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Personal blog entries now here. Blogger Boobie-Thon moved here.
Want a new view? You're not stuck with this design -- skin the site!

Trading Spaces
Like the TV show? How about considering "Trading Spaces" for your blog... "I'm thinking we can just have two blogs and let the designers trade spaces. So here's what we'll do: If you want your blog redesigned - a blogover - let me know. I'll pair you with another person and you'll get a new web site. One week sounds like enough time to do it."

Unfortunately one of the requirements is, "Your redesign must validate as HTML 4.01 (Transitional) and you must use valid CSS." Soooo...that means I won't be participating. But if you know and code in CSS, give it a whirl!
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It's a bouncing baby girl!
Since Angela has her congrats up, I can finally go ahead and say WELCOME TO THE WORLD baby Margaret Marie Cahoon! We've yet to see photos, but Todd still insists little Maggie looks just like him. (Tara and Tommy found out they were expecting the week after they vacationed here in Florida, and spent a weekend with us.) Maggie was born at 1:30 a.m. on March 14th. She weighed in at a very healthy 7 lbs. 6 oz. and is 19" long. Congrats to the three Cahoons!
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Mini me
Yesterday Erica joked that every time I put up a photo of a blonde here, people are going to ask if it's me. So I thought I'd dig up one of my old modeling shots just for fun. (It's one of the few my family still has.) I was about 14 years old in this photo, and it was part of an ad campaign for a chain of clothing stores (in Oklahoma...not sure where else...but this is their parent company) called "The Closet". You will notice, my body had not yet discovered the wonders of cellulite, breasts and/or hips. I consider that to be a bad thing. I'm much more comfortable in my curvy, non-lanky skin now! Dig that 80s hair though...
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You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
God bless broomeman.com -- I really needed a funny article on this topic today! "Study Finds Sexism Rampant in Nature" (from The Onion).
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Boomer...you know the freakin' rest!
The OU Sooners downed the Illinois Chicago Flames 71-63 in the first round of the NCAA Tourney today. Not that I'd actually get to SEE the game down here or anything with Florida losing to Creighton in double-OT. We'd better get Sunday's game against the winner of Xavier/Hawaii or someone's head is going to roll!
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Public service announcement
Since somehow the true meaning of my blog seems to have been muddied along the way by newcomers not familiar with "me", my opinions and my mind...I'd like to grab the mic in NBC-"The More You Know"-style to say the following:

Your blog is important to us. Please continue to hold...
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Say it ain't so
Poor Todd. Things just aren't looking good for his favorite TV psychic. Turns out Miss Cleo isn't really "a renowned shaman from Jamaica". She was born Youree Dell Harris to American parents in Los Angeles County Hospital. So let the "I wonder why she never saw it coming" bad jokes start flyin' around again...
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Globe of Blogs
Here's another blog-indexing site, courtesy of Kristine -- Globe of Blogs. Blogs are grouped by location, title, author name, author age and birthday. Stop by and submit your site today!
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Was there "No Doubt"?
Two quiz-tests in one week. Is the universe going to implode?! I spotted the "Which Rock Chick Are You?" quiz over at Just Julie's. She was Gwen Stefani -- so like, no pressure there or anything. Well I didn't end up being Gwen.....but I think the result is quite fitting since I just went from blonde/pink to red!

Which Rock Chick Are You?

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I can see your panties
So I'm still trying to decide whether the title "Pantie Blog" was a typo, or a double-entendre.....but there seems to be a lot of discussion over at backwash.com about all my "girls! girls! girls!". If you'd like to drop by for a read, and/or give your 2¢ worth, be my guest!
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Every thang’s gonna be all white!
Another link from Daypop that darn-near caused a spit-take: Team picks white man mascot to make point

"An intramural basketball team at the University of Northern Colorado called 'The Fighting Whities' is turning the tables on the Eaton mascot issue. Led by Solomon Little Owl, director of Native American Student Services at UNC, the team chose a white man as its mascot to raise awareness and understanding of stereotypes that some cultures endure..." Brilliant!
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Guam anyone?
Did you know that there are men in Guam whose full-time job is to travel the countryside and deflower young virgins, who pay them for the privilege of having sex for the first time? The reason for this is that under Guam's law, it is forbidden for virgins to marry.

For this and other useless sex-law trivia from around the globe, visit this site. (Link snagged from Daypop.)
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With a lot of luck and a pretty face

Standing in the sun with a popsicle
Anything is possible...

