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From mommy and Gma with love
I got a cool care package today from my mommy and Gma! I shall call this mini-me -- yep, that mug-shot was of yours truly long, long ago. Too bad mom couldn't find my Fonzie shirt, too. Eyyyyy! *thumbs up* And Gma sent me another statue in my OU Santa collection. I had the little girl on Santa's lap already, so she evened up the score with the little boy whispering to Santa! I feel the love...yes, I do...
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1825 days ago...
I can't believe it's been five whole years since we loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly! Claire was still a tiny puppy (only six months old), and we were both wee babies at 24 years old. We have now officially lived down here in Florida longer than we were even at OU -- that just does not seem possible! Happy Floriversary, Todd!
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Newton got beaned by the Apple good
Hell hath no fury like a woman on a mission for a new laptop... First we got the e-mail (linked earlier) from Apple saying the iBook shipment would be delayed up to 10 more days. Then Todd called their customer service line only to hear it may actually be up to 30 more days. Uhhhh, no. After seeing Dawn's comment earlier today about her iBook shipping experience, I wasn't about to take any chances since my days on the Dell laptop are numbered. We called the new Apple store at the snooty mall and they had the exact same iBook in stock and ready to go. So we cancelled our online order, and an hour later, walked out with my new shiny iBook in hand. Todd's spent most of the evening getting things set up so I'll be able to get acquainted a little easier. Hopefully tomorrow I can actually start playing myself. But for now, I'm happy! Check Todd's blog for weekend updates if you can't get in to mine tomorrow night (we're on different servers)...and have a good 'un everyone!
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Well hell! :-\

Dear Valued Apple Customer,

We appreciate your recent Apple Store order. Due to an unexpected supply delay, we are unable to ship your M7701LL/A, IBOOK 600/14.1/256/20G/COMBO- by the date you were originally quoted. Our goal is to ship your order within the next 10 business days.

We appreciate your business and apologize for any inconvenience this delay has caused you. Thank you for shopping at the Apple Store!

UPDATE: Make sure to read this entry, too!
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I get knocked down...
Thought I should let everyone know that the host my blog is on (VeoWeb) is going to be shut down starting at 6:00 p.m. EST on Saturday, January 19th as they move servers. They expect the move to take "anywhere from 5 to 10 hours", which deep-down we all know is probably a very conservative estimate. So don't forget me when I'm gone...my heart would break...I have loved you for so long... Uhhhh, sorry there. 80s flashback. Just wanted to let everyone know you're not getting rid of me that easily!
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Here ya' go schmoopie
I felt sorry for Christine not being able to get TechTV so she could watch Chris Pirillo, so I just did a couple of screen captures of the show for her. Here's one of just Chris. And here's a bonus image of Chris and Gretchen (well sort of Gretchen, anyway, since she's on the screen behind him). Feel all better now? We told you that you should move to Tampa Bay! (Todd has another pic up at his blog, too, btw.)
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Celebrity weddings
InStyle just sent me the link to their new "celebrity wedding photo gallery". Is it just me, or does Angie Harmon's skin closely resemble that shade of leather upholstery on the big comfy chairs at Pottery Barn? Not to mention the Whitney-esque collar bones , spidery arms, and barely being able to keep her strapless up. Just goes to show that you really can lose too much weight before the big day. Ick!
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The 6-degrees of...
Check it out -- Stacy made it into the freakin' New York Times for all of the online tests she links and takes (scroll down to "I'm Paul!"). How cool is 'dat?!
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PDA to go please
Hey, hey it's PDA...no, no not public display of affection...but I finally caved to peer pressure and set up a PDA-friendly version of my blog. (Thanks to Christine for letting me use her template!) Since I don't have a PDA, I have no way of telling how this looks (input please) -- or how to tell you to use it -- but once again Christine is to the rescue with instructions on how to use it with or without AvantGo. Whew. I'm such a follower! There will be a link to the PDA page now over in the sidebar.
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hurry up already!
Apple's "Order Status" page is a very good thing and a very bad thing. It's good to know I have an order number and they haven't forgotten about me. However it's not so good to see my new iBook is still phase 2 of 4 ("under construction") 3 days later, when during the order it said the item would ship in 1-3 days. Kind of makes that extra $$ we paid for overnight shipping seem like a big ol' waste of money now. I probably won't have it for the weekend after all... Sigh. I am so impatient!
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Wedding Journal
I ran across a cute wedding journal today for those of you who are planning a wedding, or know someone else that is. It's called "To Have and to Hold", and Modern Bride says it's like "your Barbie doll, your Magic Eight Ball, and lock-and-key diary all wrapped into one"...

