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Pasta Milano
Here's the recipe for Macaroni Grill Pasta Milano.
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Go J-Lo!
Looks like Jennifer Lopez got married again over the weekend. Check out her dress -- absolutely stunning! Wonder if I could get her to enter the Dress Contest? (Added: Another MSNBC article with full-dress shot.)
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It got COLD here last night! Well...cold for Florida anyway. It dipped into the low 60s and we were shivering so bad we went and jumped in the hot tub at 2 a.m. It's in the low 70s right now and the house is still freezing. No, I don't want to hear how you had frost on your windshield last night and are in sweaters under blankets. You're killing my buzz! Let me pretend it's cold & fall-like as I burn my punkin'-scented candle. No, seriously.
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Windows of Hope
Here's another great way to help out with the September 11th relief funds...as seen on FoodTV... "On the night of Thursday, October 11, you can join this effort by dining in a participating restaurant across the US. At least 10 percent of the evening's proceeds will be donated to the fund by each restaurant." For more information, and to see a list of participating restaurants near you, visit Windows of Hope. Pass it on!
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A Claire and a smile...
Here's a little something to start your Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY off with a smile... Todd is currently 0-1 in these matches.
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Red River Rivalry
>From a new CNNSI article: "For texas, attempting to reverse a 63-14 score from a year ago, this may have been the worst thing that could happen. OU was taken to the limit and survived. Practice begins again Monday, and if there’s any chance the Sooners were getting complacent, that chance is gone."
Just remind me to take my glycerin tablets to next week's watch party. I almost joined 'Lizabeth today!
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When I read this (from Jo's blog) I couldn't believe it! We don't drink coffee, and the one time we got hot chocolate there it resembled oily sludge more than anything cocoa-like -- but I will never EVER give Starbucks my money again after Urban Legends confirmed this story is TRUE -- and I hope you'll feel the same and pass this around! Screw you guys...we're goin' to Tweaks...
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FUH-GLY: That one word pretty much describes OU's win today. The press is being more than kind, and I guess we really are our own worst critics, but that was one of the most painful games I think I've ever sat (or rather rocked back and forth nervously in my chair) through. I did see one of the best fake punts of my life when OU's receiver Antwone Savage (former HS quarterback) threw a pass to our third string quarterback. We needed 3 yards. We got a touchdown. From CNNSI: "Third-string quarterback Hunter Wall lined up as the up back in punt formation. He took the snap, then threw a long lateral pass to Savage. Savage, who played some quarterback in high school, threw it back to Wall, who had a line of blockers to lead him to the end zone." That said... The headline on CNNSI right now reads "Sooners Squeak One Out" (click here for the linked article). Yep, we did. Any win is a "W", but 38-37 -- after a three touchdown lead -- is just a wee too bit close for comfort! We've now won 17 in a row (the longest streak in the nation), but all that don't mean nuthin' with texas coming up next week! It's time to sit in the whirlpool, work those bruises out, and get back on the practice field and in the film room. Go OU -- beat the hell out of texas!
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When I die I'll be a Sooner dead
FINALLY...OU takes the field again tomorrow against K-State at home. The game will be televised on ABC at 12:00 p.m. EDT, and ESPN's College Game Day will be in Norman before the game tomorrow morning. I must say that I'm just a little nervous about this one. Besides K-State always being a grudge-match (Stoops used to coach there and took a few of the assistant coaches with him when he went to Norman) -- and every team that comes into town itching to knock-off the undefeated "16-game winning streak" national champ -- OU hasn't been on the playing field since September 8th (postponed game and then a bye-week). But I'm ready for some fooooootball! Good luck tomorrow Sooners! And in other Sooner news...the womens basketball team was just ranked #1 in the pre-season poll. Congrats ladies -- and best wishes for a great year ahead!
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Ok...please no rants about not being patriotic...I needed a good laugh and I found one! While reading yet another local story about gestapo neighborhood assocations ordering flags and flag poles removed, I noticed it said the couple were members of the Military Order of the Cootie. So I looked it up, and sho' nuff, there is a Military Order of the Cootie! How could you get inducted into an organization named that and not seriously burst out into fits of laughter... Too funny!
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Lizard Cam
I've seen a lot of blogs that have "through my viewfinder" on them, so I thought I'd head off into the great outdoors with my webcam in tow, and show everyone a small sampling of what I see through my "viewfinder" each day. I give to you...Lizard Cam!
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There she is...your ideal...
This is friggin' hysterical -- "Are you smarter than Miss America"? Guess that History degree finally paid off -- I got 8 out of 8! I'd like to thank the little people as I envision whirlled peas... (Link thanks to Susannah!)
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I don't wanna go to school today, mom...
When I got up this morning, I could not get Claire out of bed. I was up and around for about 30 minutes before she finally stumbled out, streching and groggy-eyed. Too much late-night partying, I guess... And she's already back to sleep and snoring again -- such a cutie!
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Aren't you glad you use Dial?
Do they really think the best way to draw viewers to the next season of Survivor is to tout it as "stinkier" with "tubby guys"? Survivor III - brought to you in HDTV and Smellivision!
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Are you ready for some football?
For those of you that follow my site via the Florida Suncoast Sooner Club, Steve just selected this week's meeting place/time and it's up at the site...
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Happy birthday Gma!
Today is my Gma's 69th birthday! Happy birthday Gma -- wish we could be there to help celebrate -- we miss and love you!
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I scream, you scream, we all scream...
I have such a great husband! Not only did he bring Checkers in so I wouldn't have to cook during the first Friends, he also just walked in with Ben & Jerry's so we can officially "veg" on the couch. Whadda guy!
