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Monthly winners
Due to time pressure with the Dress Contest midnight deadline -- here are the winners for November just a bit early -- just blame it on Daylight Savings Time ending: 1. The November 2001 Dress of the Month 2. The November 2001 Destination Wedding of the Month 3. The November 2001 destination wedding Article of the Month
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My costume
So here's my Halloween costume this year. Well hey, just what exactly did you expect with Dress Contest submissions wrapping up this evening?
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You make the whole world wanna dance
Want an upbeat, bubbly song to make you bounce around in your chair and escape for a few? Download thee a copy of Garbage's "Cherry Lips", stat! I've already played it twice this afternoon on WinAmp -- so I sent a copy of it to Todd at work, and now he's bouncing around too. "go baby, go go ... we're right behind you ... go baby, go go ... yeah, we're looking at you ... go baby go baby"
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Sears Tower
Just found this on CNN.com, too: "There is now a no-fly zone over downtown Chicago ordered by the Federal Aviation Administration. The ban applies to private planes whose pilots do not file flight plans and who rely on visual flight rules rather than instrument guidance, including news helicopters and banner-towing planes. Such flights are no longer allowed below 3,000 feet in a semicircle extending 1.5 miles east of the Sears Tower. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley had requested that the federal government institute a no-fly zone of at least 5 miles to protect the Sears Tower, the nation's tallest building..." "...Chicago Aviation Department Spokesman Monique Bond said the city would continue negotiating with the FAA to extend the ban. 'It's just not enough,' she told CNN Wednesday, expressing concern that the ban does not protect other Chicago landmarks along Lake Michigan such as Wrigley Field, the Navy Pier or Comiskey Park. 'A lot of tourists, citizens and residents who live in high rise buildings along the lakefront are not protected, and that's what we are fighting for,' Bond said, adding that the mayor had originally advocated instituting a no-fly zone of 25 miles around O'Hare Airport...The Chicago flight restrictions are in effect until further notice, FAA officials say."
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To hell with cooking and cleaning
In an attempt to lighten the mood around here today, I give to you my favorite postcard. It's had a place of honor on my fridge since the day I got my first apartment (right next to the "A Princess Never Cooks" magnet)!
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As if 125 stories crumbling wasn't enough
>From CNN.com: "The Federal Aviation Administration is temporarily restricting flights near the World Series games in New York and around nuclear sites in the wake of the latest terrorism warning." Because after reducing 125 stories of our national landmarks into rubble -- I guess nuclear plants and stadiums just weren't a threat 'til this most recent warning on Monday? With a sonic boom over my house this morning, and a nuclear plant 50 miles up the road, I think I have too much free time on my hands. Most go play with crayons and finger paints now!
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Boom, boom, boom...let's go back to my room...
Right after I got up this morning there was a huge explosion-like boom -- and the roof, windows, and entire house shook. I couldn't figure out what in the hell it was and thought, "Damn that's one fat squirrel!" (The squirrels were playing "catch me if you can" with Claire all day yesterday across the fence and up the roof and back again.) But MacDill AFB has confirmed to our local ABC station that there were 2 sonic booms over Pasco county this morning -- and they won't say why! Hmmmm... That's not exactly comforting.
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Patriotic Punkin
Quick -- go check out Jennifer's patriotic pumpkin!
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Have a vehhhry scaaaary Halloween!
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Divide by pi, carry the two...
Who would have dreamed that in the world of pigskin theory we could see OU vs. Nebraska III in the 2002 Rose Bowl? When, oh when, will the NCAA just get some sense already and go to a play-off system? Yes, the very BCS-system I'm cursing kept my Sooners at #2 this week over the undefeated Hurricanes (which will probably change next week due to Tulsa's lack of SOS). But that still doesn't mean it's the best one possible!
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Everyone has a twin
Christine started looking for her "blog-twins" online tonight, so I thought I'd copy and do the same. I even found a new link -- eclipsed @ drifters.net!
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Rinse, sprain, repeat...
Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops went out on the offensive today regarding Jason White's injury. Seems he was tired of all the press reporting it was a torn ACL. It's a sprain. I repeat, it is only a sprain. The sportscasters of our area in voluntary cooperation with the Federal, State and Local authorities have developed this system to keep us informed in the event of an actual emergency. Had it been a torn ACL, the diagnosis would have been followed by official information, news or instructions. Please go about your business...
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Tricks or Treats?
So did you watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" tonight? To get in the spirit, I've been working on this all evening. I figured some parents might be a little leery of giving their kids candy this year, unfortunately -- so it was a good excuse to raid the change jar and start cleaning it out.
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It's a Festivus miracle!
Hey guess what, Ryan and Chel! We went to Publix tonight, and Ben & Jerry's Festivus ice cream is back! We're about to dig into our first pint when it thaws a bit more... Then Todd is going to start practicing his feats of strength while I make a list of my grievances! Tee hee!
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Now that CNN says homes might be targeted in anthrax mailings, do you think the power company would buy it if I said I was too afraid to open my bill this month? It's not really a stretch, actually...
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Suh-prise, suh-prise, suh-prise!
So have you seen the commercials for the new Tickle Me Elmo Surprise? On January 9, 2002, at least one of them is supposed to do something "special". I remember being excited that my Betsy Wetsy was like a real baby when my half-brother was born -- the fact dolls now are designed to do something "special" on a certain day of the year kind of freaks me out a little. But of course I want one just to see if I'm a weeeener!
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Tuesday sap
You know what rules? Signing into Todd and my's private forum on Delphi each morning, and without fail -- there's always a message for me saying "I love you", with hugs and kisses included, to start the day. I get all warm and fuzzy inside each and every time...
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The Great Pumpkin
I was watching ABC this morning and saw a commercial for "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", and thought, "Hmmmm...that's strange... I wonder when CBS lost the rights?" It seems the Peanuts have been a CBS holiday institution my entire (almost-29 years of) life. So the commercial just ran again during MNF, and Todd freaked out. So it's not something that just slipped by me in years past -- and now I wonder what the story is! Regardless, don't forget to watch tomorrow night! The Great Pumpkin only appears to those whose blogs are the most sincere...
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Could you possibly be more specific?
Get back to normal. Oh wait, be on alert. But live like you always do. Except watch over your shoulder at all times. Resume your "normal American activities". Unless we decide to hold a live press conference during your national pastimes such as football Sundays and must-see TV Thursdays. I am so tired of mixed messages! Instead of issuing vague warnings every couple of weeks to "be alert" -- why don't they just TELL us what this new so-called intelligence information says? Why don't they let us grab our Louisville Sluggers, notify the NRA, and raid the projects so we can gang up and get medieval on their ass. Is the threat to take down a plane? Let's fill it with WWF wrestlers and PMSing women and let 'em try to hijack it then. Is the threat to blow up a building? Why don't you let me know where not to park my car then -- because sorry, but State Farm says that acts of war just aren't covered. If they are going to constantly make us paranoid -- without giving anymore information other than it "might" happen someday, somewhere in one of our 50 states and countless areas abroad -- well then I'm just about to the point where I'd almost rather live with my blonde head in the sand as long as it doesn't interrupt Monday Night Football, thankyouverymuch! Because I'm finding it just a wee bit impossible to be on high alert and resume my normal life at the same time (if there ever was such a thing).
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(Thanks for passing this on, Todd!) The new BCS standings were just released...and OU stayed at #2. Sorry Miami -- better luck next time!
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Bugs be gone!
Living in Florida, you get kind of used to bugs after awhile -- but ants freak me out. They're *everywhere* down here, and we want them gone from the front yard. While searching for natural (non-chemical) pest remedies online, I found this site. It doesn't just cover ants -- but also mosquitoes, fleas, silverfish, slugs, and more. If you want to go au naturel, check it out!
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And the purses red glare...the seams bursting in air...
I get tons of hits by people looking for Kate Spade American flag and/or Kate Spade patriotic purse. Well sorry...no Kate Spade purses, bags, handbags, wallets, make-up bags, cosmetic cases, checkbook covers...or whatever else you may be looking for in red, white and blue... But I can give you a sampling of all the crap you can find on eBay right now (none of it sold by yours-truly). Just don't be fooled into thinking it's authentic. Tip to the lazy and stupid -- if they have to tell you the label is "sewn on", it ain't the real thing. Take your $150 and go to Saks! Oh yeah -- almost forgot -- if Kate herself designed a striped purse, the stripes would be level-horizontal across the bag. So buyer beware.
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Barbie: The Next Generation
I'd seen a few of these before, but some are new. The Sorority Slut Barbie cracks me up every time!
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The foos-ball - Sunday wrap-up
What a great day for NFL football! Tampa Bay pounded Minnesota 41-14. King finally got to come in at QB in the fourth, and looked excellent. I wish we could bring in the Steelers' Lethon Flowers for a pep-talk before every game! (He was quoted repeatedly in the media last week, saying the Bucs were "paper champions" and "that's all they'll ever be".) After our game wrapped up, FOX cut over to the Bears-49ers game with an incredible ending. Chicago won 31-37 in OT, going 5-1 for the first time since I was in high school (back in 1990)! And after that, they cut over to the ending of the Saints-Rams game, which was equally incredible. The Saints came back from a 24-6 score at half, to score 25 unanswered points in the third, and beat the rams 34-31 with a last-minute field goal. I love watching the Rams lose -- makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Another good game to watch that just got underway is the Bills-Chargers game... There's a lot of bad blood between Flutie and the Bills/Johnson -- I'd love to see Flutie say "take that" as his belated 39th birthday present!
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Hot damn!
OU somehow stayed at THIRD in the new AP Poll, and we're at fourth in the coaches poll! The new BCS rankings won't be out 'til tomorrow, but with our points going into this week, there's an off-chance we'll just drop to #2 (and really can't go lower than #3). I can definitely live with that -- especially since if we play our cards right, we'll get Nebraska again in Dallas this December! And the Bucs are now at 34-0 over the Vikings -- what a great afternoon we're having after surviving a helluva mornin'!
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Finally -- football bliss!
MY BUCS showed up today to PLAY! I am sooooo happy -- at least I'm watching an apparent victory (and a rout at that) today. So far we're up 28-0 over the Vikings getting going into the half... *knocking on wood, tossing salt over my shoulder, and everything else possible not to jinx us or turn the tide in the last 30 minutes* Finally a bit of good karma for my Lynch jersey! I haven't worn it since our pre-season loss against Miami.
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Just call him "Saint Todd"
WARNING: Do not read just before, or just after eating! My husband should seriously be sainted! Not only does he take wonderful care of me, but also my hell-spawn named Selina. His first random act of kindness was to head out to McDonald's for breakfast this morning while I took Claire out. While he was gone, I went out to the "play room" (where the cats sleep) to assess the damage we'd noticed with Selina. When I flipped her over, I kid you not, there was a clump of half-dried, half-not smeared feces the size of my hand all over her hind-end and legs. And the beauty of it was the dumb@$$ had smeared and rubbed it in so close to her skin, that it had aheared there like some sort of foul-smelling, dry-heave inducing protective covering. So each time she peed overnight, the pee had seeped in behind it since there was nowhere else for it to go -- and it just stayed there, too. We've spent the last hour and a half cleaning her up in the sink, and then I went out with Woolite carpet cleaner (after putting the cats up in crates) and sprayed the entire play room -- which I forgot to mention she used as her personal roll of toilet paper in the wee hours apparently. While I was doing that, he went on chemical warfare duty in the kitchen to clean everything up she'd left behind -- and now he's steam-cleaning the play room's carpet since my energy gave out. I think I may have cat-scratch fever now. My arms look like mince-meat. Don't get me wrong -- I love my cat. I've had her since I was 19 years old. We both kinda grew up together. But poor Todd! He had a chance to bail when he proposed, and Selina peed in his shoes almost immediately when we got back to Philly -- but he didn't. He stayed and took her on. Love me, love my cat I guess -- but even I'm starting to look at the fact she's almost 10 as a good thing on days like today! Sigh...thank goodness this is usually only an every 6-8 months occurance...
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Oh happy day...
Telegram to UCLA and VA-Tech: Please send address. Stop. Want to send dozen roses. Hopes still alive now. Stop. Thank you! Stop.
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C'est la vie!
I feel like Al in Happy Days..."Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"... The minute White went down with his knee, I just knew. I felt like I'd been sucker-punched on the chin and kicked in the gut at the very same time. But no excuses here. The team that played the best walked off the field in Lincoln with a "W" today -- and the Sooners got lovely parting gifts which included a year's supply of schooner wax, and a raffle ticket for a chance to meet up with the Huskers again in the Big XII Championship in Dallas. If it didn't hurt they wouldn't call it "losing", I guess. Ob la di, ob la da, life goes on bra, la la how the life goes on... At least we have a birthday party tonight! Boomer Sooner!
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Happy birthday Michelle!

