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All work and no play
Makes Robyn something, something, something... Today was a textbook example of what happens when you prioritize your "play" projects (i.e. blogs) over your "priority" projects (i.e. websites that bring me $$) for weeks on end. I am seriously about to go blind having stared at the monitor for so long, but I've got a lot accomplished in the last 10 hours.

I got Joy's entire blog moved to a new server (as noted below). I got all of our online billing accounts switched over to new payment plans (don't even get either of us started on the AmSouth banking rant). I finally called our credit card company to make addr.com stop billing us, and amazingly enough, addr.com did respond to that e-mail (literally within minutes as opposed to the weeks I have been trying to contact them), and close down the account once and for all. I finished the server-switch of tobynopoly.com, moving the 2001 Dress Contest to its final home. Then I had to update all those new links on whollymatrimony.com (whew, still with me?) -- and after that I updated the submission form for the "Fifteen Minutes of Fame" to match the new logo. I...need...a...drink... Hope everyone else's day was a little more sane. Procrastination = very bad thing!
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The ol' switcharoo
Just wanted to let those who read/link Joy's blog in on the new address change. The old addr.com account is no longer active, so please update your links ASAP!
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Another day of romance
I just put the February 2002 "Fifteen Minutes of Fame" wedding up online if you are so inclined...
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Digital Image Recovery
Apologies to Meryl if she linked this yesterday (tee hee): Call for Help had another great link today. Did you accidentally erase an image off your digital camera and decide you want it back? This freeware called Digital Image Recovery can help you get it!

From Lockergnome: "If you have this radical recovery tool, that picture may not be lost after all. Ya see, sometimes you may willingly delete pictures, format your media, or something may have zapped your snapshots into oblivion. This program will recover image, video, and audio files with a JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP, AVI, MOV, or WAV extension. 'No matter if you pulled out the media during a write process, the program reconstructs the corresponding data automatically.'"
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Beauty school drop-out
It's time for the annual InStyle list of "Best Beauty Buys". For the first time you can see and buy the products online -- and you can also enter their new sweepstakes to win some of them. Go. Now.
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The Coochie Snorcher That Could
Excuse me whilst I snort-laugh after reading that catchy title on MSNBC.com at this early hour... What in the heck am I talking about? It appears HBO is now airing the ‘Vagina Monologues’. We missed it last night apparently, but knowing HBO they will replay it soon, so I can finally see just what the hubbub is all about. Although even the article states, "There’s no question that the ‘Vagina Monologues’ works better onstage than on television."
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Take my hand...take my whole life too...
Ever wonder what an Elvis wedding in Vegas looks like? Well we just happened to catch one tonight. Enjoy!
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Viva Las Vegas
This will be my last Valentine's Day post, as I'm about to snuggle up with that someone special for the evening... But if you're sitting around bored and want a good laugh, you can play "spot the Elvises" (or is it Elvii) at these live Vegas weddings, brought to you by the Travel Channel and the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. The cam shots will auto-update fairly quickly, so you can just sit back and let the good times roll... And if you're bored, toss a little rice in the air for good measure.
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Teddy bear bombs?
Oh for the love of all that is holy, will someone please call wolf on them already and end this government-sparked paranoia crap?
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SlashDock 2.0 for OS-X
Just released on the 11th, SlashDock 2.0: "SlashDock is a simple Mac OS-X Application that fetches and updates headlines for the lastest postings on slashdot-compatible sites and RSS-compatible sites (aka RDF) like BluesNews.com. Updates are obtained automatically, if new articles are available, the dock icon will flash with an image representing the article 'topic'. Selecting an article from the dock menu will take you directly to that article in your preferred web browser." For more info, and to download, visit the Apple download site.
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Sunny days sweepin' the clouds away
If you're feeling kinda blah because no one gave you flowers today, here are a few from me, just snapped out in the yard. Consider yourself loved!
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Love your geek?
Let them know with geek e-cards! Besides "I love you" -- other card-topics include congrats on your new PC or Apple -- R.I.P. to your old computer -- get well -- and more! And if that isn't enough, they also have "geek-mate date" cards.
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My Cupid has a first name...it's T.O.D.D.
The older we get, and the longer we've been married, the less big of a deal we make out of Valentine's Day. You won't see 3 dozen roses or the monster-Godiva ballotin around here. No stuffed animals that will collect dust starting tomorrow. Forget the 3-hour line at Olive Garden later tonight. And I don't play the 'my husband loves me more than yours because he bought me "X" game' either. We're actually saving all of our money -- and all of my energy -- for Weezer on the 24th.

