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Personal blog entries now here. Blogger Boobie-Thon moved here.
Want a new view? You're not stuck with this design -- skin the site!

Dead set on destruction
I like the computer background / wallpaper I'm using right now so much, I've added it to the sidebar. So if you love Weezer and Rivers Cuomo like I do, go and snag it. (Yet another shameless Google quest for sex plug brought to you by the "Nookie With Rivers by Thanksgiving" campaign. Please sleep with Rivers responsibly.)
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Da' foosball
Todd has the Quarterback Challenge on right now so we can at least squint and pretend there's football on a major network. And he just showed me this thread on SoonerFans.com requesting everyone's favorite OU/tx images. I was quite amused to see that two of my images had already been linked (1, 2) -- so of course I had to post the UTerus one. The demotivational posters will always be my favorites though (1, 2, 3)! 48 days and counting... Bring. It. On.

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To think some people get fired for surfing the web
Someone please, please tell me why these people still have jobs? Charges against one are not enough. People have supervisors for a reason. I have worked in a social services job. My reports were checked by my boss. Then they were checked by his boss. And then they were checked by the overseeing state agency in charge of our department. There needs to be a complete overhaul and it needs to happen NOW, Mr. Jeb. (Article from CNN.com.)
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Everybody's workin' for the weekend
I just wrapped up a set of three skins over at Shelli's blog "Not Me". The girl got a little gutsy with one of her skins, I must say! *wink* I have to say that this one is my favorite though. I've been waiting to use that song for-evah!

Tomorrow Today is my day off. If you have anything creep up, please continue to hold. Your call is important to us. Have a great weekend everyone!
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Mail call!
My mommy sent me my very favorite new pair of flips today. And in honor of sex-ho Friday, this showed up as well (in cherry-chocolate, dark chocolate, and chocolate-cinnamon...mmmm...)!
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Today is the greatest day I've ever known
Statia just wrote about my date-language change. For those of you new here, I do that from time to time. I picked Portuguese once again because I think every weekend should start off with the word "sex" and have a "ho" in the middle.
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I'm so mad I'm seeing plaid
Our CBS affiliate just came on with "breaking news" regarding the toddler murder story mentioned last night. It seems a Florida Child Welfare case worker filed a false claim on July 1st stating they had visited the child's home and all was well. This worker was arrested today for filing a false report. Police now believe the child was already dead at the time the worker's report was filed. Add that to the fact that over 1200 kids in state custody are missing, and just when are heads gonna roll, Jeb?
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But you've got to learn to reach out there and grab it
One I'm posting to file away for myself at a later date..."How to Give Good Head"... And now that I'm quite sure your minds are located way down there in the gutter with mine, she's talking about taking self-portraits people. (Link swiped from Don't Mind Me...)
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I don't want to stop, 'til I reach the top
"Does your dream wedding involve a fleet of hovering helicopters packed with paparazzi? A guest list including one or more Arquettes? Or a 200-page pre-nup? Then getting hitched to a movie star might be perfect for you. And -- thanks to E!'s handy new guide How to Marry a Movie Star -- it has never been easier! In no time, you'll be Botox-smooth and telling the press to get off the lawn at your Bel Air mansion. They guarantee you'll feel great, look better and never worry about anything ever again."

And once you've bagged that Hollywood hottie, E! helps out with the Movie Star Wedding and Marriage Survival Guide. (Tips from E!.com.)
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No g-news is good g-news
Well here's one that ought to get 'em talking... Sesame Street is going to introduce an HIV+ muppet. "The upbeat female Muppet will join Takalani Sesame on September 30 for its third season on the South African Broadcasting Corp." Good for them!

This local story has ripped my heart literally in two. A baby sitter killed a 2-year old boy because he soiled his pants. He and his girlfriend (a cousin to the toddler's mother) then put the tiny body in their trunk and dumped it off the interstate -- reporting him missing afterwards. The toddler's mother is currently in jail, charged with violating her probation for writing bad checks.

This story just got me. Normally I don't feel much sympathy for convicted murderers, but I hope this old man and his victim's family have now found peace.

Here you can see live webcam images of a raid in action as a very young 'model' logs out of a chat and a police officer dashes past. It sickens me to see the other photo down the page (that I won't describe to avoid Googling). People get off on THAT?! Sickos.

And perhaps Chateau Du Triomphe wasn't the best name for this Dallas mansion. "The main house, a 43,000-square-foot, three-story structure, had an Olympic-size swimming pool, two master baths with custom marble tubs carved in Italy from a single block of Carrera marble, a wine cellar with a tasting room, and a 16-car garage with its own carwash." And it all burned down to the ground. Oops. Very big oops.
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Colored chalk
blogchalk: Robyn/Female/26-30. Lives in United States/Florida/Tampa Bay and speaks English. Spends 80% of daytime online. Uses a Faster (1M+) connection.  Boomer Sooner! Google! DayPop! This is my blogchalk: English, United States, Florida, Tampa Bay, Robyn, Female, 26-30!

