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I'm glad I finally saw your face
I should be getting ready right now, but I had to stop in and post the first photo of (name edit: Sister)! Thank goodness Tara snuck up to work to scan a few in since she can't get the Dell online -- we were going crazy waiting for photos!
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Saturday night, oh how I love that song
What a great Saturday thus far! Stacy, Daniel, and mini-thems will be here in just a few hours. I woke up to an e-mail from Joy saying that she and Ryan will be down here for vacation on May 10th. And OU takes on Mizzou at 4:30 EST in the Elite Eight.

Have a great weekend everyone! BOOMER SOONER!
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Before we head out for the evening, I want to take a few seconds to say:
  1. Brown leaves my packages in the rain, uncovered.
  2. Brown still wears ridiculous-looking Bermuda shorts and high dark socks with black Reeboks in 2002.
  3. Brown will spend two minutes lifting up my welcome mat to put a 3-foot-tall box vertically under it, hiding nothing - while my dog barks like crazy as he does so and he can hear me screaming through the door for her to knock it off - when it would take him all of 2 seconds to ring the doorbell, because after almost nine months of living here you think he would know I'm home every day.
  4. Brown is secretly bitter he's driving an ugly-ass truck and the FedEx guys get pretty white ones with colorful lettering - and all the chicks.
  5. Brown needs to know that his stupid commercials are about three shades shy of making me completely lose it and start picking off UPS drivers at random - because no matter how well you try to market it, Brown is still the color of shit.
There. I feel all better now. And in case you missed the point of this...
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You learn something new every day
David has put up a wonderful tutorial on making a pop-up "e-mail this entry" window in Movable Type. You'll slap your forehead when you see how easy it is!
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Everybody's workin' for the weekend
I made Christine a new banner for Blogomania so that I could pimp it on "WM!" Feel free to swipe a copy for your site if it floats your boat...
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The downward Spiral
Just saw over at Dawn's that the new issue of "Small Spiral Notebook" is out, with a brand new look. Absolutely beau-teeee-ful -- nice work!
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S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. Night
So if you're stuck at home tomorrow night, don't fret. Just stop by "Al Bundy - Saturday Night Fever"!
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Sooner kudos
John wrote me earlier in the week and wanted to see if I cared to make a bet on the Arizona vs. Oklahoma game. Anyone that knows me well knows that I am MUCH too superstitious to wager before games, and/or talk "smack" until there's actually something to back it up. That said, it doesn't mean I can't tease you afterwards when the Sooners wipe the court or field with you. So last night I wrote John and asked for a naked chorus of "Boomer Sooner" in my blog. Imagine my surprise when the photo below showed up this morning!

Now, now...I know what you're thinking... "If I become a Mizzou fan right quick, and OU loses to them on Saturday, I can demand that Robyn put up a naked photo of herself singing the Missouri fight song." Well I beat you to the punch so it ain't gonna happen! Heh. Boomer frickin' Sooner, ok?

>[Boomer Sooner]

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Dear Diary...
I was surfing around tonight looking for clip art of old-fashioned snap-lock diaries, and happened across this on Amazon. Where were these things when I was going through pre-teen angst?

"The Password Journal combines game technology and secret-keeping, making it of interest to young girls who like neat gadgets...and privacy. In addition to functions for setting important dates, times, and other data - the Password Journal has a secret compartment inside for treasured belongings (promise rings, phone numbers, photos, etc.) Also includes a night-light that allows for transactions that can be made only under the cover of darkness (whatever they may be). Key and voice-coded access guarantees privacy after setting the password. Don't bother trying to jerry-rig it, parents; once the password is entered, the machine only opens at the command of its owner."

Now that is too freakin' cool! We have a niece that turns 9 next month so she's a bit young for it still, but it's definitely one to file back to up my cool aunt-o-meter in the future!

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Thank you, sir. May I have another?
So did you see the absolute spanking my Sooners put on the Wildcats tonight (88-67)? Elite eight baby! And Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke..... I swear we were getting whiplash in the last minute of that game going back and forth between the two TVs.
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Win a Wedding
Martha Stewart is doing another "Win a Wedding" contest (along with The Wedding List)! The destination is Puerto Rico and the deadline is May 31, 2002.

"So, ladies, if you wanna rob a bank, but you don't want your cooter poked, head to beautiful Minnesota. Land of 10,000 lakes."

Oh wait...wrong entry!
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You wanna piece of me?
Normally I would just scan the cards, but our scanner only works with the Dell and it's in North Carolina right now...so bear with me... Someone asked to see questions from the Trivial Pursuit TV Edition, © 1991.