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Stop the insanity!
Ok, it's getting to the point that when I go to "add an entry", nine times out of ten it will give me a "500 server error". It's not Greymatter's fault -- it's my host's. (Oddly enough, the entry posts anyway even when the response screen shows an error!) Well this afternoon was the final straw...when I hit the back button to go to the main menu (which usually just auto-corrects the problem), it told me my index files were gone... Gone. All of 'em. There were no old entries to edit. There were no past entries, period. I backed up all my archive files and did some quick fixin'. Amazingly enough -- all entries and comments seem to be here after republishing -- thank goodness. But that's the final straw. I'm sick of addr.com. I now know why people gripe and complain about them non-stop -- and can't believe they were actually recommended to me once upon a time. It must have been a very different company way back when -- and one that really outgrew their britches and lost all the things that made them "great" in the process. I guess I really am getting what I paid for. So the question is this... Who do you use for hosting? Are you happy with them? How long have you been there? What do you get for what they charge? Does their tech support take 3-4 days (or more) to send a reply like my current host? I hate the thought of changing hosts after I've just changed domain names (and finally got it pointed in this direction)...but I can't take it anymore. I'm tired of the hour-plus downtime each day. I'm tired of the errors. I'm tired of them writing back 4 days later going "well everything seems to be fine now..." (Duh! I had the problem over NINETY-SIX HOURS ago!) Any and all of your recommendations will be greatly appreciated -- thanks!
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Sooner born
It's an OU blogger...an an OU blogger....whoo hoo!
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Wilted Sunflowers
>From pie in the sky: "An Italian art journal claims Van Gogh's Sunflowers is a fake - and was actually done by his friend Gauguin. If this is true, the art community will be shocked - but none more than the current owners of the painting who paid over $36 million for it."
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Who's your daddy?
The "Who Shot J.R." question of our time goes under the microscope tonight -- who's the father of Rachel's baby?! My personal money is on Ross...but I guess we'll just have to (impatiently) wait and see... Who do you think it is?
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You say it's your birthday?
Just wanted to leave HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES here for Christine tomorrow! May you get all your heart desires...and then some! Happy birthday to yooooooooou...
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Bitchin' Camaro
Since Chel's blog is down right now, I'll post this for her. General Motors announced today that it will quit making the Camaro and Firebird after the 2002 model. So the question arises... What will teens back home get knocked up in after 2002? And from Chel: "I wonder what car will go best next to a trailer home now?" And if you own either of these cars -- "not that there's anything wrong with that"!
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How do you prepare for THIS?
Just saw this at little green footballs: "If you're still not convinced that radical Islamic groups are planning chemical/biological attacks (and I have seen several people on the news say we 'shouldn't panic' about it), read this article at the Washington Post: Chemical Weapons Training Revealed."
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Have their hamburgers and eat them, too
This quote came from a really good article ("Why do they [the Arab world] hate America?") linked in Susannah's blog: "...How strange, I thought, even then. They wore Levi jeans, drank Coke, watched American television and listened to American music. Something inside them loved America, even as something outside them hated her. They were like fish that hated the very sea in which they swam - the whisky, in Samuel Beckett's words, that bore a grudge against the decanter. Like the Beirut elite, they wanted to have their hamburgers and eat them, to bite the Yankee hand that fed them..."
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Buh-bye! No, no -- buh-bye!
Big shocker here... I had this waiting for me from Todd when I got online today. The 'Skins cut Jeff George. I'm...stunned...not! Monday night's game was about the most pathetic excuse for an offense that I've seen in a long, long time.
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URL change...again! But the good kind this time -- I promise! We went ahead and got a domain for our blogs and such, so in case we move in the future (and those of you have or had addr.com know what I mean) our domain will move with us. The new address for my blog is: http://www.tobynopoly.com/blog/ Please update your links ASAP -- this one will stick! I'll probably be setting up Greymatter for Todd's blog soon, although he may hold out for Moveable Type (link thanks to Dawn). I'll post his new URL when the change for his becomes official. If you're sitting there going "tobynopoly"? Huh? Well then, go here... And if you're looking for reeeeally cheap domain registration -- we got it here for $9.95/1 year! I highly recommend them. We bought the domain on Saturday night, and they had it ready by Sunday night. The only reason it took so long to go live is that I switched the DNS info to addr.com since I didn't want a redirect URL. But their customer service during the process was great -- and very prompt. Two snaps in a circle for them!
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I've had quite a few requests for my chicken soup recipe(s), so I just put both versions up online here!
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I ain't afraida no ghosts...
The new InStyle Magazine has a cool "tools for ghouls" section. Some of the spooky, scary, downright creepy links the article included are: 1) Printable pumpkin carving patterns 2) Artificial pumpkins you can carve or have custom-carved 3) Professional and kid-safe make-up, prosthetics, and hair dyes 4) Haunted attraction database by state 5) Party planning - yucky recipes, spooky games, and ghost stories 6) Links sites offering decorating, entertaining, and shopping tips 7) Over 6000 vintage costumes & clothing patterns from 1940s-80s 8) Candy store with nostalgic classics and gourmet items 9) More than 50,000 hair-to-go-styles 10) Costumes, props, and accessories
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These little town blues
I was just walking by my favorite snowglobe and stopped dead in my tracks. Sometimes I wonder if it will ever really sink in? It's hard to imagine it was 2 weeks ago. I feel like I've lived 2 lifetimes since then.
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Leapin' lizards!
