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Personal blog entries now here. Blogger Boobie-Thon moved here.
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Is it March yet?
Two seven more submissions...it's still not too late to get yours in!

[bubbye Feb] [give it the finger] [never again]

[february 2003 sucked] [calendar cat toy] [owie zowie February] [kicking february to the curb]

And click here for jadeDblog's photo essay.
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The best part of waking up...
Looks like more than just the coffee at Starbucks is going to be keeping eyes open soon... Too bad they aren't putting the call out for Starbucks addicts as well!
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Up, up in the atmosphere
This is a link that Statia passed along earlier in the week. It's the only thing that kept me sane while Todd was flying to and from Minneapolis...

If you have anyone you love traveling across the country, visit FlyteComm. You can enter the airline and flight number, and they will take you to a real-time tracking system. It will show you just exactly where the plane is at on a map of the continental US, the altitude, flight speed, and time remaining for the flight. I had confirmation Todd's flights had landed a good 20 minutes before he was able to deplane and make the quick "I'm ok" call on the way to his next connection. Don't let them leave home without it!
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Just say no March Madness
New "buh-bye February" submissions...there's always room for more!

[toilet humor] [virtual pistol whipping] [feb 03 sucked big] [officially shot]

UPDATE: Visit "anything but ordinary" to show your appreciation for March's arrival!
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Name that tune

Sending music to our troops stationed overseas
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Greed, for lack of a better word, is good?
Good for these schoolgirls who wrote actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, asking her to put her money where her big mouth is and donate to their charity drive! Zeta-Jones recently testified before a London court and boasted that $1.5 million [paid for their wedding photo rights] was peanuts to her and hubby Michael Douglas. "It is a lot of money maybe to a lot of people in this room, but it's not that much for us." Douglas, supporting his wife's statement, called the amount a "pittance"...

From UPI: But the Douglases [Michael and Catherine] are people who occasionally do go to work, on movie sets, where they're likely to notice some minimum-wage production assistants bringing them coffee. They presumably have a state-of-the-art entertainment center that does receive CNN. I presume they've occasionally been sent a script that has actual working-class people in it. In other words, they must know, at some level, that "some people in this room" who think $1.6 million is more than a pittance represent approximately 99.9 percent of the people in the world.

To put that $1.6 million in perspective: If you placed that money in the lowliest passbook savings account, the kind the Douglases will never have because it's for people who only have $500 to start with, and you get the lowest interest rate paid anywhere in the world -- currently around 1.8 percent -- you earn $28,800 a year, enough for some families to survive on.

The idea that 1.8 percent of what they call a pittance is a living wage somewhere, and that they don't realize it, is a testament to just how divided by class we've become.
(More also found at "The Daily Dish".)
I'm certainly not putting my money on her winning an Oscar now after reading this, and all of the above! Sounds like The Douglases are in very real danger of becoming The Gekkos.
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Don't let the door hit you on the way out, February!
Here are the photo and graphic submissions thus far to "buh-bye February". You can find them all conveniently located at:


[cat pan liner] [chicken calendar]

[burn it all]     [bye feb]

[burn baby burn]

Thanks -- and keep 'em coming! -Robyn
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28 days of hell
By george, I think I've got it! Everywhere you turn, all people are getting is bad news in February 2003. I don't remember a single month like this in my entire life. After reading "My So-Called Life" today, I think I'm onto something...

I propose a new meme. The theme? Oh a girl can dream. While eating ice cream. Whoa. Sorry about that.

Anyhoo, I'm going to be participating in my own idea -- and if you'd like to as well -- after February 28th has rolled off the page, send me a photo of "how did you destroy the February page(s) on your 2003 calendar". I'll post them all here in one place. It can be as simple as a big red "X" over the entire month -- perhaps even an artistic shot with you giving the page the bird. Or the proposed flaming and charred ruins I'm considering (as long as it's up to fire code). Thank heavens this was the shortest month of the year, and not a leap year. That's all I'm sayin'.
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The feeling to know you're alive...