Go ahead and take stabs at them in the comments, and I'll post all the answers for each card later tonight! And just remember, if you cheat by looking up the answers online...you don't get that luxury when playing the game...

UPDATE: Questions with ** at the end have been answered correctly in the comments. The answers to each card have been added now, as well if you click the "read more" link.

Categories are as follows:

  • Classics (CLC)
  • Sitcoms (SIT)
  • Drama (DRM)
  • Kids and Games (K&G)
  • Stars (STR)
  • Wild Card (WC)

  • Example Card 1 (starting off with an easy one)
    1. CLC: Whose racoon cap has three tails -- Ralph Kramden's, Ed Norton's, or Morris Fink's?
    2. SIT: Who said on M*A*S*H: "God forbid anything should be easy?" **
    3. DRM: What type of daytime programming was Procter & Gamble the leading sponsor of in TV's golden years? **
    4. K&G: What game show host is attired by Mr. Guy?
    5. STR: What actress needed 36 takes to give William Shatner one of TV's first interracial kisses? **
    6. WC: What word starts program titles ending with Again?, Are There and Bet Your Life? **

    Example Card 2 (working it's way up there...)
    1. CLC: What cop replied to a culprit's plea for a break with: "No lady we can't. You're under arrest." **
    2. SIT: What's Chaci's last name? **
    3. DRM: What man-on-the-run series ended with William Conrad announcing: "Tuesday, August 29, 1967, the day the running stopped." **
    4. K&G: How many Jeopardy! shows are taped in a single day? **
    5. STR: What trusted CBS anchorman's public doubts about Vietnam helped prompt LBJ not to seek re-election in 1968? **
    6. WC: What show's fans started "Ullmania"? **

    Example Card 3 (and into full-blown WTF)
    1. CLC: Who first evangelized on TV on a 15-minute series titled Hour of Decision? **
    2. SIT: What year was the final episode of Newhart set in?
    3. DRM: What disease's effects did Joanne Woodward portray in her Emmy-winning performance in Do You Remember Love? **
    4. K&G: Who served time as host for Liars Club, Stumpers, Password, and College Bowl?
    5. STR: What native of Bristol, Tennessee was host of The Ford Show from 1956-61?
    6. WC: What were the first two hit rock music shows on prime time TV?

    Example Card 1 Answers
    1. CLC: Morris Fink's
    2. SIT: "Hawkeye" Pierce
    3. DRM: Soaps
    4. K&G: Alex Trebek
    5. STR: Nichelle Nichols
    6. WC: "You"

    Example Card 2 Answers
    1. CLC: Sgt. Joe Friday
    2. SIT: Arcola
    3. DRM: The Fugitive
    4. K&G: Five
    5. STR: Walter Cronkite's
    6. WC: The Tracy Ullman Show's

    Example Card 3 Answers
    1. CLC: Billy Graham
    2. SIT: Nineteen ninety-five
    3. DRM: Alzheimer's disease
    4. K&G: Allan Ludden
    5. STR: Tennessee Ernie Ford
    6. WC: Shindig, Hullabaloo

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    Anyone out there hungry?
    I just added three new recipes to The Red Kitchen:
    1. Strawberry-Mango Smoothie
    2. Chocolate Gravy (don't knock it 'til you've tried it!)
    3. Homemade Beer Bread
    I highly recommend recipe #2 and #3!
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    That's great, but who are the CHEFS?
    So I'm sitting here typing an e-mail to Stacy just now -- and all of a sudden a kid outside in the street just screamed at the top of his lungs out of nowhere:


    Oh yeah, he'll make a good blogger soon.
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    Swedish Bikini Team, anyone?
    I thought I'd be silly yesterday (what? quit looking at me like that!) and change all of the dates/times to Swedish just because I can in MT 2.0 now. Have you noticed, those Swedes have really silly date names? I mean today is Torsdag. C'mon. Doesn't that just smack of a town you'd take a pit-stop at somewhere in the middle of New Mexico? Not that there's anything wrong with that...
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    Is there life outside of Tech TV?
    Megan Morrone, everyone's favorite sassy little geek girl, listed the "five things she learned by reading weblogs" this week. Who knew there was a streaming webcast of a computer voice reading spam emails aloud on "spam radio"?! Be sure to check the article out -- there are some really great links there!

    Leo showed a way to update text/links within a site's code (say if you move servers) all at once using Perl -- making the changes sitewide.

