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Personal blog entries now here. Blogger Boobie-Thon moved here.
Want a new view? You're not stuck with this design -- skin the site!

Oh Lisa, you with your stories...beer kills brain cells...
Here's one thanks to Angela: the "Guess the Beer Label" test
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Looking for something?
I Shirley'ed up the advanced search page and the 2002 archives a bit today as well. You can find the links over in the sidebar.
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You can take the girl out of Oklahoma...
And now I shall lead you all in a chorus of "It's a Small World After All". Make sure to stop by Kevin's new MT blog. He loves OU, hates Mack Brown, drinks Shiner Bock, and knew (of) me in high school...and doesn't hold it against me...
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Ah...one, and ah...two!
I just updated/overhauled my blogs and links page (located over in the sidebar). If you're linking to me, and don't see your site listed, just drop me a line!
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Oh happy day
Lookee what we got in the mail today! The credit union sent the title to our '98 Explorer because we somehow managed to pay it off there a few months early... We're scheduling it to completely fall apart about 4 p.m. next Tuesday since we officially own it now. Is that good for you?
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Drumroll please...the big review
I'll state from the start this will be a very hard review to give because I am biased (see below). That said, I thought I am Sam rocked! The best way to describe how I felt about the film would be to make a negative-imprint of my Vanilla Sky review. I am not a chick flick kinda girl. But I do cry at AT&T commercials. You know the one...husband/dad leaving town..."Rocket Man" playing in the background...him twirling his wife's barrette in his fingers on the plane... And I cried during this film. A lot. Then again, I saw 350 lb. men walking out of the 7:30 showing who were also puffy-faced and swollen-eyed.

Sean Penn's acting is simply amazing. And the little girl that played his daughter is an adult in a child's body. She was incredible as well. There are so many star cameos that don't "cheapen" the film either. They actually enhance it. As Todd says, "Anyone will work for scale to work with Sean Penn." It has moments of true joy -- and true pain -- just like life. It makes you really stop and think "are any of us really, truly prepared to be a parent?" And it makes you appreciate the love you do have in your life. At least it did for me, and I couldn't ask for any more of my $7. No more at all. Beyond all of that, the soundtrack was fantastic as well. (The movie is a must for any true Beatles fan and history buff.) Expect to see a lot of the songs showing up on my MP3 list over in the sidebar during the next week. I don't want to give away too much of the film's plot, but if you do go and see it, be sure to let me know what you think. And happy weekend everyone!
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I kissed a girl
Todd and I have been teasing back and forth today between ourselves and Christine about the whole "threesome" thing, which brings up a most-amusing college tale he insists I share...

I've kissed a girl. For money. Live on the radio. In front of Chong (of Cheech and Chong fame). It's something I will probably never, ever live down. And it's so darned amusing, I don't even try.

It was St. Patrick's Day circa 1994, around 7 a.m. Anyone that's ever lived in Norman, Oklahoma on St. Paddy's knows what I'm talkin' 'bout. (O'Connell's opens at the crack of dawn for green beer and green eggs & ham. If you even go to class that day, your tongue is green and you're hung-over by 1 p.m.) So during the live KJ103 broadcast, they started talking about an upcoming episode of "Roseanne", then shocking, where she was going to kiss Mariel Hemingway. They decide right then and there to hold a radio contest for best female-female kiss. The grand prize? Five hundred bucks. I was young. I was impressionable. I was flat broke. And I was grabbed by my RA and somehow ended up in line. At the last minute two actual lesbians showed up - with props - and won. But our kiss was judged "most original" (yes, I'm proud) by Chong and instead of the cash we won 2 tix to see Gallagher that night (which I gave to Jana because it was her birthday). I ended up getting so much attention on campus because of it, I dyed my hair red the next day.