I think one of the best things about living in central Florida is going outside and seeing a family of teeny-tiny baby lizards go by. They're such a part of our daily life now, I can't imagine living anywhere else anymore! There are lizards on the screens, lizards by the pond, lizards on the fence, lizards on the ground -- they're everywhere each time you open the door! And seeing Claire take off at 150 mph thinking maybe, just maybe this time she'll catch one is priceless...
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Stump the blonde
Things that make me go 'hmmmmm...' So if you're Penelope Cruz and you end up marrying Tom Cruise, does it matter if you do or don't keep your maiden name?
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I'm only happy when it rains
It has POURED here all day -- almost 4" in some areas! In fact, I think it's rained harder through parts of the afternoon than it did during our tropical storm on the 14th. The only downside of this is that our DirecTV never can find a signal during rain. Kind of makes that local-TV package we pay extra for seem worthless when we have to go flip to antenna... Can't complain too much though -- thank goodness our lawn is coming back from the dead!
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Down-home cookin'
I've been kinda quiet today because I've spent most of the day in the kitchen making homemade chicken noodle soup in the slow-cooker. It smells soooooo good in here -- wish I could share with everyone!
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My boooo-tee-ful baby
I spent most of the afternoon grooming Claire, and just had to share how beautiful she is!
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This local story breaks my heart on so many levels, I just don't know where to begin... I was in tears right along with the detective watching it on the news. A NINE MONTH OLD baby girl was raped, strangled, and left for dead. There just isn't a punishment harsh enough for a whack-job like that. Even the chair seems too humane! Reading the story, that poor family has been through more in the last couple of years than anyone should ever have to go through in a lifetime.
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Copycat Sunday
Swiped from Kristine who swiped it from Leesa: I want... a CD-recorder and a new scanner I have... natural blonde hair I wish... I felt better this week I crave... chocolate chip cookie dough I regret... not being able to see my Gma more often I love... my wonderful husband and family I hate... paying the bills I miss... our family and friends back in Oklahoma I fear... what September 11th unleashed I see... football on the television again...finally... I hear... the dishwasher, washing machine, and the game on TV I wonder... when will it finally start to cool down again here I know... I'm very blessed to have my marriage, my family, my friends, and my home
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Oops...I meant to say...
Thanks to Christine and Michele: What Falwell Really Meant
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Wish you were here
The current main image on the Village Voice website. Sadly beautiful.
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Psalms 10
Terry Bradshaw just recommended reading Psalms 10 on FOX NFL Sunday, regardless of your faith. I haven't read that passage in awhile...it is very fitting and appropriate in these times.
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I wanna be a princess
Well spank my arse again and call me Your Highness... I really can be a princess now -- and not just by wearing a tiara when I dust! The same fine folks at FOX that brought us quality, ground-breaking programming like Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire, have lined up the sequel Who Wants to be a Princess. ("30 young women from across the United States vie for the favor of a dashing young Eurpoean prince...on the once-in-a-lifetime pageant combining glamour, mystery, fantasy and a royal twist".) We've got another Darva Conger in the works folks. Buckle up!
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Weather report
In case you missed this in Ryan and Chel's blog, here's the most recent Kabul weather report... I needed a silly laugh!
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Turning leaves
Fall arrived without much fanfare at 7:04 p.m. this evening. We don't actually have "fall" in Florida -- our fall-like temps arrive about the time the rest of the country starts bundling up and scraping ice off their windshields. But we can attempt to "recreate" it by burning fall-scented candles and blasting the AC! Even though we were 1° shy of 90 today, you won't hear us complaining this December, I guess.
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What a tangled web
This article by the Washington Post is less than comforting. In addition to finding other box-cutters and knives on aircraft-sweeps following the hijackings, federal investigators have also discovered that some of those detained following September 11th "had recently obtained or sought licenses to drive trucks" and tractor-trailers (including a license to haul hazardous materials). "The FBI is [also] investigating whether some of the hijackers received training in military exchange programs for foreign officers at the Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida," according to the office of Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL). If that's the case, I most likely had friends that trained with them. It's bad enough that my best friend Robbie's former flight school (Airman in Norman, OK) where he taught has been under investigation. The web just keeps growing bigger and bigger.
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Code Red
Joy of joys...Mountain Dew has FINALLY released "Code Red" in 6-pack plastic bottles! It's the little things that make me happy.
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Quack, quack
Todd always insists that the hot tub be called the "James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub". Well lookee what we found coming soon at the mall last nite!
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Crash! Boom!
So a group of us are sitting out on Ryan and Chel's porch tonight, and two SUVs stop at the corner intersection just up from their drive. We couldn't tell whether or not they were fighting or just talking really loud. Next thing we know, up drives a Jeep Cherokee and we hear a loud crash -- knowing it had hit our Explorer parked off the street. It sounded BAD when it hit and we didn't know what we were going to find. But the two SUVs on the corner were blocking the Jeep in and the driver couldn't go anywhere. All the guys on the porch go out running towards our Explorer, and Ryan is screaming the tag number out loud so the Jeep driver could hear him. The Jeep driver was obviously trying to get out of there and had no intentions of stopping or checking out the damage. In the meantime, Todd dialed 911 to report the hit and run, and the other two SUVs moved to let the hit-and-runner out -- and the idiot takes off THE WRONG WAY down a busy one-way street. Turns out his tag was registered to a Gainesville address. (It had Univ. of Florida plates and was baby blue with grey trim -- so if you know the jerk let us know!) Thankfully they just snapped our driver's side rearview mirror back, and Todd and Al popped it back into place and the motor in it still works. There was also a minor scratch on the wheel rim. It sounded *so much worse* to all of us though -- we felt really lucky! The cops said it wouldn't even be worth a report since we probably couldn't positively ID the person (just the car) and the damage would be nowhere near bothering with a deductible. The police couldn't find the Jeep when they searched for it either. But what a fun evening! Next time...we use the driveway...
