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Whaddya waitin' for?
So if you haven't seen "I am Sam" based on our review yet, here's another good one by Michele. What are you waiting for? Go see it already!
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Where'd you get those peepers
Another link courtesy of Dawn (who has beautiful baby blues) -- the eye project. Here's our double-set of entries by yours truly: private eyes...they're watching you...
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I sit, and meanwhile back...
Thanks to Dawn's link in the "Satan's browser" thread yesterday, chances are you're no longer seeing this site in not-so-glorious centering in IE 6.0 for Windows. I just wanted to say thanks again! Stupid Microsoft...
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There doesn't seem to be anyone around
Because the entry will get buried in the archives soon, I thought I should post this new comment in the thread about Tiffany posing for Playboy:

"After reading all your comments, I get the impression you don't think much of Tiffany. I urge you to visit her website, http://www.tiffanymusic.com and see what the lady herself has to say about posing for Playboy. Also, you may not be aware that she released a fantastic album in 2000 entitled The Color of Silence. You can listen to song clips from the album on her site and I think you'll be pleasantly suprised."

I'm sorry Jules, but the article kind of lost me at, "Marose [Tiffany's spokesman] described Tiffany as 'a very religious person,' but said she had no moral problems with doing the spread..." (No pun intended I'm sure.) When you hear the expression "give it up to Jesus", I don't remember my Sunday School teacher mentioning spreading your coochee and jiggling your ta-tas for the camera as being part of "the deal" -- even if it's in nice soft-focus with really good articles. But that could be just me and my Southern Baptist upbringing...it has been known to be wrong before...
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From the Sooner State with love
Lookee what we got in the mail today (very bottom of the page)! We sent OU Coach Bob Stoops a small thank-you note last month for staying at the University of Oklahoma (when Florida tried to hire him away), and we got a small...yeah, auto-generated but so what...note back from him today. Todd was all giddy-like when he walked in the door with it! How long 'til August again?
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She blinded him with science
Todd has a new poll up at his blog -- make sure to go weigh in with your opinion and vote!
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Satan's browser
So I have a question for all the smarty-smarts out there. What's up with the new IE 6.0 for Windows? I've had a few site owners write me now wanting to know why their site is suddenly all-centered. A quick note back saying, "You're running IE 6.0 now aren't you?", always returns a "yes" answer. I know to ask this because I lasted exactly 2 days on IE 6.0 on my Dell before pleading to Todd to bust it back to 5.5. Just about every site I viewed had centered text -- not to mention it sucking up resources faster than Todd sucks down Mountain Dew's Code Red. Going back to 5.5 (or viewing sites in 5.1 on the Mac) produced "normal" as-intended results.

What gives? Everyone I've encountered running 6.0 has had this centering problem now. Have you? And if you had/have the problem...did/do you know how to get around it... Thanks!
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It's not delivery...
We laughed so hard at the end of this, I think we actually snorted. Ain't it da' truth baby, ain't it da' truth?
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My Joshie's goin' to Green Bay!
'Scuse me while I sniffle and squeal... My boy's all grown up and goin' to Green Bay to meet his old pal Torrance Marshall! Yes, that's right -- the Green Bay Packers have just signed former OU QB Josh Heupel (who was out all last season with injury after being drafted by Miami). I haven't been blogging long enough for you to fully understand my love and devotion for Josh. It goes far beyond "Sooner fan loyalty". Todd smiles and nods his head every time he passes Josh's 8x10 glossy on the fridge. I don't think I washed my left hand for 3 days after Josh touched it signing an autograph.

I love Josh! And now he's going to study under one of the best -- Brett Fahv-ruh. I can devote 100% of my time and affection to the Pack next season, too, because 1) they are no longer in Tampa Bay's conference for the upcoming 2002 season -and- 2) THEY AREN'T MIAMI (or an orange team). I am just beyond excited here! Good luck on the frozen tundra Josh! Oh yeah, we're getting NFL Sunday Ticket this fall! And Todd just found out Green Bay is playing here in Tampa this fall, too...whoo hoo...
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I'm a very disturbed little girl
But then again, you already knew that... I was just reading Angela's blog, and came across this photo of a present she just bought a friend -- as a baby gift. My first reaction was "they make designer maxi pads?", and then I realized that wouldn't exactly be baby related. So as I sat here busting up in fits of giggles, Todd peeks over my shoulder quips in a deep faux-British announcer-voice, "Coming soon to a Victoria's Secret near you...sheer satin and lace..." Yeah, we're going to make wonderful parents one day!
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Tip of the day
I see "Call For Help" finally updated their site with a rather cool "how do you..." from today's show. Ever wonder how to find out the last time a site was updated? Here's a nifty little trick:

