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Personal blog entries now here. Blogger Boobie-Thon moved here.
Want a new view? You're not stuck with this design -- skin the site!

Houston, we have liftoff!
If this doesn't make you donate -- or donate again -- I'm really disappointed in you. This...is why you watch!

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Bloggers gone wild
Since Tuesday evening at 11:01 p.m. EDT, we have now officially collected $819.10! Unbelievable! Once again, thanks so much to EVERYONE who has donated -- be it with cash, photos, and/or verbal and written support. We appreciate it all equally! Since approximately noon EDT today we've had 19,629 hits on my new Nedstat counter (due to the link on FARK.com). And although I'll still be taking donations through next weekend, tonight is the last official boobie hoorah so my blog can return back to its regularly scheduled content. If you've been putting off those boobie photos, it's time to get them in once and for all! Tonight is Boobie Mayhem 2002.

Up next we have Yvonne's wet t-shirt submission and Ruthie's wild side. Boobilicious! Do I hear a ka-ching?

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All I've got is a photograph
It seems the FARK'ers are just a wee bit upset that, <gasp!> this campaign focuses on the boobies and not the faces. Well sorry folks, but we're not a porn-site. We're trying to get donations for a worthy cause. I guess it was too much trouble to merely click on the link paired with each boobie photo. So now, just because I care, most of the contestants' photos are at the top of the boobie page. If you're submitting/have submitted and want your photo there as well drop me a line (and a pic). Don't say I never gave ya' nuthin'!

Now...donate! The quicker the cure for breast cancer, the more boobies we'll all have to look at...
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Beavis, I have seen the top of the mountain...
...and it is good. Here's the one you've all been waiting for folks! Gretchen's boobies! Operators are standing by. Do I hear ten? Do I hear twenty? Thirty...c'mon and GIVE!

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Congratulations to Christine and her Texas A&M team. We were dominated, and there was no escaping the loss. I could sit here bitching and moaning about bad officiating -- but the truth is, our defense didn't play to win and our offensive play calls were mostly laughable at best. We didn't deserve to walk out of College Station the victors today. It's funny. Three years ago, a one-loss season would have been something Sooner fans begged for. Today, we're just left shaking our heads at another "what if" season.

I fully expect all of you to give, give, and give some more to make me feel better tonight. Captain Morgan can only be just so comforting...

But don't expect me to be ashamed of my team. I am an Oklahoma Sooner. And I will always be damn proud of that.
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FARKing great...
A big welcome to all of the FARK'ers stopping by! If you want bare-boobies, please donate to charity, and we'll be happy to pass 'em along. We're greedy, but we ain't stupid. And yes, the heads were cut off on the photos to focus on...well...the beautiful breastesses. But if you will click on each picture, you can match the tatas to their rightful owner. Stay tuned. More boobies on the way this weekend. And thanks for stopping by!

UPDATE: Since we do have so many new people coming in that haven't been around from the start, and don't know just what this is all about, the donations page has been updated with the information about the charity this site's viewers have recommended. We aren't going first-class folks. We just want to raise that much for charity.

UPDATE 2: I have called the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and left a voicemail message for a call back so I can try to register with the charity for donations. That way you can check up on us if you'd like to make sure the money is going where we say it is going. The recording (1-800-462-9273) says they are closed on Monday the 11th, so I should hear back from them hopefully on Tuesday. Please visit their website if you would like to donate directly. Just please leave us a note here saying you did so. Thanks!
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Catch a falling star
Just a heads up -- we'll be sleeping very late tomorrow and then driving down to Tampa to join the Sooner Club for OU vs. Texas A&M. Any donations made between now and the end of the game will be posted when I'm back home and online.

I still have promises of photos from a few of you -- so please send 'em in when you can! We'll be taking donations through the end of the weekend and will need more pics to keep us going! She's already up to the challenge. Are you? Don't forget -- the profits beyond what we need for airfare are going to charity!

By the way, everything relating to the Boobie Drive is now on its own page. But the page isn't work-safe (all of the photos, other than pop-ups, automatically display without having to click the "read more" link) -- so be smart when you click! You can vote on your favorite pair there now, too.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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Can I please get a Boomer Sooner?
Click here for the second shot...and more! And stay tuned tomorrow!