However, that's not to say we've fallen out of love or the romance is dead. Because you should have heard me squealing awhile back as I woke up and discovered these carefully tucked everywhere I looked (or would look) this morning -- on my Diet Coke bottle, on all of my keyboards and monitors, on the TV, etc. That is the best part of marriage! BE MINE, Todd -- thank you! xoxoxo
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Happy Hallmark-and-FTD-Generated Day!
Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day! Click the "read more" link for the barenaked lady.

[Happy Valentines Day]

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Is this your CD collection?
Another interesting link snagged off Daypop... Todd and I are musical snobs. We'll be the first to admit it. Top 40 makes us break out in a rash and always has. We'd rather do Olympic pairs skating butt naked then be forced to listen to any song by Creed. Yes, I said any song by Creed. Although we don't usually listen to the same exact music -- thankfully I like what he likes, and vice-versa. Occasionally we'll trade new finds and both get hooked. And occasionally we'll revisit old loves and both get hooked. That said, this article really cracked me up!

"You like to think that you are cool. And, hey, let's not be snobbish - maybe you are. You wouldn't have any rubbish like Sting or Dire Straits in your CD collection. Enya? Clannad? That's all for old farts, right? And you know that you are culturally aware...But music is a bit of a problem. Are you as hip as you were, or at least as hip as you used to like to think you were? Not really...

You're middle class, in your thirties or thereabouts, and, even though you don't like music as much as you used to, you still want to be part of the scene, even if that only amounts to having some CDs that won't disgrace you when friends leaf through your collection.

Here's how to find out if you are part of the Dido demographic. If you have 12 of the following albums among your CDs, you're a Dido. If you have any more than that, seek help. We're not sure from whom, but seek it anyway.

Want to know our score?

  1. Dummy by Portishead: I have just been informed Todd is guilty as charged.
  2. The Joshua Tree by U2: On cassette tape somewhere under one of the beds...
  3. Jollification by the Lightning Seeds: Not sure, but probably a #2.
  4. Play by Moby: Todd broke down and bought this at the Virgin store at Disney World after it drove him insane one weekend.
  5. Is This it by The Strokes: I have most of this downloaded in MP3 format. Sue me. "Last Night" is one of the best fucking songs I've heard since leaving college in 1995!
  6. Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morrisette: Even Dave Coulier not withstanding, yes we own it.
  7. Graceland by Paul Simon: I'm pretty sure Todd has this on cassette somewhere. I claim no responsibility. I think I was the only one in the entire Honors Dorm during college that fled the premises screaming when someone put it on.
  8. The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem: I had this one burned before it even hit the shelves!
So that gives us a grand total of 8 out of 25 -- 4 under the "Dido" label. Phew. We're still hip and cool like dat. Go here to see how you score!
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[Mmmm candy]

Look at the random act of kindness/surprise that Erika sent today! Isn't she the bestest? Thank you!
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Meanwhile back in Salt Lake
YES! Olympic spoiler to follow. Look away if you're one of those people that like to watch the events and find out who won in replay, and not as they actually happen.

My favorite Olympic hottie, Bode Miller, won silver today in combined skiing, coming back from fifteenth place! It breaks an eight-year Olympic medal drought by U.S. men skiers -- so make sure to tune in tonight. And, "Miller remains a favorite in the slalom and a medal hopeful in the giant slalom next week." Oh how that smile could hurt me and make me write bad checks...
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Where's your cash at?
Another too cool link from today's "Call For Help": Ever wonder just exactly where that money in your pocket has been? Try entering the serial number at Where's George, and you just might find out!
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Three magic little words
This brilliant little gem was snagged from Daypop:

"Whenever a phone solicitor calls in the middle of dinner, don't get sore. Don't slam down the receiver. Don't hang up. Just say, 'Hold on, please.' Then gently set the receiver on the table and go about your business. Why will this change the world? Because the solicitor will hold on, too. While the solicitor is on hold, he cannot bug other people in the middle of dinner, can he? No, he can't.

Phone solicitors make money because one or two saps in every 100 calls actually listen to the sales pitch and buy something. But what if each unsuccessful call took the solicitor a few minutes instead of a few seconds? What if a phone solicitor could make only a dozen calls per hour, instead of several hundred? Then it would no longer be cost-effective to bother people in the middle of dinner, would it? No, it wouldn't.