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Yum, yum, gimme some!
On our way over to Ryan and Chel's tonight, we're stopping by the new International Plaza to have dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen. It's the first time we've had one in Tampa Bay -- and only the second time we'll have eaten there. The first time was at the St. Louis airport, so that doesn't really count... I can't wait! All emergency personal have been notified and are on alert, and the checkbook and credit cards are on lockdown. The mall opened a couple of weeks ago -- and it's the first time Tampa has had a Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, J. Crew, Coach, Tiffany, Cheesecake Factory, Aveda, and L'Occitane -- just to name a few. I think it's best we get in, get out, get on with our life! A very dangerous place to have a hop, skip, and a jump away...
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Bill Gates Widow
Soon I will be a Bill Gates Widow (yes widow, not window) once again. Todd had his meeting today about getting an MCSE in Windows 2000. (He's already an MCSE.) Some of the classes will be on weekends, so I guess it's a good thing the Dress Contest 2001 starts on October 1st! If only this MCSE came with a $20K/year raise like the last one though...le sigh...
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I love you, sis!
If you're reading this Jennifer -- just know I love you, and it WILL get better! I know you're sporadic with e-mail right now, so I'll call you this weekend, ok? Hang in there...
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Well, well, well...
I finally got the time to sit down and tackle Greymatter! People have been on my case to do this forever, and now I can happily "www.shhhh...com" them. You can get to my old archives on blogger by surfing around the menu to the left -- but now, I'm here. *and the crowd goes wild* Sorry for the URL change. My "connect-dots.com" server doesn't take Perl and I wasn't in the mood to change hosts right now. You can either continue to link to the redirect page at the original blog, or the new address here. It's up to you! Catch ya' tomorrow...
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To be off topic, Office
To be off topic, Office Space is an excellent movie!
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Here's more on the blog
Here's more on the blog entry below... Pardon my French, but to quote one of our favorite movies (Office Space), what a no-talent ass-clown!
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Holy crap! U.S. Representative or
Holy crap! U.S. Representative or no, people just SUCK sometimes... I just heard the quote outloud on the NBC Nightly News, and it turned my stomach even more.
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Get Poofs, Not Puff! For
Get Poofs, Not Puff! For those of you that have a link to my "Please Puff Daddy Ruin This Song, Too" site on your site.....the domain "poofsnotpuff.com" expires tomorrow and I don't want to waste money renewing it. (The first year was free.) Please make note of the new URL linked in this entry. Thanks!
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take my poll at:Pop-ups

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Why do "cures" always have
Why do "cures" always have to taste so bad? We can put men on the moon -- can't we just make everything taste like bubblegum? I have a new medication called Cholestyramine that I'm supposed to be taking for Lyme. (keyword: supposed) I just can't manage to get it down my throat each day. It's not a pill or a liquid. Oh no, that would be too easy! It's a 3x3" packet of what's supposed (again, keyword: supposed) to taste like orange powder. You're either to mix it with clear liquid or applesauce. Tried water and juice. Powder doesn't dissolve. (Says on the label it won't.) So basically it's like drinking psuedo-orange flavored cement. Tang equals a fine merlot compared to this stuff. So I tried the applesauce. Even worse -- then you get pulpy cement. I cannot stop the gag-reflex each time I try, no matter what I try it with. Heed my warning! Do not ever get high cholesterol. That's what this medication is commonly used for. I can't imagine not taking it equaling possible death...I feel like death each time I hold my nose and gulp!
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If you've seen September 22nd
If you've seen September 22nd mentioned in the news as a possible future date for attacks -- I just read why the 11th and 22nd could possibly be significant dates on the Muslim calendar.
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My Gma just sent me
My Gma just sent me a new photo -- I hope it's genetic to look that good as I get older!
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By request, I made Las
By request, I made Las Vegas destination wedding t-shirts for brides and grooms quite awhile ago, but I'm just now getting them uploaded to my main wedding tee index page...
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Satan or smoke? This
Satan or smoke? This is one of those new 'net legends circling around right now that I don't know what to think/believe... Here are a few pages if you'd like to check it out and decide for yourself, with different versions of the photo: 1) Urban Legends Reference Pages, 2) The SF Gate, 3) The Saginaw News, 4) KUSA-TV Denver >From the SF Gate: "Skeptics say the face is no different from someone seeing images in clouds -- they are seeing patterns where there is randomness. Vin Alabiso, an AP vice president and the news cooperative's executive photo editor, has said that the photo was untouched and that the AP has a strict policy that prohibits the alteration of the content of a photo in any way. Nevertheless, the photo has made a terrible week even more surreal for Mark D. Phillips, the sometime photojournalist who climbed to his Brooklyn roof on the morning of the attacks to take pictures of a burning World Trade Center, and sold them to the Associated Press. He barely looked at one photograph -- filled with a dark cloud of billowing smoke -- before he sent it from his laptop. On the night of the attacks, Phillips said, his agent called to ask, "Do you know that the face of the devil is in your photograph?" Phillips says he started to shake when he looked at the picture again. Now, he says, he isn't sure what to believe."