    And now for something completely different, from Cat...Papa Smurf on a quiz show (all your base are belong to us style). Cuchi cuchi!
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    I'm happy, happy at home
    So it looks like Stacy and Daniel are heading over to Casa de Tobyn on Saturday for Round II of last weekend. I am literally giddy-happy ticking the days off this week. Thank goodness OU basketball will be on tomorrow night to distract me. (At least I hope it will be a good distraction as opposed to a sulking, alcohol-filled loss.)

    You know, there are people you can literally spend years of your life hanging around with them and never really "click" -- no matter how well you (think you) know them. And then there are people you meet face-to-face for literally a number of hours and it feels like you've been friends forever. We caught ourselves laughing at more than one 'inside joke' last weekend -- and we'd been in the same room together for less time than most new NBC sitcoms last.

    Funny how today's society works out that you end up meeting some of your closest friends in 'real life' on the Internet...but it really seems to have worked out that way this time... And I couldn't be happier. Bring on the drinking and silly board games!

    Anyone else think they can take me at Trivial Pursuit? Do you feel lucky punk?
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    It's a two-fer!
    And I'm another aortal link this week (see below). Thank you!
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    So when I read this article interviewing Matt Stone, I didn't believe they were really going to kill Kenny off once and for all and add Butters to the South Park foursome. But watching the show right now, it looks like they've done just that. For now...at least...

    Good thing everyone knows it's Butters. That's me!
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    aortal anti-portal...much like anti-pasta but not...
    I always get all giddy-like when I discover my blog is someone's aortal link! Thanks Stasi -- nice to meet ya'. (And love your comment submit buttons, btw!)

    If you're not sure what an aortal link is, here you go...
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    So just WHERE have you been?
    Movable Type 2.0 has been released! Go. Get it. Now.

    UPDATE: You can now e-mail individual entries in my blog (from 2002) to anyone you choose either by searching for them or using the mini-form located at the bottom of each comment window.
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    More weddings than you can shake a bouquet at
    It just dawned on me that due to a site outage over the weekend, I never got to link the new March "Fifteen Minutes of Fame" wedding. So check it out if you are so inclined...
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    It's Classy!
    I'm not sure just how long the design has been up, but I just noticed the spiffy new look over at Classy Announcements this afternoon. It's a terrific small business run by a "friend of a friend". If you're doing the eloping thing - want to announce an engagement - need unique birth announcements, shower invites, holiday greetings etc. - well then this is the site for you. I can't wait for the day 'til we have an excuse to buy them!
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    Another "Peep Show"
    Remember all of the Peep links I posted a few weeks back? Kathy just sent me a couple of new, and most amusing, ones:
    1. An American Peep in Paris
    2. Power to the Peeps (from the St. Petersburg Times)

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    Did somebody say free?
    Need a wedding dress, or know somebody that does? David's Bridal is giving away one free bridal gown a week. Go here to register!
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    It's not just for Captain Kirk anymore
    Here's an interesting MSNBC article on "how starships will change sex and society".

    Humans will begin a voyage to the nearest star this century, a NASA researcher says. And the crew might more resemble a tribal society than the chain of command of traditional space missions. Procreation would be required. The crew that arrived would be descendents of those that left.

    Sending humans out into deep space over a period of generations probably means a one-way trip for those aboard, researchers say, and would require the development of reliable power sources and closed-loop life support systems. [Geoffery A. Landis of NASA’s Glenn Research Center] has even suggested sending out crews consisting only of women to save on weight, replacing men with frozen sperm to ensure reproduction later down the line.

    I just can't quiet the cynical side of me that's thinking, "Just great... We've screwed everything up on our own planet. Parts of Antarctica are breaking off and melting. But oh yeah, let's go screw the cosmos up as well!" One thing's for certain. Our children, and our children's children, face an interesting road ahead.
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    Get Poofs, Not Puff
    I've finally updated the "Please P. Diddy, Ruin This Song Too" mailbag to include letters from 2002. There you can find such witty banter as, "i think your a stupid fag. your probly just jealous that hes so joy and you are such an ugly, lonely feral. Oh well, if you think you are so shit hot- keep on telling yourself that because you are the only one who does. Catya!"

    WARNING: Loss of IQ points may result from prolonged exposure!
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    April Fool's!
    Well the big day is looming closer, so it's time to pimp the April Fool's blog-switch again. Have no idea what I'm talking about? You can read the initial post for more details...