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Thy Barry be thy name
Barry Switzer is getting ready to be on the "Last Word with Jim Rome" -- whoo hoo! My toenails are painted with the same Chanel ribbon red polish I wore for the texas game (and the Nebraska game last year, which we were lucky enough to attend). Superstitions have all been taken care of...now it's just up to faith, luck, and a nice sprinkling of Sooner Magic for good measure!
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Fun with Credit 101
Kristine linked a really helpful article today on repairing your credit rating. We were both pretty stupid in college, and it took us almost five years of marriage before we felt we were ready to buy our first home this June. We've spent the last 4 years diligently going over our credit reports and making sure everything got updated and corrected -- and the last two years making sure it stayed that way. I'm so glad we both learned the lesson sooner (pre-baby), rather than later, so that all of our time and attention goes towards good and happy things when the hypothetical-Pollman-child finally appears. One of the best pieces of advice in that article was "...Lock your cards away...stop using them. Your immediate goal is to repair your credit rating and to get out of debt..." It's just too easy to charge that dinner which is gone in a flash -- or sweater which will most likely end up on eBay anyway. If it was easy -- they wouldn't call it being responsible (7) -- but it is so worth it when you make it to the other side!
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How about "no"?
Producers of "The Producers" on Broadway have come up with a novel idea... They're going to out-scalp the scalpers. If you know anything about the premise of the play, the irony is not lost here. Currently the most expensive seats, at face value, run about $100/pop (the most expensive ticket on Broadway). Now they're talking about raising it to $480/pop. Oh but we can't forget to mention that they say they'll donate $150 of that to the Twin Towers fund "for several months". Gee, would you like to define "several"? This is just pathetic! Actors like Kevin Spacey set up funds (when starring in "The Iceman Cometh") to allow under-privileged and inner-city students the opportunity to see the show for free/cheap. Yet the producers of "The Producers" think it's ok to charge more because somewhere someone is paying it to somebody else -- even when that practice by the scalpers is illegal (when charging more than 20% of the face price)? Whatever!
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We can't go on together with suspicious minds...
Hey Tara -- do you find it even mildly amusing that the same IPs constantly complaining about traffic via anonymous surfing organizations are hitting both of our blogs the very same days, using the exact same anonymizer? Not to mention, discussing topics you posted today word-for-word. Hello, Pot? This is the Kettle. You are black. Funny thing is, this is a public blog -- no passwords or nuthin'. I don't care who reads it or how they got here -- and certainly don't waste my time hurling out trivial accusations. And I post all that I do (and don't) with that knowledge in mind. Can we please get back to our regularly scheduled programming now? Thank you...drive through...
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Sooners vs. Huskers
Well, less than 24 hours to go now 'til kickoff at the OU/Nebraska game. I think Todd is about to implode. I can't promise the Sooners will emerge victorious, but I can promise it will be a hellova game! Any match-up between #1 and #2 (in the BCS standings) is bound to be exciting -- but when that match-up involves the Sooners and the Huskers, it's almost destined to be another "game of the century" each and every time. My main regret? So many teams have now bastardized the former Big VIII, thus creating the Big XII, that the game is no longer played when it SHOULD be played -- over Thanksgiving weekend! The Huskers bring a 19-game win streak (at home) into the mix, and the Sooners bring 20-straight wins under their belts. Here's hoping for blackjack! BOOMER FREAKIN' SOONER!
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I just love it when great things happen to wonderful people! Many congrats from both of us, Joy!
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OU/Nebraska Watch Party
Steve with the Tampa Bay Sooner Club finally picked a watch-party location for the OU/Nebraska game on Saturday. Check the club website for more details!
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I'm always right!
So if you're wondering who the cute guy is that Phoebe's about to dump on "Friends", not only did he play a doctor on "Jesse" briefly, but he's also the guy who tries to stop a wedding à la "The Graduate" in a Volkswagen commercial. Once again, Todd learned to never challenge my useless entertainment trivia knowledge! Especially when it's a commercial I love...
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So *that* is how they do it!
Todd and I found a top secret photo of the texas practice squad online tonight, as they prepare to take on Missouri...
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And that's why I married him!
My favorite pusher brought me a brand new bag of Tootsie Roll Pops tonight! Anyone want the cherry, raspberry, orange, and grape ones?
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You say potato"e", I say potato...
Ever wonder how restaurants get the skins on baked potatoes to be so soft? Here's a good tip that works... Scrub potatoes, but do not peel. Pierce skins to allow steam to escape. Lightly coat skins with Crisco shortening, and wrap with foil. Bake at 325° for 1 ½ hours -- and voila!
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Just great!
As if all of the anthrax stuff floating around isn't bad enough (too much for me to even bother chronicling anymore), now we find out they may be sending out salmonella - to President Clinton - as well. Just great. The Secret Service says "it has nothing to do with the other mailings". But then again, they said the first anthrax case wasn't necessarily an "attack", and told us not to worry, when that story first broke... (Updated to say: Remember back on October 5th when the line of thinking was this - via CNN - "A Florida man diagnosed with anthrax is an 'isolated' case, the top United States health official said Thursday, and his illness is not linked to any threats of bioterrorism.")
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How many licks does it take?
Anyone know where you can get the chocolate Tootsie Roll Pops in a bag all by themself (no orange, grape, cherry, and raspberry sullying up the mix)? I...have...a...problem...
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My horror-scope
This was my horoscope for today -- I hope I haven't unwittingly taken you all along on some doomed "Heaven's Gate" kind of misadventure. You have been warned... "You may need to keep your spaceship idle today and perform a safety check for you and your crew, Robyn. Make sure everyone on board is completely informed of their destination. It could be that you just picked them off the street without really telling them where they would end up. It is important that you don't drag people into your world unwittingly. If they voluntarily give up the controls to you, however, that is a different horoscope." Allllllrighty then!
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Scam alert
I got this from Tara this morning -- be careful out there ladies! "WARNING!!!! Please send this to everyone you know! If a man comes to your front door and says he is conducting a survey and he asks you to show him your boobs.... DO NOT SHOW HIM YOUR BOOBS!!! This is a scam and he is only trying to SEE YOUR BOOBS. I wish I had heard about this before yesterday. I feel so stupid."
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Hey slackers!
Hey you! It's time to quit slacking... There is less than one week left now for 2001 Dress Contest submissions. Get to it! That is all...
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Hardy har har har
In case you missed it in my comments, Christine just got "Well, Slap Me Silly!" up online. Go check it out!
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Finally feeeeenished!
I finally finished redesigning Molly and Eric's site for them -- and moved them onto our server since their free-server was always taking the site down for hours over "file transfer overuse". So if you visited their site back when I linked it for the Fifteen Minutes of Fame -- go back! They now have summaries and photos of their first wedding and reception, their honeymoon, how they met, how he proposed, and more. And don't forget to sign their guestbook!
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Recipe from Oprah
This Scalloped Potatoes with Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto recipe looks and sounds sooooo good!
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Icky icky pucktang
I'm a picky eater -- I'll be the first to admit that! Just ask poor Todd... I'm seriously about two "on the side" requests away from Sally ("When Harry Met Sally"). I don't eat veggies (although I love fruit), and turn my nose up at just about anything green other than lettuce. Maybe that's why Spicy Winter Squash Soup on Oprah made my stomach turn when they zoomed in on it. Looks too close to pea soup for me, thank you very much! Ick, ick, ick! But then again, Todd would probably love it...
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FDNY shirt project