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You know, I didn't really
You know, I didn't really think all of the college exams I took were fair. I think I could have done a much better job -- hell, even graduated with a 4.0 -- if my professors would have allowed me to write my own test questions based on my strengths, rather than weaknesses, to ensure that I passed. Sound ridiculous to you? Well then you might be comforted to know that's exactly what's going on with the U.S. nuclear power industry right now: ".....The nuclear industry did not enjoy failing, and did not enjoy shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars to prepare for Orrik's [former US Navy Seal who ran a program that tested the security at civilian nuclear plants by organizing mock attacks against them] tests--or to install security upgrades as the penalty for not passing. So it began to lean on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to gut the program. This fall, the NRC is doing just that--phasing out Orrik's program in favor of one in which nuclear power plants will carry out 'self-assessments'....." Oh yeah, I take great comfort now knowing we live 50 miles downwind of the Crystal River nuclear power plant -- especially considering 13 of the 19 hijackers last week had FL driver's licenses and a few lived in the Tampa Bay area! Reading this article gives me the willies!
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In case you haven't heard
In case you haven't heard about it yet, there's a major Hollywood telethon set for this weekend, to be carried by ALL major networks -- the first time in history! The star-power in this thing alone is blinding (George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Jim Carrey, Clint Eastwood, Faith Hill, Julia Roberts, and Will Smith for starters).
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OU just rescheduled their game
OU just rescheduled their game with Tulsa (which would have been played last weekend) for November 3rd. We already had a "bye week" in the schedule for this coming Saturday -- by the time we actually play again, I hope I still remember the lyrics to "Boomer Sooner"!
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I went ahead and scanned
I went ahead and scanned all of our World Trade Center photos from our visit on 12.30.95, just so we'd have them for our own sake, if nothing else...
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Ryan just passed on this
Ryan just passed on this political cartoon, so I thought I'd share!
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There's not much content here
There's not much content here at all, because all they have at this point are wedding candids...but... I made a small wedding site for Joy's brother and new sister-in-law (Kelly and J.Q.).
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Just when I thought I
Just when I thought I couldn't cry any more...watching David Letterman and Dan Rather choking up and fighting tears is bringing it all back... Watching them hurt, and feel, and be so...human...it's just heart-wrenching. I have more respect for them now than I ever dreamed possible.
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There are four pages of
There are four pages of absolutely beautiful patriotic "wallpaper" choices here for your computer background. (Edited to say: No wonder I like this site -- they have wallpaper for both the Jefferson and Kennedy quotes gracing the tops of both our blogs...and the site's owner is from the University of Oklahoma Political Science department!)
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Ryan liked the new design,
Ryan liked the new design, but thought it needed patriotic girls in swimsuits...so as to not disappoint...
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Completely speechless on this one
Completely speechless on this one -- why on earth would they do this?! (Updated to say: Christine found out that it was another 'net hoax.)
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I love the new look!
I love the new look! Very patriotic and very fitting.
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"WHERE DID MARILYN GO? You just changed your blog!" Well yeah...I did...but I also felt like things needed to be a little more patriotic around here. Marilyn will be back one day, but not for now. Those of you who knew me in my single days might remember that I had several WWI and WWII "propaganda" posters framed, so I wanted to use some of the ones I've collected, and a few new ones (to me), on this site. Hope you like the new look! And please be patient as I get things set up once again. I'm also trying out a test-run of the comments feature, since I'd been hesitant to add it in the past. We'll see how it goes. Maybe I'll keep it. Maybe I won't. Depends on my mood each day, I guess!
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I've had this site ready
I've had this site ready to go forever, but just plain forgot with everything that occurred last week... So a few minutes late, here's the "fifteen minutes of fame" for September 2001.
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Watch this space: Even though
Watch this space: Even though I have the minor in Political Science, my husband has always been much more passionate, vocal, and sometimes outspoken when it comes to politics and government. Since our voices sometimes clash and/or drown each other out, I just created a blog for Todd to share his viewpoints -- and it includes the ability to comment after each entry. Especially in light of recent events, I suspect Todd will have a lot to say in the days ahead. Make sure to check his blog for updates starting tomorrow!
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Although the following words by
Although the following words by Iyanla Vanzant weren't exactly penned about the events of last week, I thought excerpts from it were very appropriate:
I came home, went straight to my room, sat on the edge of my bed, kicked off my shoes, unhooked my bra, and I had myself a good cry. I'm telling you, I cried until my nose was running all over the silk blouse I got on sale. I cried until my ears were hot. I cried until my head was hurting so bad that I could hardly see the pile of soiled tissues lying on the floor at my feet. I want you to understand, I had myself a really good cry yesterday. Yesterday, I cried, for all the days that I was too busy, or too tired, or too mad to cry..... I cried because there really does come a time when the only thing left for you to do is cry..... Yesterday, I cried. I cried because I hurt. I cried because I was hurt. I cried because hurt has no place to go except deeper into the pain that caused it in the first place, and when it gets there, the hurt wakes you up. I cried because it was too late. I cried because it was time. I cried because my soul knew that I didn't know that my soul knew everything I needed to know. I cried a soulful cry yesterday, and it felt so good. It felt so very, very bad. In the midst of my crying, I felt my freedom coming, Because yesterday, I cried with an agenda.

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Before I started tackling the
Before I started tackling the "to do" list, I wanted to make a few new images for the Red Cross / Amazon.com project. Feel free to take either of these images (or both) for your own site. Just make sure to link them to the following donation website: Link: http://s1.amazon.com/exec/varzea/paypage/PKAXFNQH7EKCX/ 1. Red Cross / Amazon.com 468x60 banner (click to make image open in a new window - right-click to save) 2. Red Cross / Amazon.com 120x60 banner (click to make image open in a new window - right-click to save)
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I had such a long
I had such a long "to do" list to get through on Monday and Tuesday. I got about half of it done by Monday night and whined and moaned that evening about still having so much left to tackle on Tuesday afternoon. That seems so petty now, and so very long ago. Obviously that second half of the list is still sitting there undone and unchecked. I just couldn't get motivated to work on "happy" things like wedding sites in the midst of shock, anger, and grief. Today it's time to sit down and start checking things off one-by-one again. I think we're also going to the movies tonight, just to have a couple of hours in our evening to laugh...