    Basically a bunch of bloggers are getting together on April Fool's Day to switch places -- leaving their readers guessing as to just who is doing the writing. You will post to the blog of the same person that ends up with yours for security's sake. You can join with a partner if you prefer to know in advance who will have access to your blog, or you can be randomly assigned. So far it looks like we've got four pairs of "pre-assigned" partners, and ten people willing to have a random partner. If it sounds like something you might be interested in, more instructions can be found here.
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    Wanna play the flute? Gotta pee in a cup!
    I just watched this story on the news and I must say I'm horrified. The Supreme Court is now weighing the legalities of drug tests in order to participate in after-school activities. And it seems many Justices are in favor of such tests. The school, Tecumseh High School in Oklahoma, is ironically where my roommate during my freshman year at OU went to high school.

    In 1998, the plaintiff's school district asked students who engaged in extracurricular activities from 7th through 12th grades to consent to drug testing. Miss Earls wanted to participate in the school's vocal choir and marching band. Her lawsuit "could help decide whether school districts can require drug tests for students who want to participate in after-school activities from cheerleading to chess squad".

    If this becomes law, what's to stop law agencies from one day beating down our doors, forcing us to take a drug test to see if we're fit to be on the PTA or run the school's bake sale? Lord knows what we could slip into the brownies!

    Now don't get me wrong...I have never tried illegal drugs myself (although my husband has)...so it's not a test I fear personally. But this just smacks of lost freedoms that can never be recovered.

    Students aren't going to avoid a drug problem because of these tests. If anything, it will only succeed in making them more introverted, left to camp out in front of their computers at home alone. The ones that potentially need the "help" that policies like these are trying to catch are the very ones least likely to get "caught" in such a scenario in the first place. Education needs to come in the form of discussions with parents and authority figures -- not by lining our kids up like cattle outside of the school restroom doors for pee parties, with the fear of "did my bagel have poppy seads on it" looming over their heads each day.

    Although I think there is a place for drug-testing in certain athletic competitions, I find it very hard to believe such tests are necessary in order for my child to play the flute, sing in the choir, or (God-forbid) join the 4-H club. With every little bit of liberty that vanishes, this country seems to forget the very principles on which it was founded. Because this one time, at band camp...
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    And Tuesday means...
    It's time for "This or That"!

    1. Run or walk? Walk. I used to run track...but that was then.
    2. Thistle or dandelions? Hrrrrmmm... Thistle I guess.
    3. Birds singing or crickets chirping? Birds singing. Crickets keep me up at night.
    4. Allergies or none? Only to winter wheat, which thankfully isn't in abundance in this part of the country.
    5. A, B, C or 1, 2, 3? A, B, C, I s'pose.
    6. "Easy as pie" or "simple as cake"? Simple as cake. Cake. Mmmmm... Where was I again?
    7. Trampoline or swimming pool? Swimming pool!
    8. Nickel or penny? Nickle. I horrified my grandpa in grade school when he caught me throwing pennies in the trash. And it still drives me crazy when Todd has 15-20 sitting around in our console in the car.
    9. Basketball or baseball? To watch in person -- baseball (as long as it's outdoors as intended and not in the stupid dome here in Tampa Bay). Baseball is just boring as hell on TV though. And nothing compares to March madness. All that said, can I choose football though?
    10. Sliding doors or French doors? French doors. I love them -- and wish we had them in our house! Sliding doors are so annoying when they go off the track, too...

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    "Grow up, Heather. Bulimia's so '87!"
    MSNBC and The Washington Post have a new article on "9-11 terror slang". Some of the phrases include:
    1. My room is "ground zero". (A mess.)
    2. My teacher is "such a terrorist". (Mean.)
    3. "It was total jihad." (After being disciplined.)
    4. "That’s so Sept. 10." (Petty concern.)
    5. "Is that a burqa?" (Out of style clothing.)
    This kind of talk is 'thraxed, yo'. Kids today...
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    What have you done for me lately Eddie?
    I never thought I'd see the day...Eddie Vedder in a mohawk... He inducted The Ramones into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Monday night. R.I.P. Joey.
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    I'm giddy as a little schoolgirl

    My life is in a tizzy
    My brain is oh-so-dizzy
    My hair is way too frizzy
    And my work is far from done

    My glass is almost full
    My sass is in a lull
    My ass is never dull
    And my nights are far from fun

    My heart is still as strong
    My eyes still read along
    My fingers know the song
    And my man boobs are not meant for public consumption

    -- Chris Pirillo

    Chris, I love you man...but you'll have to talk Todd into sharing his Bud Light...
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    And today's horoscope is...
    Someone whom you've been wanting to hear from for a long time, Robyn, perhaps an old friend who lives far away, could ring you up today - when you're out. You'll be glad to get the message, but it could result in a frustrating game of phone tag throughout the day. Don't get so irritated you throw up your hands and give up. Keep trying; you'll eventually touch base, and you'll be glad you did!