Today on NBC just had a great story about a Palo Alto Fire Department member that took his $300 tax return and had t-shirts printed for members of his fire house to raise money for 9-11 victims. A local news station got ahold of the story, and with the help of Bloomingdales, they were able to donate $250,000 this week -- with more expected soon. The website keeps going down right now, but it was listed on the show as "fdnyshirt.com", so you might try later today if you're interested -- in case the story has crashed their server. The front of the black t-shirt (with white writing) has the FDNY pocket-logo, and the back reads, "FDNY - ALL GAVE SOME, SOME GAVE ALL - September 11, 2001".
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The Oreo test
Here's one I haven't seen before -- the Oreo Cookie Personality Test. For those playing along at home, I'm a #6 -- "twisted apart, the inside, and then the cookie". It says, "You have a highly curious nature. You take pleasure in breaking things apart to find out how they work, though not always able to put them back together, so you destroy all the evidence of your activities. You deny your involvement when things go wrong. You are a compulsive liar and exhibit deviant, if not criminal, behavior." Of course, you have to read them all to truly appreciate this finding...heh heh... So what are you? (Update: And not to be missed...linked from above site...the Lucky Charms Personality Test. I'd have to say I'm a "green clovers" on that one!)
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Go Martha
Martha Stewart got a face-lift today -- check it out! (Updated to say: If you haven't seen the cake on the cover of the fall 2001 "Martha Stewart Weddings", it's a must-see!)
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Normally I don't get homesick for Oklahoma. I miss my family. I miss my friends that are still there. And I reeeeeally miss football Saturdays. But I feel like a Floridian now, and I love it here. This is home. Well, until pictures like this show up in my in-box, and my mind races back to what it was like to feel crisp fall air and watch the leaves turn on campus. (Courtesy of Bob from the Tampa Bay Sooner Club, from the OU/Baylor game this past weekend.)
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Wanna make somethin' of it?
Hey Ashley -- here are my OU Shoes. And for good measure, I threw in Todd's OU action figures. Yes, we need help. We know that. Tee hee.
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Signs point to YES
Have a question and your Magic 8-Ball is somewhere up in mom's attic? There's a new Magic 8-Ball site on Yahoo that isn't run by "cheesy" oracles and javascript. Oh no -- this version is high-tech! This is a real 8-Ball "housed in a custom built Lego Mindstorms shaking cradle, triggered and watched by a Linux computer". After you ask your question, you wait "in line", and soon the 8-Ball will shake before your eyes and reveal the answer right there on your monitor. Too cool!
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"Girl Power" no more...
In case you missed it, the Spice Girls are no longer... Time to put that lunchpail up on eBay kids!
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Love is a battlefield
Because nothing says "let this be a lesson to you, American infidels" like giving Pat Benatar anthrax-laced fan mail. Yeahhhhh...right... Ok then.
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We're number one!
As expected, ESPN has just announced that Oklahoma is number 1 in the first week of BCS standings -- with Nebraska at number 2. The second year in a row #1 and #2 will be meeting in October, this time in Lincoln. It's being billed as a "battle of lipsticks" (crimson vs. red). I don't look so good in day-glo red, so Boomer Sooner baby!
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Temper tantrum
It's getting to the point, that for my sanity, I feel like acting like a two-year old...squinting my eyes shut, putting my fingers in my ears, jumping up and down, and shrieking "not listening to you...not listening to you..." Anyone else ever get that feeling?
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>From CNNSI.com today: "The first BCS standings come out Monday and according to projections, Saturday combatants Oklahoma and Nebraska will be ranked 1-2. The Sooners-Huskers showdown is the 'tastiest' of several huge matchups this week, writes CNNSI.com's Stewart Mandel." Tasty. I'm not sure what that means. But I think I like it. I like it a lot.
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Too much hype
On paper, the Bucs were supposed to win the Super Bowl this year. The sports writers said the Bucs would win the Super Bowl this year. But the Pewter Pirates looked more like the Tampa Bay High School Choirboys today. I've been critical of Brad Johnson all season, and he didn't disappoint today. He took 10 sacks this game, when before we'd allowed just 9 on him all season. Some of the blame lies within the O-line for their lack of protection, but the bulk of it is squared solely on his shoulders, IMHO. He spent so much time looking off downfield, that he never saw the guys wide-open right there in front of him. Even the announcers made fun of him for his "tunnel vision". The Bucs seem to have some kind of knack this season for playing like crap for the first 55 minutes, and then all of a sudden going, "Oh @%*^$ -- we're gonna lose! Score!" Well with 5 minutes left in those games, and a 2-3 record now, ya' think maybe this gameplan just ain't workin' folks? Put in King. You can't do worse than we already are! The only person on the team worth his salary right now is Gramatica -- and yes, that includes you Mr. Warren Sapp. I love ya' -- but it's been a long, long time since you've had your gameday face on for four full quarters. Quit giving acid-tongued interviews and step it up ON THE FIELD!
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Sit on it!
I woke up to a great giggle from Christine today -- minister or Fonzie? You decide!
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We just finished watching "Heartbreakers" (Sigourney Weaver, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jason Lee). It was really cute -- we both give it two snaps in a circle! Makes me want to have a Jason Lee film-fest soon. I'm so excited he'll be the next Fletch! It doesn't come out 'til 2003, but since it's being written and directed by Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, etc.) -- I'm half-tempted to pre-order on Amazon.com now.
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Note to LFB
Dear Lara Flynn Boyle: Short skirts are only sexy if we're not distracted by your bony ass hanging out 3" BELOW the hem. (Meow! This catty comment of the day was brought to you by the fine folks at Tobyn Inc.)
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This subject title for rent
A whole day of doing absolutely nothing...bliss! We were going to meet Ryan and Chel for the Clearwater Jazz Fest, and besides the fact we didn't even wake up until 30 minutes after they left, I just didn't feel like moving today after going out last night -- so we didn't. We were losers and paged them to cancel. (Sorry guys!) I spent most of the day and evening parked here on the couch editing Dress Contest 2001 entries and photos. It looks like it's going to be a rather small crop of entries this year -- but a good crop -- so I'm very pleased thus far! There are about 10 more days left for submissions. Big shocker here -- OU beat Baylor. (They haven't won a Big XII game since October 1998.) Now it's time to focus on Nebraska in Lincoln next Saturday. Our biggest game since texas -- should be a tense week! We're both going into this game undefeated, and the Huskers are going to have a lot to prove after their loss in Norman last year. We've been so wrapped up in watching OU this season, the fact our Bucs are 2-2 has almost completely escaped us. But I'm still looking forward to tomorrow's game against the Steelers nonetheless... Have a great Sunday everyone!
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Sooner Saturday
Today OU takes on the Baylor Bears. At home. I expect some of the cheerleaders will suit up and take the field late in the fourth quarter, but only time shall tell. Today is Jason White's first start -- good luck to him! (We're officially in mourning that we can't watch the game -- 'net broadcast for us.) At least Nebraska is televised on ABC next week at noon! Boomer Sooner!
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Seeeely leeeezard!
I just went out and took the cover off the hot tub to do the routine "run the blowers and jets" thing, and when I lifted it up, a lizard was sitting on top of the skimmer box. I guess he's been in there all last night and most of today. He raised his head up to look at me, then nodded with a "hey how's it goin'? gotta beer?" tilt of the head. He didn't even bother moving. But then again, if I was a lizard and I came across an enclosed hot tub...I'd probably stop and stay, too. I went inside to get the camera to snap a pic, but by this time Claire had clued in that there was something going on, and stood up on her back feet to check things out. This, of course, scared Mr. Lizard away. But I have a sneakin' suspicion he'll show up again around midnight looking for margaritas and nachos!
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And the earth stood still
Nine years ago tonight, I headed over to a couple of friends house for a "small party" which turned into one of those "he told two friends...and she told two friends...and so on..." kind of affairs that evolved into things being set on fire in Dallas and Alva's lawn. In the midst of the chaos, after a few cups of a heavenly concoction ironically named "Brimstone", I found myself sliding down the wall. Next to me, also sliding down the same wall, was one of the cutest guys I'd ever seen. And he had on a J. Crew flannel shirt I was determined to make mine!

