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My two men
Here are a couple of photos from our afternoon at the beach. Robbie's girlfriend flew in to join us about 4:30 this afternoon, so we're back home to let me rest up before we all head out for dinner tonight... Hope everyone is having a great weekend thus far!

Just click on the thumbnails for a larger pop-up image...
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'Cuz you can't have the hop if you don't have the hip
Well once again I managed to outlast everyone at the party tonight. My sleep schedule has been from hell the last few weeks. But it's all ai-aight, because I get to go to da' beach tomorrow! Being married to a lobster boy has turned my skin a whiter shade of pale. I miss the sun. And the surf. I can't even begin to describe the torture of literally being a quick drive from paradise for the last five years and not being able to partake of it.

However, tomorrow I'm slappin' some SPF 4000 on the man I love, chainin' his ankle to a beach umbrella so he'll remain safely shaded, and then I will proceed to soak up the sun. Bring. It. On.
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I'm gonna live forever
One night of insomnia = one new skin (second from the top). It replaces the old, pink Gwen skin. Her time has passed... The image as you see it here was heavily Photochopped to remain PG-13 rated, so it is safe for viewing.

But by request and suggestion, I left the original as-was, and animated it. You can see what too little sleep this close to a weekend can create here. (I suggest NOT opening this image at work!) So if you're bored with your old skin, go grab a new one.
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Todd is leaving work early on Friday afternoon to pick up my best friend from college (and one of Todd's groomsmen), Robbie, from the airport. He's flying into TIA tomorrow and his girlfriend Kelly is joining us all on Saturday. Then they cruise out of Tampa on Sunday. Robbie was supposed to come out in February -- and then in March -- but couldn't get stand-by flights. So it's about freakin' time he got here! There's one good thing about having out-of-town company stacked up every weekend back-to-back for longer than I can remember...it sure keeps your house clean...

Hope everyone out there has a great weekend!
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Can't we all just get along?
"It appears that Miss Lebanon has dropped out of the Miss Universe pageant because she doesn’t want to be in the same room as Miss Israel. Meanwhile, Miss Israel, Yamit Har-Noy, is having issues of her own. The Middle Eastern beauty isn’t wearing her sash in public for security reasons. For years, there have been problems regarding the political situation and Miss Lebanons and Miss Israels. For example, they can’t be photographed together or they might be exiled when they return to their own countries."

And you thought being a beauty queen was easy! (Article quoted above from MSNBC.com.)
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Happy birthday Nikki and Susan!
Happy birthday to my favorite goth mommy-to-be, Nikki! Ok, it just so happens that she's the only goth mommy-to-be I know -- but she's still my favorite. Hope you have a wonderful cake and chocolate filled day, m'dear!

And belated birthday greetings go out to someone else in Seattle -- Todd's cousin Susan. I am so sorry we missed your big day. Hope you had a wonderful one! We love you!

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I'll be there for you?
So did anyone actually buy the ending of "Friends" as a cliffhanger? Don't read on if you haven't seen it yet. I mean, Joey is an upstanding guy with integrity. I find it hard to believe when next season starts that Joey would pretend to be proposing to Rachel with someone else's ring. And how on earth is he going to explain, "Well I'm sorry Rach, but I need to take that ring back and give you another one because you see that ring actually belongs to Ross. I picked it up when it fell out of the father of your child's coat... Oops. Still wanna marry me?"

I thought the ending was hella-lame.
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Leapin' lizards
It's been awhile since I've taken lizard photos, but I had a little guy who was quite the poser today, so I thought I'd share.
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I want Padmé's bra...
So...you have a pretty good feeling that Lucas redeemed himself when the worst thing you can say about the movie was having to sit through The Matrix II preview just before it...which ROCKED! I will not be giving this one a bad review. But then again, I won't be giving any review...for now...because you need to go see it for yourselves and people kill over spoilers! Hey Mikey, did you like it?