So if you can't move to Vermont, try the three magic little words instead!
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Here she is...your ideal...
Let's all take a moment of silence for this year's Miss America...who seems to have become disenchanted with the pretty crown. Heartbreaking, isn't it? Poor dear. Once you've mastered the "screw in the lightbulb" wave, there's really nowhere left to go but down the spiral.
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I'd like to thank the Academy
Here's one of my favorite Google hits to date: I am #1 for graphic photos that will make you wanna puke. I guess it could be argued that photos of me shortly after waking up would fit the bill...
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And now for something completely different
I think it's already been established that I watch way too much TV. (Well not really "watch", but it's always on for background noise.) Now, if you will, imagine Beavis and Butthead sitting next to me here on the couch watching the commercial for this local business. Add in their slogan "it's so easy", and well, there you go.
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Me thinks more sex is in order
This is just sad. Not to get all Freudian on you, but obviously I must not be fulfilling him somehow.

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Go on Canadian, beat it!
It...just...got...interesting. "The International Skating Union announced Tuesday that it will conduct an 'internal assessment' into a controversial judging decision at the finals of the Olympic pairs figure skating competition Monday night, where the coveted gold medal went to a Russian pair who stumbled, rather than to a Canadian couple who didn't. Four of the judges who voted for the Russians are from former Soviet or communist countries; the four who voted for the Canadians are from countries in the Western bloc."
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And sometimes "y"
Hooray for cute, smart Robyns that spell their name right -- I collect them like fine wine! Just saw another one on today's "Call For Help". Robyn Heuseveldt demonstrated an easier way to netcam.
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Like sands through the hourglass
So it is "This or That Tuesday".

  1. Picnic on the beach or picnic in a park? On the beach! Although I rarely get to go anymore since my husband blisters and burns.
  2. Atlantic ocean or Pacific? I've never seen the Pacific, so by default my answer is Atlantic. The Gulf trumps them both though!
  3. Museum or the ballet? I haven't seen a ballet since college, but I love to go.
  4. Lots of pillows on the bed, or just a few? Lots for decor, just a few for sleeping.
  5. Home body or not? Didn't use to be, but not much choice on being a home body right now.
  6. Introverted or extroverted? Introverted by force, extroverted by choice.
  7. Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise only if I'm getting ready to go to bed... The Florida sunsets are truly a thing of beauty though -- postcard perfect!
  8. Do you prefer ceiling fans or light fixtures? Light fixtures. I'm always cold!
  9. Lions or tigers or bears? Oh my! Tigers I guess...
  10. The Beatles or The Monkees? The Beatles! Although I did have a Monkees phase in junior high when I thought Davey Jones was just dreamy. And an amusing side-note...one of my former clients (when I worked in Philadelphia) had actually been arrested for stalking him and showing up in his house, repeatedly, unnannounced... I kid you not!

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More on the devil's browser
"CNET presents 5 [Internet Explorer 6.0] browsing horror stories and their solutions". I've added a new graphic over in the sidebar linking to an explanation of the problem - and solution - regarding my last set of issues with the new IE browser.
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For that very special someone
Never let it be said I'm not a woman of my word!
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laissez les bon temps rouléz
It's Fat Tuesday! Make sure to check out the Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street cams live at NOLA.com. No beads required. Clothing sometimes optional.
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Girls on film
Todd's love Megan listed the "Top Five Women in Tech History" on tonight's Screen Savers. Time to brush up on your studies!
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What do you want to do with your life?
Time for yet another episode of "no, I am not kidding": MSNBC has hired former Twisted Sister front-man and wannabe-drag queen Dee Snider as the network's official voiceover guy. Apparently he's been doing promo-spots for the network since November. In related news, so as to not to be outdone, Fox News has initiated talks to see if they can score that dude from Ratt.
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He's got radioactive blood
In the "why don't you tell us what you did today, Robyn" category...well, why don't you just go and see for yourself!
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Kicked in da' butt by love
With V-Day fast approaching, here's a Gallery of Unfortunate Valentine's Day Cards. Because who wrote the "book of love"? Velvet did.
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The cult of Robyn
What happens when I can't sleep at night? I go and find other cool Robyn bloggers. I am seriously digging this design! And she spells her name right -- always a bonus.
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Turning tricks
Here's a cool site nod from Chris Pirillo in an old thread of mine that I didn't want to lose... Did you like the cool trick mentioned here? You can get tons more of them at Bookmarklets.com! One of my favorites is on this page of the site. Rather than wading through an entire page's code looking for an e-mail link to contact the page author -- let it find it for you. Thanks Chris -- I'm going to have fun playing around there!
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Paging Mr. I.P. Freely
With some help from this thread, Todd was able to help suck Jennifer's husband Sam into blogging.