The Weddingpages review says, "Looking for a sassy, spirited wedding journal but have no time for smarmy, sentimental stuff? To Have and to Hold is chock full of planning checklists, hip illustrations, fun fill-in-the-blank exercises, handy storage pockets, and plenty of room for recording daydreams, party recaps, and the wedding day postmortems. This playful, interactive keepsake journal is what every modern bride-to-be needs. Whereas typical wedding books cover only the obvious, this journal delves into the full insanity of wedding planning with important questions like 'Will I alienate my fiancé, friends, and family with my wedding obsession?' to 'Will I make it down the aisle without tripping?' Let's face it: planning a wedding is stressful. To Have and to Hold not only helps brides get organized, it provides some fun and laughter along the way!" Check it out if you're so inclined...
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Yard CPR
Here's a photo of what our yard looks like right now. Pretty generic and dead looking. All we bought today were five bags of eucalyptus mulch so we can finally replace the fuhgly white rock the former owners had. We've already ripped out one of the smallish dead trees in the front, and one more is about to go. (You can't really tell much by the photo, but it's a really small one in between the two larger trees to the right, up towards the house.) Once it warms up a bit, we're going to start trying to grow real grass again, and add a few floral plants and bushes. For right now, I'll just be happy to kiss that white rock goodbye though! I'll post another pic once we get the mulch put in over the weekend...
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Aaaaa...afternoon delight
I love work weeks that aren't! Todd has to use his remaining vacation days by February or they go "poof!" and disappear, so he took today and tomorrow off. We have absolutely nothing planned, and we're in heaven. I think we're going to go wonder aimlessly around the aisles at Lowe's here in a bit (since I actually feel like it), and start mentally preparing to give our yard CPR in a couple of months when spring has sprung. Tampa Bay has been in a drought for over four years now, and the former owners here basically let everything die and turn to weeds. Since neither of us have a green thumb, it could get interesting -- but we're going to give it our best!
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Pinky Tuscadero
One bored indentured cubite + one pink lady = too much silliness with the digital camera on date nite
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Shameless self-promo
I know a lot of people like to link with buttons, so I whipped up a couple of 88x31's today. They're over in the sidebar above the Blogsnob code. Knock yourself out (and thank you)!
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And they just thought I was through with 'em!
Well file this under "that didn't take long"... I'm now getting hits via Google for "Dell power problems". So as to do my civic duty and all, I'll help out with: Dell sucks, Dell bites, Dell blows, Dell Inspiron laptops suck, Dell Inspiron notebooks suck, Dell tech support sucks, Dell's customer service sucks, Dell batteries suck power, Dell batteries die and won't come back again, bad power supply, horrible power supplies, Dell doesn't necessarily equal good warranty, Dell cheats you with warranty, don't buy a Dell laptop, don't buy a Dell notebook, buy an iBook, get an Apple instead, and Dell can kiss my <bleep!>. I...should...go change.
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Dell, schmell
I guess this now officially "take your agression out on Dell week"!

  1. I am not alone!!! (at Headline Happiness)
  2. Not Alone (at Chris Pirillo's)
  3. Veni Vidi Geeky (more battery problems)
  4. Perhaps I should have gotten an iBook after all?
  5. You're not getting a Dell

Anyone else I'm missing? And now for something completely different...

Todd found a list of "Apple Myths" for me today. I think somebody is just as excited as I am!
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She rocks!
I haven't signed up with Aortal yet...but let's pretend I already have for a second, shall we? In such case, I highly recommend checking out the christine chronicles. I met "the other" Christine way back when she was planning her destination wedding, and my afternoons just wouldn't be the same without her daily road rage lessons. And 'the long and winding blog' makes me giggle each and every time I read it!
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Fifteen Minutes of Fame
Just under the wire...the January Fifteen Minutes of Fame! You very well might recognize the newlyweds this month, too!
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Dude, you're getting a Mac!
Oooooh, I'm so mad I'm seeing red. Dell Customer Service just had the nerve to write me and ask me what I thought of their "assistance" last week. They gave a link in the e-mail to reply, so I did (and there's a little surprise in the middle of my rant)!

To Whom It May Concern,

Please ignore my last request for "help". It was sent in error as I was not aware this was the last screen before actual form submission.

I will no longer require Dell's help with this horrible excuse for a laptop. Why you might ask?


To: tobyn@connect-dots.com
From: confirmation@apple.com
Reply-To: confirmation@apple.com
Subject: Your Apple Store Order
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 12:18:28 -0800 (PST)

Dear Apple customer,

Thank you for ordering from the Apple Store! We're happy that you visited and shopped at our online store, where you can find a great selection of Apple products.

Enclosed are the details of your order and an estimate of your final total.