And you wonder why my husband loves me so much? Well there you have it! He sticks with me, and maybe, just maybe, one day he'll have his harem...
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The Day After
I just wanted to grab the mic for a few and say a big ol' "THANK YOU" to all of you who have sent well-wishes (publicly and privately), nominated my site in the first place, voted for it to be a finalist, and for those who have recently voted for me to win the big gold Can o' Spam. Spam, spam, spam, spam. I was just telling Kristine that it's almost like that Sesame Street song (being up there next to Wil and Mena)..."one of these kids is not like the others, c'mon can you tell which one?" And I've literally had three-times the traffic in the last two days that I normally get, so please forgive me for awhile if I'm checking for lipstick in my teeth or squares of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of my shoe before I post... Although most bloggers secretly crave the spotlight, it's pretty bright and I forgot to pack my sunglasses. Thanks again everyone -- it really was an honor just to be nominated!
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A sphincter says what?
In case you might have missed it, my husband Todd has a very special meme each and every Friday called "Spot the [Movie] Quote". Make sure to give it a whirl today!
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Sam I am
I think Todd and I are going to make Friday night a "date night" and go see I am Sam (Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer). I've wanted to see this film since the moment I saw the first preview, and thankfully I haven't read a negative review yet. I'm sure I'll need a purse-full of Kleenex though. When I was in college, I worked at a group home for mentally handicapped adults. I started off as a habitational aide working one-on-one with Jennifer, helping her learn daily routines such as shopping, balancing a checkbook, and general "living on your own" training. Eventually I was promoted to weekend shift leader and recreational therapist for the whole house, where I had six other clients including Glenda and Danny. I loved the weekend shift. Everything was so casual and laid-back -- and it was just like being at home. Only without the yelling. (Just kidding, mom!) We'd do silly things like sneaking into the stadium during OU's fourth quarter, dyeing the girls hair red, and late-afternoon trips to the Duck Pond.

After I graduated from OU, I ended up in Philadelphia with more of "desk job" as an activities therapist at mental health day treatment program -- but there was never the same sense of accomplishment and satisfaction there as I had at the group home. The day I learned Jennifer had moved out into her own apartment (and was down to four visits a week by an aide) was one of the happiest days of my life. I'm sure the movie will be hard to watch, not just because of the plot line, but because I can't physically do my old job again right now -- but I have to see it nonetheless. Man, I really miss all of them!
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Words of wisdom
Just overheard on The Screen Savers: "An Apple a day keeps Control+Alt+Delete away!"
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If only they really made these...
This one is courtesy of my my sister-in-law: a suggested line of Hallmark cards for 2002
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A veritable cornucopia of randomness
If this is your first visit to my blog, my catchy l'il domain name is courtesy of my lovely 'net wife, and the inspiration behind my blogging, Christine. Next, I'd say my real-life MCSE husband seems extremely pleased I've made the conversion to Mac. And last but not least, I am very happy Todd has never publicly taken me to task like this in his blog before. Of course, I told him if he had, he'd be praying and crossing his legs very tightly before going to sleep every night for a very long time. Tee hee!
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Happy birthday Holly!
We have another birthday girl -- go give 'er some love!
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You like me -- you really, really like me!
Ok, that's about as Sally Fields as I can get...but imagine my shock when I woke up all groggy like and uncaffeinated earlier this morning to find congrats on making the Bloggies! (Thanks to everyone that tipped me off!) I thought I had about a snowball's chance in Tampa in August...but whoa! There's Gwen's smiling face snuggled right next to Wil Wheaton's. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just go here (I'm in the new weblogs category). And make sure to go vote for Dawn in the best design category! I think this deserves one of my rarely used w00t's!
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How 'bout them Apples?
Snagged from Chris Pirillo: An article titled "Why Did Apple's iBook Have To Grow Up?" I thought it was pretty interesting considering the reasons it cites are some of the very reasons that lured us in and sealed the deal!
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Erase and rewind, 'cuz I've been changin' my mind
I updated my blast from the past design archive section over in the sidebar to include the old pink page (which can still be accessed from the sidebar), and make the conversion to Apple official.
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The real me
To all of the people coming in from "Inside the Real Lisa" -- welcome! And if you're wondering why all the pink, purple and Gwen lately, here's a quick recap. If I kept sweater girls up all the time, people would get bored too (and I'd get hot just looking at it living here in south-central Florida)...so I just try to keep myself happy instead... It is my home afterall! (Don't forget to use the AOL-CD coasters.)
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She's baaaaaack...
In case you've been missing Holly the last few days, her blog is back and functional again!
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Is anyone else running MT having trouble pinging weblogs.com when you make a new post today? It was fine this morning, but I've had troubles with my last three posts (this one included) now. Just curious...
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A friend of mine has a friend with a wedding coming up this weekend and just sent me a photo of what the bride's dress will look like. This is simply one of the most beautiful wedding gowns I have ever seen! And after four years of running the Dress Contest, I've seen just a few. Can we get married again, Todd?
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Spaceballs - the breakfast cereal
Kids today are so ripped off. Besides the lack of Saturday morning TV for them (which is a whole 'nuther blog rant unto itself) -- no Smurfs, no Bugs, no Pac Man -- just news and the Today Show -- have you looked at non-Super Colon Blow cereals at the grocery store lately? I never grew out of the kids cereal phase. Bring on the Sugar Smacks ('cuz dammit they STILL have sugar), the Fruity Pebbles, the Frosted Flakes, the Fruit Loops, and the Apple Jacks! I remember literally standing in the cereal aisle for what seemed like hours (to me and my poor mom) when I was a kid trying to figure out which one had the best prize. And then having my mom want to kill me after we got home as I dumped the ENTIRE box of cereal out in a big mixing bowl to dig for the loot inside. Today they put mazes on the back of the box. "Ooooh, you mean I get to draw on it?! Well gimme a case then!" Kellogg's had it right a few months back by putting little Sesame Street beanies in all of their boxes. I darn-near passed out the day I opened my Rice Krispies to find a little Oscar the Grouch inside. But as quickly as the promotion started, it also ended, and the boxes went back to nuthin' inside. It's even more lame than the stupid cardboard squares you find in boxes of Cracker Jack now! Which brings me to...whatever happened to the cool tattoos...
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FashionDish at the Globes
FashionDish has out their best and worst dressed of the Golden Globes list. Thank goodness Sarah Jessica Parker made their worst list! I felt like I was alone in thinking that. They made a Barbie doll quip, but I was thinking more along the lines of a Kewpie doll...
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Blog Blog, Baby!
Ok, so I got bored with the purple really darn quick. Erika unveiled a cool new design today, so I figured that was my license to take all the ribbing and switch things around again. Plus just look at that pic of Gwen! How could I not use it?
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We're going to see Weezer! We're going to see Weezer! =w=ahoooooo!
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This or That Tuesday
It's time for Ashley's "this or that" Tuesday!

