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Better late than...
Oops -- it looks like I missed a "buh-bye February" submission. Anyone else out there?

[february quake] [crinkle had a bad february]

UPDATE: Also added, "Crinkle Had a Bad February".
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Is it March yet?
Two seven more's still not too late to get yours in!

[bubbye Feb] [give it the finger] [never again]

[february 2003 sucked] [calendar cat toy] [owie zowie February] [kicking february to the curb]

And click here for jadeDblog's photo essay.
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Just say no March Madness
New "buh-bye February" submissions...there's always room for more!

[toilet humor] [virtual pistol whipping] [feb 03 sucked big] [officially shot]

UPDATE: Visit "anything but ordinary" to show your appreciation for March's arrival!
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Don't let the door hit you on the way out, February!
Here are the photo and graphic submissions thus far to "buh-bye February". You can find them all conveniently located at:

[cat pan liner] [chicken calendar]

[burn it all]     [bye feb]

[burn baby burn]

Thanks -- and keep 'em coming! -Robyn
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28 days of hell
By george, I think I've got it! Everywhere you turn, all people are getting is bad news in February 2003. I don't remember a single month like this in my entire life. After reading "My So-Called Life" today, I think I'm onto something...

I propose a new meme. The theme? Oh a girl can dream. While eating ice cream. Whoa. Sorry about that.

Anyhoo, I'm going to be participating in my own idea -- and if you'd like to as well -- after February 28th has rolled off the page, send me a photo of "how did you destroy the February page(s) on your 2003 calendar". I'll post them all here in one place. It can be as simple as a big red "X" over the entire month -- perhaps even an artistic shot with you giving the page the bird. Or the proposed flaming and charred ruins I'm considering (as long as it's up to fire code). Thank heavens this was the shortest month of the year, and not a leap year. That's all I'm sayin'.
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