Six years ago tonight, one of my best friends in the world flew up to see me in Philadelphia. I'd taken off after graduating from OU to see the world, landing first in Mobile, and then in Philly. Right about now on 10-19-95, I was ducking out of work early to hop on I-95 and go pick him up at Dulles. What was originally planned as two old friends hooking up for a weekend in D.C. over his fall-break turned into an impromptu proposal at the Washington Monument at midnight.

And five years ago, this would have been our wedding day. It's not, because we got too impatient and disillusioned with the huge "dream wedding", and ran off to New Orleans with several close friends and family members instead. But regardless of that, today will always be special. Today I met the rest of my life. I love you Todd!
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Two great tastes that taste great together
Ok...it's time to play the Dating Game... We need to take this guy and pair him up with this girl. Then again, maybe not. Eeek!
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Awwww yuck!
This should probably be over at ad libitum...but bear with me... I've seen the new Chrysler Concorde commercial a couple of times on NBC tonight, and it reeeeeally creeps me out. A 13-year-oldish girl and her mom are driving around in the car and the daughter says, "Mom how did I get the name Savannah?" And the mom sweetly replies, "That's where you were conceived dear." So then the daughter turns around to see her infant sister in a car seat behind her, and says, "Well mom, how did she get the name Concorde?" [note from Robyn: If you name your child Concorde, please seek medical attention immediately! No seriously. Just...go...] So anyhow, the girl turns back around and looks at the car's dashboard, which conveeeniently has "Concorde" stamped on it. And then she turns to her mom with this "I'm gonna hurl" look and says, "Awwww yuck!" Awwww yuck is right! Now if it had been a commercial for a bitchin' Camaro...well then maybe I could see it...
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Dress Contest 2001
Kathy is going to be in LA during the 2001 Dress Contest judging, so I just invited Christine to join us. I'm happy to report that she accepted! Thanks Christine!
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This one is courtesy of Jo -- it truly is priceless!
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I've done seen it all now
I can't find their website, but a company in Tucson was just on the local noon news. They are selling "building escape systems" for $1000/pop -- and it basically boils down to small round parachutes packed in brief cases for clients who work or stay in high-rise offices and hotels. They can't keep up with demand -- unbelievable!
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'Nana nut bread
In honor of our temps dipping back into the 50s tonight, I'm baking 'Nana Nut Bread. It smells sooooo good in here right now! Click here if you'd like the recipe (nuts optional).
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Pooh Sticks
Oh bother! I missed Winnie the Pooh's 75th birthday on October 14th...
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I write the songs that make the whole world sing
If you're bored - here are five great MP3s to nab on a cold, crisp fall afternoon:

1. Brass Buttons - Lemonheads (cover)
2. At My Most Beautiful - REM
3. Wonderful - Adam Ant
4. Ordinary World - Duran Duran
5. Don't Let It Bring You Down - Annie Lennox

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Why thank you!
While going over my stats tonight, I found a new referral I haven't seen before. It's an article by WedNet on bridesmaids dresses, and the closing paragraph says: "You can see completely non-matching bridesmaids looking fantastic together in Robyn and Todd's Virtual Wedding Album or Kelly and Chris' Wedding."
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Two great tastes that taste great together
Yes, I am overly sensitive, and I did cry when Mrs. Landingham died on "West Wing". Wanna make somethin' of it? I didn't think so... Anyhoo, she's just turned up on the best new show this season (or last season and the season before that respectively) -- "Scrubs". I've missed her. It's good to see her back on NBC! Oh and in case you were like us going, "who's the blonde chick?", she used to be the older sister on Roseanne!
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Webring, Part Deux
If you're wondering how the Webring-transfer saga is going...I just started the process... This is what you get when you log into the system and click on the link to transfer your info. About as vague as it gets, and I have no clue what the area I circled in red means. Time shall tell, I guess. I'll keep everyone posted as I know more!
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Hawking a big loogie
"I don't think the human race will survive the next thousand years, unless we spread into space. There are too many accidents that can befall life on a single planet. But I'm an optimist. We will reach out to the stars." -- Prof. Stephen Hawking warns in an article on 10-16-2001 Oh that's just great Stephen. As if we haven't fucked up our own planet enough (yes, I said "fucked up" - are you ashamed of me?), now we should go out and plunder the rest of the Cosmos now as well? Brilliant idea Stephen -- why didn't I think of that first?! I'm sorry, but I'm a firm believer that you should fix the leaks in your own house before trying to remodel the neighborhood. Is Prof. Hawking suggesting that only the "good" members of mankind will get on board these Star Trek-ish vehicles to the great beyond? The article goes on to say: "Prof. Hawking believes that genetic engineering could be used to 'improve' human beings to meet the challenges of long duration space travel. Cyborgs, humans with computers linked to their brains, will be needed to prevent intelligent computers taking over. 'I think humans will have to learn to live in space,' he said." I think someone's switched out their oxygen tank with nitrous oxide...
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I'd like to thank the Academy
Just got an e-mail that I'm "blog of the day" over at feeling listless. Thanks Stu -- this is too cool, and I'm really flattered! On Sunday, Stefani was featured, so I'm in good company! "Blog! Can't help but adore anything called 'Ain't too proud to blog' especially when it's this lush to look at. The attention to detail is stunning, almost everything everywhere curious and amusing -- from quotes ('You're so vain, you probably think this blog is about you' a particular favourite) to a link list which is entertaining in itself (you can be sure 'My So-called Wife' will find itself listed here before long). The blog proper is a heady mix of the domestic and striking writing about current world events. For once, my hyperbole is justified." posted by Stu 11:16:55 PM
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Congrats Lychael!
You might remember me saying our friends Lynn and Michael were being transferred from NYC to Dallas. They just bought a house -- and it's beautiful! Congrats Lychael!
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For those of you using Blogger, looks like there's a new free comment system (similar to Reblogger). It's called BlogBack -- and it looks like you can even customize the colors (unlike Reblogger). Just thought I'd let ya' know...the coding looks rather simple!
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In case you never moved your Yahoo/Webring ring to Ringsurf -- heads up! Your life is about to become hell. Webring is no longer a part of Yahoo, which is a good thing, but have fun moving your rings. If you need to sing the blues along with me, I'm available by appointment. My OU Ring members recently voted to STAY at Webring. Ugh!
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More OU/texas pics
I finished adding the OU/texas pics to the Suncoast Sooner site tonight.
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It's White!
James Hale at OUinsider.com is reporting that Jason White will start at QB for OU on Saturday against Baylor. Dean Blevins is also reporting the same thing on the Sports Animal! I have to say I'm very excited about this...
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Sweet Harmony
The song "Sweet Harmony" by The Beloved is currently playing on my WinAmp playlist, which I just installed today. (I'd been using RealJukebox 'til now...I'm slow...I know...) I just thought the lyrics were especially fitting.

Is it right or wrong Try to find a place We can all belong? Be as one Try to get on by If we unify We should really try... All this time Spinning round and round Made the same mistakes That we've always found Surely now We could move along Make a better world? No it can't be wrong

Let's come together Right now Oh yeah In sweet harmony

Time is running out Let there be no doubt We should sort things out If we care Like we say we do Not just empty words For a week or two Make the world Your priority Try to live your life Ecologically Play a part In a greater scheme Try to live the dream On a wider scene

Let's come together Right now Oh yeah In sweet harmony

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That does it!
I swear, it's my fault for turning on the noon news each day...things were going fine...ordinary boring news day. I sit down with my Diet Coke, and this is now breaking news on all of the news channels: "President Bush says Sen. Majority Leader Daschle's office received letter that tested positive for anthrax. Details soon." [Updated: Here an article from CNN]
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Fifteen Minutes for October
The October Fifteen Minutes of Fame site is now up! Go ahead and apply yourself. You know you want to! Ahhhh...nothing like happy wedding things to start off the week!
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Staying on the ground
Here's another reason why I don't think I can ever fly again (from MSNBC.com): "About 80 passengers were held aboard a jetliner Saturday afternoon in San Jose, Calif., after a man reportedly stood up in mid-flight and released a powdery substance into the air ventilation system. Police, FBI and emergency crews set up a decontamination tent for the passengers of United Airlines Flight 1669 from Chicago. 'There was apparently a report of a Middle Eastern male who went to the rear of the plane and opened up an envelope. It had some powder in it and it went through the air duct system,' said police spokesman Rubens Dalaison. On another United Flight, this one from London to Virginia’s Dulles Airport, a powdery substance was found in a restroom after landing and was being tested at an Army laboratory in Maryland. Spokeswoman Tara Hamilton said the flight was met Saturday by a hazardous materials team and FBI agents, who determined that 17 people had used the bathroom. Everyone on the flight was eventually released. A US Airways flight from Charlotte, N.C., to Denver was diverted to Indianapolis Saturday after a flight attendant found a powdery substance in the trash can on the plane. The flight attendant was believed to be the only person exposed to the substance, said airport spokesman Dennis Rosebrough." Sure some of it ends up being Jell-O pudding, Sweet 'N' Low, and the like by copycat idiots in dire need of a few extra working brain cells. But not all of it. And not all of it is testing positive for anthrax (or whatever else becomes the chosen bio-terror weapon of the week) the first time around either. Not worth the gamble to me... Unlike a lot of people in this country, I don't have the luxury of a working immune system -- and I can't receive live-virus vaccinations -- including flu shots. If there's an outbreak of smallpox or the like, I'm dead, along with an estimated 30% of the U.S. population. End of story. I'm just dead. Nice knowin' ya'. So how long 'til the NFL games kick-off on Sunday afternoon?
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(Gator) tail spin and more football ramblings by a girl
What the hell happened to Florida tonight? I can't believe they lost -- we listened to the end of the game on the radio on the way home, and wouldn't get out of the car when we got to the grocery store. We just sat in the parking lot transfixed and in disbelief. At least it helps OU in the polls -- we should definitely be #2 tomorrow -- and closing in on #1! We're a solid #1 in the unofficial BCS as well. There were a few other losses that shocked me today as well. I expected South Carolina, Ohio State (*snicker*), and Kansas State to walk away with "W's", but that didn't happen... Oh yeah. I have to give props to texas for shredding Oklahoma State today. It's a real accomplishment for Brown, Simms, & Co. after their heart-breaking loss to OU last week. (*snickering again*) No seriously, there's no one better to pound away your frustrations on than the 'Pokes. Proudly serving as OU's whipping boy since 1904 (74-14-7)!