    Now see, this can't be true. All of my friends know the only sure bet to really catch me is via e-mail!
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    Calling all freaks
    This is one of the rare times I'm on ICQ, so if you happen to be up and bored, IM me... My number is 1188879. Just note, you have to have permission to talk to me -- so you'd better have a good excuse whipped up in order for me to accept your initial contact! And no using "because I'm minty fresh". That's my answer!
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    Men are beautiful, too!
    Not to be outdone by me, Todd decided to submit his rack to Hoopty's project. Man, I feel like a woman! But hands off ladies. He's mine -- all mine!

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    Two Wrights don't make a wrong!
    Very happy second anniversary wishes go out to Angela and Baron today! And many more...
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    Steppin' out with my baby
    Todd decided to sneak another day out of the office, so in a bit we're going to head out and run errands / "do stuff". Mondays are always so much easier to get through when he's home with me! Hope everyone else's Monday is less than manic...
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    More birthday greetings!
    Today is my mom's birthday, and also Kymberlie's! Hope you both have a wonderful day!

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    The 'baby' part of Blog Blog Baby
    Reading Joy's blog this weekend kind of gave me a gentle-nudge that I'm ready to talk about something I've rarely/barely addressed here. We're not pregnant. I know certain people seem to waste a lot of time combing through every possible photo of me/us taken since last summer, and I'm finally ready to just come out and say they are not going to find what they are looking for...because there is nothing to look for...

    Todd and I have been doing the infertility dance for well over 18 months. Everything is fine on his end, but well, everything not fine on my end. I've had mulitple tests, surgeries, drugs -- you name it. Nothing has worked. We were invited to participate in a drug company study last summer, but for reasons private to us, decided not to opt for that medication at the last minute. Since then we've felt extremely grateful to have made the call we did -- because studies are now finding out this medication may cause cancer. The last thing I need to deal with on top of everything else I'm facing...

    At first it was painful. It was hard. I won't lie. With every baby I saw, it felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest. Everywhere I turned it seemed someone, everyone, but me was pregnant. But that was then. Since then we've had a lot of time to regroup and collect ourselves. Our marriage has never been happier or stronger. We enjoy things being just the two of us. Really. We haven't hit 30 yet, and that clock isn't screaming at us right now. We've been through so much in our almost 6 years of marriage, it's been really nice to have the pressure off and just be "us" again. We've found ourselves enjoying each other's company so much more without the constant "pressure" of peeing on a stick every 30 days -- and once again just seeing one line. And let me tell you, I really don't miss those twice-a-month invasive, internal ultrasounds!

    That's not to say that if some miraculous conception happened tomorrow that we wouldn't be ready -- or overjoyed. But it is to say that we've taken the pressure off ourselves. It's not in our plans at the moment. It isn't the end-all-be-all of every waking moment's thoughts. We both really appreciate the thoughts and prayers of everyone who's known what has been going on. Words can never even begin to express just how much they've meant to us!

    We're going to make wonderful parents one day. And there will be a "one day". I believe that with all my heart. That day just isn't today... And finally we can loudly say, "That's ok by us!"
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    Racking up frequent blogger miles
    Hoopty started "the rack project" so I thought I'd put my two...well...in:

    If you want to submit your own rack, you can do so here!
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    How Sweet 16 it is!
    My Sooners beat Xavier today 78-65 in the NCAA tourney to advance to the Sweet 16! Up next...Arizona!
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    Happy birthday Jana!
    Happy 29th Jana -- hope you had a wonderful day!

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    One night in Lakeland and the world's your oyster
    As promised, here are photos from our night over at Stacy and Daniel's last night! (photo 1, photo 2, photo 3) We had so much fun -- thanks again guys! And see wKen...Todd does exist... Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention -- I came home with Trivial Pursuit bragging rights.
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    The day after the night before
    We're just getting back in after spending a fun-filled evening in Lakeland at Stacy and Daniel's! We'd like to thank them for their heapin' helpin' of hospitality -- we had a blast! Hopefully pics tomorrow, errrrr today, when we've had SLEEP! Thanks again guys!
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