Robyn Pollman



Part Number: M7701LL/A
Product Name: iBook 600MHz/14.1XGA/256SD/20GB/Combo/E/OS X
Quantity: 1
Estimated time to ship: 1-3 days


You see, after my Dell Inspiron 3800 battery died for the fourth time in 18 months, my husband jumped on Dell's tech support website and learned from one of your moderators that the batteries had been recalled. He called you to learn about this recall and was all but hung-up on by the first technician he talked to, so rather than call the same number back that came with our laptop purchase instructions, he called the number that was listed on the forum. This time he worked his way up to a supervisor before being told "thanks but no thanks" and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Why was Dell not interested in replacing a RECALLED battery you might ask? Well because I had the AUDACITY to request for a repair of this now-known faulty item under warranty -- where each time Dell promptly sent refurbished batteries. Fine, but if you have the NERVE to expect your machine to be serviced under warranty -- certainly don't expect Dell to step up to the plate and honor any recall agreements once a problem is admitted to later on down the line.

So then three days later, the power supply on this laptop starts to go on the fritz as well, meaning its days are numbered. Only about 1 time out of 20 when you hit the power button, will you actually receive power to the machine. After being told "$600 here...$200 there...and call back later tomorrow between 9 and 5 and talk to so-and-so because basically I don't want to help you right now...", the oh-so-wise technician suggested we just purchase a new Dell system instead. NOT!

In fact, we were so completely disgusted and infuriated with the support (or rather lack thereof) that we have received on this machine both in and out of warranty -- we immediately turned around and did a complete-180 and purchased an Apple. (For much more money than we spent on this Inspiron, I might add.)

I will never, EVER own a Dell laptop (or computer) again -- and after you having the GALL to write me and ask for a rating of your customer service, I will now make it my one and only mission in life to make sure EVERYONE inside and outside of Dell knows just exactly how I feel about this so-called "service".

Robyn L. Pollman

P.S. Let me make myself clear just in case you missed it: Yes, you lost out on the sale of another brand new system this week over the cost of a battery! It is quite obvious you only honor your end of the bargain when you legally HAVE to, and not just because you "should" and it's the right thing to do once a warranty has expired and a recall has been made.

So there you have it! I'm turning traitor and going over to Apple's side of the Internet playground (14.1" iBook with DVD and CD/RW drive)! It hasn't shipped yet...but hopefully by this weekend my new toy will be in my lap. And let this be a lesson to you -- don't ask for my opinion of your service unless you really want to hear how I feel! *evil grin*
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This or that
It's time for the weekly "this or that" from Ashley!

  1. Wine or beer? I can't stand the taste or smell of beer -- white or blush wine family please!
  2. Mustard or Ketchup on Hot Dogs? The only way I'll eat a hot dog is with chili and cheese on top from Sonic.
  3. Spring or Winter? SPRING!
  4. Cinemas or theater? Cinemas.
  5. Gold or silver? Just about everything I own is gold, but I prefer (and buy) silver for myself.
  6. Footlose or fancy-free? Fancy free.
  7. Lasagne or spaghetti? Lasagne -- and the cheesier the better! And none of that cottage cheese crap -- ricotta or nothing!
  8. Spinach or carrots? Veggies. Blech! Neither. I prefer fruit.
  9. The number 2 or the number 6? Ironically, 6 is my lucky number.
  10. Pink or purple? Normally I'd say purple, but with my hair like it is right now, I'd have to say pink.

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THANK YOU Christi!
I was sitting here putting the final touches on a custom wedding t-shirt order, when the doorbell rang and Claire started going bonkers. I got up to find the UPS guy hopping back in his truck and this on my doorstep! Hidden inside the beautiful cloth-wrapping was a set of margarita glasses from Christi! The silly girl sent us a gift on her birthday! Thank you sooooo much Christi -- now you have to come and join us. And ironic that we just sent you a margarita-related birthday card, no? Tee hee -- great minds think alike! Or is that drink alike?
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Etiquette Hell
This site has made the rounds in the past...but if you've missed it before, you must drop by Etiquette Hell. It's been updated for 2002. There are tons of hillarious wedding, baby shower, funeral and more war-stories that will curl your toes! You can even submit your own brushes with etiquette demons...
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Comments search
I wanted to say a quick thanks to Jay and Christine! With their help, you can now search the posts with the last ten comments left in my blog. I added the link permanently over there in the sidebar under "wookin' pa nub" and the mini-search box.
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Happy birthday Christi!
Happy birthday Christi!

click to wish her a happy birthday

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On a mission to cure my lonely condition
I'm bored and Todd's in the other room, so I thought I'd do the Monday Mission!

  1. What is your favorite hot beverage? I love hot chocolate, but it's rarely cold enough here to drink it.

  2. When meeting a new person you to whom you are physically attracted, what is the first thing you notice about their body? Would I be a bad person if I answered truthfully? Oh wait, you already know I'm a bad person...so...it's all about the ass! (And yes, Todd has a great one, thankyouverymuch!)