OU easily knocked off Kansas tonight 38-10. We had a good turn out at the watch party -- it sucks we'll have to listen to the Baylor game at home on the 'net next week! Some might say we have a QB controversy brewing, but I don't see it that way at all. I'm not sure what the coaches are thinking, but in my (not so humble) opinion, Jason is most definitely the man. He stepped up and took control over texas, and when called on tonight, all he did was produce TDs (and over 100 yards rushing). Sure he threw a couple of picks, but he hasn't even played a full game yet. I like watching him play -- and I was a true "Hybl-for-starter" fan when the season started. (And not just because he was the "cute one", even though I did find myself sighing that over and over.) Jason White is a scrapper. There are times when Nate just kind of stands there doing his check-routes with a "deer in the headlights" expression -- or dumps the ball off in the middle of nowhere. Jason will take off and get the yards in those situations. There are times I feel he's too quick to scramble and run -- but I also feel these rough edges can be polished out with a little work on the starting practice squad. I like the fact he's a sophomore, too -- and he was the recruit for Miami, and we nabbed him instead.

After the game when Stoops was asked who would start next week, he said that they would evaluate the film Sunday and Monday and make the decision best for the team. He also added that at OU every job is up for grabs every week for whoever plays better and earns the job. I trust 'im.
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Sooner Saturday
Man, did Miami beat the ever-living crap out of FSU today or what? We're off later tonight to join the Tampa Bay Sooner Club for the OU vs. Kansas game. Good luck Sooners!
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The St. Pete Connection
More on what I posted earlier from MSNBC.com: ".....The FBI said the business-type letter bore no return address and was sent anonymously, with a Sept. 20 postmark from St. Petersburg, Fla.; it arrived in New York on Sept. 25. The woman, a longtime assistant to Brokaw, was being treated with antibiotics and was expected to make a full recovery, said Andrew Lack, NBC’s president and chief operating officer.....There was also a scare at the New York Times, where reporter Judith Miller, who has written books about germ warfare and Islamic militant movements, received a letter with a powdery substance. Miller turned the letter over to police before opening it. That powder tested negative for anthrax. The FBI said there were similarities between Miller’s letter and the NBC letter. Along with containing powdery material, both letters were postmarked from St. Petersburg, and the handwriting was similar, said Barry Mawn, head of the bureau’s New York office. The letter to the Times was postmarked Oct. 5, he said.....An FBI spokeswoman in Tampa, Fla., told NBC News that the St. Petersburg Times received a letter 'similar' to the ones mailed to NBC and The New York Times. The spokeswoman said the envelope mailed to the Florida newspaper also contained some kind of powder, but tests turned up no traces of anthrax. The St. Petersburg Times reported that columnist Howard Troxler received the letter Tuesday." Oh yeah -- I'm so glad that when we basically threw a dart at a map of the U.S. four and a half years ago, that it managed to land on the Tampa Bay area -- and also that we just decided this spring that we loved it enough here to settle down and buy a house. Greeeaaaaat! Read here and also here if you want the local news' perspective.
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NBC Nightly News is just reporting that two suspicious envelopes in the anthrax cases had St. Petersburg, FL addresses/postmarks. That's where we lived for the last three years, only moving north in the Bay area this past June. Ugh!!!!! Ok, that does it -- I want my mommy NOW!
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We've gotta get out of this place...
Finally...the end of the Friday workday arrived and my husband is almost home! We are so OUTTA HERE...off to Ryan and Chel's later tonight, where we plan to do anything but concentrate on "grown-up" (i.e. responsible) things... Bring on the weekend, baby!
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U.S.S. Cole
With everything going on lately, this story kind of got pushed to the side at most news agencies... Today is the one-year anniversary of the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole. I can't believe it's been a year -- but then again, it seems like a lifetime ago. Time just isn't measured the same after 9-11 for anyone, it seems like.
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Could I be anymore cryptic?
Our heartfelt best wishes go out to two wonderful people today (you know who you are) -- we are so happy for you both!
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OU/tx 2001 photos
Bob from the Tampa Bay Sooner Club just sent me photos from the OU/tx watch party. Boomer Sooner! And yes, we're wearing the same shirts you always see us in for OU games, and we hope it stays that way! Worn 'em for 18 straight (and counting) now...
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Mini Me
My Gma recently moved, and she just sent me a box full of stuff from my childhood that she found in the attic...a Cabbage Patch Kid, a wooden doll set my grandpa brought me from Russia in 1985, and the "mini-me" cheerleading doll wearing a replica of my old uniform. Rah rah ree, kick 'em in the knee...rah rah ruts...kick 'em in the...other knee! Such a cool Friday-treat!
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Stop the insanity
What a way to start the TV-day -- a live Guilliani press conference announcing an employee of NBC in New York has tested positive for anthrax. This strain of anthrax is a skin-version diagnosed by biopsy (after the powdery substance she opened tested NEGATIVE for Anthrax). Ugh! I dread hitting the "power" button when I turn it on for the news each day... [Update: Dan Rather just reported on CBS News that an employee of the New York Times just received a suspicious piece of mail with a powdery substance and has been taken to the hospital for testing, and that piece of mail is being investigated. ]
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No more bifocals!
I changed the font here in the entries section to "8pt" rather than "size=1" -- hopefully it will be a lot easier to read from now on! (Unless you have Netscape, and then, it really is your own fault now isn't it? Tee hee!) It's been a frustrating night with Movable Type on Todd's blog. (BIG, HUGE thanks go out to Dawn for all of her help today!) It seems like for every one thing I fixed, two would "break" in its place. We finally figured out the paragraph-tags -- it's something you have to turn off under "edit blog configuration". Did that, got the css up on his site and changed his text to "8pt", and got rid of that pesky extra line between his blog entries and the timestamps. But then...it took out all of the forced breaks in each of his previous entries...so they all just jammed up together in one big paragraph. It was at that point I feared he was going to toss my laptop out into the hot tub, and he said, "switch it ALL back". So I did. And maybe again this weekend... It's best to approach him in situations like this after a big OU win. LOL! So thanks again, Dawn -- you were a tremendous help to both of us today!
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Not good...
This bit o' information is just not doing anything to make me feel better about the FBI announcement today at all! (See the link posted in the comments for that entry.)
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That's my Bush!
Ok...honestly...no disrespect to the Presidential office (you can see by an earlier post today that I am praying for him)...but... We are seriously considering developing a drinking game for W's next press conference. 1 shot for "compassionate", 2 shots for "evil", 3 shots for "evil one" or "evil-doer", and so on. Anyone in? Hey, you gotta laugh at something these days!
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Blast from the past
In case you missed this blog in its "baby days", I just added a "rewind" section to the left menu-bar. If you click on it, you can see screen captures of v 1.0 - 3.0!
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Breaking news...
CNN and MSNBC are both reporting "breaking news" (each without a story linked yet): "FBI says there might be terrorist attacks against the U.S. and U.S. interests overseas 'in the next several days'. Details soon." [Update: Here's an updated CNN article and MSNBC article] That, and Todd just came home sick with a migraine. :-( I really want to start today over. *slowly exhales*
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In my own handwriting
I'm really glad I can't be graded on penmanship or writing in a true-horizontal line!
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Color correction
The background color and scroll-bar on the archive pages all match a little better now. I should never try to do that on a laptop LCD screen...bad Robyn, bad, bad!
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Presidential Prayer Team
Thanks to Tara for sending me this -- a link to the "Presidential Prayer Team". Many of you will remember that we voted for Gore -- and that Todd and I are both staunch Democrats. But once the President is elected, he is the leader of our country, and there hasn't been a day gone by since September 11th that I haven't prayed for him as both the leader of our country -- and as a man with literally the weight of the world on his shoulders. The goal of the Presidential Prayer Team is to "enlist 2.8 million people (1% of the population) to pray daily for the President". So if you're interested...
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Dine for America
(This is courtesy of Todd...) In case you're po' like us and Kenny, and eating at one of the fine Windows of Hope establishments would equal forking over two years income.....here's a list of "Dine for America" restaurants that are also participating in the 9-11 relief efforts. (Choices include Chili's, Olive Garden, Don Pablos, Macaroni Grill, TGI Fridays, Outback Steakhouse, Ruby Tuesday, Red Lobster, Carrabba's, etc.) "Restaurants participating in Dine For America have made a financial pledge to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund." Check it out!
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Ugh -- more!
A woman that worked at American Media has just tested positive for anthrax -- that's the third victim now. More info as I can find it online... [Update: Here's an article on CNN and another on MSNBC]
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I guess you can pretty much tell (hi Ashley!) that things around here have changed once again. My "co-stars" section has moved to the side-bar under a Prince lyric ("Baby I'm a Star"), because now that I have comments in my blog, there's not as much need to post here as a guest, although I'm certainly happy when they do! And I guess there are a couple of reasons for this latest redesign. One: Tomorrow is the one-monthiversary of 9-11 and I'm feeling more reflective than "red white and blue". Two: I'm two days shy of actually having this blog up and running for two whole months. I wasn't even sure I'd be able to blog for two days in a row, and well, I'm happy to say I've proved myself wrong! Not only that, but I've got my husband hooked as well, and he absolutely loves writing in his. Just seeing him so happy makes it all worthwhile... So I changed. You may not recognize the lyrics in the header and footer. They're from an old Ultravox song I used to listen to all the time back in high school. A lot of people had lyrics, poems, scriptures and the like stick in their thoughts after the events on September 11th -- and this is one that I kept hearing in my mind (just like the song says) "over and over"... So in case you're sitting there going "Ultravox?", click "more" for the song I'm referring to. It's called "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" -- and it's why I chose the title I did. Although we all want to move on and cling to some sort of normalcy (dancing), there will always be an infinite sadness (tears in my eyes) over all that's occurred. Thanks to everyone who stops by each day -- I've really enjoyed doing this daily -- and here's to two more months (and then some)!