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A special note from Statia
Hey guys, your lovely boobie girl, Statia here. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all and tell you what awesome people you are. When Robyn started this campaign, I never expected it to get as big as it did. I haven't posted any links on my site because there are a few people that I work with that know the url. The fact that I have to censor myself to begin with pisses me off. I didn't want you to think that I didn't appreciate every penny that you've sent. It makes me feel so loved and awestruck at your generosity. The reason I'm alone for the holidays is due to family differences. Not only are you guys kickass, but so are Robyn and Todd for opening their hearts and home to me at a time when I need it most.

And all of you girls who showed your racks. You guys rock. I love you all.

Now, lemme go shoot some more boobies.

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Who's next?
We are theeeeeeeees close to just broke $750 -- who's sending pics next? Do it for the boobies!
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Boobies down under
Jessica has helped with the cause from the land down under. Where women glow and men plunder. You better run, you better take cover. And check out the third in the Aussie series here.

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The neighbors complain about the noises above
Here's what started it all, folks! If this doesn't make you open those wallets back up again, then you REALLY need to get your pulse checked! By the way, check here again. New photos just added to the Friday Night wet t-shirt contest...

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The summit of beauty and love
So you're sitting at home on Friday night. You're bored. You're checking this site every five minutes to find new boobies. Well do I have the pair just for you. You know Da Goddess? Well Joanie has donated not one, but three pics to the cause. And not a single one of them features clothed boobies. That's right. We've crossed the threshold of USA's "Up All Night" into Skinamax territory baby! But you don't get these for free. Oh no. And I won't put bare-boobie pics up in my blog. You're gonna have to pay for the password to see these babies. And Joanie has offered a special present for each donation of $50 or more, in addition to the three photos mentioned above. Who's in?

In case you need reviews before you pay...from the men who've seen 'em...

Todd: "I'd hit it!"
Dan: "Worth every penny!"

The bidding begins at $50 for the password. Don't let the boobies down!
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We've got boobies, yes we do -- we've got boobies!

All Blogger Boobie-Thon entries are now located on their own page!

How 'bout you? To kick things off for tonight's round, we bring you the lovely Michele in glorious black and white.

So here's the deal as I sit down to update the donor list for the evening... Since this is all about boobies, it should also be for boobies.

If we go over what it takes for the original project (we never in our wildest dreams thought this campaign would generate this much revenue in such a short time), we want to give the funds to breast cancer research. Can everyone please pipe in and let us know what would be the best charity to direct the funds towards? A celebration of breasts really should be about preserving them as well!

Click the read more (not work friendly) for Michele's contribution -- and stay tuned! We have much more promised for this evening. And with Stacy and I, and a new bottle of tequila, in the same house...it just. Got. Interesting.

UPDATE: Boys can play, too!






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Big and small, you love 'em all!
Just a quick update... Todd is home today and we slept late, so I haven't been able to update the tally or donor's list yet, but we've broken the $600 mark! C'mon, you can do better than that! It sounds like Gretchen is stepping up the camera this weekend, so please stay tuned! Todd and I have a few errands to run before Dan and Stacy get here for the evening. After these messages, we'll be right back...
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She was sent here from heaven, and she’s daddy’s little girl
If you ever needed a feel-good story to end the week on, this is it. Dori, J.E., and their son Tait have been through so much since I first met them and designed Dori's journal, but karma points have added up and soon they will be bringing home their little daughter / sister Jaden from China. They have pics up now in Dori's blog, so be sure to check them out and leave your well-wishes! Normally I don't advocate raising a child in burnt orange , but Jaden couldn't be going to a more loving, deserving home -- and I wish their family all the best in the days ahead! Congrats and best wishes for the holidays guys!
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I'd just like to extend a big, warm blogger welcome to all of the TOTALFARK'ers out there! Grab a seat, pop open a cold one, and enjoy you's some blogger boobies! (Thanks to Blue Coyote for referring us!)
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If you want my body and you think I'm sexy...
I'd want to point out that we are a Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha away from the $½K mark we've blown past $500 with a bullet. You people freakin' rock! THANK YOU!
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Blogger wet t-shirt contest!

All Blogger Boobie-Thon entries are now located on their own page!

