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PATHETIC! Just slap a big "L" over our offense's foreheads. Philly's interception returned for a touchdown with just over 2 minutes left sealed the deal for the Eagles. Our offense didn't even try to go after him -- they stopped running at about the 15-yard line. Bye Coach Dungy, and good luck to Da' Bears next week in Chicago!
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Thank you sir, may I have another? It appears my "abusive boyfriend Bucs" showed up in Philadelphia. You know them. The ones that can only kick field goals. Halftime score 17-9, Eagles.
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Saturday sportin'
Here's where we'll see if we can go 2 for 2 in our sporting events of the day. OU absolutely let loose on Bobby Knight and Texas Tech earlier today. And they just kicked-off in the Bucs vs. Eagles play-off game. Philly absolutely HUMILIATED Tampa Bay for the same game (first NFC play-off game) last year...so now everyone will find out if payback is a bitch...or if the real Bucs forgot to suit up (again) today...
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Normally I guess the death of EMF bassist Zac Foley wouldn't really be "blogworthy". The group was a one-hit-wonder back in 1991 with the song "Unbelievable", and normally the obit would pretty much stop right there. But I met EMF in July of '91 right after "Unbelievable" hit #1 here in the States.

My best friend Kathy and I won a radio contest with Houston's Q93 FM (is that station even around anymore?). We both won EMF t-shirts, CDs and cassettes, dinner with the band (how cool were we at 18!), backstage passes, and front row "seats" (it was standing room only) to the concert at Numbers. My "crush" and the majority of my time were spent on the keyboard player Derry Brownson (who tossed me a water bottle during the show and gave me his shirt as they went offstage, *faint*) -- but the little time I did spend talking with Zac Foley, I remember him as a very nice and quiet guy. So sad at age 31. Unbelievable.
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It's an addiction, I say
If Erika knows of a blog redesign support group, I think I need to join her at the next meeting. I saw an image tonight that I just had to use, so I revamped Julie's blog for her. I slapped the last design up just to get her blog live and functional, so hopefully this one "fits" a little better. Stop by and tell her hi!
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Still no dice
It's now day three of the Official David Gagne Watch Party, and still no luck! The men on "Weakest Link" today were Mike and Spike. Any luck on your end Christine?
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Screw you hippies
One of the main reasons we started converting our massive movie collection from VHS to DVD just over a year ago is all the extra goodies those beautiful, shiny discs contain. And now they want to take them all away? I don't think so!
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We own the Cotton Bowl!
Just got new Cotton Bowl pics up at the Tampa Bay Sooner Club site!
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Whoo hoo! Sephora is having a huge sale. Lots of stuff is 50%-off, and there's even more for $2-10. If you get an error message, hit refresh -- looks like the word is out!
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It's about darn time!
Heads up! If you've wondered where my little sister has gone, she finally blogged again.
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Thank you Joy!
Ever have one of those days where you feel like you just need an angel to watch over you? Well I got one today -- Joy surprised me! Thank you so much. I love it! (The smaller one sitting down was my present today, and the larger one next to it was a gift for my birthday.)
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Thanks Jay!
Huge thanks go out to Jay for helping me with the MT error comments template! Looks like it's all working smoothly now...
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Better late than never
Well getting these online is so late as to almost be embarrassing, but I finally put the photos up from the OU vs. Kansas and OU vs. Texas Tech watch parties for the Tampa Bay Sooner Club.
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Simple Kind of Life
Hey boys, time to start pouting... Gwen Stefani is officially off the market! She got engaged to Gavin Rossdale of the band Bush. It's about darn time after six years! *g*
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For anyone that's ever had a deadbeat dad (or two like we've been lucky enough to have, errr, not have in our lives)...for anyone that's ever had a wicked step-monster...for anyone that's wanted to bitch-slap both their in-laws back to the stone-age, and quite deservedly so, after treatment no child and spouse should have to endure out of grown adults...for anyone that's ever struggled for the words to tell someone off so eloquently it will make you weep just reading it...I give you the best freaking blog entry/rant I have ever read! Amen sistah Candi!
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Blog stickers
Found through Christine and Meryl's sites today: BLOGSTICKERS (cute "bumper stickers" for blogs)
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Must flee TV
Does anyone else hate (or even care about) the new theme music for "Ed"? We've given it half a season now. Still hate it. Bring back the Foo Fighters. Because if they don't fight Foo, then by God who will?

