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Oh yeah...postscript...
It's 11:21 p.m. on Sat., Sept. 7th, 2002 -- and I still hate texas.
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Notes and Quotes
OU Senior Tight End Trent Smith: "I've got a few more gray hairs after this game. All I said to the guys was that this is why you came to Oklahoma ... to be in these kinds of situations. [On Alabama] I applaud them. That was a great surge they put together. They fought their butts off. Anyone watching them today has a lot of respect for that team. The way they played was a credit to their program, their coaching staff and their history."

Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops: "Let's face it as I told the players -- that's not East Popcorn State that was just in here. It was Alabama. I knew at halftime, when we were up 20 points, Alabama was not going away. They're going to continue to play and they're a good solid football team. We need to play to the level we did at the first half. They played better and made plays. We didn't play as well. I think coming from behind to win showed good character and may help us in the long run."
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Sooner Magic
"Sooner Magic" first appeared in 1976 in the fourth quarter of the Nebraska-Oklahoma game. It was born on a cold and windy afternoon in Lincoln in '76 when the fourth quarter found the Sooners trailing the Cornhuskers 17-7. With three minutes to play, and the lead down to four, hope for a comeback had all but vanished into the Nebraska clouds. Oklahoma was stuck at the 'Husker 16-yard line when Woodie Shepard completed a 50-yard halfback pass to freshman end Steve Rhodes, whose catch was nothing short of miraculous. Two plays later, Rhodes ran a curl pattern and then pitched to halfback Elvis Peacock on the old hook-and-lateral. Peacock was finally knocked out of bounds at the Nebraska three.

Peacock scored the winning touchdown on next play with 30 seconds remaining, vaulting the Sooners into a three-way tie for the conference championship.

Further proof of the pixy dust that filled the air over Lincoln that day was the pregame prayer delivered in the Oklahoma locker room by defensive back and team captain Scott Hill at the behest of coach Barry Switzer: "Please dear Lord don't let any injury or harm come to any player. And please, please, please, dear Lord, please don't let the best team win."

The youthful Sooners were outmanned and outgunned that day. But "Sooner Magic" never failed them.
(Article from ESPN Classic.)

What do I say? As much as I prayed we wouldn't, we obviously bought into our own hype. I called Stacy eight minutes into the fourth quarter to concede. I told her that even if we somehow managed to win -- we wouldn't mentally. The minute Jason's ACL snapped, my heart broke in two. Again, I just knew before he even stood up. (Anyone remember Nebraska last year? The poor kid has fought so hard to come back, only to blow out the other knee.) I am one of Nate's biggest and most vocal critics. The guy just doesn't have what it takes to be an OU QB. He'll take a sack before throwing the ball away. He's got that deer-in-the-headlights stare when defenders are coming at him. He just freezes. And now the rest of our season rests on his shoulders...again...for better or for worse.

But I don't want any of that commentary to take away Alabama's game. We had the most points. We didn't deserve them. We walked away with the "W". We didn't earn it. Bama played their hearts out today -- especially in the second half. We were out-coached. We were out-played. Our special teams made Norman High's squad look like a Fiesta Bowl-bound team. Anything that could have went wrong...did. And it was all at the hands of the Crimson Tide.

The only thing that made the final score 37-27 was Sooner Magic. Thank God.
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Just wanted to wish Christi and Stacy a bit of blogger luck tomorrow. Our Sooners take on their Crimson Tide at 3:30 p.m. EDT Saturday on ABC. Boomer Sooner!

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Take this column and shove it
If only we could all fire her from our lives so eloquently... (Here's the column that started this all, from FARK.com. And here are some of her past antics. Also seen today at Stacy's.)
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Brides gone wild
It seems the media is just now figuring out that bachelorette parties can rival bachelor parties in raunchiness and rowdiness. You'd think all those "suck for a buck" shirts would've clued them in by now!

If you're married, did you get a little wild at your own bachelor/ette party? We actually found out the stripper plans in advance and opted to spend the night - together - with friends drinking in bars instead. Afterwards, the guys stayed at O'Connell's with their pitchers to watch a sporting event and the girls went back to our place to swim and watch movies. We figured with the wedding in New Orleans, it would be hard to top the French Quarter atmosphere in Norman, Oklahoma, anyway... (Article from WSJ.com.)
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Don't be silly - wrap your willy

A new study shows that college men may need help with condom use. "In a survey of 158 heterosexual males who used a condom in the previous 3 months, 30% said they had initially put the condom on upside down and had to flip it over. Forty percent said they did not leave space at the tip of the condom after they put it on, a technique that reduces the risk of breakage, according to the report in the August issue of the journal Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

What's more, 43% of the men reported that they put condoms on after they started sex and 15% noted that they took condoms off before they were finished having sex, the report indicates.

