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Posted: 02.03.2002
Super Bowl shuffle
Maybe it's because I'm getting old and cynical. Maybe it's because I feel like crap today. Maybe it's because I'm in a hormonal snit. But I've been stuck on this Super Bowl pre-game show for about 2 hours now, and it's driving me crazy. How many of my favorite artists have sold out... Let's see, we're up to three now. (Yes, my beloved Gwen is even amoung the 2002 honorees. I'll forgive her, hoping she was just after the free game tickets and trip to New Orleans.) But when did U2 quit being a kick-ass political band and turn (corporate) ass-kisser. Oh yeah, Zooropa. Moving on...

Right now Paul McCartney is talking 'bout freedom. Ironic since we won freedom from his country, no? NFL coaches recited the Declaration of Independence (or at least I think that was what they were reciting as I did my best to tune it out). Nothing screams patriotism like "sponsored by Pepsi" slapped on the tail-end of it. I don't want history lessons. I don't want any more images of politicians kissing babies or firemen looking defeated. And God in heaven willing, I don't want any unneccesary zoom-in's of Kurt Warner's freaky, fashion victim wife. I just want FOOTBALL and really funny commercials. Is that so wrong?

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

Update...not a single Brenda Warner sighting... Maybe I won't have nightmares tonight!

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Ah yes...every time I hear those proud, American words..."sponsored by Pepsi..." Oh, don't mind me...the national anthem always makes me cry...

And Bono, I loved you. I really did. But nothing you have ever done will top the album War. What happened to you?

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