  1. Car or SUV? We have an SUV but I miss my car!
  2. Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve? That's a tough one, but I like Todd's answer the best!
  3. Candy or cake? Cake...mmmm...cake...
  4. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate!
  5. Tuesday or Wednesday? Hump-day -- you're half-way there.
  6. Jacuzzi or pool? Well we do have the James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub at our house...
  7. Left-handed or right? I'm right-handed, but my mom was left-handed so I iron and twirl a baton with my left.
  8. Do you say "tissue" or "Kleenex"? Kleenex.
  9. Correct typing or two-finger tapping? Correct.
  10. Blue cheese or ranch salad dressing? Blue cheese -- I'll order a Caesar if they don't have it rather than get ranch.

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Blog stats! We got yer blog stats!
I finally got around to adding that nifty little script by little green footballs (seen everywhere at blogs near you) that tracks your last 50 referring URLs. It's added as a pop-up over in the sidebar under "la la love you", which also happens to be a song title. Anyone? Anyone?
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Cool clip art
Need really good and funky 'clip art'? Check out this site -- over 20 pages of some really cool stuff (on white backgrounds)!
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The no-rub express
Being a homebody, I have heard just about every commercial there is on TV. I rarely look up and couldn't pinpoint any of them by sight -- but by sound -- oh yeah, been there, heard that! And I was just able to share with Todd the one that sends me into fits of giggles every afternoon...the "no rub express". Now you might think by the name and URL that it's a porn site -- especially with the slogan "it's so express, no rubbing is needed!" But alas, it's not. It does, however, remove protein. Yeah, you know where my mind is. Quit looking at me like that!
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Monday Mission
Just in under the wire again...the Monday Mission from PromoGuy dot Net.