Overall, nearly one third of the participants reported condom breakage and 13% noted that their condom slipped off during sex...

...In other findings, the researchers found that 60% of the men did not discuss condom use with their partner before sex, and 42% reported that they wanted to use a condom during sex but did not have any available."

So...have you ever had a condom break?

Even though this study is somewhat small, I still find the results to be quite frightening. And having survived four years of college...I think the results are also quite accurate after talking with my (mostly male) friends. Not many high school and college-age kids would play Russian roulette -- but that's exactly what they're doing without properly using condoms. I think one of the most sobering days of my life was when I learned someone from our very small, tight-knit dorm was HIV+ after graduation. So pass the word along...and if you don't know how to use one properly...ask someone (or look it up online)! (Read the full article at Yahoo News.)
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She is the queen of the goddamned internet
Today is Stacy's one-year blogiversary. As if we didn't have enough reasons to show her love already, go give her some sugah so we'll have 365 days more!
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I kept my Swingline stapler because it didn't bind up
One of Todd's birthday gifts finally showed up today -- so if you're planning on ordering one, allow for plenty of time. (The sucker shipped on the 22nd of August!) But all's well that ends well -- he's a very happy boy now!
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Oh Mickey you're so fine...
In honor of the 2002 NFL season kicking off tonight, here's a poll to pick your favorite Houston Texan cheerleader. Is it just me, or were some of those girls beaten with the fuhgly stick a few times? (You'll have to zoom-in on the pics to see what I'm talkin' 'bout.) Oh yeah, and I have to issue a "big hair alert". This is Texas, after all...
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You're invited but your friend can't come
It's good to have friends with connections! The Suncoast Sooner watch party for the OU vs. Bama game this Saturday will be held in the private dining room at Lee Roy Selmon's place. Bring on the Dreamsicle Martinis!
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We already have one - and it's in Massachusetts
Well I guess that this now legitimizes all of those blasted Hallmark cards and displays. Funny, somehow I just don't need anyone to buy me a card in order to remind me "we're all in this together"...

Excuse me. I have to go throw up now. (Read the full article at CNN.com, and please take Pepto before visiting Hallmark's site.)
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Because I care...
Sites that have "wow'ed" me recently -- since I'm busy, visit them:

  1. Scarlet Letters
  2. the ispot showcase
  3. spacegirl
  4. Just smile and act nice.
  5. Institute of Official Cheer
There, I feel much better now. Do you?
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A moment like this
So the husband / Darrin's Dance Grooves devotee had to watch the final American Idol tonight. I was actually working through most of it, but stopped for the "winning moment".

I have to say that I was way bummed she didn't at least get a freakin' tiara or something. As I mentioned over at 'Nessa's...an "OHMYGOD!" crown, sash, and screw in lightbulb wave was very much called for. Instead we just got confetti cannons. Because that's really what winning is all about, now isn't it? When times get tough, you can always go and dust the house in your tiara...
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Of colors proudly gleaming red and white
Todd just passed along a cool link -- the Sooner Awards. Hats off to whoever created the site -- it looks phenomenal. For examples, check out a couple of the player pages (Quentin Griffin, Teddy Lehman). Definitely one of those "why didn't I think of that" designs!

By the way, ever wonder what in the heck a Sooner is? Check out the "Sooner History and Traditions" page.

"The Oklahoma Territory opened with the Land Run of 1889. Settlers from across the country, seeking free land, made their way to the Plains to stake their claim to a new life. One of the few rules to claiming a parcel of land was that all participants were to start at the same time, on the boom of a cannon. All settlers who started then were labeled as Boomers and those who went too soon were called Sooners." Thus the Oklahoma rally cry of Boomer Sooner.
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Let me be your guide
I thought I'd let everyone know about an affiliate program I'm in, in case you haven't heard of it before. A lot of the banners might work well for your own sites. (Please note, I'll get a small commission per free software order, so if you should have a problem with that, go to lifeserv.com directly.)

For FREE, this company will send you a software CD guide geared to planning any life event you choose. Some of the topics include weddings, pregnancy, toddler care, preschooler care, buying a home, selling a home, home improvement, starting your first career, retirement planning, caring for a pet, fitness guides, etc.

I sent off for the "buying a home" guide when we purchased ours last year, and a lot of the checklists came in very handy. So for more information, visit the LifeServ website. Did I mention the software is free? You don't even pay shipping!
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More wedding stuff
Well since today seems to have a wedding theme, thought I'd let everyone know that the video of the "Today Wedding" is now online. And the MSNBC article WM! is mentioned in is linked from the Today Wedding page!
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Happy happy joy joy
Wholly Matrimony! just made it on MSNBC.com for the second time in a year! (Click here for the 09/09/2001 article.) And I'm equally excited that Andrea of Getaway Weddings made the article as well. She's one of my advertisers, and I helped put the article's author in touch with her recently. Here's what the new article said about me:

Not all weddings in exotic places end with a rainbow. But if you opt to have a destination wedding, there are several one-stop, shops online to help make the arrangements.