P.S. She's Oklahoma Sooner born and Sooner bred.

(Seen recently at Stacy and Jason's.)
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Hey, hey Tampa Bay
Heads-up Tampa Bay area bloggers. There's a new webring just for you! Todd and I have both joined, and the links are in our sidebars.
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I'm tellin' ya'll it's a sabotage
If it smells fishy...looks fishy...what in the sam hell is going on here?! ("The man who shot the amateur video of Inglewood police beating a black teenager was taken into custody Thursday afternoon by officials with the Los Angeles County district attorney's office. Michael Crooks was arrested outside CNN's Los Angeles bureau where he was scheduled for an interview." Via CNN.com.)
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Blast from the past
A few comments back, Mikey was teasing me about seeing some of my first site designs. I started digging around and found the very first version of "Wholly Matrimony!". That was created sometime back in late 1997 / early 1998 (so not all of the images work now). And now that I've completely humiliated myself, here's one of our first wedding links pages as well (again not all images work).

Update: Mikey recently discovered that my bandwidth limit was exceeded rather quickly by linking the old sites here. Oops! Glad that I don't use GeoShitties anymore...
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We'll make great pets
It's no secret that our three pets are the centers of our universe -- and now there's a great new blogging project to help you show off your own four-legged children. Go submit your brag pics to "the blogs and pets project" today!
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Look at me, I can be centerfield
In case you didn't see this essay by my husband about the end of baseball, read it. (Michele's, too.) And on that note...hats, or rather ties, off to the St. Paul Saints!

Playing off the theme of Tuesday night's 7-7 tie at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Milwaukee, the independent minor league team will be having "Tie One For The Bud" night and will giving out ties with commissioner Bud Selig's face on them to select fans that attend Wednesday night's game against the Sioux City Explorers.

"In addition to suspending our club policy which restricts the appearance of neckties on the premises, we've petitioned the league to investigate the prospect of having all our games end in tie scores," said Tom Whaley, the team's vice president, in the news release. "We thereby reduce the risk of anyone getting hurt physically or emotionally by the random vagaries associated with on-field losses or extra innings."
You can read the full article (and see a tie photo) at ESPN.com. Now might I turn your attention to the OU football kickoff countdown in the sidebar, which now stands at, count 'em, FIFTY DAYS LEFT!
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In your satin tights fighting for your rights
My horoscope for the day:

"Today is your day to become a hero, Robyn. Don't think that just because you may not be dressed in fancy tights and a cape doesn't mean that you can't make an important difference in someone's life today. Step up to the plate even if it is not your turn to be up at bat. True heroes are those who are able to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done regardless of the circumstances."

Which just begs the question -- if I'm going to be a super-hero today anyway, which one do you see me as? I'm not quite sure I fit the Wonder Woman bill, but Supergirl seems just a wee bit tame for me. Hmmmm...
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These wankers are about to understand what the phrase "going medieval on your ass" is all about. They call here AT LEAST three times a day between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. I quit bothering to answer after taking the first call. Well it wasn't the first call -- just the first call we answered after 20 or so calls and a game of "I don't want to see who they are, you see who they are", in which I caved and picked up. They want to sell me AT&T service. I want to eat their young with some fava beans and a nice chianti. Yes, I've asked to be put on their "do not call" list. But you have to wait at least 30 days before you can do anything about it. Telemarket me? Fine. I'll ignore you. Stalk me? Be prepared to see my dark side beeyatch.
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It had to be you...this week
Yes, yes. I know you were all losing sleep at night pondering over what Julia looked like as a bride this time. Well wonder no more...her camp has released an official photo of the happy couple gazing longingly in each other's eyes.

Or maybe she's just finished saying, "I am so not releasing a color-photo of you in that ridiculous shirt. Your sideburns went out of style in '97, and couldn't you have at least washed and combed your hair, grease-boy? Ok, quick. Look like you adore me."

She wore a classy up-'do with a tiara -- and shoes -- this time. For that, I give it 18 months tops. Each year of a Hollywood marriage equals 7 years in the real world after all.

And speaking of weddings, this week you get to vote for the wedding gown in "Today Throws a Wedding". I chose the lesser of the four evils -- the Wearkstatt / Tommy Hilfiger design. (I'm two-for-two so far. The Harry Winston rings won last week.)
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Uh huh huh huh uh huh huh
Ok, I have to confess that Todd and I did more than one Beavis and Butthead impersonation when I was designing this site. But I just wrapped up the design last night on a brand new baby blog titled 2blowhards.com (for sekimori.com). Check it out, and hopefully it will start fillin' up soon!