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes by Ultravox

Dancing with tears in my eyes Weeping for the memory of a life gone by Dancing with tears in my eyes Living out a memory of a love that died

It's five and I'm driving home again It's hard to believe that it's my last time The man on the wireless cries again It's over, it's over

Dancing with tears in my eyes Weeping for the memory of a life gone by Dancing with tears in my eyes Living out a memory of a love that died

It's late and I'm with my love alone We drink to forget the coming storm We love to the sound of our favourite song Over and over

Dancing with tears in my eyes Weeping for the memory of a life gone by Dancing with tears in my eyes Living out a memory of a love that died

It's time and we're in each other's arms It's time but I don't think we really care

Dancing with tears in my eyes Weeping for the memory of a life gone by Dancing with tears in my eyes Living out a memory of a love that died

Dancing with tears in my eyes Weeping for the memory of a life gone by Dancing with tears in my eyes.........

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New Look
Beautiful! I love it!
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Update: the St. Pete Times scare
It appears the powdery substance found in an envelope at the St. Pete Times yesterday (which I detailed here) is one of many hoaxes that occurred in Florida and around the nation this week...which is good... But I can't help but worry if we have enough of these hoaxes, will people let their guard down to where a non-hoax slips through the proverbial cracks?
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Even closer to home...
Our local news is reporting that two men were detained and later arrested for taking photos and drawing diagrams at the Port of Tampa. The military's Central Command and Special Operations Command are located at MacDill AFB in Tampa, and Tampa is also a port for several cruise lines. The stories didn't match up for the men detained, and immigration officials were contacted. Turns out they were in the country illegally, and that's all authorities will say for now. It's like you can't even watch the news anymore...yet can't turn it off either... Sigh.
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Take that...
My husband just pointed me towards the new Sports Illustrated cover. I know I promised that I wouldn't talk about it anymore, but does it count when they do it?
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Make the bad man go away!
The fourth sign of the apocalypse -- before I could flip the channel, my ears were just pierced by the sounds of Lionel Richie. I guess the Young and the Restless writers decided that his musical stylings would appease the lovely ladies out there in TV-land. He's appearing/singing on the show all week. Uhhhhh...yeah...now that is dissss...gustin'!
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And now a break from your regularly scheduled programming...
"On Wednesday, October 10, 2001, at approximately 1:00 PM EST" our site host will most likely make my life a living hell while attempting to move us to a "new and improved" server. "We do not anticipate any difficulties with the upgrade." I'll believe it when I see it! But in case both of our blogs suddenly vanish in T-minus 30 minutes and counting, you'll know why!
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Windows of Hope, Part II
Just wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow night is the "Windows of Hope" fundraiser -- where a percentage of the evenings proceeds (when you dine at participating restaurants) goes towards the September 11th relief funds. For a list of participating restaurants in your area, visit the Windows of Hope site. Quite a few new ones were added in our area.
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Daily update
More today on the Anthrax-saga in Florida...now CNN and our local ABC news are reporting the strain of Anthrax that killed an AMI employee earlier this week (and infected one of his coworkers after spores were found in his nasal cavities) may have been manmade in an Iowa lab.
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It's hitting closer to home...
Breaking news from the St. Petersburg Times: "Firefighters sealed off the desk of St. Petersburg Times columnist Howard Troxler after he received a white granular substance in the mail. Some of the unidentified substance fell out of the envelope after Troxler opened it over his desk in the newsroom of the paper's offices in St. Petersburg. Troxler placed the envelope on his desk. Police and firefighters were notified. 'I'm sure it's nothing, but the fire department says that in an abundance of caution, they're going through all of their procedures,' Troxler, 42, said. 'If nothing else, it's a good test.' Police put the envelope in a plastic bag and inside a tin can and drove it to a state health lab in Tampa for analysis. St. Petersburg firefighters did not have any other reports of suspicious substances Tuesday."
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mom spank christian daughter???
Ok...just when I think the search engine queries that bring people here can't get any more bizarre...I get one for "mom spank christian daughter". Uhhhh, ok then.
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More on MT
In case you've missed them, here are the blogs of the Movable Type owners Mena and Ben.
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More on Anthrax
From CNN this morning: "Investigators are looking at whether a letter that came into the mailroom of a Florida tabloid publishing company could be the source of anthrax bacteria that killed an employee, a law enforcement source confirmed to CNN. Officials in Virginia reportedly are monitoring a possible case of anthrax." [Today on NBC just reported that preliminary tests in VA came up negative, however.] Another related story on CNN stated that the patient in FL who died of Anthrax earlier this week lived about a mile from an air strip where Mohamed Atta, a suspected hijacker in the September 11 terrorist attacks, rented planes. His office was several miles from the strip. Considering Atta also lived and went to flight school in the Tampa Bay area...not too comforting... And from MSNBC.com: "...The office building houses most of the country’s supermarket tabloids including The National Enquirer, The Star, The Globe, News of the World and others...NEWSWEEK has learned that the FBI is aggressively trying to locate a summer intern from nearby Florida Atlantic University in connection with the investigation. The intern, who sources said came from a Middle Eastern country, had sent an e-mail to all employees that a top American Media official described as 'peculiar'. The e-mail thanked company employees for the help he gave them, but then contained language suggesting that he wasn’t saying 'goodbye'. Another company official recalled the email as having 'a sense of foreboding' and referring to a 'surprise' or 'something that he left behind'. Said the official, 'it was weird'...Several are focusing on a letter that arrived at the company about a week before the Sept. 11 terrorist attack. It was described by sources as a 'weird love letter to Jennifer Lopez'—similar, outwardly, to the types of mail the tabloids often get. But inside the oddly-worded letter was what was described as a 'soapy, powdery substance' and in the pile of that a cheap Star of David charm. The letter, per routine, was taken in by the joint mailroom of the company. Employees said the letter was handled both by Stevens and by Blanco.”
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Movable Type
For those of you that follow Todd's blog -- please note his new address! We're braving the new frontier, and downloaded Movable Type for his blog. Check it out...
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Southwest Eggrolls Dipping Sauce
Since we lost power for so long last night, we ended up eating the southwest eggrolls tonight instead... I'm very happy to report this copycat-recipe is an exact replica of the Bennigan's Fire-Roasted Salsa and Sweet Pineapple Pepper Cream Dipping Sauce that comes with their "Southwest Sampler". Kudos to that waitress for helping us out!
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This is not a drill - I repeat - this is not a drill!
I got the e-mail today that website owners housed on lousy servers dread just about as much as the general populous fears the Gerardo comeback album... "Recently, we have begun to upgrade some of our customers to either new servers, or servers that have received software upgrades.....You are receiving this email message because your account has been selected to benefit from either a site-migration or server-software upgrade. This process is virtually seamless and invisible to you and your viewers. We do not anticipate any difficulties with the upgrade. However, before we begin the process on your account, it is important that you have backed up your web site files to a source other than ADDR.com's servers (i.e.: Your own hard drive.). This is merely a safety precaution as you should always maintain a complete backup of your web site content." Everyone that believes this transition will be "virtually seamless", please raise your hand (and also see our real estate agent for a fine piece o' oceanfront property we've got for sale back in Oklahoma). If this website should vanish later this week faster than Cheesy Poofs at Eric Cartman's house -- please know we might be experiencing technical difficulties. All proper authorities have been notified, and operators are standing by! *beep*
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Found another great font freeware site -- check it out!
posted at 03:16 PM
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Anthrax isn't just a spooky band
Ok -- so Friday I asked "would you be worried, too"? Then today, I find this on CNN.com. I think it's safe to say now that I am very concerned!
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The Color Purple
Chel has a cool purple 'puter now! Think you could send Ryan over here now to paint letters on my laptop's keyboard keys again? LOL!
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What was it you said about...
Since I only keep a few days entries on the main page of my blog, I thought it might be time to add a "search" feature. It's over there to the left...no, your other left...under the calendar. Go crazy!
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Southwest Eggrolls
We went to eat at Bennigan's last night, so before we left, I flagged down our waitress and asked her about the "fire-roasted salsa and sweet pineapple pepper cream" dipping sauce they use on their southwest eggrolls. (We bought a big box of them from Schwan's and I've been dying to try them -- but wanted to wait until I had that recipe.) I've looked online for that sauce recipe at just about every copycat recipe site, and tried several search-engine queries, and always came up empty-handed. She went back to the kitchen to check, and came back out with the answer -- mayo, salsa, and crushed pineapple! Never in a million years would I have guessed mayo as the base-ingredient -- I was thinking more along the lines of cream cheese and condensed milk. I don't have exact measurements, so I'll have to play around tonight. If anyone's interested, e-mail me, and I'll let you know how it turned out (and how much I ended up using for each of the ingredients).
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Back to the here and now again
Ok...no more longhorn bashing 'til next year...I promise! You know I love you -- and reading your cool blog -- Melissa (at pie in the sky)! We even have the same middle name (but I have an extra "n")! Today it's back to life, back to reality. Since the U.S. has launched air strikes in Afghanistan, the 2001 Emmy awards have been cancelled. Sounds like they've been cancelled for good this time. And so much for our brief glimpse of fall here in Florida. They just said on FOX that it's 102-degrees on the field at Raymond James, as the Bucs kick off against the Pack. OUCH!
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The Day After
From: CNNSI.com (So close, but yet so far) "On paper, they [texas] did many of the things it should take to win. They held the defending national champions to 206 yards of offense. Their star quarterback was 24-of-42 for 198 yards. And they knocked the other team's quarterback out of the game. But the fifth-ranked texas longhorns did not win their football game against No. 3 Oklahoma on Saturday, and despite what their coach would have you think, it wasn't even that close.....In year four of the much-hyped Mack Brown era of texas football, and year three for the wonderboy Simms, the longhorns have yet to find their storybook ending. And it's not likely to happen any time soon. But the 'horns themselves remain in denial.....the Sooners have won 18 consecutive games and a national championship because they know what they do with the talent, something Texas is still struggling to grasp." And from the Sooner Times Message Boards: "texas wide receiver Roy Williams conceded the Sooners are good, but not before coming up with an explanation for why OU has beaten texas the past two years - Oklahoma gets lucky. 'They’re not better than us,' he said after the game. 'They’re just not. They just get the breaks.' You're right, Roy. OU isn't better than you. Our coaching staff has decided it is better to be lucky than good. We've just beaten you two straight years by a combined score of 77-17." "Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure." -- Earl Wilson, newspaper columnist
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Quote of the day by Brent Musburger during the OU/tx telecast: "Oklahoma has again proved its value, and I ask you ladies and gentlemen, why was texas favored coming into this game?"
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Well why don't you tell us how you really feel, Robyn?
Thursday, October 4, 2001

