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And he said, let there be chili!
After reading about the "sock monkeys that saved the world" over at Christine's blog yesterday, we both suddenly had this odd craving for chili and cheese. So Todd had me drug up earlier today and we hopped in the Explorer and drove to Ocala. You see, we both grew up in Oklahoma where Sonic Drive-Ins are headquartered. We crave their food all the time -- but the closest Sonic to us here in Tampa Bay is about 65 miles away now. I guess we should at least be thankful that we don't have to drive the 7+ hours to Pensacola like we used to do when we first moved to Florida.

We just got in about 30 minutes ago and I have a mountain of e-mail to wade through! One was regarding a new design I did over the weekend. (The site and blog will be unveiled soon when MT 2.0 comes out.) I still feel like a high school kid with a college acceptance letter, or an envelope containing ACT scores, each time that first feedback note comes in. So I put my fingers over my eyes and made Todd read it for me first. Then I could tell by his face that "I'd done good". Phew! I've been doing this for almost five years now and it just never gets any easier. Yes, I am a dork like that. But websites -- and especially blogs -- are so personal. And this is one I'm happily pouring my heart and soul into! Is the antici.....pation killing you yet? Good!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend thus far! I think I'm still in denial that I won't be able to flip on the TV and find football there tomorrow. Sigh.
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All grown up and savin' China - *sniff*
My mom wrote on Friday to let me know my little sister has finally achieved one of the main goals in her life. She is going to be moving into her first apartment just a few weeks shy of her 21st birthday -- all by herself. I can't tell you how happy this makes me, or how much I'm bursting with pride right now. She hasn't had an easy life, and the brief adulthood she's had would have made most people throw their hands up and be done with it long ago. Exactly 2 years ago, almost to the day, I was boarding a plane to try and make it back to Oklahoma while they were covered in 2" of ice and the airports were closed. I didn't know when I stepped off that plane if my sister would be alive, or brain damaged. She was in intensive care for a few days, followed by a long hospitalization. But somehow she managed to put her life back together again -- get back on her feet -- cut some major losses -- move across the country -- and start all over.

She lived and worked in Delaware for several months while attending community college in '00 and '01. She decided she was better off near home and moved back to Oklahoma last summer. She's been staying with my mom since then while paying off massive debts, buying her very first car, and saving for her first place. She's grown into one hell of a young woman. She has ten times the brains and a hundred times the looks that I'll ever have. She's funny. She's well-read. And we finally like each other. A lot.

I just want to let you know how how proud you make the two of us, Jennifer. We don't talk as often as I'd like with both of our crazy hours -- and it's been much too long since we sat up half the night giggling and watching old movies. But I can't wait to walk into your very first home and give you a high-five. It will be sooner rather than later, somehow...some way... You've earned this the hard way, and I just wish you all the happiness and fun in Norman that we had at your age! Now get thee to O'Connell's and earn that free birthday t-shirt.

Love, your big sister
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Isn't she lovely?
The March 2002 (wedding) Dress of the Month is up...
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Behold the power of cheese
I just posted the recipe for a marinated cheese appetizer over at The Red Kitchen.
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I am a keeeeeng prawn!
Hot diggity damn! Long John Silvers has finally updated their website to include "Pepe's Lounge". (I blogged about my favorite Muppet and spokesshrimp awhile back.) The secret code to enter the site is howcanyouresist. Inside you'll find commercials, bloopers, a screen test and more. I laughed 'til it hurt! Stop stifling me, okay?
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It just...got...interesting!
David Letterman is considering switching networks again and going to ABC. According to the New York Times and Washington Post, they want Letterman in the 11:35 p.m. EST time slot currently occupied by "Nightline" and "Politically Incorrect". This one should be interesting to watch unfold, to say the least!
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I just fell in love with your pretty baby face
Erika has round 2 up of "guess the blogger baby face". (And if you missed our chubby cheeks the last go-around, Todd and I are in round 1!)
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Grammy Fashion Police
I'm finally getting around to looking at fashion pics from the Grammy Awards. I swear -- could Nelly Furtado be any cuter? But once again, for the most part, it just goes to show you that money can't really buy taste.
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And now...guest starring...
I needed my nerdboy mikey fix this week! Seems the hosers at his ISP pulled the plug for the month due to bandwidth usage. So when I wrote him to check and see where he'd gone, he wrote back with a "this is an entry I would post if I could" to feed my addiction. So now...with permission...I bring you Mike!

Ok, so I'm driving in to work today, and I hear a commercial on the radio for a career fair. Now, this is no ordinary career fair, as I was to soon find out. This is a Secret Service career fair. That's right, *the* Secret Service. Yanno, guard the President and shit. Does anyone else think that that's funny? I mean, when I hear "career fair", I think McDonald's, or AccounTemps, or something like that...not the Secret Service. C'mon, these guys are the some of the most dedicated men and women in the world... and they're looking for them at a damned career fair? I dunno, that just doesn't seem right...