  1. Go to any website. (Or just try it here.)
  2. Now paste "javascript:alert(document.lastModified)" (without quotes) into the address bar.
  3. Be sure that the word "Modified" is capitalized. Press enter and up pops a window with the date and time info.

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Was it real?
For those wondering if my little vein-popping episode late last night was based on something that was actually "real" or not, here are a few links for ya'.

The original Soapbox ("My wife has really suffered because of the time I've put into this website. She went to bed alone for two months while I was building the damn thing, and she has to look at my back every monrning and again at night, when I'm reading and answering email, or writing in my weblog.....I am thinking of making a 'Take Mrs. Wheaton out for Valentine's Day' fund, using those PayPal 'donate' buttons, set at 1 dollar, and 5 dollars. If people wanted to contribute to the fund, they could just click on it, and, depending on how much we raised, it would be a nice dinner out, where we dress up, or dinner and a movie, or dinner and the theatre, or going to a spiffy hotel overnight.")

One of Wil's blind-followers got a great response from "Matthew Rossi" in their post on the subject (swiped from Daypop). And beyond all that, Hoopty has a great list of responses grouped and linked over at his site if you want to read more on the subject.

And to quote Mr. Gump, that is all I have to say about that...
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Two fingers or both hands?
Thought that subject title might grab your attention... This story was spotted over at Kristine's. It's about the Dvorak keyboard vs. the standard keyboard. The layout is different from the traditional keyboard we're all using -- because Dvorak hated having the letters "QWERTY" in the upper left, the vowels all scattered around, and obscure letters like J and K in prominent locations.

For hunt-and-peck typists like Todd, I think this concept/keyboard might be bliss. But I can basically type with my eyes closed. (Hell, I almost did on the old Dell laptop since the letters on the keys wore off long-ago.) I can't imagine having to re-train my brain to a new keyboard system after all these years. I'd almost certainly have to take a typing class again. To this day, I can still hear my typing teacher shriek "A, S, D, F, J, K, L, semi"!

How do you feel about trying something new? The above-linked article quotes Dvorak as saying, "Proposing a new key layout is akin to proposing to 'reverse the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule, discard every moral principle, and ridicule motherhood.'" Sadly, I pretty much have to agree.
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Feed Willy!
Once again, Todd has come through for all of us in the clutch!
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Girls on Trampolines
After that last rant...whew...I thought I'd try to lighten things up a bit around here. Phew -- I think I'll go join 'em!
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You have GOT to be kidding me
Ok, so I'm doing a little late-night blog surfing and ran across something that has literally made my blood boil. Who in the hell does this washed up, "celebrity" fucktard™ think he is?

You're a friggin' CELEBRITY Wil. You get "celebrity appearance" checks. I'm pretty sure you get royalty checks. And I'm also pretty damn sure your income is more than about 2-3 of your readers combined together. Yet WE were supposed to send YOU money so you could take YOUR WIFE out to a nice dinner? Do you possibly even comprehend how fucking crass and arrogant that is? (For those who missed the story, Wil asked his blog readers to send him money so he could take his wife out for a nice Valentine's dinner. I guess since he's spent so much time devoted to "us" and not to her, guilt is catching up with him.)

Oh yeah, sure...now Wil's all apologetic and humble-like once he's been flamed to high-heaven in more places than I can count...but c'mon... You give nothing -- and I do mean NOTHING, Wil -- back to the blogging community. What on earth makes you think you have the right to even ask money of us. I don't see your ass up 'til 3 a.m. setting up a friend's blog, or fixing their comments, or making graphics...or leaving comments at someone else's place...or...well you get the picture. We're supposed to somehow be humbled in your presence that you, as a "celebrity", bother to lower yourself and converse with us. Granted it's a one-way conversation as you rarely acknowledge visitors to your site, but we're still able to "live" your life with you every day. A life so pathetic that you have to ask people to send you money to make those around you feel better. Well you know what, Wil? My husband and I both blog, and we don't need to ask anyone for donated-dinners to make us feel better about our life or our marriage. You get a claimed 90,000 hits a month. If you're so hard up, toss up a few banners on the ol' site.