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We just put our lit
We just put our lit candle outside -- don't forget to do the same tonight!
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"I fear all we have
"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant, and filled him with a terrible resolve." -- Admiral Yamamoto, Commander of the Japanese forces that attacked Pearl Harbor
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Sen. John Warner, (R) Virginia,
Sen. John Warner, (R) Virginia, just said on NBC that one of his constituents told him, "Tell the President my wife and I are prepared to return our $300 tax refund checks if the President will commit to kick their ass!" Well said!
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It's incredible to think that
It's incredible to think that if we'd been hit by a Tropical Storm any other week this year, it would have dominated our news and taken over our lives. Now it's like "eh". It's also amazing to me how good a trip to Wal Mart felt last night -- just to walk around and see Halloween candy on a shelf and see people checking off items from their grocery lists. Life indeed does go on...
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This was passed along by
This was passed along by my friend Amanda. She had a friend lose her best friend on one of the planes that crashed into the WTC. Such beautiful words in the midst of sheer grief: "Tomorrow is such an important thing in life. It comes to us at midnight, very clean. It's perfect when it arrives, and puts itself in our hands and hopes that we have learned something from yesterday."
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In case you haven't seen
In case you haven't seen this photo of firemen raising a flag over the WTC, I think it is one of the most poignant (and now most defining) photos of our generation.
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A wonderful quote by New
A wonderful quote by New York Jets Coach Herman Edwards after he was asked about his reaction to those who thought the [NFL] games should have been played [Sunday, September 16th] to offer Americans a diversion. "If they want to get some diversion, you know what the country should do?" he said. "Go to church, go pray. Pray for those that are dead."
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What a week! We now
What a week! We now have Tropical Storm Gabrielle 250 miles off the coast of St. Petersburg...
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This article on CNN saddens
This article on CNN saddens me so much. It appears that the UK lost more citizens in the WTC collapse than Oklahoma lost during the OKC bombing. Even more sobering, "A special changing of the guard is due to take place outside Buckingham Palace on Thursday, to the sound of the U.S. National Anthem. It will follow a two-minute silence." Who would have ever dreamed our national anthem would be played at Buckingham Palace? Here are the numbers by country: "About 100 Britons are known to have died in the New York attacks, and the final toll could reach the 'middle hundreds' if not higher, UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said. Nine Australians have been confirmed dead, with a further 85 missing. Japan, which still has 100 nationals unaccounted for, promised full co-operation if the U.S. retaliates." Thankfully they are still finding people alive in the rubble. All any of us can really do, besides cash donations and giving blood, is pray...
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I am just sickened and
I am just sickened and heartbroken at all of the reports of U.S.-citizen attacks on Muslim-Americans. To say they agree with and/or support the actions carried out by fundamentalist Muslim terrorists on Tuesday is equal to saying that I agree with the beliefs of the American fundamentalist Christians that bomb abortion clinics.
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This is a bit belated
This is a bit belated with all of the events that have occurred in the last couple of days, but I'd like to welcome Christine of "Blah Blah Blog" aboard! You can find her added to the "co-stars" section below...
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Yeah, I guess I have
Yeah, I guess I have to give them the shadow of the doubt, and you make very good points. But for me, yesterday I would have gladly tossed every material possession I owned out the window to have made it all be a bad dream. Sadly, the news was still the same when I got up this morning though...
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Well, considering I keep trying
Well, considering I keep trying to force myself to do "normal" things, and to think normal thoughts, yes... I might have bought a purse on eBay. Even if I lived in New York. It may have been all she could do to feel like it was a normal day, like she was alive. Who knows. I am only speculating, my annoying bad habit. Everyone deals with things so differently. I would want to attempt to ground myself in reality. I had to force myself last night to turn off the news and leave the computer off and do something other than sit and think... and I sure did get a lot of cleaning done. I was amazed with the energy that came over me. I just had to feel normal, or at least try. (It didn't really work too well, but...)
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I just found an e-mail
I just found an e-mail in my "in box" that made me shake my head in disbelief. My Kate Spade purse on eBay hit the reserve last night and sold. Like I care... But the person that bought it? The address she gave in her "payment due request" -- NYC, NY. Did this woman not have anything better to do than to surf eBay and buy a purse last night? I just do not get it!
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Just have to say that
Just have to say that I *LOVE* the graphic on the start page of you blog. In times like these, you take stock of how thankful you are to be alive and have dear family & friends who are too. Just have to say that I am thankful for you both....Todd & Robyn. I'm truly blessed to have such special friends.
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When will it ever feel
When will it ever feel "normal" to post here again? When will everyday worries not seem so petty in comparison to everything else going on around me? When will the gravity of what happened really hit me, and ultimately make me break down and cry to the point I don't think I'll ever stop? When will my husband be able to leave for work each morning without me standing at the door holding him so tight I can't let go? When will life return to what it once was? The answer to all of these, as hard as it is to accept, is that "it won't be". Ever.
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We finally heard from our
We finally heard from our friend Melissa in Brooklyn -- thank God she's ok! She was actually in NYC today, 30 blocks away from the explosion. I think her letter speaks for itself...
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Thank you Robyn
Thank you Robyn for allowing me to post in your blog! Not much to say today. What a day it has been. Glad to hear that your friends were home and are safe and sound. My friends in Manhattan work miles away, so the were not hurt. It still is so ... surreal. My prayers go out to everyone around the globe, as I feel in some way this will effect us all.