An open letter to texas fans…

I’m writing this entry knowing in advance there’s a slight chance it will never be seen by anyone. I am superstitious to the core. I am also a firm believer that trash-talking should not be done until it’s already been proven on the field. That said… If this is published, once again texas still sucks, and once again OU proved you to be the losers you are to a national audience. I can now “talk trash” – and I fully intend to do so. So if you think you can handle it, click the link to read more... If you can't, come back next week when my focus moves to Kansas.

[WARNING: Unladylike commentary ahead ]

I have never met a texas fan – in person – that I’ve liked. It amazes me that some of the “coolest” blogs online are by former ut grads. The graphics are amazing. The content keeps me comin' back for more each day. I truly enjoy their blogs, but I just don’t get it. Maybe OU is finally beating the stink out of texas students now that we’ve reached the 2000s…I’m not sure…but I stand by my original statement, which I shall now repeat. I have never met a texas fan – in person – that I’ve liked. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that the drunker half of the Bush twins chose Austin as her collegiate home. One went to Yale. One went to Austin. Ahhhh, Austin…where the alcohol flows freely and IQs are checked at the city limits…much like dear old dad when he ran for governor... [And much like #3 who thought it would be smart to down a punt on the 3-yard line today rather than let it roll into the endzone for a touch-back. His IQ matched his jersey number.] Oh yeah, she fits in there jus’ fine!

My freshman year at OU, my roommate and I drove down to Big-D for our very first OU/tx weekend. We sat in line overnight for the tickets – and being the young, naïve (and blonde) little freshman that we were – we really thought it would be the coolest weekend of our lives. Instead my roommate’s new car was broad-sided by a Suburban on our way to Commerce Street. (The last year such celebrations were held there due to riots incited by drunken texas fans that year, I might add.) The other vehicle’s occupants were barely sober, and gleefully hit us – and ran – as they chanted “OU Sucks” and did the dreaded “hook ‘em horns” sign. (They can’t even be original with that. Half of them use their pinky and thumb and don’t even realize Hawaii had it for “hang loose” first. But then again, what do I expect out of a school that borrowed their fight song from “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad"… At least OU had the smarts to borrow their fight song “Boomer Sooner” from other actual FIGHT SONGS!)

My second…and for now, final…OU/tx game was during my senior year at OU. The fact my best friend came down with a raging case of mono should have been my first clue to stay home. He was running about a 101-degree fever and the game was rainy and in the low 50s. Not exactly pleasant for either of us. And God-curse Gary Gibbs, he gave up yet another close score and let texas emerge victorious. On our way out of the Cotton Bowl, we were pelted with FULL beer cans by drunken texas students who were screaming all sorts of things unfit to print. I ended up with bruises the size of baseballs all over my back, arms and legs – and a nice drive back up to Oklahoma that night in freezing rain and sleet was our lovely parting gift.

OU could lose every game of the year, as far as I’m concerned, as long as we just beat the helloutta texas. My hatred of burnt orange goes beyond all rationality – beyond most people’s comprehension. In fact, when Todd and I were first married (before he saw the light and became a diehard Sooner gridiron fan as well), he couldn’t really understand why I hated texas so much. Or why, like Thelma and Louise, I would literally drive AROUND the state - rather than through it – if at all possible. Or why I absolutely REFUSED to ever live there. He couldn’t fathom why I considered every texas fan I’d come across in "real life" more of a Neanderthal than a representative of a fine institution of higher education. Now, after several years among the Sooner faithful, he knows. And now he shares my hatred and venom. We revel in it, actually. We're never given credit by texas fans. I will readily admit texas strengths and our weaknesses before the game. I will come right out and say the game will be close (other than last year's drawers-droppin' 63-14 score). We don't get the same respect in return -- even when we've earned it. All we get is trash-talkin' in return. Well at a time to put up or shut up, guess who put up!

So if you’re actually reading this – OU has once again made my year and kicked the ever-living shit out of those wastes-of-space in Austin. Bevo is (yet again) what’s for dinner. And if I died today, there’d be a texas-sized big-ass grin across my face. Boomer Sooner! Tuck Fexas! Sooner football is back baby...and it's here to stay. GET USED TO IT!
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Hook THIS!
I think it's fair to say that Chris Simms is OKLAHOMA's bitch. I also think it's fair to say that perhaps the author of pie in the sky might want to stick to letting Miss Cleo make her game-predictions in the future... (From her blog yesterday): "It's the weekend, finally. And it couldn't have come any sooner.....And speaking of Sooners- GO TEXAS! BEAT THE HELL OUTTA ou!!! Sadly, I know some people (http://www.tobynopoly.com/blog/) who are going to be very sad indeed tomorrow. In honor of the ass-whuppin (that's a technical term) that the Mighty Horns will deliver to the lowly sooners, I leave you with this.....ou Sucks." (posted at 8:37-ish pm CST, October 5th) Ironically, we're just not sad at all... Four interceptions thrown by Chris Simms. What "list" of his was that on, btw? Mighty? Ass-whuppin? We didn't even do it with our starting QB. Boomer Sooner!
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Hey Corso -- UP YOURS!
YEEEEEESSSSSSSSS! Corso just picked texas! Boomer Sooner!
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Sooner spirit
Got my tootsies painted tonight and my feet are Crimson and Cream now! Kickoff is just under 15 hours away...aaaack...
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Time-honored tradition
The clock just hit midnight and the calendar turned to October 6th. OU/tx day is finally upon us. (Hey Corso -- UP YOURS!) In honor of gameday, we plan to hold-fast to the time honored tradition of "you win, you drink -- you lose, you drink more"! BOOMER SOONER -- GO OU!
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Have Martha plan your wedding
The Wedding List and Martha Stewart Weddings are having a contest where the Martha Stewart Weddings experts will plan your wedding in Puerto Rico, and your wedding will air on the Martha Stewart Living television show. There are also 3 runner-up prizes for a week-long honeymoon in Puerto Rico. For more information, visit the official contest site!
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Hi Chel!
You knew I would Chel... Make sure to go check out the cute wedding/marriage cartoon over at girlandgeek.com!
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Vehhhhhry scary!
I just finished putting up all of the Halloween lights, decorations, signs, etc. I'm in such a great mood knowing that the constant-decorating time of year is finally here!
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We just had three "cityscapes" added to the cityscape project -- one for Philadelphia, one for New York City, and one for Tampa. Dawn has a great series just-added there for Chicago, too!
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Yeah, yeah...I know they say not to worry yet...but would you worry knowing Atta had lived near your community, and 13 of the suspected 19 hijackers had FL drivers licenses? Sigh...
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Earlier this week, the OU RUF/NEKS (those crazy cats that drive the Sooner Schooner) carried out the tradition of painting the South Oval at OU. It's the most...wonderful time...of the year...

