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Posted: 02.10.2002
Some things are just more important
I realize that you pretty much love the Olympics or you're indifferent. There's just not all that much middle ground. But NBC is making it very hard for the "indifferent" folks out there to even have a chance of getting sucked in. Two days in a row now we've stumbled into the living room, flipped on NBC, and were met with nothing Olympic-like. Yesterday it was auto-racing. Today it's the NBA All-Stars. I'm pretty darned sure competition is going on right now -- but instead of focusing on amateur athletes that get their moment in the sun every 4 years, instead let's focus on over-paid middle-aged men with commercial shoe-deals.

Forget MSNBC and CNBC helping out either. It was impossible to understand the Syndney-brand of Olympics we got here in the States -- carefully edited to show only what they wanted us to see. But HELLO?! The Olympics are now on OUR SOIL and we can't even see them! And "middle of the night" recaps aren't of events overlooked in prime-time. It's an exact repeat of earlier programming! Remember the good old days when not only did you have continuous coverage on ABC -- you also had the option of buying the gold, silver and bronze channels on pay-per-view for "lesser" sports. People complained then. I'd give just about anything for that option now! I'm so thrilled NBC has bought the Olympics through 2012. I hope there's no way in hell they ever get them again once the expiration date arrives...

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

It lost it's magic for me when they opened competition to professional athletes. Bah.

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Just wanted to point everyone to Todd's blog if you haven't been there already. We inadvertantly wrote the same rant at the same time without realizing it!

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