There are people on the Internet who are actually taking donations for GOOD causes like cancer and leukemia in children:

But oh no! Don't be fooled! We can bump up this celebrity-wife's dinner from a 4-star to a 5-star restaurant instead! Now that's reaching out to your fellow-man...

If you really want to waste money, I suggest PayPal'ing me for that SxSW jello-wrestling idea instead. Let Wil hit up "William Fucking Shatner" since they're so buddy-buddy now. Puh-leeze! Grrrrrr...just when I'd actually started to think the guy was pretty cool for donating to the Anti-Bloggies and taking all the bashing last week in stride... Guess I should have went with my first impression. Or maybe I'm just in a sugar coma-induced foul mood from all the "oh Wil, you're so wonderful" replies to his "apology".
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MT version 2.0
Hey Christine! MT is looking for beta testers for version 2.0. You up for the challenge with me? Wanna write 'em and ask? [Update for everyone: Beta testing submissions are now closed!]
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The blog debate
First learned about at Chris Pirillo's -- a new article at ZDNet by John Dvorak about the The online 'Blog' phenomenon. Startling revelations like "these postings are fascinating...blatant exhibitionism and obvious self-indulgence..." and "some people need to be the center of attention...it makes them feel good about themselves to tell the world what important things they've been doing and what profound thoughts they've been having..."
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Wookin' pa (more) nub
I finally had time to wrap up a few loose ends, and just installed MT Search on Todd's blog. So if you want to count the number of times he's typed the word "dude" since last August, well then, have at it!
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I think we're alone now
Thanks to Candi for this frightening little discovery -- remember bubble-gum-pop, mallrat-wannabe, 80s "star" Tiffany? It appears she's dropping her drawers in some sort of pathetic career-rivival attempt. And judging by that mug-shot, it looks like she's ripping off my hairstyle, too!
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You don’t have to put on the red light
Kristine invited me to be a part of The Red Kitchen and I happily accepted! Look for me to start posting there soon...
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Word up!
Thanks to mikey's suggestion, you now have a new skin to use at work. It's cleverly disguised as a document file. Enjoy!
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Ummmm, ok then
Oh yeah, this is a future Darwin Award winner in the making!
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Let's see here...
So if Christine and I actually, contractually, agreed to jello-wrestle at SxSW -- do you think if I set up a PayPal fund, Todd and I could somehow afford to get there? Hmmmm... Keep in mind we both refuse to fly, and I have this "thing" about not actually entering the Austin city-limits.
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tuck fexas
Well the big day in college football is here...signing day for the fall 2002 season... Soon we will be inundated with stories about what a genius and recruiting god Mack Brown is. And soon we will laugh, as all good little Oklahomans do. The taunting and jeers will flow out of Austin like burnt orange sewage, as their messiah convinces them the promised land is oh, say, the Holiday Bowl. But you know what, I want their fans to think Mack is all that. It makes those Cotton Bowl victories that much more amusing when once again, OU proves on the field that Mack don't know nuthin' about nuthin' -- and all the pre-season hype and high rankings are just that. Hype. Sure Mack. Grab that "recruiting national championship". We'll see ya' in Dallas! Boomer Sooner!
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Procrastination cha cha cha
Well I may be a day late but I'm not a dollar short! I just finished this week's Monday Mission.

  1. Any songs on the radio that you just can't stand? Anything by Creed. Anything.

  2. What color do you think looks the worst on you? Well that's an easy one -- orange!

  3. Can you ever really trust someone 100%? Yes. My husband. With my life, and then some.

  4. What is one comforting thing you can always count on in life? My Gma always fixing things and making them better when I call her and need her. The first time in my life I can't call...well I can't even take myself there...