Start with Wholly Matrimony! because it has the most comprehensive FAQ about destination weddings. The “Delphi Forum,” as it is called, now has an elaborate accessories e-shop. Check out the selection of bubbles!

I just knew it was going to be a good day when my horroscope said: "If the old adage that you reap what you sow is true, Robyn, you are in for a great harvest in the months to come. Your hard work and focus will start to pay off handsomely with promotions and raises just when you may have given up ever being acknowledged for all you do. Hang onto your great energy, passion and enthusiasm. Doors are about to open for you. Get ready to walk on through them."

The lottery rolled from $53 million this weekend. I'm thinkin' it just may be time to play again. The day hasn't even started for most folks and already I'm on cloud nine. (P.S. Thanks Wendell!)
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The lady in red
The September 2002 (Wedding) Dress of the Month is up now. I just love it when non-cookie-cutter dresses get submitted!
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Chucky's in love
How could you not love this face? However, that means both of my teams (college and pro) have now received the dreaded SI cover curse. One, I could handle...but two? C'mon SI -- you're killing me here!
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He's my very special boy
And to think his high school guidance counselor said he'd never amount to anything... *sniff* This is my personal favorite. Damn, wish I was your lover. Oh wait -- I am. Nyah nyah!

UPDATE: Now Statia and I are hoecakes too! w00t! Thanks Frankie!
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Eight days a week
When you close your eyes, do you dream...dream about me(mes)?

Here's this week's Monday Mission by PromoGuy:

  1. What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you on a date? It wasn't something I did. But once a date ordered gator tail for an appetizer and I refused to try it. (I'm a very picky eater.) So he made this huge scene in the restaurant and soon faked a hypoglycemic attack. They brought him juice and a fruit plate to try and help him with his sugar levels -- free, of course. He later confessed on the drive home that he didn't have hypoglycemia. He just wanted something for free since I'd cost him the the price of a half-eaten appetizer. Yeah. First and last date.
  2. Do you eat your veggies? Absolutely not. (See above.)
  3. Most people are comfortable going to the bathroom in front of at least one person. Has anyone ever used the restroom in front of you that you wish wouldn't have? What happened and how bad was it? It used to freak me out when I lived at home and my mom would just walk right in and start going. Did I say that outloud? Oops. LOL!
  4. Have you ever had a bad online transaction? You know, the item wasn't what you thought it would be, you got totally ripped-off, no refunds, it just plain sucked? What's the story there? Not really. Been very lucky I guess. Although Todd's red stapler has still yet to show up, and it was shipped on August 22nd, so that may change...
  5. Ever have a current love find any old love letters (or similar item) you kept that probably should have been thrown away? How did that turn out? Yeah, Todd found a box with an ex's letters and pics shortly after we moved in together right before the wedding. I didn't even realize I had moved them back with me to be honest. I was escorted to the trashcan with them.
  6. A secretary at work was telling me about a trip she took to Mardi Gras. She showed off her beaded necklaces and proudly said she "earned' each and every one of them (for those not familiar with this tradition, ladies walking up Bourbon St. in New Orleans will flash people who are upon the balconies, in return the guys will throw them worthless plastic necklaces). I was shocked, I had no idea this quiet gal had a wild side. Was there ever a time when you did something totally outrageous because you knew no one would know who you were, or maybe didn't care even if they did? I have earned one set of beads on Bourbon Street (with Todd's encouragement, go figure) and they were really nice beads. He made sure no one had cameras in the area before I flashed. So at least I can die telling the grandkids about it... However, after everything that went on in our hot tub over the weekend, something tells me that my friends will have much more interesting stories for theirs -- and my husband for ours.
  7. Hey, what happened to you last night? I waited forever! Last night...she said...oh baby I feel so down...
BONUS: I know I could break you down, but what good would it do? I used to get all of these. Now, not so much. How 'bout an INXS reference for a former Okie next week?

And now This or That Tuesday:

  1. Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise? Tom Hanks from Bosom Buddies days, I guess.
  2. Julia Roberts or Julia Stiles? Julia Gulia?
  3. Kevin Costner or Kevin Spacey? Kevin Spacey.
  4. Ben Affleck or Ben Stiller? Ben Stiller.
  5. Sean Connery or Sean Penn? Sean Connery.
  6. Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Aniston? Jennifer Aniston.
  7. Courtney Love or Courtney Cox-Arquette? Pass.
  8. Sarah Michelle Gelllar or Sarah Jessica Parker? Sarah Michelle Gellar-Prinze Jr.
  9. Michael Douglas or Mike Myers? Mike Myers.
  10. Nicole Kidman or (Anna) Nicole Smith? If anyone actually answered Anna Nicole (other than quoting the Guess years), please get out of my blog. Just. Go.