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May I kick a little something for the G's
And yet another young mind we've corrupted by blogging...Todd's cousin Susan! There's no stopping us now. Oh no.
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Life is a Cabaret
Eight signs this marriage probably isn't going to make it either:
  1. Your mom is Judy Garland. Hey, I like Judy -- but c'mon. It's genetic.
  2. MICHAEL JACKSON is giving you away.
  3. Elizabeth Taylor is your matron of honor.
  4. Whitney Houston is singing.
  5. Tito Jackson is a groomsman.
  6. Elton John and members of Queen are on the guestlist.
  7. You're wearing white...again...
  8. You refer to this wedding as number ‘four-ever’ to the press.
Some days I don't know why I even bother... Things like this really just write themselves, now don't they?
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An open book
Well as expected, my mom wasn't too fond of this entry. I had a "short-n-sweet" e-mail waiting for me when I got up today. To be honest, after we talked about it, I'm not sure if she'll continue to read along here or not. I guess last night was the first time I really made that conscious choice over what not to write because she was reading, but rather putting up what I wanted to write about despite the fact she was reading... In the end I decided that I'm not writing for her life -- I'm writing about mine. I love my mom, but we don't always see eye-to-eye and probably never will. That's what makes me "me", and not "her". And that is all I have to say about that...
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No Bra Required
I can finally let everyone in on the project I've been working on for the last week-plus -- No Bra Required. Dori is an amazing woman who is battling breast cancer, and this page merges her old personal sites with her new blog. It's my first round of design work with BlogOmania and so far I'm really happy with the results! Christine and I need to sit down and get the blog properly skinned when she gets back, but for now the site is ready to go live so check it out!
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Got a photograph, picture of...
Meryl has tons of SxSW photos up online now. Stop by to catch glimpses of Christine, Ben and Mena, Jay, Jish and more!
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I can't spell VW, but I got a Porsche
I was quite shocked to learn someone didn't recognize a quote from this song today, so in my effort to re-educate the world I give to you the lyrics of "'Cause I'm a Blonde" by Julie Brown (spoken lines in italics).

Because I'm blonde, I don't have to think
I talk like a baby and I never pay for drinks
Don't have to worry about gettin' a man
If I keep this blonde and I keep these tan

'Cause I'm a blonde
Yeah, yeah, yeah
'Cause I'm a blonde
Yeah, yeah, yeah

I see people workin', it just makes me giggle
'Cause I don't have to work, I just have to jiggle

'Cause I'm blonde
'Cause I'm a blonde
Don't you wish you were me?

I never learned to read and I never learned to cook
Why should I bother when I look like I look?
I know lots of people are smarter than me
But I have this philosophy:
"So what?"

'Cause I'm a blonde
Yeah, yeah, yeah

I see girls without dates and I feel so sorry for 'em
'Cause whenever I'm around, all the men ignore 'em

'Cause I'm blonde
Nyah, nyah, nyah
'Cause I'm a blonde
Nyah, nyah, nyah

They say to make it you need talent and ambition
Well, I got a TV show, and this was my audition:

Um, okay. what was it, okay, um,
don't tell me, oh yeah, okay...
"Duck, Magnum, duck!"

'Cause I'm a blonde
Yeah, yeah, yeah
'Cause I'm a blonde
Yeah, yeah, yeah

I took an IQ test, and I flunked it, of course
I can't spell VW, but I got a Porsche

'Cause I'm a blonde
'Cause I'm a blonde
Don't you wish you were me?

I just want to say that being chosen as
this month's Miss August is like a compliment
I'll remember for as long as I can. Right now I'm
a freshman in my fourth year at UCLA, but my goal
is to become a veterinarian, 'cause I love children.

'Cause I'm a blonde
Yeah, yeah, yeah
'Cause we're a blonde
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Girls think I'm snotty, and maybe it's true
With my hair and body, you would be too

'Cause I'm a blonde
B-L-... I don't know!
'Cause I'm a blonde
Yeah, yeah, yeah
'Cause I'm a blonde
Yeah, yeah, yeah
'Cause I'm a blonde
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

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She don't eat meat but she sure likes the bone
I've debated all day whether or not to post this...I mean, my mom reads here... But I finally decided this is my space and I've got nothin' to hide!

