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Posted: 08.21.2002
Seether is the center of it all
I love how the universe works. Yesterday was simply the worst day, ever. I was a bitch on wheels as a result, and this song pretty much explained my attitude. (Todd should be sainted for living with me sometimes.) Today, I woke up to us getting paid unexpectedly and an e-mail from a national news reporter I've helped out in the past needing help again and fast. Hopefully this article will make it to print soon so I can share with the class (and get more traffic over at WM! again).

Thank goodness I remembered to get out of bed on the right side today!

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

Sorry you had such a bad day yesterday! We all have those... (I'm having mine today)!! ;)

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Heh, is that what my problem is?? The right side of my bed is next to a wall! Maybe if I completely spin the bed around, I'll have no trouble getting a job, a SO, and all those "necessary" things ;)

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