  5. This Sunday my pastor encouraged the congregation to go on a 30-day fast of some sort. Some are going 30 days without television, others are eating only vegetables, while others are giving up caffiene or chocolate, etc. The concept is similar to lent, where sacrifice leads to spiritual enlightenment. What one imporant thing you could you give up for 30 days? Does giving up the ability to work and drive for over five years now count for something? I think I've paid my dues. Can we call it even?

  6. Imagine this: there is a fire in your parent's house. Your parents and any pets are safe. You are able to run in the house and grab something, but there is only time to carry out one box. What would be in it? Considering we've had a house fire when I was growing up, the main thing that was saved was photographs. Our teenage babysitter and her mom went in after the firemen had left and pulled the charred albums out of the end table. Then they washed them all in the sink and hung them on the closeline to dry. I think it was one of the nicest things anyone ever did for us. (Unfortunately we lost all 3 of our pets though.)

  7. Taking it a step further, let's say the fire was in your home, but it was small and contained to the living room. The fire is out and your family is helping move your belongings out of the house. Is there anything embarassing or personal in your house that you might not want a family member to discover? Just how many bottles of bubble bath I actually own...

  8. BONUS: Am I in too deep? Have I lost my mind? I refuse to answer on the grounds it causes muscle twitches and involuntary spasms. And not the good kind either!

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She always hooks me up
Christine always makes my life so much easier! She just linked BlogScript v 1.5 -- an AppleScript that was designed to function on Mac OS X v10.1. "BlogScript's main purpose is to allow users of Blogger, Movable Type, Manilla, and any any XML-RPC server that uses the Blogger API to post directly from a users desktop, or from anywhere for that matter. It allows the user to copy any text from any application and by making a single menu selection have the weblog entry posted automatically, instantly." Thanks Schmoopie!
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Return to sender...
Yes, yes...I know this will be shocking to you all...but it's over between Lisa Marie Presley and Nicolas Cage. I wonder who will get to keep the velvet Elvis painting?
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La la la la la - she's got the look!
I've added a couple of new skins to the site today. Todd wanted something new but a little more "clothed" for work -- and one of those fits the bill (and just happens to be one of his favorite actresses). The other is a pinup I've been wanting to use for awhile now. To check them both out, and/or switch your current skin, go here!
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Todd is now in mourning
Megan from "The Screen Savers" was on "Call For Help" today, and now Todd says his site is officially going to black. Megan was discussing tips on buying your house using a PDA (wish we'd had this info last spring!) -- and mentioned being married. Todd's hopes and dreams are officially dashed. Poor thing.
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This or That Tuesday
I think Ashley was hungry when she wrote this week's This or That!

  1. Coke or Pepsi? COKE! If waiters or waitresses even try to bring me that Pepsi-shit without saying they serve Pepsi instead when you ask for a Coke...
  2. McDonald's or Kentucky Fried Chicken? I like the sandwiches and sides at KFC better.
  3. Pizza or subs? Depends on my mood, but usually subs.
  4. Nintendo or PlayStation? As mentioned yesterday, I want this!
  5. One credit card or more? More than one but never use 'em now. Learned the hard way in college...
  6. Photos of people or photos of nature? If taking them myself, I prefer to shoot photos of the great outdoors.
  7. In the car, do you listen to the radio or CDs/tapes? Since our radio stations here suck, I prefer CDs.
  8. Would you rather see a dentist or a doctor? Doctor. If they do the wrong thing, it's much easier to punch them since you're not all numbed up.
  9. Did you watch the Super Bowl or not? Yes, and I was very happy to see the Rams lose!
  10. American or non-American made car? After owning three American-made cars (2 Dodges and 1 Ford), God as my witness, I will never own American again. (And for the record, I didn't want to own American for the first three. I wanted a Honda for the last purchase.)

