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Posted: 11.08.2002
She was sent here from heaven, and she’s daddy’s little girl
If you ever needed a feel-good story to end the week on, this is it. Dori, J.E., and their son Tait have been through so much since I first met them and designed Dori's journal, but karma points have added up and soon they will be bringing home their little daughter / sister Jaden from China. They have pics up now in Dori's blog, so be sure to check them out and leave your well-wishes! Normally I don't advocate raising a child in burnt orange , but Jaden couldn't be going to a more loving, deserving home -- and I wish their family all the best in the days ahead! Congrats and best wishes for the holidays guys!

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

Thank you so much for all you have done Robyn! Dori's blog has been a great outlet for us and we are really glad we have it. All the positive comments and good wishes are great. This will be a wonderful holiday for us. Thanks again!

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She's the cutest thang too! :) :)

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