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Getaway Weddings
Got a new advertiser for "Wholly Matrimony!" tonight...make sure to check 'em out! They're doing a survey on whether or not the events of 9-11 changed wedding or honeymoon plans.
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Red cheeks!
Ok...this seriously has to be the best Google search yet to direct someone to this blog: "pic of my butt cheeks hanging out"
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Bunny Does it Better
Discovered a new and hillarious read today that I want to pass along for all of my single friends going through the sometimes humorous, sometimes not, trials and tribulations of dating (and for my married friends that just want a good blog-stop). Make sure to check it out!
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To quote Monica..."I KNOW!"
I'd just like the record to show... (don't click if you're on the west coast and haven't seen "Friends" yet!) I'm so happy I got it right!
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The Hooker Union
This one is courtesy of my dear husband: Prostitutes in Amsterdam are forming their own trade union. What will the demands be? No spike heels taller than 4" unless Dr. Scholl's pads are provided? Fishnet stockings on Saturday nights only? Silk rather than satin sheets? Every 10th VD test is free? The possibilities are endless I guess...but I don't even wanna know how the strikes get settled!
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Stars and Stripes Forever
Just heard this on the news and thought it was pretty cool... Remember that flag that was raised over the WTC in that famous photo similar to Iwo Jima? Ever wonder where it went? Today it was raised atop the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt on its way to the Middle East.
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Could this week get any longer?
I have that same "I'm about to hurl" nervous-nausea brewing up that I used to get before every big softball game back in junior high. And before every big game during "Big Red October" that OU played last year. Yes, I darn-near puked before we left for the Nebraska game, and did toss my cookies before the Orange Bowl. So sue me. I'm Sooner born and Sooner bred and when I die I'll be a Sooner dead. I'm serious about football. (Hell, I graduated from OU over six years ago now, and I still can't bring myself to capitalize the word texas. No true Sooner can, IMHO.) And now the OU/tx hype has hit the media...there's no turning back...no matter how much Sooners want to cling to the numbers 63-14. No matter how much our stomachs churn with anticipation, and dare I say "fear" at the potential of this year's outcome -- texas is steeled and out for revenge for the whoopin' they took at OU's hands last year. We all know that. Revenge is a deadly weapon to have in your arsenol. Brent Musburger boldy stated on the national telecast last year that "the eyes of texas have been blackened". Every major sports publication is declaring it's time for texas to put up or shut up -- and prove they're more than hype. texas hasn't had a national championship since 1969, and this year is their best shot. And it all begins -- or hopefully ends -- against OU on Saturday... Here's a little more on the storied rivalry from the ESPN Classic website:

"For the last 72 years, the OU-tx game in Dallas has been part Mardi Gras and part Super Bowl. It is one of the rare games still played at a neutral site, the others being Army-Navy and Georgia-Florida. During my years as a newspaperman and talk show host, I covered seventeen Super Bowls -- four of those in New Orleans. OU-tx has the feel of a Super Bowl because the city is commandeered by the fans the night before the game, and the crowd on Saturday afternoon is split straight down the middle, one half burnt orange and the other half crimson.....

.....Saturday, Oklahoma enters the game with the longest winning streak in the nation at 17 games. The Sooners are ranked No. 3 and the Longhorns No. 5. It is the biggest game of the year to date in college football and will go a long way in determining one of the representatives at the BCS title game in the Rose Bowl.

Now that Bob Stoops has resurrected a dynasty in Norman, and Mack Brown's unmatched recruiting has produced a national power once more in Austin, OU-tx again is at front and center.

But without the spark provided by the rollicking weekend in Dallas, this rivalry would not be America's best. With apologies to Army-Navy, Alabama-Auburn, Ohio State-Michigan, Florida-Georgia, Florida State-Miami, USC-UCLA and USC-Notre Dame, the season's most compelling game and the game's greatest rivalry, still belongs to Dallas."

Can someone please pass the Pepcid AC?
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The wrong "boomer"
Another strange search term bring people to my site: "baby boomer women pics" -- I'm not even sure I want to know why!
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Do I have a twin?
Well I'm a little late to the party, but I joined the blog twinning project, too -- and of course I remembered to wear my dancin' shoes!
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In just three short minutes
Here's my attempt at a "three minute blog"... I think one of the best things about this time of year is seeing all the Halloween candy lining the store aisles. Just for an instant, when you look up at candy piled up on shelves a good five feet above your head, you can feel like a kid again. I may be too old to trick-or-treat, but I'm never too old to go, "Look! Atomic Fireballs! Oooh -- here are the Smartees! Whoo hoo -- Nerds and Poprocks. Where are the Lifesaver lollipops? Three bucks for a bag of M&M's? You have got to be kidding me!" Ok, that last one is my jolt back into adulthood...but there's nothing like filling up the candy dish at the beginning of each October and feeling no guilt whatsoever as you munch away. Calories don't count between October first and January second. That's my point and I'm sticking to...(beep!)
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Bevo...it's what's for dinner!

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It's a girl!
Tara and Tommy just found out today that they're having a little girl! Many congrats -- we are literally just tickled pink!
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Is there any form of travel that's SAFE anymore?!?
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As much as I've been shivering under the covers at night, I'm actually kind of sad our temps are going back up into the upper 80s tomorrow or Friday. This is one of those mornings where it just "feels" like fall -- and we rarely get that at this time of year in Florida. Looking out the window, it just seems like such a perfect day...if only the leaves would turn...
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Three minute blog
The Three Minute Blog...might be interesting to try tomorrow when I'm a lot more coherant!
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Sooner Blogger
Found another former OU student blogger... Looks like we have a lot of the same musical tastes. The "about" page says they hung out with the Flaming Lips and the Chainsaw Kittens back in high school. Ahhhh...those were the days! Little known Robyn fact -- I was in a Chainsaw Kittens video that aired on MTV's Alternative Nation on some random Tuesday night back in late '92 or early '93. I was "blink or you'll miss her girl #12 in the crowd". Didn't know the band...my friend Hillary did and I just looked like a good band ho' I guess... LOL!
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Lingerie Contest?
Whoever ended up at my site searching for lingere contest photos must have been sorely disappointed to find it was actually wedding dress contest photos instead!
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Thanks Christine!
Once again, Christine pulls through and finds the best site I've seen all day! The Stay-Puffed Marshmellow Man darn-near caused a spit-take!
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Just call me Mrs. Fix-It
I just caught a glitch with the cookie that will remember your name/e-mail/URL in the comments pop-up (if you check the box to remember your info and don't want to type everything out each time). It's all fixed -- "I think!" -- so if you've been having troubles with it, you might try again.
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Think Pink!
Did you notice that the Yahoo search engine went pink? It's all a part of the "Go Pink - Fight Against Breast Cancer" campaign. Pink would probably severely clash here, but I'll make one of my other sites pink tomorrow...
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Oh Mr. Moon, moon, bright and shiny moon...
Did you have trouble sleeping last night (since most of you will be reading this come Tuesday)? Dennis the weather guy just said that the full Harvest Moon tonight is one of the brightest of the year -- and it's one of the worst "wives tale" causes for insomnia. I don't need any more help with that, thankyouverymuch. But he told everyone to get outside and bask in the chilly moonlight (we're dropping in the FIFTIES up here tonight - two degrees shy of the record low on this date - and our water temps dropped 10-degrees in one week!), so we're going to do just that before heading off to bed... It's one of the rare Harvest Moons in the month of October -- hope you didn't miss it!
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au revoir
MSNBC is reporting that Mademoiselle Magazine is leaving the shelves. That was one of my favorite reads during college...hate to see it go!
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Can't cry hard enough
This one is thanks to Christine... It's beautiful -- just be sure to have a Kleenex handy!
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Font request
Font Hunt: I'm looking for two fonts and hope you can help! The first is called Cezanne, but unfortunately there are two versions of this font with the same name. The version I'm on the hunt for has the green 'thumbs up' (as shown by clicking here). The one I already have, but don't want, has the red 'thumbs down' (as shown by clicking here). The other font I'm looking for is called Arid. If you can help, you'll have my undying love and devotion!
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Sears Tower Attack?
Our local ABC news affiliate is reporting on the noon news that extensive diagrams of the Sears Tower (in Chicago) were found on 5 people arrested in the midwest for obtaining fake hazardous materials driving licenses. They are speculating that the Sears Tower was going to be targeted for a biological attack, and that the FBI may have thwarted it. It's getting to where you can't watch the news anymore... Here's a related article on the abcnews.com website.
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Say it ain't so
I'm watching the "Sing Along Songs" mini-infomercial for the umpteenth time and cringing... Is it possible to ask your child to skip that whole Barney + John Jacob Jingleheimerschmit phase and go straight to Kids in the Hall and the Beastie Boys? I can't imagine that CD on continuous loop... I hope "but wait...there's more..." includes a straight jacket!
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And the winner is...
Can you believe it's October already?!? With a new month, comes new monthly winners...so without further adieu... The October 2001 Dress of the Month, the October 2001 Destination Wedding of the Month (Marne and Steve in Maui), and the October 2001 Destination Wedding Article of the Month (Atlantic City Valentine's Weddings). Now...I sleep...
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Finally...it's time to launch the Dress Contest 2001! It's is the 4th year for the annual Dress Contest. I can't wait to see how many entries we get this year. I don't expect the numbers to be as high as 2000's, but then again, I'm always pleasantly surprised. If you know someone that just got married, give 'em a bit of peer-pressure to submit their dress!
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