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Posted: 08.12.2001
I guess the real purpose
I guess the real purpose of this is to keep myself and others updated on changes to my websites... Yesterday I finally got the website published for the Tampa Bay Suncoast Sooners alumni group. Unfortunately our schedules (and game travels) never quite allowed us to meet up for the watch-parties last year, but we plan on making as many games as possible this year. Boomer Sooner!

Last week I got the 15 Minutes of Fame site up on Wholly Matrimony! It's something I've been promising people I'd finish forever...and I set aside some "down time" to wrap it up... The "Best Wedding Dress Websites" got its 30th site last week, too -- it's about darn time since the 2001 Dress Contest launches in October!

Brian and Delara sent more wedding photos just in time for their second anniversary (best wishes NaNa's!)...so you can see those here...
And I also added a few new photos of our first house from July and August. We closed on June 22nd -- and so far, it's been bliss being a homeowner!


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