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Posted: 09.02.2002
I went to class uphill both ways while barefoot in the snow
Ok. That's it. I've had it! First, they put a Taco Bell in the dorm cafeteria at OU after I graduated -- and the Sooner Sense meal-plan worked in exchange for cash there. Then the Honors Dorm got a TV screening room with leather couches and bigscreen television, a computer room with drop down video monitors, a full kitchen (we didn't have so much as a microwave), an elevator (we had to carry our fridges upstairs the old-fashioned way), and a multi-million $$ building renovation that included a stone courtyard and fountains.

But now it's gone too far. Now spoiled students everywhere are getting washing machines that are "monitored by computer from students dorm rooms to see when the laundry is done". Back in my day, we waited on top of the vibrating machines for cycles to finish, and we liked it. (Actually, I still do. Shhhh.) Kids today. Sheesh!

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

i say that you go down there and throw a red sock in with their whites, and some bleach in with their colors....

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Actually it's a Taco Mayo... which sucks so much worse than Taco Bell!!! So it's alright that we missed it. But what I wish was there when we were is the Burger King and Baskin Robins in Adams Tower, *drool* darn spoiled frat brats...

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Yeah, Mayo sucks...but believe me, if Taco Hell were your only TexMex fast food choice for almost six years like it is here...it wouldn't sound so bad.

But they get ice cream, too? Wankers.

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