Update: Go visit Olga's site, too! Because I said so. That's why.
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Everything's bigger in Texas
Just to prove I don't think everything outta Austin is all bad... He can play bongos in the nude in my house any time. And I promise to only bring out the handcuffs if he wants me to...
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They are weak but He is strong
I've heard the expressions "beating some sense into you" and "putting the fear of God into you" before, but I think this Texas pastor took those sentiments just a little too far.

"Austin police arrested a church pastor and his twin brother Tuesday, alleging they used a tree branch to beat unconscious an 11-year-old who misbehaved in Bible class ... The brothers thought the boy did not take his Bible verses seriously enough during a church-sponsored summer camp for Spanish-speaking students, officials said ... Court records obtained by Reuters alleged that the beating lasted for 90 minutes, broke blood vessels and caused the boy's kidneys to fail. The brothers allowed the child to take a break in the restroom during the reported beating, documents said."

And people wonder why I have such a low opinion of the residents of Austin as a whole... (Full article on CNN.com.)
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Pleasure little treasure
I had perfect 20/20 vision before I started making websites. I shudder to think what it is today. I'm too afraid to have an eye exam. Here's why -- I just put together my 2002 porfolio thus far.
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Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh
Director picked for 'Batman vs. Superman' movie: "In a script penned by Andrew Kevin Walker ('Seven'), the two superheroes are allies who come to mighty blows over what Petersen describes as differing philosophies." I'm sorry -- but can the casting department please get more original than Matt Damon? Buddy Ben is already gonna be 'Daredevil'. Do we really need a competition of the two?

I am. I am. I am Superman. And I can do anything...
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Let me hear your body talk
Time for a new E! Rank Poll -- this week the "Top 30 Best Bodies". Kylie Minogue made the list. Did I miss the memo? Apparently eating is grounds for immediate disqualification from the ranks though...
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Maybe it was all the puppy lovin', Mikey?
Oh where to start...so many jokes...so little time! (Actor, and I refuse to say singer, David Hasselhoff has checked himself into The Betty Ford Center. You can find more on CNN.com.) Is it just me, or is the Betty Ford Center becoming a really quick and conveeeenient way of getting your tired ol' name back in the press?
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=w=aste my days
The new Weezer video is here! The new Weezer video is here! Even if you don't like the band (and just why the hell not?!), you must see the "Keep Fishin'" video. It's the one they shot on the set of the Muppet Show and it's AWESOME! You can view it on Real Video or Windows Media Player here.

I've always felt cheated that Weezer never toured Oklahoma back in the day, therefore I never got a chance to be a true band-ho and sleep with Rivers Cuomo. However, Todd has promised me that if somehow I can convince Rivers that he wants me by my 30th birthday (142 days and counting), I can still have my shot. So I'm taking my campaign to the streets. Expect buttons and t-shirts very soon. Do I have a great husband or what? Oh Rivers.......I won't be 29 forever! What do you want me to be to make you sleep with me?

Now GO SEE THE VIDEO! There will be a pop-quiz at the end.
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Love shack, bay-beee!
Just spotted in my new InStyle -- the Best Western Movie Manor Motor Inn in Monte Vista, CO. It's the only motel / movie theater in the world. You can watch new movie releases right there from your hotel bed. Each room has a window that faces the giant outdoor screen, and the sound is piped into rooms via speakers. They even have a snack bar. Just like a giant drive-in o' love...
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I've done wrong and I want to suffer for my sins
I've been a bad, bad girl. I've been careless with a delicate man. Ok, actually I've just forgotten to do the Monday Mission the last couple of weeks. But not this week!