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Is this really happening
I went and looked up the following photo in our online album just to try and process all of this. I can't believe I've stood atop a building that is now complete rubble -- it was bad enough knowing I'd driven past the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on a frequent basis -- but to know something I've stood in while so happy, to the very floor, is now a part of one of the worst events in American history. It just does not seem possible...the footage just looks so "Hollywood"...your mind can't wrap around it!

Ironically, we have two friends that worked at the WTC -- and both stayed home today. Lynn wrote to say that Michael had planned on going into the city late today because they stayed up late last night talking about and planning their move to Texas. Another pal from high school, Chase, stayed home from work sick today. Jon wrote to let us know that Carrie had talked to him and he's ok in Brooklyn. I don't think I've ever prayed more in my life -- including the OKC bombing. And I don't think I've ever wished that I had an American flag to fly more than this very moment...
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Unable to comprehend
I've had two weeks of sleep medication adjustments, and I slept 14 hours last night -- waking up just about 30 minutes ago. The world -- at least our world -- literally fell apart while I slept. I am so sad...and in shock...I guess just a bit delayed from the rest of our nation. Thankfully Chel and Ryan are having everyone over at their house tonight so we can all just cry and try to cope together. I don't know what to say...for one of the few times in my life...I just feel speechless.
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My sister had me add
My sister had me add a new poem she wrote called "The Doll" to her website tonight.
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Christine came up with a
Christine came up with a great idea to put the poster's name first in my blog before the comments, so you could tell who was doing the talking a bit easier from the start. Muuuuch better -- thanks!
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Well yeehaw! Lynn and Michael
Well yeehaw! Lynn and Michael just found out that his company is moving them to Dallas (from New York City) and they're paying for everything, including the movers and a "relocation consultant". They can finally settle down in one place and buy their first home! Many congrats Lychael...can't wait to visit when we're back that way...
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I just got an e-mail
I just got an e-mail from Katie saying that she and Daniel are coming back down later this fall for vacation. We haven't seen them since St. Patrick's Day 2000 in Pensacola -- I can't wait! I think we're all going to hit the roller coasters at Islands of Adventure (we've never been and Tara and Tommy left us a day's worth of passes, thanks guys!) -- and I'm sure we'll take a detour Margaritaville and Pat O'Brien's , too...
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I've found this in a
I've found this in a few of my daily reads today -- a new blog called ad libitum where they shred (and praise) commercials. So if you're an AdCritic junkie like me, check it out!
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I just got the Best
I just got the Best College Football Sites list reset for the month of September.
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Well it was fuh-gly, but
Well it was fuh-gly, but the Bucs beat the Cowboys 10-6 today. Man, I love watching Jerry Jones look like the loser he is!
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Lookee what Ashley just found!
Lookee what Ashley just found! The MSNBC.com article that we're in just made the front page of MSN.com, too. Right now it's in the yellow box on the front page under "Family Matters - Weird weddings: What the Internet has done to marriage" -- but in case you missed it, here's a screen capture (the link is circled in red). Who knew our wedding was "weird". Heh heh. Thanks Ashley!
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FOX NFL Sunday just kicked
FOX NFL Sunday just kicked off the 2001 season. Ahhhhh...it don't get much betta than this!
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This hillarious site was passed
This hillarious site was passed on by a friend, "applicable to several people I can think of offhand..." LOL, me too -- humorous way to start off the day! Thanks!
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You could not pay me
You could not pay me to be an Oklahoma player on Monday! We won our sixteenth straight game -- the longest streak in the nation -- 37-10 over North Texas. The praise stops there. The Sooners looked pitiful against a weak UNT team. OU committed 13 penalties and lost 8 points because of them. Hybl threw 28 of 40 passes for 350 yards with two touchdown passes, one touchdown run, and one interception. Tim Duncan missed two field goals, one extra point, and had a blocked extra point. Many consider him to be the best in the nation. Not tonight. At the post-game wrap up, Coach Stoops was asked if the players realized how upset he was. His reply? "If they don't now, they will on Monday." That just about says it all. A win is a win...even when it's ugly...but when everyone brings their "A game" to try and knock of the defending national champions, you have to respond. Especially at home.
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Question of the day: Was
Question of the day: Was that one little check for $600 so important to our generation, that it will seriously compromise whether or not we have anything left to retire on in the next 30 or so years? If we all balanced our checkbooks like this, we'd never be able to borrow from our banks again. ("Despite vows not to touch Social Security funds, the White House budget director Friday informed Republicans on Capitol Hill that it will take at least $10 billion from the Social Security surplus to balance the budget, CNN has learned.") Oh yeah...the next three years are going to be just swell... Read my lips -- no new Bushes! Bring on "Reno time"!
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Just want to cheer our
Just want to cheer our Sooners on this Saturday against North Texas. The game will be on a tape-delay via satellite this Sunday night/Monday morning at 3 a.m., so 'til then, we'll be forced to listen to the live webcast Saturday night. Ugh -- talk about going back to the dark ages after winning the national championship last season! But at least the NFL kicks off this weekend as well -- we can't wait to watch the Tampa Bay defense rip apart the Cowboys. Boomer Sooner and go Bucs!
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It must be web-character week!
It must be web-character week! I was digging them up myself earlier, and then found another great discussion about them on Blah Blah Blog. Christine's talk-back section had a great webmonkey ASCII symbol guide linked. Check it out!
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Ok, my husband is seriously
Ok, my husband is seriously trying to make me spew on the monitor this fine Friday! This Lego Studios parody of Monty Python is a must see!