Ok, Statia and I are women of our words... Who's next, ladies? Oh yeah, and ummm, don't click these links at work. No, seriously. And as long as you keep giving, we'll keep taking!




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We must! We must! We must increase our...
As promised courtesy of Statia... Just $1089.38 left 'til first class!
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Phil-a-delphia freedom
Far be it from me to let down the sisterhood... We've got ourselves a challenge researching airfares and dates available to travel, so it's time to raise the bar higher again. See these? You'll notice that there t-shirt is white. If we can get the donation total raised to $400 by midnight EST (that's four hours from now), this photo will be reshot after a pitcher of water is poured down my front-side. And if we can get it up $500, I'm pretty sure I can guarantee you shots of her, and her and possibly even her and her. (Anyone else want to throw their two, errrr, cents in?)

And stay tuned for new Statia pics during tonight's festivities. Don't let us down. We just might get you up.

And while your pants wallets are open...please read this...
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A year's supply of Turtle Wax

Looking at the money board this afternoon, you will see that we have cracked the $250 $525 barrier. Thanks again to everyone who has donated -- be it with their cash, or their verbal and written support! All are appreciated equally! We've just about got enough to get a coach ticket here folks.

Give 'til it hurts. Elvis would have wanted it that way.
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List'ning to the Muzak, thinking 'bout this 'n' that
The first sign I'm turning 30 in 21 days...CNN headline..."Police, Clash, Elvis Costello in rock hall (of fame)". All bands I listened to in my youth. It's no longer my mom's bands like the Stones going in. It's mine. I. Need a drink.
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Yeah, I called ya' fat - look at me I'm skinny
I laid in bed for over fifteen minutes before finally coming back in here, flipping on the monitor, and sitting down to write. I'm angry and I hope the words will come out right. In the entire time I've been blogging I've deleted less than ten comments left at my site. One of those comments was left Wednesday evening.

What was the insult? It basically boiled down to "your friends are fat and my friend should be embarassed that he sat naked in the same hot tub with them at your house". (Not that it matters, but I remained clothed - and out of the hot tub for the most part that evening - so the comment didn't apply to me personally.) But the comment was left by a woman about other women. Why is it when women start to tear each other apart, the first thing they go after is weight? We all unite to slam fashion magazines and their constant parading of size 2 women, yet most of us seem to take glee in criticizing someone the instant they don't match that criteria.

In the last five years, I have literally been anywhere from a size 6 to 14. I've had surgeries, infertility drugs, and a health-related inability to exercise. When I'm a size 6, I can finally get my ass squeezed into my favorite pair of jeans. When I'm a 14, I finally get those breasts I yearned for in high school when the standard joke I always heard was, "You're like a pirate's treasure...sunken chest." You get some, you lose some. But regardless of my weight, I'm still "me" inside. And my husband still treats me like the size 6 woman he married. Pity some anonymous stranger on the internet might not have the same compassion. If you can't love me when I'm a 14, I sure as hell don't want your love when I'm a 6.

If you EVER think you can come in my house and trash my friends for their weight (or anything else for that matter) you are sorely mistaken. Let she who is without unwanted cellulite cast the first Twinkie. I'll eat it for dessert, and then next I'll go after your soul for the main course. Let's make sure we're crystal on that, shall we? And now, back to your regularly scheduled boobies...
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Tastes great, less filling
Time to share a few of my favorite things...

  1. geekyprincess.com (formerly at "My So-Called Wife")
  2. Aged and Confused (people with freaky toes need love, too)
  3. go fish (wish I had time to write entries like this)
  4. Julie/Julia Project (wish I had time to cook entries like this)
  5. Minnesota Gardener (freakin gorgeous design)
Need more? Sheesh, you guys are never satisfied! Click here...
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I’ve got to gather my senses together

[My Mikey]

Thought I heard your voice yesterday
And I turned around to say
That I know you didn’t realize...

But it was just my mind playing tricks on me

It seems colder lately at night
And I try to sleep with the lights on
Every time the phone rings
I pray to god it’s you....