A close friend of ours wrote late last night after seeing my new 'naughty schoolgirl' skin. They told me I didn't have to answer if I didn't want to or felt uncomfortable, but they were really curious as to whether or not I was bi-sexual since most of my skins feature scantily clad ladies. The question didn't bother me at all. In fact, it very much amused me (and Todd).

My reply? "Nope." I'm strictly, 100% heterosexual. (Sometimes much to Todd's dismay I believe. Heh.) Not that there's anything wrong with that... I have a close family member that's bi, and several friends who are gay/lesbian/bi as well. But that's just not "me".

It's not like I haven't had the opportunity to figure it out yet either. I'm 29 years old. Besides the "I kissed a girl" episode in college, I've been approached in clubs several times. And one of my very best friends back home made it quite clear that were I ever interested... But I wasn't. And I'm still not. Frankly, I just enjoy looking at the female form much more than the male form. It's much more sensual, IMHO. I've never 'felt' anything sexually for other women -- in photographs and/or in real life -- except maybe smiling along with my husband which helps enhance our own brand o' fun. Watching him turned on is a turn on for me. The sassy girly pics keep him happy...which keeps me happy... *wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more*

So there you have it just in case you might be wondering, too. I'm sorry to disappoint any of you who were holding out hope. But if you prefer, like Todd, to keep on living with the fantasy -- that's quite ok by me. I'll just be over here combing through my private stash of Jason Lee and Rivers Cuomo photos...
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Behold...the pantie blog!
I've been called a lot of things in my time...but... I just got notified that my blog is being featured at backwash.com. The write-up says:

My Husband Calls it the Pantie Blog: "On a day when I noticed that most of the top links at BW are about women as sex objects, I come across this blog and my husband's reaction is male drooling over the picture used as background. Maybe its jut the kind of day I'm having but I don't think so. On its own merits I liked this blog. Lots of blog community news and I found links to other good blogs."

Pretty cool -- thanks!
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Mikey's back and you're gonna be in trouble
He likes it! He likes it! Hey Mikey...
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Ciò o quel Martedì
It's time for Ashley's "This or That" Tuesday again!

  1. "Blah, blah, blah..." or "yadda, yadda, yadda..."? Blah Blah Blog, of course.
  2. English or math? English. Math is hard.
  3. VHS or DVD? DVD!
  4. Jeans or pants? I prefer my track pants.
  5. Art or Music? Music.
  6. Near or far? Since I love cross-country trips and live a 24-hour car ride from home, "far", I guess...
  7. Nestle's or Hershey's? Neither. Godiva baby!
  8. Who was/is the best James Bond: Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan? Pierce Brosnan is yummy.
  9. Triangle or rectangle? Rectangle.
  10. Chat or not? I haven't been on ICQ for ages, and constantly get yelled at for it.

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It's funny 'cuz it's true
Sometimes I just feel like Karen on "Will and Grace".

  1. C'mon honey, now what are we doing here? What's this all about?
  2. You know honey, you've still got your looks - where are you hiding them?
  3. Your hair's already such a disaster the Red Cross won't give it coffee.
  4. Yeehaw! Look who put the ho in hoedown!
  5. She's gone to Mexico for cosmetic surgery so many times I bet if you slapped the back of her head, prizes would fall out.
Whatever some of these folks are paying their handlers, it isn't enough...
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A rock-a chick-a boom
I've been up since about 4:15 this morning and couldn't for the life of me figure out why I was up at that ungodly hour, when we didn't even make it to bed until past 2:00 a.m. But then I started reading CNN... The space shuttle touched down at about 4:32 a.m. EST -- meaning I most likely had a sonic boom as my early-morning wake-up call. Thanks NASA!
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Just for the ASSMAN
When I see a friend in need, I become a friend indeed.
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I'll even let you hold the remote control
I never do online tests here anymore, but when I found this one over at Gnome-Girl's I couldn't resist. I'm a huge Drew fan (see my skins if you don't believe me), and I own/run "Wholly Matrimony!" -- so it's only fitting that I am:

Which Drew Are You?

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I did it all by myself!
Nothing major, but I finally figured out how to make my 2002 weekly archives hold the same skin you select for the main site, rather than going back to the default Gwen skin. So feel free to click on any of the "weekly archive" links here and give it a whirl. (And don't forget to check out the new one!)
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I always forget to do these
But not today's Monday Mission!

  1. I love to order a Wendy's "Frosty" and then dip my French Fries into it before I eat them. Do you have any eating habits others might think are odd? Tons of them. I made a list of the top 20 back in January.