In other news, I noticed that they're selling Cadbury Creme Eggs again. You know what that means... Cadbury Creme Egg commercials! I love those things....

"Bok meeeoooowwww... bok meeoooooowwww"
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Ihhh've nevah been so hahhpy in my who' life-uh
(Quote credit: Long Duck Dong) We just got up after a long winter's nap to flip on The Screen Savers and watch a demo of the new Photoshop 7 for OS X. It was amazing -- we both kept screaming "GET OUT!" at the TV screen. I'm starting a countdown clock for that puppy. Thank goodness my husband has an "in" with the Adobe vendor at work! If you get Tech TV and missed the show tonight, you MUST catch it on rerun. I am sooooo happy I chose an iBook now!
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So how was your day dear?
Today completed phase one (of two) of the hell that is my life.

I'm actually too sick and tired to bother typing up a recap all over again, so instead I will just paste in the one I sent to my mom... Is that ok with you? Good. But if boring medical reviews bring you down, here's your chance to run away! I don't do these often...but... Go. Now. You've been warned!

Today was my SSDI four-year review medical exam. This is where I have to prove my life is still the same chapter, different verse. You'll be happy to know your taxpayer dollars funded approximately $150 for the following visit -- when the last time my specialist's report completely overturned the state-appointed doctors' findings because those reports didn't give enough weight to my diagnoses and medical history. Yeah, color me happy to be doing this all over again. And I still have their stupid psych review to go next week...

That place was SO scary. It was a public "non-insurance" clinic -- cash only. We could not for the life of us figure out why Social Security picked THEM to do the review. Todd and I were literally thanking God I have strep so I'm already on anti-biotics. We were afraid to sit in the chairs it was that gross. I don't think the place has ever seen a cleaning solution. The ceiling tiles were half-hanging from their supports, with water damage all over them. One of the walls ran out of sheetrock -- so no joke -- they took 2-4" pieces of wood and nailed them up like tiled shingles and then painted white over them as a make-shift. This was NOT, I repeat, NOT for decorative purposes. I turned to Todd in the waiting room and whispered, "This is why I refuse to like NASCAR," with a wink. (Just kidding Christi!) I thought he was going to fall off his seat he was laughing so hard. We showed up for a 12 o'clock appointment at a "first-come-first-serve, go sit in a chair and wait 75 minutes, at not even remotely close to a doctor's" office...

The waiting room was full of people that obviously just did NOT care or even want to know the meaning of self-pride. The freaky Marlboro man from hell next to me had on so much cheap Wal Mart cologne I could barely breathe. We decided he was there for OG'ing. ("I'm Gonna Get You Sucka" reference.) He got up to fill out forms and I punched Todd and made him move down a chair so I could scoot further away, too, and try to catch some real breaths. There were two looked-like-teen moms with tiny babies that had bursting-dirty diapers (you could see it), and they were tag-team chain-smoking outside and didn't seem to care about the kids inside with baby food smeared on their faces. We didn't want to feel like snobs (and these were obviously blanket-quick-observations and not true judgment calls), but even at our poorest -- when we were literally selling CDs to eat and were living in roach-infested apartments -- we weren't like that. As Todd pointed out, you can at least get decent clothes at Goodwill if you try. And you can wash them for a quarter. They were all just dirty, smelly and gross. People that could help it, but didn't want to. And every single one of them was coughing, wheezing and sniffling god-knows-what into the air that I had to breathe. I was so relieved they didn't try to use any oral Q-tip swabs in my throat during the exam because I wouldn't have wanted anything in my mouth that had touched the counters or containers located there.

