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Happy weekend everyone! Today (Saturday
Happy weekend everyone! Today (Saturday now I guess) I'm going to keep quiet and let the rest of the world do the talkin' for a change... Catch you on Sunday!
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Ahhhh...crud! A store called "The
Ahhhh...crud! A store called "The Main Event Bridal" down in Tampa just went bankrupt and closed their doors today -- without telling their customers -- and after taking their money. News crews are "stalking" brides showing up at the store expecting to get their gowns for their weddings tomorrow (and a couple of girls that are getting married next week), and they're in complete tears freaking out on camera that they don't have dresses for themselves or their wedding parties now. One girl had pretty much maxed out her credit card to get "the dress", and didn't even know how she was going to get another dress so soon. Sometimes people just suck.
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Thanks so much Cheryl! It's
Thanks so much Cheryl! It's such an emotional topic that sometimes it's truly hard to tell when you're being overly sensitive (and/or hormonal) or not. But that e-mail hurt us for a very long time after it was sent, as you can imagine, and just always stuck with me any time I would see or hear a story on the news (or from a friend) similar to what I posted last night... I just hope the comment was made in true misunderstanding of the situation and from sheer ignorance -- not vindictiveness -- otherwise people should be praying for them, and not for us.
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Ok, Todd's cousin just sent
Ok, Todd's cousin just sent this and I must confess it cracked me up: One day, a mom was cleaning her son's room and in the closet she found a bondage S&M magazine. This was highly upsetting for her. She hid the magazine until his father got home and showed it to him. He looked at it and handed it back to her without a word. She finally asked him, " Well what should we do about this?" The dad looked at her and said, "Well I don't think you should spank him."
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Got an e-mail that this
Got an e-mail that this was just added to the =w=eezer site -- starting to regret I don't still live in Philly. Come to Floreeeeeeda already!
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Stuck a few movies up
Stuck a few movies up on in my never-ending quest to get rid of all the crap around here post-move...
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WHOO HOO! I can finally
WHOO HOO! I can finally let the cat out of the bag, or so they say... Our friends Tara and Tommy are officially announcing their pregnancy! They found out right after vacationing with us (and Todd immediately drained and refilled the hot tub...hmmmm...) -- so we're pretty excited our first official houseguests were expecting! Many congrats and best wishes to the three of them -- they're expecting a little Duke baby in March 2002!
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Are you a =w=eezer fan?
Are you a =w=eezer fan? They sent an e-mail out to people registered at their site today -- and they're doing ticket pre-sales on the 'net first (with their fans-only) before going public. So far, nothing is on the list is close to us -- waaaah! But tickets for Chicago go on sale at 2 p.m. ET today. If anyone is interested, visit their site and dig around. I don't want to give the direct link out here since the ticket-purchase site is a "fans only" one -- they're pretty strict about that stuff. When non-fanclub members crashed their Virgin Records appearance last month (which kept registered fans out), they left the promotion early! You gotta respect that...
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Have I mentioned lately how
Have I mentioned lately how happy I am they chose the cute one (#8 instead of #18)? Apparently I'm not alone -- Dean Blevins called him the "Aikman-ish Georgian who our newsroom ladies were pulling for". LOL! Sweet dreams everyone...catch ya' tomorrow! I'm proud of myself -- I've kept this up for an entire work-week now! Maybe I'll actually be able to stick with a "journal" after all, for the first time ever. Could it be?
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*waves back to Mrs. Greene*
*waves back to Mrs. Greene* Soon we're going to be singing "they're coming to take us away...ha ha..."! Too funny!
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I just finished grooming Claire.
I just finished grooming Claire. Since we've been in the house, I finally have the space to do so -- and it's really nice to be able to keep her constantly trimmed short for summer in Florida! Here's my latest "brag photo":
[Claire August 2001]