  2. What was the worst date you ever went on? It was with a guy that friends and I met in a bar when I was in college. We went to "group" events together a few times before I'd go out with him alone, but even then, some voice in the back of my head said to let my friends know just exactly where I'd be and when to look for me if I didn't get home on time. He faked a seizure in the restaurant we were in because I made him angry for not trying the aligator tail appetizer he'd ordered -- even though when he placed the order I said that I didn't want to try it. Even our waitress was freaked out. Then he drove all the way back to Norman from Oklahoma City with the heat blasting to near 100 degrees in the car, while driving over 85 mph with some freaky heavy metal music blaring on the stereo. He tried to invite himself up to my apartment when he brought me home, but I practically dove out of the still moving car. I called my friends when I got upstairs and said if I wasn't at their house in 10 minutes to call the police -- and I spent the night on their couch. I let Caller ID take this guy's calls for WEEKS before he finally got a clue and quit calling. I seriously thought I was going to die on the way home that night.

  3. Who (or what site) inspired you to begin Blogging? Ashley inspired me to start because I enjoyed reading her private journal so much. And ironically, before I'd ever even "met" Christine, I did a Google search to see if anyone was using the name "Blah Blah Blog". When I saw that she had the name, and the domain -- I went with my alternate choice "Ain't too proud to blog". Shortly thereafter, Christine discovered my blog, and we've been close friends ever since! Funny how life works out that way...

  4. Have you inspired, encourgaed, or begged anyone else to start a Blog? Oh yeah -- several friends! Just check out some of the Daves I know. But I'm still waiting for Susan, Kathy and Lynn to start up. *hint, hint*

  5. Any foods you just will not eat? Just about any vegetable other than corn or green beans. Especially cabbage, spinach or brussel sprouts. And liver. Never. Blech! I still eat like a 5-year old.

  6. Describe the worst Birthday party (adult or child's) that you ever attended? A friend of ours from college and I share the same birthday. We went on a huge group barhopping-spree on the evening of our 21st so the two of us could collect all of the free shots and t-shirts. A pseudo-cat-fight broke out that night between one of the designated drivers and her sister (when the sister puked all over the interior of the driver's car) and it wasn't pretty -- but fortunately the alcohol numbed most of us from the pain.

  7. What was the first music album you ever bought (tape, CD, LP, whichever or all of the above)? With my own money...Blondie's Auto American, and I still have it on LP. It survived our house fire when I was in the third grade!
BONUS: Do you think you're what they say you are? Todd knew this one, but I didn't! ;-)
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And on today's show...
Here's a coupla' cool segments from today's Call For Help:
  1. Insert Yourself Into a Photo: The idea of inserting yourself into a photo is simple. All you need is some inexpensive graphic software, a photo of yourself, and another photo of someone interesting...
  2. Paint Your PC: Bobby Kinstle from AppleFritter shows how to make a computer case a work of art...

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The subject of schoolgirl fantasy
Hey boys and girls -- there's a new skin up if you are so inclined!
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Blush and Bashful
I highly recommend not having liquid in your mouths when you view this one! I laughed so hard, I snorted.
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I see trees of green, red roses too
I suggest not trying this at home kids -- but just in case you happen to drop your expensive Nikon digital camera in a pond, you might just be surprised with the amazing "digital kaleidoscope" results. (Link snagged from blogdex.)
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Mooooove over Gateway
Nice try Gateway, but I'm sorry. You will never be as cool as the Apple design team. Not even close. Deal with it.
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The gift that keeps on giving
Is it just me or is the plot of the movie "Airplane" coming to life?
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Ack - I missed a birthday!
I can't believe it completely slipped by me... I hope you had a wonderful birthday Angela!

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Sooner Magic!
The OU men's basketball team just defeated the #1 Kansas Jayhawks 64-55 to capture the Big XII title -- a sweep for OU men and women! Congrats to both Sooner squads -- BOOMER SOONER!
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When I grow up...
I want to make a site like this, and this, and this. Now there's a blogger with some serious design skills -- simply beautiful!
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Like sands through the hourglass
Michele posted a link in Chris's comments today that will be the end of me. A website full of cute little games that I will actually sit down and play. I'm already looking into 12-step programs -- because I never, ever play games on my computer -- and I can't stop playing these. Dusting? Laundry? Why whatever do you mean?
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