I miss you
There’s no other way to say it
And I...I can’t deny it

I miss you
It’s so easy to see
I miss you and me

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To all the girls I've loved before
Lookee what Chris sent me (click here to see)! *sniff* And I didn't even wear the good bra today...
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Chicken soup for the blogger's soul
I had this as an "update" for awhile here, but thought it warranted its own entry and attention. The more I think about it, the more I want those who don't know me well to understand... Yes there are jokes about boobies. And yes, there will probably be boobies. But this isn't about buying me a book or a CD or anything off my Amazon list for my 30th birthday that I don't really need. This is about a friend helping a friend. It kills me to think that those I care about may be spending the holidays alone. Todd and I can't always afford to go back home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we have each other. Not everyone in this world is lucky enough to have that. And as such, our home is always open to our friends without someone else to share the occasion with.

So yes, you are "technically" paying for boobies if you follow the letter of our silly campaign. But you can't put a pricetag on friendship. Where Karyn is asking for people to BAIL her out of the choices she's made, we are merely asking those we know to HELP Statia out of circumstances she has no control over. Karyn dug herself into her own hole. She had insane spending habits and needed someone to swoop in and rescue her from her own life decisions. We haven't asked for anyone to make up for past mistakes. With or without this silly little fundraiser, Statia's Thanksgiving Day will just be spent in a different location. Without Karyn's benefactors she would end up in court and most likely losing everything she owned.

If you can't see the difference in that, then please -- go donate to a real charity. We're not stopping you, and we're not saying we're more important. We aren't here to make anyone rich or give them a Winona-sized shopping spree at Saks. We only want to help make them happy...

UPDATE: As of November 10th, we have raised $1029.10 total. Afer the cost of the just-purchased $359 airline ticket, to date as of 7:00 EST on 11.10.02, $670.10 will be going to charity.
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Sunday, bloody Sunday
You know those undies with the days of the week screen-printed on the hiney? Well this is kinda like that, only for blogs. You'll notice I share lazy Sundays* with the one I love. And don't you forget it. (*Panties optional.)
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Don't give a damn 'bout my reputation
I just want to get one thing clear for the asshole out there who knows exactly who he is. Statia has been one of the biggest Karyn-bashers there is. This was not HER deal. It was mine. I wanted one of our dearest friends down here for Thanksgiving, which as a matter of fact just happens to fall on my birthday this year thanks to poor planning by my parents and the calendar of doom. She was going to be alone. We weren't. It was a joke. A joke that people have happily opened up their wallets for, but a joke nonetheless. I am the one that started it. I am the one that set it up. And I am the the one that informed her it had been done AFTER the fact. We couldn't afford to do it between the three of us, but if you tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on...

If people can send $20K to a mindless twit who doesn't want her Prada shoes repossessed, more power to 'em. If people want to send $10 so friends can be together during the holidays and one of their 30th birthdays, that is also their right. I'm so sorry that it has interfered with your little "reputation". Just remember in double-standard land you are the "stud" who got to hold her tits on camera. She is the whore for baring them. What the fuck ever. Can you hear that plonk? It's the sound of your URL dropping off my Blogroll.

Good riddance...
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They're real, and they're spectacular!
Statia has officially upped the ante. Operators are standing by...
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Soft, fluffy milk pillows™* for Thanksgiving

I'd like to point out that in just under 24 hours, we've already raised over $225 (tally at official site)! Dig into those pockets and give 'til it hurts. I only turn 30 once. Don't let this opportunity pass you by folks...

*milk pillows trademark Gretchen Pirillo and MadTV

Please feel free to use any of the buttons here to link to the cause!
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If the Pashmina doesn't fit, you must aquit
Ok I'm setting up a blog pool for sentencing. My money is on 6-months probation and 150 hours of community service. Prison time? P-shaw. There's a Sony entertainment exec on the jury. Anyone in?

UPDATE: CNN has changed the headline and the intro paragraph in the article linked above. Prosecutor won't seek jail for Ryder: "Shortly after Oscar-nominated actress Winona Ryder was found guilty of shoplifting charges Wednesday, Los Angeles prosecutors said they would not press for a sentence that would include time in jail..." Place your bets accordingly.
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Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dream
While researching a question someone asked me, I ran across this site for the first time -- PhotoshopCafe. They have a lot of great Photoshop tips, tricks, and tutorials. They even have a list of Photoshop keyboard shortcuts. If you haven't been there before, check 'em out!
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Facelifts for everyone!
Blogdex has a shiny and new look, and Blogger wants a shiny and new look. I'm beginning to feel left out of the loop...
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I get by with a little help from my friends
Spread the word! It's time to bring Boobies to Florida! We only have 22 days to meet our goal...