Introducing...IPonEverything.org... Check it out!
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My funny Valentine
Sap alert! I groomed Claire for Valentine's today, and of course had to share a few "brag photos" (photo 1, photo 2, photo 3)...
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You say tomato...
If the new Pizza Hut "Pizzone" commercials are making you hungry, check out my very first recipe at the red kitchen!
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Some things are just more important
I realize that you pretty much love the Olympics or you're indifferent. There's just not all that much middle ground. But NBC is making it very hard for the "indifferent" folks out there to even have a chance of getting sucked in. Two days in a row now we've stumbled into the living room, flipped on NBC, and were met with nothing Olympic-like. Yesterday it was auto-racing. Today it's the NBA All-Stars. I'm pretty darned sure competition is going on right now -- but instead of focusing on amateur athletes that get their moment in the sun every 4 years, instead let's focus on over-paid middle-aged men with commercial shoe-deals.

Forget MSNBC and CNBC helping out either. It was impossible to understand the Syndney-brand of Olympics we got here in the States -- carefully edited to show only what they wanted us to see. But HELLO?! The Olympics are now on OUR SOIL and we can't even see them! And "middle of the night" recaps aren't of events overlooked in prime-time. It's an exact repeat of earlier programming! Remember the good old days when not only did you have continuous coverage on ABC -- you also had the option of buying the gold, silver and bronze channels on pay-per-view for "lesser" sports. People complained then. I'd give just about anything for that option now! I'm so thrilled NBC has bought the Olympics through 2012. I hope there's no way in hell they ever get them again once the expiration date arrives...
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And you can speak your mind but not on my time
You know, I've sat here for the last couple of days watching two bloggers I've really come to respect (and enjoy) getting flamed to high heaven for stupid, petty things. Things the majority of their visitors have found frickin' hysterical. And quite frankly, I'm sick of it. I guess I should count myself pretty lucky that I haven't suffered the same fate here at my own blog...yet. I'm strong-willed. I have a short-temper. I'm liberal. I can be bitchy. I'm opinionated. My brand of humor may not not be your bag o' tea. That's fine. I would just politely tell you what I tell most of the people that surf on into my anti-P. Diddy site -- your browser has a back button for a reason. Don't be afraid to use it.

Because I guarantee you, if you came into my house and spouted off some of the things I've read in this couple's comments, I would not-so-politely show you the door. If you don't like the show that's on our TV, if you don't want to watch the same movie we do, or if the jokes we happen to crack offend -- you don't have to stay here. But yet because the internet is "anonymous" people say and do things in online situations they might normally not do in real life. This can be good -- because you don't have to be "shy" when hidden behind a monitor vs. staring at someone face-to-face. And I'd pretty much bet money on the fact some of the best writing online stems from that very fact... But this can be bad, because tact and manners are sometimes checked at the computer room door. Granted, as with just about anything in life, if you put it up on the public chopping block you can expect to see others take issue with it eventually. But where does that fine line start and end when it comes to just what it is -- and isn't -- ok to say to someone in regards to their life and the way they live it? (Unless you happen to be their spouse or parent...)

And taking this issue even further...as I mentioned elsewhere today...why do people think it's ok to correct your memories or opinions in your blog (an online journal), when they wouldn't dare take a red-ink pen to your paper-counterpart? No I don't mean minor little "don't you mean" corrections. I mean going to someone else's site and trying to reconstruct their life, and their history, the way you see fit. If they're happy -- if their spouse is happy -- if almost all of the people around them are happy (and amused) -- then what business is it of yours? If you don't enjoy what you see/read -- move on. There are blogs in every shape and form on the internet. I can pretty much guarantee you that with a few clicks of the mouse you'll find one more suited to your tastes if you'll just bother to take the time to look.

This entry isn't even about me -- or anything pertaining to my own blog and writing. But one day it might be... And quite frankly, I've been biting my lip 'til it's started to bleed.
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*insert mic in your face*
Actually just overheard by an Olympics reporter to a figure skater... "How disappointed are you that you didn't make the top four?"

"Well let's see you dumb blonde bitch...I've only trained like 3/4 of my freakin' life for this... I get up around 4 a.m. every day. When do you get up again? I spend about eight hours of my day on ice. On ICE. I haven't felt my friggin' toes since sometime around, oh say, 1994. I'm in UTAH. Hello!? My skirt flops up and shows my ass in all its glory on international television, I'm so sick of glitter I could puke, and you don't even wanna know where I lost a sequin last week. Let's see you put on a plastic smile while your body is being tossed in the air at 50 mph, as you do half of your routine with a metal blade in your face. Oh yeah, my partner's breath smells like the inside of his skate -- and I'm getting really damn tired of seeing him in spandex. What were you saying again? Oh right... It's an honor just to be nominated. Or something like that... Where was I? What would Brian Boitano do? Probably take that stick used to whack Kerrigan and shove it up your..."
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