And while I'm on the NBC show topic.....each and every time that new "Rachel and Joey" commercial comes on, I get the heebies. It's just so wrong on so many levels. Ok, let's say they get together and make it work. Joey's step-child will the half-brother (or sister) to his best friend's child (Ross), and the cousin of his other best friend's child (Chandler). Not to mention if Rachel and Joey have kids on down the line, then those children would also be the half-brothers or sisters to Ross and Rachel's baby. I prefer my "Young and the Restless" at 12:30 each day, thankyouverymuch. When I watch "Friends" I wanna laugh...not hurl... (As Todd mutters "Oh dear, I've gone cross-eyed" in an English accent.)
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You are the weakest link...goodbye!
So does anyone else here get the new "daytime TV" version of The Weakest Link? If so, try to watch on the 9th (today) and the 14th! David of davidgagne.net was a contestant on the show. How cool -- thanks for sending me the heads-up! (Updated to say: Well bummer! No David today... I'll try again on the 14th.)
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It's frickin' freezing in here Mr. Bigglesworth! Yes, I know I complained that it was too hot for Christmas a few weeks back. Well you know what? I take it back. I take it all back! Christmas is over. I want my Floridian heat and sunshine. I did not move all the way down here to live in an ice age. For the second straight night in a row it's going to be below freezing in Tampa Bay, with windchill factors in the 10s. What? Your windchill is currently -9, you say, and you have no pity for us shivering under our down comforters? Well fine then! But don't come crying to me when you're paying $12 for a jug of orange juice and $5 a tomato next month... I can't feel my toes. Is that bad?
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The Red Room
Kristine asked for pics of our "red room", so here are a few (photo 1, photo 2, photo 3, photo 4)! We're not quite done with it yet...with time, and more money, we plan to add white chair rails and crown moulding. But it's one of our favorite rooms in the house so far!
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"This or That" time!
A new This or That from Ashley:

  1. Floss before brushing or brush before flossing? I floss before, but like you I'm bad and and only do it a few times a week.
  2. White walls or colored walls? Depends on the room, but I love the room we've painted OU crimson, and also the one we've painted taupe.
  3. Old computer or new? Sigh...they're old the minute you buy them it seems. My laptop is 18 months and is acting like 5 years old right now though.
  4. Dog or cat? I have both and love them just the same!
  5. Sun tan or sun burn? As pale as I am, people think I'll fry when they see me, but I have enough Indian in me that I tan (even though I'd have to be stripped down for you to tell, heh heh).
  6. Books or magazines? Magazines...I have a short attention span.
  7. Skydive or bungee jump? Neither! I'm terribly afraid of heights.
  8. Dusting or mopping? Dusting.
  9. Past or present? Past only for reliving OU's glory days, otherwise present.
  10. Sports or chick flicks? Oh come on! It's me. Do you even have to ask? *g* (Pssst...it's sports!)

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Too sad
From Christine's blog: Wendy's founder Dave Thomas has passed away. That is such sad news -- I really took his commercials for granted as always just "being there". I may just go get a Frosty today in his honor!
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MT 1.4
In case you've been under a rock, MT v. 1.4 came out today. I just got my blog (and Todd and Christine's) all upgraded... I am woman. Hear me snore! Zzzzzz...
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Sah-weeet! I officially dub today "Sooner Day". OU just defeated UCONN at UCONN on ESPN's Monday night game -- congrats boys!
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I thought I'd link this blog that I found in my stats because its namesake is my second favorite word -- Onomatopoeia. (My first favorite word, thank you for asking, is Pottawatomie.)
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Rah Oklahoma, Rah Oklahoma, Rah Oklahoma - OKU!
STOOPSendous! It's official!

"Unfortunately people spread rumors, and too many people take them as fact." -- OU Coach Bob Stoops, January 7, 2001

Other quotes from Coach Stoops: "I feel too committed and strong about what we're doing here in Oklahoma...about the strength of our program and where it's headed...that's what's most important to me in continuing to develop our program regardless of how good the program is at Florida..."

"The bottom line is I feel too strong what this program has, where we're going, and what the future has at this point -- outside of all that, everything else is rumor."

"I feel very strongly, content, and positive about our strength here in Oklahoma and where it's headed."

"I can't say anything but positives about the Florida job. They are responsible for me being here at Oklahoma...but again I have never waivered on what a positive, strong program we have here at Oklahoma..."

So if the Florida coaching job was recently voted #1 in a national poll of coaches -- and the #1 prospect for the Florida job chose to stay at OU (the second choice being an NFL coach) -- does that now mean we have the BEST FREAKIN' COLLEGE PROGRAM - AND COACH - IN THE NATION? Can I get a witness?!?!
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Boomer freakin' Sooner!
Well it ain't over folks 'til the fat lady sings a chorus of Boomer Sooner.....but all reports coming out of the state of Oklahoma (TV and radio) indicate Bob Stoops has turned down Florida AD Foley, and that Foley has filed a flight plan out of Norman to Denver (presumably to try and woo Shanahan now). More updates as they break. Here are three really good message boards to follow:

  1. OUfans.com
  2. OUInsider.com
  3. SoonerFans.com

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Little, yellow, different
Note regarding Florida AD Foley: "And I want him brought right here, with a big ribbon on his head, and I want to look him straight in the eye and I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit he is! Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where's the Tylenol?"

Whew...I feel better now! It's one thing to recruit our coach, but quite another to step foot in our back yard to do it.
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Sunday, cruddy Sunday
Well we did a whole lotta nuthin' blogworthy today. Sat on the couch. Watched some football. Checked for updates in the whole Bob Stoops OU vs. Florida thing. (No official word yet on either side...) We're watching the Bucs vs. Eagles game right now, but in the scheme of things, it doesn't really matter. We play them again NEXT week in Philly for all the marbles in the first round of the play-offs. How strange is that? Hope everyone had a great weekend!
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The Bloggies™
The second annual weblog awards (a.k.a. The 2002 Bloggies™) are here! Who ya' gonna vote for?
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