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My first "rant"
My first "rant" in my new blog...buckle up! Earlier this summer, someone who knew about our long infertility-struggles claimed to be well-meaning by telling me news of her pregnancy, that she was "sure" my time would come soon, and (the kicker and reason behind this rant) that "God blesses those who are ready and deserving". I am a Christian and I fully believe in God's will and timing for things, but that's stuck with me for quite awhile. It didn't sit right then, and it doesn't sit right now. Especially with this dad about to be convicted of murder locally. He threw his four-week old infant daughter up against a dresser because she dared spit up on him. Then he wouldn't let the mom seek medical attention for the baby because he was afraid he might get in trouble. (Ya' think?) The baby soon died... Right after that story on tonight's news, there was one about a crack mother that had her four kids removed from the home because there was urine and feces everywhere and they were malnourished. I suppose they were both "ready and deserving", too? Grumble...grumble... <rant mode /off>
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I just added a great
I just added a great "guest column" to Wholly Matrimony! It's by Occasional Words, and it deals with wedding speeches (and public speaking). It will be housed in the "What the FAQ" section of the main site -- be sure and check it out!
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I'm always on the lookout
I'm always on the lookout for new fonts, and this site is pretty cool -- all "famous fonts" (from TV shows, movies, corporate logos, sports team logos, ads, etc.) -- and you can download several of them. In other news, OU finally selected their starting QB today (and he's the cute one)!
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Another "well ok then..." I
Another "well ok then..." I just saw that someone came into my (very new) blog via Google by typing "sharks swarm in Florida". (I'm five up from the page-bottom.) I'm kind of shocked I'm already being indexed, to be honest...
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Well it looks like we've
Well it looks like we've got another tropical system brewing out in the Atlantic... We've been in FL long enough now, that instead of going into a complete panic, we kind of go "eh" until the last minute when they pseudo-figure out the tracking. But I always feel bad when I see headlines like, "Chantal is on collision course with the Caribbean islands..." You just know that's ruining quite a few destination weddings and honeymoons.
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Man I talked a lot
Man I talked a lot into thin air today (it's still "Wednesday" to my brain) -- even for me! But before we head off to bed, I have to share one of the funniest d@mn things I've seen on the 'net in a long, long time. We both laughed our arses off! Go here and watch 'til the end!
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Well the good thing about
Well the good thing about moving I guess, is that once it's done you get rid of a lot of unnecessary crap...
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I just have to take
I just have to take a second to tell the world how proud I am of my little sister! "My little baby's all grown' (sniff) savin' China.." Ok, maybe not savin' China -- but she is all grown up now and making her way in the world! She moved back to OK earlier this summer from my aunt's in DE, and she just moved into a new apartment in Norman with her new boyfriend. She's doing tech support for DirecTV, and just got her very first car! Her boyfriend starts at OU this fall, pre-med. She's come a long way in the last couple of years, and Todd and I are both as proud of her as can be! I'd teased her earlier this summer that I'd met Todd at her age, and she'd better hurry up. Looks like she took me up on that! Speaking of, it dawned on me today that when I left for OU, 10 years ago this fall (aaack!), little kids that were then-entering kindergarden are now driving and serving me fries. Ok, I have to go cry again now...
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Another day to eliminate procrastination!
Another day to eliminate procrastination! Tara came up with an awesome t-shirt idea weeks ago, and I'm just now getting around to finishing it. It's in the "bachelorette party, for the bride" section of this site -- the four "buy me a shot" tees. Thanks Tara!
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Yep, someone obviously spent a
Yep, someone obviously spent a lot of time and quality design talent on a museum of dirt.
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If you're bored and have
If you're bored and have a lot of bandwidth... Jim Webb is freelance camera guy for our local NBC affiliate (WFLA), and he brought his news camera along to "The Porch" last weekend. I walked downstairs to find a flood-light and camera in my face -- just a little shocking! Jim has put a bunch of the clips together in a video. There's a short clip of Todd -- and at the end, someone who looks just like me drinking. Can't imagine who she is... At least it didn't make the evening news! Are you a close friend or family member and missed the link posted here earlier to download the video? Just e-mail Robyn. (But be warned: it's 18 meg!)
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How to tell you'd been
How to tell you'd been trapped in an apartment complex over a parking lot for too long... I was out with Claire this morning and kept hearing a "tapping" noise coming from the mini-forest behind the fence. Then all of a sudden wood chips start flying over the fence and into our yard. Just as I was thinking "WTF?!", I looked up to see a woodpecker going to town a tree that had fallen in a storm a few weeks ago. I've never seen one up close and in person -- it was too cool -- and he didn't care that I was standing there watching him at all! I always have the strangest dreams...and Nikki told me about a great site a couple of weeks ago. You type in what you dreamed about, and it will tell you the meaning. It can also keep an archive of your dreams so you can string them together. Last night's dream was about a satellite: "This celestial hanger-on in your dream is telling you that you can achieve better relationships by asserting more independence of thought. You can listen to others, but don't be completely influenced by outside opinions." Well ok then...and...I'm out of words for now...
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We're true suburbanites now --
We're true suburbanites now -- the Schwan man came earlier tonight. I felt just like the little kids that were outside earlier chasing the ice cream truck -- only the Schwan man comes straight to your door -- whoo hoo! Found a cool wedding cake story on MSNBC. I've actually talked with the article author a few times now...she's really nice! Make sure to click on the "Wedding Cakes...what's hot..." menu mid-page. It looks like a solid image, but you can click on the different cake styles for new photos. The grooms' cake is pretty cool -- but then again, I would think that! Have you heard about the swarm of sharks off the Florida coast on the national news? Yep, that would be our county they keep mentioning on the NBC Nightly News and CNN! The sharks were about 15 miles away from our house today...and I don't plan on goin' out in the water any time soon... Last but not least -- you know that subject I said I wouldn't talk about the rest of the week? If you'd like to see photos from Friday and last night, go here. Have a great "hump day" tomorrow, everyone -- catch ya' then!
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Another great read for the
Another great read for the day -- yay! And while you're snooping around her site (as I know you will), make sure to check out her dress, too... And Cheryl, Caleb is so precious -- my heart literally aches just looking at the pictures! I'm glad the one-month check-up went so well!
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Man I'm a slacker... For
Man I'm a slacker... For the first time in 2001, I updated the Please Puff Daddy Ruin This Song, Too mailbag section of the site (with much ease now thanks to blogger). It's one of my most popular sites, and you're seeing it here first -- I haven't even had a chance to link to the 2001 mail through the actual website. To get to the new mail, just click here!
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Ok, as promised, "girlie talk"
Ok, as promised, "girlie talk" today! These are a few of my favorite things... This table rules! Have you ever wanted to buy a new foundation online but had no clue what shade to pick? Here's a handy-dandy chart that spells it out: "If you use foundation 'a' in MAC StudioFix, you'll be foundation 'x' in another..." If you don't know your StudioFix shade, scroll through the chart to see if it has your color in another brand. Then follow that column for the other brands. It's brilliant! At there's a weekly beauty-advice column. You can opt to have the column e-mailed to you, and there's a great archive section full of tips and recommendations! Are people around you wearing their sunglasses because of the glow off your legs -- and not because of the summer sun? As someone with nearly-translucent skin, this is a great site with self-tanner reviews. (A must if you live in south-central Florida like me and don't want to look like a leather couch in 10 years...) And last but not least, check out the Cosmetic Connection. It's has reviews by brand and by product, as well as weekly newsletter reports. It's a really helpful site if you're trying to choose between two products!
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Ok -- I promise --
Ok -- I promise -- no football when I get up "tomorrow" (Tuesday)! All "girlie stuff" all the time the rest of the week...but a quick wrap-up from tonight (Monday) since it's still "Monday night" to me...