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And we're back
E-mail is finally working properly on the new server! You can now use my regular e-mail acct. once again: tobyn@connect-dots.com (By the way, this server move is totally unrelated to all of the past problems with my blog on a different server.)
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Bouncy bouncy bouncy...fun, fun, fun
If you need to write me today, or you've had mail bounce already, I'm in the middle of a server move. Please use this address 'til further notice: robyn@whollymatrimony.com -- thanks!
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This post may or may not be here tomorrow. As Christine and I like to joke, our server has been up and down more than a cheap whore for the last few days. Operators are standing by, and Christine has been ever-so-gently ripping tech support a new one 'til they listened to her. So it's not just you if you've been having trouble getting the page to load (or load at all). Hopefully after all of the testing and patching tonight, we'll both be back to your regularly scheduled blogs tomorrow -- maybe even with a new hottie or two over here if you're really nice!
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Make a note of it
Seen stapled to lightposts all around D.C. today: TONIGHT ON CAPITAL HILL -- EVERYONE GETS LAY'ED! (With special guest Jeremy Piven.)
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To quote Butthead
This is the coolest thing I have ever seen... Shiny, metal mirrored surface, LCD read-out, DVD player, REMOTE CONTROL, and all the gamey goodness of the GameCube and PS2. Oh Todd...
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Stay out da' Bushes
Ok, I realize Dubb-yawn is more of a color-by-numbers kinda guy than a fine art connoisseur -- but is it really fitting for the office of President of the United States of America to actually keep a score-card? I know all those big, bad evil al Qaeda names must be pretty darn hard to pronounce -- but if the President actually needs a Cliff Notes cheat sheet/bingo board in his desk, next thing you know, he'll be asking for the balloons that blow up in funny shapes and all.
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And in other news
Winona Ryder was charged with four felony counts stemming from her "supposed illicit shopping spree" at the Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills ... Backstreet Boy Nick Carter avoids being made a Backstreet Man in jail ... Sesame Street turns 29 and begins to deal with 9-11 ... and Dave Letterman celebrates three thousand, five hundred and fifty-eight late nights (a.k.a. 20 years).
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Be an anti-blogite
Just in case you put it off over the weekend, don't forget to go and vote in the Anti-Bloggies! Because there really is no justice in this world if I don't sweep the "Bad Hair Blog" category. I mean, c'mon! It's not like I did it for science or anything...
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Buh-bye Pop Warner
YES! Congrats go out to all of our friends in New England (and their fans) -- they took down Warner and the Rams -- and it was good. If we've left anyone out, please forgive our anti-Ram euphoria -- we hope you're feelin' the love! We're firm believers that N'awlins makes everything right.
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Super Bowl shuffle
Maybe it's because I'm getting old and cynical. Maybe it's because I feel like crap today. Maybe it's because I'm in a hormonal snit. But I've been stuck on this Super Bowl pre-game show for about 2 hours now, and it's driving me crazy. How many of my favorite artists have sold out... Let's see, we're up to three now. (Yes, my beloved Gwen is even amoung the 2002 honorees. I'll forgive her, hoping she was just after the free game tickets and trip to New Orleans.) But when did U2 quit being a kick-ass political band and turn (corporate) ass-kisser. Oh yeah, Zooropa. Moving on...

Right now Paul McCartney is talking 'bout freedom. Ironic since we won freedom from his country, no? NFL coaches recited the Declaration of Independence (or at least I think that was what they were reciting as I did my best to tune it out). Nothing screams patriotism like "sponsored by Pepsi" slapped on the tail-end of it. I don't want history lessons. I don't want any more images of politicians kissing babies or firemen looking defeated. And God in heaven willing, I don't want any unneccesary zoom-in's of Kurt Warner's freaky, fashion victim wife. I just want FOOTBALL and really funny commercials. Is that so wrong?
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I guess we're going to hell, too
But you already knew that. I was poking through my referrer stats this morning, and found this site. Todd was in the kitchen making his breakfast, and he heard me bust up laughing -- so he came in here to check out why. I pointed to this on the screen, and he quickly joined me. We will never hear the Klondike Bar commercial the same way again!
posted at 12:51 PM
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I rate it an 8 but you can't dance to 'em
Step aside Justin Timberlake! My husband is now the lead-singer of his own boy band Boyz 2 Blogs! Why to think just a few short weeks ago I was packing up the crystal and anchoring the Christmas tree as he flailed around the house mastering Darren's Dance Grooves. Now we'll both be making the weekly commute to O-town as he hones his vocal skillz as well... *wiping a tear from my eye* I'm proud of ya' babe. Real proud. (Can I have a backstage pass? I promise to remove the brown M&Ms from the candy dish!)
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