  1. Have you had to repair anything lately? Did you do it yourself or have someone else do it? When we came back from our weekend in Orlando, the guest bath toilet flooded over first-flush. I read online how to fix it, and sent Todd out to Lowe's. He did his handy-man thing, and voila! Man, do we miss just being able to call maintenance though...
  2. Do you work out or exercise? Or is there anything you do each day for your health? I really can't right now. I'm just not strong enough yet. I do try to drink tons of water and walk when I can though. I'm happy to report that I'm about 75% better than I was this time last year. And darn-near at the health level when I first entered college and started a five-year remission. *crossing fingers tightly*
  3. Are you a modest person? That is, would you be embarrassed for someone (an acquaintance, a friend, a stranger) to see you nude? Ahem. Next...
  4. Some smells that I just can not stand are bags of grass clippings that have sat in the hot sun for a few days, burned hair and vomit (although, thankfully, I have not had to smell them all at the same time). What are some odors that you just can not stand to smell? I HATE the smell of cut-grass as well. That's #86 in my 100-meme. I also can't stand really bad B.O. and the smell of sauerkraut (#13 here in my food-meme). I will dry-heave at both.
  5. Are there any social situations that make you uncomfortable? Very stiff, formal occasions. I hate trying to remember to keep my elbows off the table, what fork to eat with, etc. I'm from Oklahoma and proud of it.
  6. Has a friend or an employer ever asked you to do something you felt was unethical or? What was it and what happened? Yes. Stacy asked me to design blogs for staunch Republicans. I'm taking the money and running all the way to Sephora...
  7. (continued) Well, we are not yet at our destination, though the way you described it, it sounds simply amazing. What is the first thing we should do once we get there? Sex in the hotel room hot tub, baby! That's what they're there for...
BONUS: In this whole world, what is fair? Do I have to admit I know this one? We walk blind and we try to see...falling behind in what could be...
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I got you babe
This and this remind me of this card I sent to Todd back when I was bed-bound. Tee hee. I should have made him train on a water obstacle course!
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I need you now like I needed you then
I hate Mondays -- when my partner in crime returns to work once again. Especially after a long weekend like this. Things just seem two-steps out of sync all day long. I hear other married couples longing for their spouse to take another business trip - or to be on a business trip themselves - but we're just not like that. Todd actually requests not to travel at work because his cubemates are all too eager to go instead. Or he takes me with him. Something they just do not get. Sometimes he gets teased about it. But we just like hanging out together. Sue us.

This information cannot leave this room, ok? It could devastate his reputation as a dude. But tonight we sat around watching TNT's "Romance Weekend" lineup -- The Wedding Singer, The Bachelor, and then (after a walk part of) Pretty in Pink until he had to go to bed. And it was his idea to watch them. How lucky am I?! He doesn't fault me for my wedding-obsession six years past my own waltz down the aisle.

The idea of waking up to another "blah...code...Photoshop...blah" day tomorrow just plain sucks. I know that's nothing compared to his cubicle hell though. So I'm more bummed for him than myself in that regard. I guess I just feel really lucky. We got married so young, but we grew up together and in the same direction. Or maybe we didn't grow up at all -- we're still Beavis and Butthead next to each other on the couch each night. Whatever happened, I thank my lucky stars daily for it. And I just don't say that enough. I love you, babe. Hurry home, ok?
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'Til this current fashion season do us part
Psssst...InStyle...you might want to feature another couple's proposal story now. Oh well, if you like looking at celebrity wedding photos, they have a nice slideshow here.

"It's a wonderful thing, as time goes by, to be with someone who looks into your face, when you've gotten old, and still sees what you think you look like." - James Cromwell, The Bachelor
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Fun with Photoshop 101
Nikki sent new photos of Kieran today, so I couldn't resist having a little fun in Photoshop at Todd's suggestion. Here's the original. And here's the new and improved version. Boomer Sooner! Maybe this is why we haven't been allowed to have children yet? Hmmmm...
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Please come to Boston
All of my favorite girls got together up in Boston this weekend. All together now...awwwww! Are they too cute for words or what? You can see more pics in Christine's "Boston, Baby!" photolog.

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Doctor, Doctor, gimme the news
Give it a couple of days for the kinks to be worked out (a couple of the pages are just demos for now), but Wendell got my project from last weekend, Medmanage, online just a few minutes ago. I'll be taking applications for a muse next week. Where's Jason Lee when you need 'im?
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Hotel motel Holiday Inn
We went out for a little late-night shopping at Wal Mart so I could stare at anything but the monitor for awhile (yes, I was that desperate). And they had their big, fluffy towels on mega-sale so I grabbed a few for the guest bath.

But this entry isn't about showing off towels -- rather it's about asking that age-old question -- if washcloths are $4.97, and hand-towels are $4.97, why are towels only $5.97? I guess logically people buy more washcloths and hand-towels so that's probably where they make their $$$, but I wouldn't have given a second thought to paying, say, $7.97 for the big towel. It has four times as much fabric as its little wussy hand-towel counterpart after all.

It...doesn't...make...sense... Oh well. Screw it. These were only $1.50, baby. That's only 12.5 per oh-so-tasty-pop!
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Don't Pack up little camper
I couldn't bring myself to blog about it when I heard a few weeks back until we knew more of the facts...but Todd found this for me today... Josh Heupel was cut from the Green Bay Packers due to a lingering wrist injury. I think he's got a great future ahead of him whether it be playing or coaching. I just hope it's still playing. Sigh.
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Eyesight? I don't need no stinkin' eyesight!
And yet another satisfied customer... I have to confess, I'm starting to miss the olden days when I got to pick the colors, fonts and concepts myself though. Hopefully this will be online soon!
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