I just went out and snapped a few pics for Shutterblog before the afternoon storms roll in. With all the rain we've been getting lately (we moved here during a severe drought with forest fires this time last year) everything is really coming alive! And the last photo shows the lawn we've put in from scratch this year. We used seed rather than sod. For comparison's sake, this is what it looked like when we started this spring. Now if it would just quit raining long enough so Todd could mow it!
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If she would dance I would DJ
Remember the "25 Hottest Blondes" and "25 Most Eligible Bachelors" lists I linked awhile back? Well Stacy has penned a bit of amusing play-by-play commentary for each list (boys and girls). And if that's still not enough for you, check out the new "25 Sexiest Women in Entertainment" grouping. Redheads and brunettes were added to the guest list this go-around. Big shocker who's smiling pretty there at #1 though. Zzzzzzz...
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I don't remember the last time I opened Yahoo! and did a double-take. The change is subtle, but it's most definitely there! What do you think? I think the new look is a lot more "clean". I just wish they didn't single-handedly destroy everything they touched.

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Saturday Night Fever
I'm ashamed to say I didn't do so hot in the E! Saturday Night Live Quiz. "You know your Opera Man from your Grumpy Old Man, but you've obviously missed some episodes over the years." Think you can beat me?
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Let's do the timewarp again
Doctor Frank-N-Furter as a plastic surgeon who lives in a posh penthouse? C'mon! "I've go this great idea. Why don't we pitch it to the Franklin Fucking Mint?" So since it looks like it's gonna happen -- who would you cast in the main roles (Janet, Brad, Frank-N-Furter, Riff Raff, Magenta, Columbia, Rocky, etc.)?

Updated to say...Todd thinks we need to cast it with bloggers...
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I'm not made of brick, I'm not made of stone

Well there's blood in these veins
And I cry when in pain
I'm only human on the inside
And if looks can deceive
Make it hard to believe
I'm only human on the inside

See I bleed and I bruise
Oh, but what's it to you
I'm only human on the inside

I crash and I burn,
Maybe some day you'll learn
I'm only human on the inside
I stumble and fall
Baby, I do it all
I'm only human on the inside...

"Human" - The Pretenders

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Come to Jamaica, mon!
Is it really July already? How is this possible? That said, the new "Dress of the Month" & "Destination Wedding of the Month" are up!
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Grandpa, tell me 'bout the good old days
Please indulge me for a moment... You may go after me -- or any of my living relatives -- as you see fit. We are still here living and breathing on this planet to defend ourselves -- or at least have the ability to make our viewpoints and stance known. That's fine. Fire away at will. If I blog about it, it's obviously fair game. But you do NOT go after my dead grandfather and equate him with a human rights violator no matter what you think of him, or the way he raised me. Are we perfectly clear on that? Good. Because the next person who tries will be unceremoniously invited to exit at stage left. That man is about two pegs down from God in my eyes. He passed away when I was four years old, and he could do no wrong. That is still the case. Proceed with caution.
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And now for something completely different
I can't believe Gretchen actually put this up. <evil grin>
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Spank my booty
In a new study out this week, after analyzing six decades of expert research on corporal punishment, psychologist Elizabeth Gershoff found links between spanking and 10 negative behaviors or experiences -- including aggression, anti-social behavior and abuse of children and spouses in adulthood. The one positive result of spanking that she identified was quick compliance with parental demands. "Americans need to re-evaluate why we believe it is reasonable to hit young, vulnerable children, when it is against the law to hit other adults, prisoners, and even animals," Gershoff writes in the new edition of the American Psychological Association’s bimonthly journal.

Todd and I were both spanked as children, and I couldn't find this study's results further from the truth in both our cases. Were you spanked as a child?

If you were, do you feel it affected you negatively? Because quite honestly, that time I threw my arms and legs around a gumball machine in the bank and screamed bloody murder 'til my Popeye pried me off kicking and screaming...well, it is my firm belief that my hiney needed tanned that day. Not "time out". And believe, me I never pulled that with him again! (Article from MSNBC.com.)
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Mrs. Robynson
Today's horoscope...anyone wanna audition? Heh.

"Your sensual side might show itself today, Robyn, and you might find yourself viewing young men in tight jeans more appreciatively than you usually do. Racy novels and movies may suddenly seem appealing, and you might want to make some purchases at the perfume or lingerie counters. Romantic encounters are intense and passionate - so make sure you allow plenty of time for them! Don't be surprised if you turn into a Siren! Enjoy yourself!"
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