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Behold the power of cheese(ball)
I just put two of the party-fave recipes up over at The Red Kitchen. One is for a yummy homemade cheeseball, and the other is for a great finger-snack food (seasoned oyster crackers).

And did you realize I have an archived page of my recipes here?
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No gnus is good gnus
What -- you didn't think I'd forget to do a news recap did you?

  1. McDonald's to cut fat in their fries. Introduces Super-Duper Trough-Size to make up for it.
  2. Would ya look at the size of that kid's head! It's the size of a planetoid and it has it's own weather system.
  3. Ain't no lie. Bye, bye, bye... And you think it's bad when your credit card is denied at the mall!
  4. I think this pretty much punches your first-class ticket direct to hell.
  5. Idiot pays over $75K for last bitchin' Camaro. (Link from FARK.com.)

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Keeping track of things
Spotted at kd's blog: "In the 'ping' section of my individual entry pages, there is now a link that will go out and list entries that have pinged the post, and entries that have pinged those entries, up to three levels. It doesn't work unless it's a very active discussion, but for those it will be very useful..."

Go here for TrackBack threading info from the Movable Type site.
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He could...go...all...the...way
ESPN has made a list of the best sports movies of all time. How on earth is Caddyshack number eight and Bull Durham number one?! And the glaring omission of Baseketball's quite frankly unforgivable.
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I scream, you scream, we all scream for Guavaween!
So...are you bummed that you missed the first annual ToddConDex? Have we finally shown all of you that Florida bloggers know how to party best? Well never fear -- because Tampa Bay has festivals scheduled year-round, and next up is Guavaween. We have an already-confirmed list in the works which includes him and her. Think your name needs to be on the list? You know where to find me... It's an OU bye-week, so the event will have our full and undivided attention.

Just 53 more days to go! We don't even have the glasses all washed from the last shindig and we're already counting down. Go us!

UPDATED: Check out this Guavaween photo gallery. And for details of this year's meetup, go here!
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I went to class uphill both ways while barefoot in the snow
Ok. That's it. I've had it! First, they put a Taco Bell in the dorm cafeteria at OU after I graduated -- and the Sooner Sense meal-plan worked in exchange for cash there. Then the Honors Dorm got a TV screening room with leather couches and bigscreen television, a computer room with drop down video monitors, a full kitchen (we didn't have so much as a microwave), an elevator (we had to carry our fridges upstairs the old-fashioned way), and a multi-million $$ building renovation that included a stone courtyard and fountains.

But now it's gone too far. Now spoiled students everywhere are getting washing machines that are "monitored by computer from students dorm rooms to see when the laundry is done". Back in my day, we waited on top of the vibrating machines for cycles to finish, and we liked it. (Actually, I still do. Shhhh.) Kids today. Sheesh!
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Too shocked to think of a witty caption
So did anyone happen to catch any of the Labor Day telethon today? I heard Todd shriek, "Good god!" this afternoon. I took off running to see what was wrong -- only to discover the monstrosity that is now Jerry Lewis staring back at us. Todd is convinced it's not really him -- that somehow Fat Bastard has taken over his body. I hope that it's some sort of medical condition. Otherwise someone needs to tell the poor guy to put the pudding pops down and slowly back away. That shit just ain't right. Eeep!
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Picture page - it's picture page!
Finally up...30 new photos from this past weekend in Shutterblog!

UPDATE: Annessa has her photos from this weekend online now.
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Hey baby - I like it like that
On the first day of ToddConDex my true love gave to me.....twelve hour flight delays, eleven cam pose requests, ten minute waits to blog, nine melon shooters, eight MB flash cards, seven lovin' in the hot tub, a six pack of Shiner -- five Goldschlager shots -- four Advil each, three to a backseat, two bloggers Frenching, and a return ticket for 2003!
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Breakin' the law...breakin' the law....
So.....on a mission for Starbucks, Annessa got pulled over and ended up with a $150 ticket. To her credit, it should have been over $500 (speeding in a construction zone), so her feminine wiles are still very much intact. We're thinking of hosting a little "help pay my ticket" cam fest tonight with a tip jar. Anyone in?
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Flesh for fantasy
Eight! Eight! I forget what eight was for...

For the rest of the birthday pics at our house, visit Shutterblog.
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The immortal words of Socrates, who said, "I drank what?"
I do believe the current cam pic says it all.....
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