I feel like hell today...so the visit went well from your mom perspective in that regard. They got to see "the real me". I'm running a fever (although they didn't check it), my throat is obviously red and swollen since I have strep (started anti-biotics yesterday), I feel like crap, look like crap and only slept 3 hours last night. Add to that...the fact the low was 31 here last night...which has left me pretty much crippled up and barely able to walk faster than a shuffle. He did all sorts of mobility tests like how high can you raise your legs/arms, how hard can you push back with force -- and I kid you not -- how long can you hop on one foot. The doctor literally had to support me during the standing and hopping tests -- and when he didn't, I was bracing on the table so I didn't tumble over. Todd said you could visibly watch my energy-tank hit empty. Then the doctor wanted me to go down the hall for an eye test, and he was down there a good 30-45 seconds before I made it down to join him. So if he finds me healthy, he can kiss my *bleep!*... Now, I need a nap. Like until May. Am I having fun yet?
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Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll
E! Online made a countdown of the Music's Top 10 Sexiest Moments. Hey look, Nikki -- George Michael's butt is at number 10! "Look at me bum...it's beau-teee-ful..." And apparently if you type in "Donna Summer" and "orgasm" into a reputable Internet search engine, you'll get up to 499 results. This line says it best about Madonna though: "A little song, a little dance, a little bowl of Cheetos resting on our pants."
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Well hell...
Robbie is on the phone with Todd right now and he can't get a flight from Denver to Tampa tomorrow to come out for the weekend. (He's a pilot so he has to fly stand-by.) It's good because I have strep and don't exactly feel like being a party princess over the weekend, but it's bad because we haven't seen him in almost two years now. He's promising a March visit instead, and I'm holding him to it -- spring break at da' beach! The Florida forecast for tonight? A hard-freeze warning for our county overnight with temps in the low 30s. Ick. Keep that crap up north will ya' please?!
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I guess we're naming our first child Chris
I have finally beat Wil Wheaton in something! Thanks Chris!
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I'd like my sauce...on the side...
So I'm sure this has happened to just about everyone in their wild days of youth...big night out on the town...one few too many...you wake up not quite remembering where you are or where you've been...naked...and covered in an egg-mixture and flour. Ok, maybe not that last part. I've heard of going out and getting fried before, but never quite so literally. (Link thanks to Daypop.)
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*high fives* Kristine!
If you haven't been by The Red Kitchen in the last hour or so, make sure to stop by again! In the "Tech TV" entry, Kristine has added several screen-captures I took of todays segment on Call For Help.

Oh yeah, side note...if you look really closely during the segment as it airs (catch it on repeat if you missed it later tonight and again tomorrow) you can see Zalary's name fly by in the comments for this post...
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A shout-out to all my homies
Wow! So many nods to those I love online lately, I can barely keep up! First Kristine and I somehow managed to pull back-to-back duty making it on Call for Help and The Screen Savers yesterday (here's a new screen capture of my work)...along with Mena and Ben...and a screenshot of AnnElizabeth's blog.

Then today, I wake up to find that BlogOmania, Blah Blah Blog, Meryl's Notes, Cheyenne's World and yours truly have ALL been featured in today's Lockergnome Windows Daily!

And as if that wasn't enough, Kristine just e-mailed me to let me know The Red Kitchen is going to be on tonight's Call for Help! I'd already put her Screen Savers nod on tape in the mail -- but I'm all too excited to make her another one!

Could this week get any better? I've almost forgot that I'm coming down with strep and Robbie may not be able to get a stand-by flilght tomorrow... East siiiide! And a huge ol' welcome to all the Gnomies stopping by!
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Another server move
Just a quick heads-up that we're in the process of moving a couple of our sites to a different webhost right now, so for the next few days please e-mail me at my "Wholly Matrimony!" account: robyn@whollymatrimony.com
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As we used to quip in college...better late than pregnant! It's still technically Tuesday in some parts of the U.S., so here is my "This or That".

  1. Dial-up or cable? DSL...but miss cable... Can't get it way up here in the 'burbs yet.
  2. Wal-mart or K-mart? Neither. Tarjhet, baby!
  3. Butterfly or dragonfly? Dragonfly!
  4. Plus or minus? Plus -- life always has more in the end.
  5. Liberal or conservative? Liberal to the core!
  6. Do you believe in God or not? Sure do!
  7. Sun or moon? Moon. I'm a late-night kinda gal.
  8. Do you exercise regularly or not? Used to. Can't now.
  9. Coffee or tea? Neither. Diet Coke, ginger ale, and Code Red.
  10. St. Patrick's Day or Easter? My maiden name was O'Rourke. 'Nuff said!

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Bacon! I smell Bacon!
Jo's new webring idea got us talking about our degrees of Kevin Bacon. I'm proud to say, I can get there in just three degrees. Our friend Melinda from college is Billy Zane's ("The Phantom", "Titanic") cousin. "Billy Zane has a Bacon number of 2. Billy Zane was in Back to the Future Part II (1989) with Elisabeth Shue. Elisabeth Shue was in Hollow Man (2000) with Kevin Bacon." So how close can you get?
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And to tie it all together...
Lookee! Chris made Ben and Mena bobbin'-head dolls!
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Coupla' screen shots
In case you don't get Tech TV, here's a couple of screen shots of the big Movable Type feature tonight (capture 1, capture 2)!
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More Tech TV than you can shake a stick at
In case you might have missed it at Christine's earlier today, Movable Type is about to be featured live on the Screen Savers. Quick! To the Bat Channel!