P.S. Todd says to tell you that you heard wrong, too, Jana. He walked all the way back across the house to make me type that.
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Send in the Clones

So what are you doing at midnight tonight, Robyn? Let's see... Watching Letterman. Nope. Catching a Screen Savers repeat. Nope. Oh yeah...I've got two tickets to paradise, baby! We're going to see Episode II just as soon as I quit typing and get my arse out the do'. Have a good 'un, everyone!
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I want my Tech TV
Someone asked this in my comments, so I thought I'd share with the group in case anyone else is wondering the same... Looking for Tech TV in your area but don't know how/where to find it? Here's an online listing state-by-state of which cities carry Tech TV. It's channel 354 on DirecTV and channel 191 on Dish Network. And if you have a C-band satellite dish, find TechTV at "GE Americom Satcom C4, transponder 12, 135 degrees west, 40 degrees elevation". Once you have it, you'll never watch TV the same way again! Ever.
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Leave it to the one day I was on the phone during "Call For Help", and the one day Chey missed it, too, for Chris to e-mail and say, "You missed yesterday's show didn't you?" Thankfully I caught it on rerun at 2 p.m. today, and at the very end of the show Chris admitted to wearing his red shirt again just for me.

So as a special present for Chris, today I am wearing no socks and matching underwear.

Sounds like Chris has something up his sleeve for today's episode, too. Off to tune in here in a few!
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File it under "sick fucks"
I'm not sure which is worse...rushing to eBay and selling a copy of the only album ever released by Apathy, the band that the alleged pipe bomber Luke Helder played in...or the dumbasses that have now bid it up to $150.00. Not that I'm shocked, mind you, but c'mon. (Article from MSNBC.com.)
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Now it cuts like a knife
File it under "well like, duh!" But think about it. What's a woman going to threaten him with if he knocks her around a little... Why can't he just hook up with Tonya Harding so we can at least get another FOX special out of it or something? (From CNN.com.)
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Bells will ring...the sun will shine...
I just got the May 2002 "Fifteen Minutes of Fame" wedding feature online. If you know of anyone that has recently wed (including yourself), make sure to have them fill out an application so their big day can be featured, too!
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For the times that you wanna go and bust rhymes real slow
Heads-up! Weezer finally realeased Maladroit today! (For a brief history of why this is such an accomplishment, go here and here.)
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Grab a beer - drop your pants - send your wife and kids to France
Big shocker here...ABC has finally given "Politically Incorrect" the boot... But in its place will be a new show hosted by Jimmy Kimmel (of "Win Ben Stein's Money", "The Man Show", and "FOX NFL Sunday" fame) that will debut following next year's Super Bowl. Somehow I just don't see this one working.

"The Man Show will have several months of original episodes, but the show will end production with Kimmel's departure."

I wonder if Terry and Howie will finally be rid of 'im though? (Article from CNN.)
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Tuesday, shoot me in the head...
This is the last "This or That Tuesday" by Ashley. Starting next week, Christine M. will be taking over. Thank you for starting this, Ash -- and also for keeping it going Christine!

  1. Chihuahua or Great Dane? Big dogs terrify me, so I'll have to pick the annoying Chihuahua I guess. Although my true loves are Cocker Spaniels.
  2. Skyline or countryside? Skyline! I'm a city gal, even if I was raised in Oklahoma...
  3. Wrestle or box? Neither really. I like football. I like watching football.
  4. Monkey bars or slide? When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide, where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride, 'til I get to the bottom and I see you again...
  5. Stars or stripes? Stars.
  6. Ashley, Wynonna, or Naomi Judd? Ashley. She is a goddess.
  7. "The Cosby Show" or "Growing Pains"? Growing Pains only because I had a very embarassing crush on Kirk Cameron once upon a time.
  8. Giggle or chuckle? Giggle. Tee hee.
  9. Would you rather: walk in front of a crowd in your birthday suit, or eat worms? Birthday suit, baby!
  10. Charismatic or gregarious? *whips out dictionary to be sure* Charismatic, I guess. Wanna join my cult?

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Serenity now! Insanity later.
When will TV execs learn that the cast of Seinfeld was only funny together in the cast of Seinfeld? Apart. Not so funny. Bye "Watching Ellie". I hope you stay off the fall 2002 line-up all season long!
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Just another manic Monday...wish it were Sunday...
Todd is home sick from work today so we've done a whole lot of nuthin'. I took Christine M.'s advice last week and joined NetFlix.com (they're doing a free trial with the code "Friend") -- and the first batch of DVDs showed up today and Saturday. When the free trial expires, one thing they don't really publicize on the main page of their site is that you can bust back the "standard" plan (unlimited rentals of 3 DVDs at a time for $19.95/month) to a smaller plan of 2 DVDs at a time for $13.95/month. I think we're going to go with that one. With just the two of us, two at a time will work just fine.