UPDATE: Feel free to swipe the button above for your blogs...
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She's moody and grey, she's mean and she's restless
For those wanting Florida election coverage, Seki has a nice play-by-play going over at her place!

UPDATE: You can follow along with CNN.com and MSNBC as well.
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It's the cheesiest!
Since we had to go vote, dinner's a bit late tonight. This comes out of the oven in just under 30 minutes from now. Who's hungry?
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Cruise control
Denial. It ain't just a river in Egypt, dearie...
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There's many lost, but tell me who has won?

I found this on FARK today and just had to save it. For some reason, it made me smile and think of a few very special someones... Don't worry though. I still consider myself one "of the biggest tree hugging, peace loving people" she knows.
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Fame puts you there where things are hollow
Finally...Fashion Dish is updating their site again!
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Insane in the membrane
Today New Mexico voters will decide whether or not to amend their Constitution to allow "idiots" and "insane persons" to vote. No word yet on whether or not they'll still allow "idiots" and "insane persons" to be elected President. And you guys thought Florida was bad!
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It's beginning to look a lot like...
Whether you buy, rent or borrow -- holiday movie season is almost upon us. (Or if you're money hungry like Disney, it's already upon us.) So here's a site to bookmark for soon-to-be use: Our Clueless Holiday Movie List!

We've compiled three pages of titles over the years, but if you see one we've left out -- please say so in the comments.
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Feeling her pain
Your heart just breaks for them...money doesn't always buy happiness...and sometimes you don't realize just exactly what you've wished for 'til it's too late.

"We agreed to do the show and so the cameras are here all the time," she [Sharon Osbourne] said. "So it's a little bit invasive right now and we have no privacy. You know when you're sick, you want to be on your own? I can't throw up on my own and Ozzy can't get drunk on his own."

When I'm at my worst, I don't even want Todd around me. I just want to shut off alone. I can't imagine having a camera crew and the entire MTV world there as well. (Read more at CNN.com.)

UPDATE: As pointed out by Jake, not so fast there... Entertainment Weekly is now reporting two more seasons are in the works.
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Dry lips crack out for more
The new Samhain issue of Banshee Studios is live! Go there...now.

Edited to say this was the 1500th post of 2002. Gooooo me! Now if I could figure out how to reply to all of my e-mail in a timely manner.
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Seepin' booty

Try as she might, someone just couldn't keep mom's work hours...
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Hey. Wait. I've got a new complaint.
I never hopped on the "what's in your Amazon Gold Box" blog entry bandwagon. But after viewing my latest string of crappy loot, I have decided to write the company. I'm sure I will be ignored. But in the past week I've had diaper stackers, bottle warmers and baby toys -- and tonight was the final straw. Not only did I get a baby carrier, but also a crib set, in my box. For someone who is infertile, it's a slap in the face each and every time I visit Amazon's site now. I avoid baby stores, online and brick and mortar, for a very good reason.

Between the non-stop parade of baby items, and Christine's never-ending we think you need power tools hints, they need to have a "pass and never show me items like this again" button as well.

Otherwise, I'm through clicking. If you'd like to complain to Amazon about their Gold Box product selection methods you can do so here.
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I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it...
I opened up the voting for the 2002 Dress Contest judges tonight. The contestants (and ten semi-finalist winners) will be made public a week from today! And this year for the very first time, the public will also be able to vote in a separate poll. We have a beautiful group of dresses entered this year -- thanks so much to everyone who has helped, linked, and submitted!
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How many people wanna kick some ass? I do! I do!
Refs, you suck. And AP pollsters, you're damn right.
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Linky dinky thinky
Todd wanted permalinks for the comments in his individual archives (which double as his comment template) like Michele has. When there's a will, there's a way, and I found a great tutorial at "the girlie matters", so I thought I'd pass it along. I've added it to my site as well -- and now, you can, too!
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