UPDATED TO SAY: They mentioned The Red Kitchen! Go Kristine!
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I was on Tech TV!
Well yeah, they got the name wrong and said it was Todd's! Plpppp... But Cat just showed the photo from when I made Chris Pirillo an honorary blonde. So let the record show...the artwork is all mine...but nonetheless, it was on Call For Help tonight...
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Heads up to everyone with Blogsnob code on their blogs. They've moved servers, and your Blogsnob code may now be spitting out a few lines telling you to update ASAP. Straight from the site: "I'll be removing Blogsnob completely from the old server in a few weeks, so hurry, people!!" Just a little FYI...
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Weezer photos
Weezer.com has a few photos up from Sunday night's show at the Ice Palace in Tampa. Wish I'd have known Rivers was sick this weekend, too. I would have offered to share my drugs with him, and maybe a little hot tub therapy as well. Tee hee.
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Extended birthday greetings from the States
It's our favorite girl down under's birthday today! Well actually with the time difference, she's already had 'er cake and ate it, too -- but that doesn't mean we can't party on in her honor here in the States! Happy birthday Jo!

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Six Degrees of Blogeration
Jo came up with a pretty nifty new webring idea -- the Six Degrees of Blogeration. The premise is simple, just like Bacon.

"The main rules are...you can only join this ring if you have a blog and if you already know someone in the ring. By 'know someone' you either have to actually know them or be a regular reader of their blog."

I just signed both of our sites up -- so if you know us -- you're in! Get to it!
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When Todd came in with the mail tonight he was all excited! Seems someone back in Norman loves us... We got a package filled to the top with so much cool stuff -- a ducky Easter basket (with a real rubber ducky next to it so you can see the size), one of the yummiest gel candles I've ever smelled in the scent "Angel", and two cool OU long-sleeved shirts. Thank you SO much Jana and Ben! We love it ALL!
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Your sassy l'il blog design girl
So...hate your current webhost? Don't have one? *gasp* Need a new blog design? Covet your very own domain name? Want to run Movable Type like all the cool kids but have no idea how? Well you're in luck...because Christine has just launched BlogOmania! I'll be helping her out with design and installs along the way, so make sure to check it out. And if you lose this post on down the line, you can always get there via the new button in my sidebar, too!
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Can I get an AMEN!
Todd has been taunting me with this news all day. Adobe is finally about to release Photoshop for OS X -- no longer will I have to run it under clunky "classic mode". Hallelujah! It doesn't hurt that he knows the Adobe vendor where he works, either...
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Just breathe
And to think I've been doing it wrong all this time. I'm so embarassed with my knickers caught 'round my ankles like that...
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Juicin' the Weez.....er

I don't wanna be an old man anymore
It's been a year or two since I was out on the floor
Shakin' booty, makin' sweet love all the night
It's time I got back to the good life

It's time I got back
It's time I got back
And I don't even know how I got off the track
I wanna go back, yeah!

UPDATE: Todd wrote up a review 'cuz I'm way too tired. Enjoy!
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Hurts so good...
This will probably be my last post of the day since we're heading out later this afternoon for Weezer tonight... However, I had to take a minute to rave about a new product find. Last week we got a sample pack of ThermaCare Heat Wraps in the mail. We almost tossed them out because at first-glance it looked like a small pack of adult diapers.

But after having knock-you-to-your-knees cramps last night, I thought "what they hey" and busted open the pack to try one out. They are so cool! The large back ones (the kind included in the sample) hook around your waist with a small cotton velcro-closure belt about 3" wide. The "discs" inside heat up in about 15-20 minutes. Best of all, the one I'm wearing is still warm about 12 hours later! I would equal the "heat" it gives off with the medium setting on my heating pad. But since this one is secured on, it moves with you. You don't have to wake yourself up every time you want to move or roll over. They also make smaller adhesive pads for the shoulder/neck and arm/leg areas -- and another for 'feminine' cramps. These are great b/c they are flush with your body, fit easily under clothing -- and no cords like heating pads! And they last at least 12 hours. I am hooked! They're kinda pricey (about $7 for a box of 2) -- but if you hurt like I do, and need "take it with you" convenience (road trips, etc.) -- the price will be well worth it. If you're interested and want a free sample, you can fill out the survey here and get mailed a pack. I rarely do product reviews in my blog, so the fact I'm raving about these so much will hopefully speak volumes!
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Whew, that was fun...
Well somehow overnight somethin' funky went on with MT, and Christine woke up to find my blog blank this morning. She already had it well on the road to recovery before I even rolled out of bed this morning. Does she ROCK or what? I'm in the process of adding the comments that were lost back in right now -- and links to old posts and the search feature may not work 'til tomorrow. So hang in there. Operators are standing by. Thanks again Christine!
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Metal mouth
Tom Cruise is now wearing braces. And on a somewhat unrelated note, he's not gay. I repeat, he is not gay. Back to your regularly scheduled programming...
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It's not easy being green
Todd wanted a new look last night, so I gave him a spin on the Spiderman theme. You can still find the green version in his archives though.
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