[mr. rogers] Further solidifying the fact this has been one of the worst months...ever...it's now being reported that Mr. Rogers has passed away of cancer at the age of 74. This kills me. I adored Mr. Rogers as a child. So much so, that my mom actually limited me to one airing of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood a day when I turned 5, because I planned my whole day around the show and the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. I don't even want to think of our kids growing up without him around. It just doesn't seem fair.

I'll be back when the day is new. And I'll have more ideas for you. And you'll have things you'll want to talk about. I. Will. Too.

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Ice, ice (oh) baby!
[stars on ice]
Note to self... Rethink taking figure skating lessons.

And now -- your moment of zen!
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Beep-beep uh uh beep-beep
I've blogged about the "Bad Girl's Guides" in the past (I adore them). Now the author Cameron Tuttle is featured in a new CNN article.
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Well you knew it was coming...but damn! They've now invented software to circumvent the Telezapper and Privacy Caller ID (which we currently have). It "also includes a feature that lets salesmen transmit any phone number or text message to residents' caller ID displays". At one point I was getting over 10 telemarketing calls a day, and the "do not call lists" I asked to be put on were worthless requests. And people wonder why I never answer my phone anymore...
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Chewy chewy chewy chewy


The cookies 'n' cream ones are laced with crack. Buyer beware!
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It's party time, excellent...
This article will cause many of you to stop and ponder...did you go off to college a decade too soon... "These students are of legal age to fight and vote; why should they have to ask permission to receive oral sex on camera?" (Read more on this pseudo-blast from the past.)
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Ross passed along the following link from Yahoo! News about songs that are stuck in your head. "New research shows that people most frequently plagued by this phenomenon are those with slightly neurotic tendencies, and people who enjoy and listen to music often." Since the article also mentions the Chili's baby back ribs jingle, I guess you can draw your own conclusions there...
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Someone turned the lights out there in Memphis
I tried to let all of her Scientology brainwashing slide, because she is The King's daughter after all -- and she was smart enough to lose Nicolas Cage. As such, I had high-hopes for Lisa Marie's first single "Lights Out" -- but in my opinion, it sounds like just about every other pre-packaged soulful pop song out there on the market. Not even her pedigree can save her from this one, I'm 'fraid. She's getting good reviews, but I'm not buying 'em. What's your opinion? I'd rate it an 8, but you can't dance to it...
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And since we've no place to go...

[Ponca City Snowfall]

When my family whines again that we should just leave sunny Florida and move back home, I'm pointing them right back towards the above photo and news story. Ponca City is the town I grew up in and graduated high school from. Snow like that CRIPPLES small Oklahoma towns. They aren't going anywhere for awhile. "The cold front that spilled across the state Sunday pushed wind chills well below zero and set a record low maximum Monday for Oklahoma City. Tulsa’s [snowfall] total so far has exceeded Chicago’s snowfall this year by more than 3 inches. Clouds, very cold temperatures and a chance for more snow are forecast across Oklahoma the next several days." There's no place like home...in the fall!
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And that is all I have to say about that.
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So I cynically, cynically say, the world is that way
Welcome to the new -- and perhaps for some of you -- improved tampatantrum.com. Things are going to drastically change around here as I move on to a new phase of my blogging life. I'd like to ask my family and close friends to please check their e-mail, and then head on over here. Yes, that site is passworded. And no, if you don't have it now -- you're not going to get it. Please don't ask. And please respect our need for privacy.

This blog will still be frequently updated. Anything impersonal -- entertainment commentary, FARK links, jokes, site tips and tricks, recommended blog reads, design updates, sports information, etc. -- well that will all still be here just like always. So don't lose me on your blogrolls. I'm not through here. I'm just taking the 'personal journal' section elsewhere. Thanks to everyone for their comments and e-mails this weekend!

People I know
Places I go
Make me feel tongue-tied
I can see how people look down
They're on the inside

Here's where the story ends

People I see
Weary of me
Showing my good side
I can see how people look down
I'm on the outside

Here's where the story ends
Ooh here's where the story ends

It's that little souvenir of a terrible year
Which makes my eyes feel sore.....

Ooh here's where the story ends.

And here's where book two begins!
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