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Well by now I think
Well by now I think you've all heard Norm McDonald's theory that Germans love David Hasselhoff -- but who knew that Scooby does too? Make sure to read the second review from the bottom. And thanks Todd!
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Kick @ss!
Kick @ss!
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WOOHOO!!!! You get my official
WOOHOO!!!! You get my official RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR! of approval for a job well done with that article you guys! :) XOXO - SS PMS
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Well my fifteen minutes of
Well my fifteen minutes of 'net fame just got stretched out a bit further this year! I did an interview with MSNBC MONTHS ago -- but it just got published. They asked me about our own destination wedding, and destination weddings in general. They link "Wholly Matrimony!", my wedding store, my t-shirt store, and also mention my Destination Wedding FAQ and Delphi Forum! I had already made it on CNN Online this year, so this is quite a coup for little ol' me! Off to do the **happy happy, joy joy** dance now...
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In case anyone missed the
In case anyone missed the "Today Show wedding" today, NBC has a photo slide show and video of the ceremony online...
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Todd and I found this
Todd and I found this one on Flutter...Glub...Meow tonight, and he insisted it must be linked.
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I don't suppose anyone out
I don't suppose anyone out there could "FedEx Overnight" my Gma holding a big Braum's chocolate malt right about now?
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LOL Christi -- thanks! You
LOL Christi -- thanks! You know I've always considered myself an "anti-dentite"... ;-) ("Seinfeld" reference for those going "huh?" ) Btw, if you like Kate Spade purses everyone, I put a really cute one up on eBay tonight.
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{{{{{Robyn}}}}} I'll be thinking of
{{{{{Robyn}}}}} I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!! Don't let the BIG BAD dentist hurt you! BTW: I'm thinking of starting a new club. I'll call it PAD -- People Against Dentists. lol... :)
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So what's worse than getting
So what's worse than getting up early, driving an hour (each way) to the dentist's, getting your teeth/gums scraped 'til they bleed, and finding out you have 2 cavities that need filled ASAP? Being told to come BACK IN at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning to have them filled. Two fillings aren't that big of a deal in the scheme of things...not like a root canal or anything...but what a pain! You spend all weekend psyching yourself up for the pain, only to be told, "Hey, how's about thinking about it and hurting one more day?" Whee! If only Steve Martin really were my dentist... On a funny note, we listened to the Chris Thomas sports show on the way up, and today's topic was controversial team names (Seminoles, Braves, etc.) One guy called in traumatized over his high school's mascot -- the David H. Hickman High School Kewpies. The announcers were laughing so hard when they pulled up the website that they were almost crying. So of course, that's the first thing we looked up when we got home. They weren't joking -- the mascot is some bastardized Kewpie doll/Casper the Friendly Ghost/Stay Puffed Marshmellow Man concoction. Truly frightening! Can you imagine being those poor boys out on the football field each week?
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Tuesday is going to be
Tuesday is going to be a very slow blogging day around here. I have a day of dental-hell ahead of me, and Todd's taking the day off work to schlep me around Tampa Bay. Joy (and Ryan) have a very big day ahead of them today between interviews and appointments. I want you both to know that I speak for everyone here when I say our thoughts and prayers are with you both! Have a great week back at work everyone -- I'll be in touch again when I'm not drugged to high-heaven.
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If this photo isn't a
If this photo isn't a good testimonial for my "Buy me a shot!" shirt (idea by Tara), I don't know what is -- LOL! For more photos (just posted) from Kelly's bachelorette party, visit Joy's blog.
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Quite an amusing site --
Quite an amusing site -- make sure to check out the joke and postcard sections. Oh yeah...63-14!
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Found Flutter...Glub...Meow thanks to Blah
Found Flutter...Glub...Meow thanks to Blah Blah Blog. I love her layout/design -- and she's a sports fanatic just like me!
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Ever wonder how to do
Ever wonder how to do a lot of symbols like these via HTML-code in Internet Explorer? Check out this site for a long list of ones like shown, and more...
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Sounds like I got sucked
Sounds like I got sucked into blogging right on time -- here's a recent USA Today article on the subject (from the front page of Blogger).
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Whoo hoo! I've finally got
Whoo hoo! I've finally got Chel and Ryan addicted to daily blogging, too. And Ryan even went and figured out Greymatter this weekend, too -- so there's no telling what favors I'll be expected to do one day if I decide I want to tackle that one and ask for help! <g>
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You know that silly trivia
You know that silly trivia question Ryan posed here the other night during the party? A few people have asked me about it, so if you're curious, here's the card with question(s) and answer(s).
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This is so me today!
This is so me today! I've slept on the couch all morning/afternoon long while Todd surfed and watched really bad football just because it was on TV. I guess last week finally caught up with me. Oh well, at least he just hit "play" on the OU vs. Air Force game we taped yesterday. I'd much rather listen to taped OU than live Purdue vs. Cincinnati...and no commercials this way either...
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As promised, here are new
As promised, here are new photos from today's SunCoast Sooner watch party. You can catch us in a couple of 'em. I'm...so...tired... Boomer Sooner!
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Nothing can stop the U.S.
Nothing can stop the U.S. Air Force...unless maybe it's Quentin Griffin and the Oklahoma Sooners! We beat them today 44-3, and Griffin had a record 201 yards! Air Force was on a 7-0 home opener winning streak, but was held to just a field goal by the swarming Sooner defense. We had a *great* turnout for the Suncoast Sooner watch party -- I should have new pics up on the site later tonight. (I'll post again when I do.) And I'm now officially, "Hey web girl!" LOL!
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Another good one courtesy of
Another good one courtesy of Chel:
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