A last-second hail-mary by Miami wiped out the Bucs last-minute fourth quarter score. The Bucs finally scored again to go ahead 14-10 (with about a minute left), and that looked like it would clinch the game for us, but alas Tampa Bay lost 17-14. I really hate the fish. Thank goodness the pre-season means nothing. We didn't see Josh Heupel at all tonight, suited up, on the sidelines, or otherwise. We're really starting to think (and hope) the Chicago-trade rumors are true but haven't found more online yet. It just goes against everything I was raised with to cheer on Miami -- but I bit my tongue knowing Josh would be playing there.

As for the Bucs...Brad Johnson looked just awful. I wish I could make that many million to fall on my arse three times. I got to see my own personal hero John Lynch (#47 Safety) from 3-feet away. Our gate was right by the player's entrance. And Todd must have been looking at a stadium concert schedule, because our seats were AWESOME! We ended up between the 10-yard line and endzone right over the tunnel the Bucs entered and exited from -- about 9 rows up from the field. We got so many up-close-and-personal shots -- I can't wait to see if they turned out. When Lynch went by before we went inside, I seriously had a deer in the headlights moment. I was too stunned he was there in front of me to even ask for an autograph (d'oh!) -- but I did get a photo of him, and he stopped to *smile* just for little ol' me. (Which brought out an "awwww yeahhh..." from Todd. LOL!) Happy early 29th birthday Todd -- glad we got to go tonight!