I think the best discovery is that you don't pay to return the DVDs after you've watched them. They include a postage-paid envelope. You just pop the DVD back in and send it right back for free. After you add up just two DVD rentals at Blockbuster, plus the late fees we always seem to get slammed with -- $13.95 a month is quite the bargain. And we can get all the DVDs we can view and ship back each month for that price, instead of just two elsewhere. With Netflix there are no late fees. They hold other movies in a queue you create until you send the titles you currently have back. Once you check them back in, they send you the next item(s) on your list. And it just costs the one flat-fee per month of the rental plan you pick.

We just finished watching "Rush Hour 2". It was funny, but not as much as the first one. It really started to drag in parts and I actually found myself starting to file my nails -- not a good sign I guess. I'm makin' enchiladas cha cha cha for dinner tonight, and then we're going to watch "The Usual Suspects". We haven't seen it since we were engaged waaaay back in '96, and both wanted to again. And I'll watch my third pick alone tomorrow -- "Chocolat". Another reason I'm so happy with Netflix...we can both rent stuff now that the other one would stand there kicking and screaming if we walked out of the video store with it...and it's guilt-free.

So there's my plug for Netflix as well. I think they're getting great feedback everywhere for a reason!
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Doin' the Pigeon
It's been a long-time since I've mentioned favorite blog-reads here, so I thought I'd mention a few you might otherwise not have found in the blog-circles you read. (And yes Christine, I still love you even though you're not listed here -- because they probably have found you through me by now. ) So here it goes in no particular order:

  1. cc-chapman.com (because he loves Tori)
  2. all things reconsidered (she always makes me smile and knows the words to Boomer Sooner)
  3. psychodaisy.com (a new read of mine I'm really enjoying)
  4. redsugar muse (we finally get to meet here)
  5. There is no Arizona (because any woman is forever in love with a man that sends her Martha for her birthday)
  6. Breakfast of Champions (and just why aren't you reading this blog yet?)
  7. Nerdboy Mikey II: Electric Bugaloo (see #6)
  8. Crazy Island (because one day we will actually meet Jen and Wills on the right night, huh Jen? *wink*)
  9. Table of Malcontents (I believe the May 12th entry took a swipe at Puffy and you know I've gotta love 'n' respect that)
  10. mizdos.com (like me, she's minty fresh - branana flavored)

And if that's still not enough for you, you can find my entire list of reads here. Think your blog should be added? E-mail me, baby.
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We're watching "The Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards" (hosted by Kevin Smith) on the Sci-Fi Channel right now. The films featured can be seen online here. If you've somehow missed "TROOPS" in the past (a parody of COPS), it's a must-see! "Jawas Gone Wild" is most amusing as well. If you can catch this show on repeat, DO! The commercials are as good as the film shorts themselves.
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I wanna grow up to be...be a debaser
I rarely take online tests, but when I saw the "Which Pixies Song Are You?" quiz on Daypop, it sucked me in. And then the results cracked me up. (Take a look at my sidebar section titles!)

Which Pixies song are you?

Mentally stunted and not too quick on the uptake...and a person of few words? Hmmmm...
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Keep your head in the stars but your feet on the ground
People always make fun of me when I say that I refuse to skydive...ever. But this guy was a Navy SEAL that logged over 4000 jumps. I'm sure he never dreamed anything would go wrong. Ain't no way I'm gonna risk the same fate. I'll stick to roller coasters, thankyouverymuch. (Article from CNN yesterday.)
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Good times...
Joy and Ryan are down here from Chicago taking a "second honeymoon" and after a few phone chats, we got to meet up with them tonight. Joy and I counted back, and we've known each other online about five years now -- she was a member of the very first Newlywed Ring, and also participated in the very first Dress Contest back in '98 (you can see her dress here). So it was a meeting that was long-overdue, and we get to do it all over again in August when we're on our way to Gnomedex and will be road-tripping via a Chicago-detour!

But back to this meeting... First they drove all the way up here to Georgia the 'burbs to see the house first. After that we convoyed down to St. Petersburg to have dinner at Dan Marino's and drinks at Wet Willie's Daiquiri Bar -- both located at Baywalk near the St. Pete Pier. Of course we took pictures, so if you want to see them, just stop by Shutterblog!

My only complaint was that it just wasn't long enough! Can't wait 'til August, Joy and Ryan... Thanks for an incredibly fun evening! It was great to finally meet you!
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