  1. What was the most romantic moment you remember from last year? The first night we spent in our first home.
  2. What is your most recent obsession? Getting my new iBook in my greedy, impatient little hands and taking down Dell in the process.
  3. One of my favorite things in the world is to watch the sunset/sunrise, although rainbows are a close second. Tell me about your favorite natural occourance? The shade of green the sky turns in Oklahoma just before a tornado. There's just nothing quite like it, and you have to *experience* a sky like that to know just what I'm talking about.
  4. I've always been told bad things come in "threes." I really don't believe in the rule of the "threes," but have you had some experiences where it has proved to be true? It seems each and every time we have something bad happen, it's in threes actually! When the first one happens, my stomach flip-flops knowing more is to come...
  5. But then again, I am usually a positive person, takes a lot to "p" me off. Let's talk about good things for a sec. What's the most recent "good news" you have heard? A good friend found out the sex of her baby, and Todd guessed right and did a victory lap around the living room!
  6. I'm not double-jointed and I can't stop a fan-blade with my tongue. But I can curl my tongue as well as cross just one eye. Do you have any stupid human tricks? I can do a Pee Wee Herman imitation of "I'm trying to use the phone!" Does that count? That's about all I've got...
  7. I have to say, that really was a good movie. It is pretty early still, I think there are some things going on downtown. Anything strike your fancy? Centro Ybor, baby!

BONUS: Who can take a sunrise...sprinkle it with dew? The candy man can!
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Behold the power of cheese
Ashley's "this or that" last week made us both hungry for lasagna, so I made one tonight. If you'd like the recipe, here it is!
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More from the great beyond
Catherine asked for more detailed pics of our yard, and I must confess, there's a reason I shot a lot of close-ups today. We're in the process of removing a tree in the back right now, and it's really hard to shoot wide-angle shots until we get it all cut up and bagged for removal. Here are a few of the yard that were taken last summer during the inspection though (photo 1, photo 2, photo 3). The first is the fish pond right outside our bedroom window, the second is Todd's second home when he's a very naughty husband (a.k.a as the G.R.O.S.S. - Get Rid of Slimy girlS - headquarters), and the third is the bench across the yard from the pond. I also have a photo of the front yard, taken last week, here. We have a lot of work to do this spring post-drought, but we're looking forward to the challenge!
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Wookin' pa nub
LOL! Chris Pirillo just sang a chorus of "Wookin' Pa Nub" on a Call For Help re-run I'm watching. At least I know someone that has visited the site gets that reference in my sidebar, now!
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Sunny days...sweepin' the clouds away
This is one of those picture-perfect Florida postcard days where you just feel lucky to be alive! I spent a great deal of this morning out in the yard just taking in the great outdoors -- and here are fifteen photos from my journey. Enjoy!
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The Bloggies™ - part deux
Thanks to Mike for the reminder! The 2002 Bloggies™ finalists are announced tomorrow...errrr, today...Monday. Don't forget to go check 'em out!
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Download of the day
For those of you unfortunate enough to have TechTV missing from your cable line-up, or for those of you who just haven't been sucked in yet, make sure to check out the Screen Savers show's free download of the day archive. Tons of goodies for Windows, Mac and Palm users!
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She's a bad apple
Hey Mac users! I have a question... You know how in IE for Windows you can right click on the Back-button and get a mini-list of the sites you've just visited, and select one 2-3 pages back and go straight to it? (Or maybe you don't know since you're on a Mac...but anyhoo...) Is there any shortcut or cheat for doing this on a Mac? I'm lazy and hate going back through each and every site I've recently visited in rapid-succession to get back to the original. I can't count the number of times I've tried to right-click on my iBook now. It obviously ain't happening. Since I've stumped Mr. Pollman, I thought I'd pose the question for those playing along with the home game. Thanks in advance!
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Israel blows?
So here's my early afternoon giggle... I sat down to read the headlines on the Tampa Tribune online, and as I'm scrolling, my eye catches this (circled in red). Of course "Up Palestinian Media Center" followed, but what I circled was all I saw 'til I scrolled down further. Oops!
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You say it's your birthday
Thanks to Christine for the tip -- today is Meryl's birthday! Go give 'er some love! She's cool like 'dat.

And *hanging my head in shame*, I just realized I forgot to wish Cheryl a happy birthday here the other day. D'oh! (Having Todd home half the week has really thrown my online time off-kilter.) So anyhoo, a very happy belated birthday to Cheryl as well!
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And we're back
Whew! The site seems to be back online again post-server move, and no worse for wear... During the forced outage I filled my new iBook full of fonts like any good little addict should. Hope everyone has a perfectly lazy Sunday!
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