I'll catch everyone on the flip-side -- and thanks so much for stopping by! I about passed out when I checked my counter-stats this evening!
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Le sigh
Well crud... It looks like Heupel has sprained his wrist and we didn't even hear about it! Guess that's why we missed him on Friday and it's doubtful we'll see him play tonight now. Great. In other rumors, they're trying to work out a trade between Chicago for McNown and Miami for Heupel. As much as I'd like to have Heupel close so we can watch him (cheaply) in Miami -- Chicago would be a much better place for him (offensive-wise and plain ol' lifestyle-wise). It would put him a lot closer to home, too. The Bears will be in our division one more year, so we'd get to see him play Tampa at least. I'm glad I've always hated Miami -- makes this latest rumor a bit easier to stomach. Well we're outta here... Go Bucs!
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It's the little things
I'd like to take a second to thank the little people. Only my second day up and I made the front page of "" -- the site that finally inspired me to get off my arse and try this! Here's what it said:

"I just found Robyn's site, Ain't too proud to blog. I love it! And you know, she must be cool because she is wearing OPI's "I'm Not Really a Waitress" nailcolor. I have worn that one before! Last time I had a pro manicure & pedicure done ... which was (sadly) my 30th birthday, September 27, 1999! *gasp* I think it's about time I have a pro do another one. I normally do them myself (cheap) but this payday, I am giving my tootsies a treat!"

It's the little things that make my day...
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Two! That's two lovely days
Two! That's two lovely days of blog entries...ah, ah, ah! We'll be out of here soon for pre-game tailgatin', but if you're bored tonight flip on ESPN. We're around the 10-yard line in the southwest endzone, about 9 rows up off the field (right over the Bucs' tunnel - Todd completely got our seat location wrong the first time). I'll be sporting the #47 across my chest (my John Lynch jersey). Are you ready for some football? Hellllyeaaaahhh! Have a great Monday everyone!
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Isn't technology grand? I was
Isn't technology grand? I was just e-mailed this photo by Chel and Ryan. A friend of theirs got a fancy camera (with flash) attachment for his palm pilot. This photo was taken straight from his palm pilot when we were over there Friday night! Amazing...
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Well this thing seems to
Well this thing seems to be movin' right along now...I'm finally getting the layout somewhat how I want it (since I'm too burnt out to design a new page for it myself right now).
I wish tomorrow was here already! I got Todd (well, I got "Todd", yeahhhh right) 2 tickets to the Bucs/Dolphins pre-season opener tomorrow for his 29th birthday at the end of the month. I don't know which of these I'm more excited about -- seeing John Lynch play again -- or seeing Josh Heupel in a Miami uniform for the first time! We tried to catch him at the free scrimmage on Friday -- but the only players we saw go by were Keyshawn Johnson, Brad Johnson, Martin Gramatica, and Warrick Dunn. Ahhhhh...I can finally smell fall in the air! (At least as close as we ever get here in Florida.) Get used to it -- with OU as the returning national champs, I'm going to be pretty unbearable until the Super Bowl wraps up in N'awlins next January! I'll post pics from the scrimmage on Friday, and the game tomorrow, soon...
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I guess the real purpose
I guess the real purpose of this is to keep myself and others updated on changes to my websites... Yesterday I finally got the website published for the Tampa Bay Suncoast Sooners alumni group. Unfortunately our schedules (and game travels) never quite allowed us to meet up for the watch-parties last year, but we plan on making as many games as possible this year. Boomer Sooner!

Last week I got the 15 Minutes of Fame site up on Wholly Matrimony! It's something I've been promising people I'd finish forever...and I set aside some "down time" to wrap it up... The "Best Wedding Dress Websites" got its 30th site last week, too -- it's about darn time since the 2001 Dress Contest launches in October!

Brian and Delara sent more wedding photos just in time for their second anniversary (best wishes NaNa's!) you can see those here...
And I also added a few new photos of our first house from July and August. We closed on June 22nd -- and so far, it's been bliss being a homeowner!
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Everyone else is doing it...

Everyone else is doing I should too? I'm horrible at journals and diaries. Simply awful. I have the best intentions when I start out...but constantly forget about them after we'll see how this goes. My life is just so, so, boring. Hopefully this won't quickly deteriorate into a series of, "Well I painted my toenails today..." We'll see. But oh yeah, welcome to "I ain't too proud to blog"!
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