  3. Has somebody ever died before you could say what you needed to say or before conflicts could be resolved? Thankfully, no. When we realized my grandfather didn't have long last year, I wrote him a four-page letter thanking him for the influence he's had on my life, and apologizing for being such a difficult teenager. (I lived with my grandparents in the 10th and 11th grade.) Then the week before he passed away, we flew in, and drove up to see him for two days. I wouldn't trade that time for anything.

  4. Name you favorite 80's* Teen movie(s) and why? I would have to say "Sixteen Candles". No more yanky my wanky. It just has the best quotes of any 80s movie, IMHO. We're forever quipping one phrase or another from the film. Lake. Big lake...

  5. What was the best year of your life? I'd have to say my four years at OU all rolled into one. I couldn't really pick "one" -- but if I had to, 1992, since I met Todd that year.

  6. What was the worst year of your life? 1988. I was stalked by an ex-boyfriend, had to get a restraining order on him, change high schools twice, got mono, stayed sick, and was eventually diagnosed with CFS and a host of other crap. Uhhhh, let's just say it wasn't a very good year for reasons already stated and pass on the rest of the gory details, shall we?

  7. Well, here we are ready for another night out on the town. This time, let's head out to a movie first. Which one should we go see? If I was picking, "I am Sam". I am DYING to see that movie! I used to work in as a recreational therapist in a group home for mentally disabled adults, and I cry every time I see the previews for this movie. I'm sure I'll go through a whole box of Kleenex during the actual film.

  8. BONUS: Are we not men? No we are not men. We are Devo.

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Walkin' the plank
As expected, ESPN is now reporting that the Bucs have fired head coach Tony Dungy today, and it looks like Parcells is going to take his place. A formal announcement should be released soon. I don't even know how I feel about this. Parcells has never been a long-term solution anywhere he's coached, but things on the sidelines should definitely be interesting (to say the least) next fall. I'm sure there will be quite a few roster changes as well...
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WAHOOOOOOOOOO! =w=eezer is finally coming to Florida! They just announced a concert at the Ice Palace in Tampa on February 24 -- tix go on pre-sale on 1/16! I do believe this will be my first concert attendance since 1996...
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Always remember to chew before you swallow!
I'm not sure if you missed it on the news last night, but yesterday President Bush choked on a pretzel and passed out, bruising his cheek. "The blackout was caused by 'a temporary decrease in heart rate brought on by swallowing a pretzel' and the incident was likely a one-time occurrence." This stuff really just writes itself, doesn't it?
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icky icky puck-tang
Just a random thought before we retire for the evening... Where does that nasty, slimy, dusty mess on top of the refrigerator come from? It seems no matter how much or how often we clean it, it still comes back again. The rest of our kitchen doesn't look like that. (Or is it just us and now you know our secret shame?)
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This laptop bytes
Well knock on motherboard, I'm on my laptop again right now...and I've taped the power cord to the back to make sure it tries to stay that way. We were up 'til almost 5 a.m. transferring as much as we could off my HD to Todd's. :-\

Todd called Dell tech support, and the prices quoted were $600 here, $200 there. Not good. In their infinite wisdom, they recommended we just purchase a new system from them. Ya' think? NOT! The Inspiron series has known problems with the batteries and power supplies -- and my battery died earlier this week. I had 3 replaced under warranty for the same issue, and they have been recalled...BUT...b/c I had the original replaced (and Dell sent refurbished ones each time), they WON'T honor the recall in my instance. I'd need a tracking number on the battery that the ones they sent as replacements earlier don't have. Ass clowns. And reading their tech support forums, once the AC power starts to go, your machine is pretty much toast.

This is so not in our budget right now! We just bought a house for crimeny's sake. But we went back to the ol' checkbook drawing board and I think we're going to try to swing it somehow. There are just days I'm not capable of sitting at his PC, and this thing is pretty much my life. But couldn't the stupid thing have waited at least a few more months after Christmas? I want to punch that "Dude, you're getting a Dell" kid in the face! In 18 months, besides all of the power problems, the keyboard has fried twice on this. And reading their forums, makes me wonder why we were ever stupid enough to be lured in by them. Oh yeah, cheap prices. Our bad. So note to you...if you're considering a Dell laptop...read their tech support forums first! Buyer beware!
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My biggest fear realized
If I seem unusally quiet for the next few days, my (Dell) laptop is officially hosed. It will only power-up about once every fifty times of trying to turn it on. And of course, it's about six months out of warranty now. So until this nightmare is straightened out...please continue to hold. Your call is important to us.
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